Sound of Freedom: A Movie About Child Trafficking Produced by Child Traffickers?

I have been vehemently attacked and criticized by some people for daring to publish critical articles about the Sound of Freedom movie, especially the article about the people who funded the movie. See:

A Kevin J wrote this comment about that article:

What a ridiculous article. Conclusions are based on “allegedly” and “might’ have ties to this or that, and guilt-by-association darts. So a guy who “allegedly” helped fund the film (in other words, rumor has it) might have ties to cartels and the Clintons. No evidence anywhere this guy helped fund the movie.

But the source for this funding is Tim Ballard himself, who stated who was funding