From 3D To 4D And 5D: Lessons Part 3

On July 14-16, through a Single Hierarchical Channel, came additional info about the Galactic Committee’s decisions, regarding interaction with Alter (Al)-Terra-Gaia, Earth, humanity, as well as space races and individual entities on our planet.

During the Transition into 5D, the interaction will remain situational, because Terrestrial events are changing rapidly and radically that require alike response of Galacom. Relations will be built not on the Rules and Laws, generally accepted in the Galaxy, but on AGREEMENTS, based on mutual trust. The goals remain the same: assistance in the planet’s transformation, and helping humanity to build new global society. All this is synchronized with the Absolute’s Plan to create the 4th Local Universe, and taking into account the results of the Duel of Worlds on December 21, 2022 (see – DNI, Operation 4th Universe, Parts 1-10; and Duel, Parts 1-12).

According to Co-Creators, the interaction of the new Earth’s Logos and the cosmic races would be on a hierarchical principle, with different powers and responsibilities. Al-Terra-Gaia got them to the maximum extent and is the Mistress and Ruler of the planet, running three lower executive levels – of Administering, Supervising and Observing civilizations.

From now on, Administrators have to physically incarnate on Earth and may form a diaspora. The races of Jupiter and Venus were chosen among the first. For governing, two groups of Stars’ civilizations are also involved – of Arcturus and Vega. For the first two, planetary Logos will serve as a Portal, for the second – Stellar ones. This order will be preserved for other space races. The Star Logos of Arcturus (Masculine Foundation) and Vega (Feminine Foundation) and, accordingly, groups of their civilizations will not only manage. Through them, other candidates of the same level will also be allowed to participate in our affairs with account of all the lessons, past and present.

For millennia, the aliens’ presence on Earth brought us a lot of cruelest takeaways, which, unfortunately, have not yet all been learned and overcome. Yes, in past decades, many friendly space races helped Earth to get ready for transition into 5D. Today, millions of earthlings are entering a new dimension in their physical bodies that has never happened in the Universe. The uniqueness of the process aroused not only great interest among the numerous inhabitants of our Galaxy, but also prompted joint efforts to bring it to a successful conclusion. What are the main ifs and buts for this?

The most important is the awakening of the maximum number of pure human Souls, which were originally created in the image and likeness of One. It turned out to be the most difficult. For eons, Earth has served as a testing ground and abode for many cosmic ethnos, who came here to gain their experience. For that, they incarnated in human bodies for thousands of years. Moreover, not only individual representatives of space races, but also entire civilizations did it. And today, many descendants of Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis are reincarnating on the planet to learn anew the lessons and get the knowledge they lacked in the past lives to preserve their civilizations (see – DNI, On The Way To The 5th Race, Parts 1-3).

Another category of Souls, incarnated now on Earth, are representatives of highly developed Stellar races from the systems of Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades, Cygnus, and many others that are still little known to us. They consciously came here to help humanity in the Transition. These Starseeds, together with us, are now entering 5D, generously sharing their experience of living in high dimensions.

Another part of the earthlings arrived from worlds, inhabited by Greys, Reptiloids, Dracos, Insectoids and others. Within each of these civilizations, there are many groups that differ greatly in the level of vibrations, the presence or absence of inner Light. For those deprived of it, being on Earth in such a fateful and unique period is a valuable opportunity to gain Spirituality, continue evolution and be reborn as Light beings in the next incarnations (see – Operation In China, Part 3, DNI, October 25, 2021).

Unfortunately, they are a minority on Earth. The overwhelming majority consists of the most aggressive and irreconcilable representatives of these races, who consider this planet and us their property (see – Dracos and Reptiloids, Part 1 and 2, DNI, 9 and 10 September 2021). They are behind the Deep State and Power Pyramid, which have penetrated all branches of global shadow government, steering it from physical, lower etheric and astral planes.

Seized Earth, they massively began to plant mixed marriages with Dracos, Reptiloids, as well as descendants of Orion, Alpha Centauri, Scorpio, Aldebaran and other negative races to strengthen their power on the planet. From these marriages, depending on whose energy prevailed, half-breeds were born. In turn, they brought and continue to bring off spring as human aliens. And there are a lot of them in our families, and close and distant relatives. Not everyone can accept such a truth. As well as the fact that just under half of earthlings are clones, biorobots, and low-vibration phantoms (see – Phantoms, DNI, 31 October 2022; Our Revelation, DNI 2 November 2022). Their creation has long taken on a massive character.

The most numerous category of unpeople are biorobots. In appearance, they not differ from us, but their energy structure is the other thing, with a complete absence of chakras. They are easily identified by their behavior, facial expressions, gestures, antics, blind following fashion, ads and instructions from the authorities. Biorobots are put in human community intentionally: to preserve the obedient majority, setting the tone for the rest and leading people away from the Spiritual path. And for a long time it worked well. Today, it is the masses of inhumans, who help DS support the Power Pyramid and the consumer society, which has depraved and dragged many Souls into its swamp.

A less common variety of “earthlings”, which has existed for several centuries, are clones, created in laboratory conditions. They are unable to reproduce, do not live long and are used for other purposes. For example, to serve as absolutely accurate living copies of specific politicians, financiers, and top military brass, so that authentic specimen don’t get out of Darks’ control and obediently execute all their orders. The same category includes clones-soldiers, clones-workers, clones-migrants, clones- rioters, depending on the plans of the world Masters. They will not stay on Earth, because physically and mentally won’t withstand the high-frequency energies of 5D. Like all negative space races that still try to retain control over our planet, using any opportunities for that.

Today, many of us dream not only of “close encounters of the third kind”, but of CE5 and CE6, i.e. direct mental (telepathic) communication with ETs. But for a lot, it turned out to be extremely risky and dangerous. The main neglected lesson is in our inability to feel well and correctly diagnose the vibrations of Subtle interlocutors. This is actively used by the inhabitants of the lower astral and ether, as well as negative aliens who love presenting themselves as Light Hierarchs and friendly extraterrestrials.

But both make contacts in completely different ways. Negative and parasitic interlocutors always start communicating quickly and willingly, playing on our curiosity, hubris, striving for superiority over others, fuelled by channeling. The “Lights” generously satisfy our hunger with “accurate” forecasts, answers to any personal and everyday questions, flattering our vanity of communicating with “higher forces” that imperceptibly and intensively drain vital energy from us.

Unlike them, Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchs and friendly cosmic races, in very rare cases, come into direct contact with us, and for many reasons. Our unstable and low vibrations hinder accurately receive and understand their info. Our ethical, intellectual and behavioral patterns are too fickle, dependent and vulnerable in 3D. The list can be long…

Depending on our Spirituality, Luminosity and lessons learned, the true Lights THEMSELVES decide with whom, when and how to communicate and interact, since they not only perfectly see us energetically, but also all our past and future incarnations, wherever they occur. It is no coincidence that they persistently and repeatedly warn us to stay as far away as possible from the places of promised demonstrative ETs’ landings under a false flag. And projects like Blue Beam serve us as an extra lesson and a reminder of that.

How to distinguish positive civilizations from negative ones? First of all by their vibrations. The energies of the first, such as from Vega, Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades and others, we can feel with our upper chakras, not lower than the sixth (see – Lessons, Part 3, DNI, 14 July 2023). So far, we are only able to occasionally see their ships that monitor our planet day and night. The higher the Earth’s vibes rise, the more intensely they erase the Veil between densities, and the more noticeable the presence of friendly and maternal races will be for us.

Now, in near-Earth space, there are only fleets of the Galactic Committee which protect against the invasion of hostile aliens. The security and reconnaissance patrol helps us overcome obstacles on the way to the fifth dimension. Such a precautionary measure is necessary, since most earthlings can’t yet control the situation outside the planet. But they can resist the DS and its muppets. Slowly but surely, a critical mass of people is being formed, who are aware of the real state of affairs on Earth and are entering into open confrontation with the globalists. This is how the Cosmic Law Of Free Will is observed with the full support of friendly space races.

Yes, most earthlings don’t even know about their assistance, but many already see it on concrete examples. This is the removal of chemtrails, in what a huge space flotilla involved, using appropriate technology. Tight monitoring of DS to protect us in case of mortal danger. Disruptions of numerous treacherous attacks by nukes in recent decades. Neutralization of nuclear arsenals and radioactive waste storages. Prevention and minimization of environmental and man-made disasters (as happened at Fukushima and Chernobyl). Control over Atomic Power Stations and other dangerous strategic objects. Cleansing of seas, oceans and rivers from toxic chemicals.

They are of great help to us in other areas as well. For example, it is no secret that Dracos, Reptiloids and Orions were at the origins on Earth of computers, the Internet, mobile phones, all kinds of digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, wave and electromagnetic technology, genetically modified biological materials, socials and much more that they brought from their space strongholds. The sad lesson for us is that Darks and their DS implemented all this as military technologies for Ordo ab chao, i.e. hybrid wars, total control, corruption, manipulation and submission through their proxies (see – The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” – Parts 1 and 2, DNI, 16 August 2020; Our Socials, DNI, 26 April 2022).

And they would have remained weapon if friendly races had not intervened and imposed their positive content and usage. But interference is not limited to this. On 16 July at 05:03 PM CET, new info confirmed it. In recent weeks and days, Co-Creators and Galacom have paid special attention to the plans of Darks and global DS to move from a sluggish hybrid war to “hot” WWIII. But not only is the Ashtar Fleet still on guard and ready to derail such attempts.

The Light Forces on Earth have other means of deterrence. In particular, such as “artificial protuberance” – a type of plasma weapon, as well as vacuum weapons based on the principle of implosion (instantaneous powerful compression) and the properties of antimatter. It pointwise reduces the target into a singularity and annihilates with the release of super energy, as it occurs in “black holes”. The range of application is much greater than the dematerializers used by the Ashtar Fleet, which can split any object, animate or inanimate, into atoms in seconds.

Al-Terra Gaia did not stand aside either. On July 15, She gave the collective Logos of the Light Pole, which, on 21 December 2022, vanquished the Dark Pole in Duel of Worlds, Access Codes to run the new Earth’s Logos. Access is not yet fullest, but enough to make sober, or destroy the craziest Darks, who ignore all past lessons.

**By Lev


2 Replies to “From 3D To 4D And 5D: Lessons Part 3”

  1. terry

    What group or groups will ascend to Earth 5D and what groups will not ascend to Earth 5D. Where will they go?

    1. Ilia

      “Where will they go?”
      From DNI and other sources, roughly it would look like:

      5D+: helpfull, non human light incarnations (going back to their “HQ”)
      5D: human beingns with majority of original light codes.
      4D: some “darks” originated from 6D with already void agreement to maintain polarity for ended cycle. After quick 4D, their plan is to go back to 6D.
      3D: spiritual beigns who want to do similar cycle again, although DNI communitated that it is no longer possible in such extent as before.

      Space dust (back to the source without memory): non-spiritual bodies, persistent black cocreator offspring.

      Rest are low spiritual bodies, I guess 3D or 4D or space dust.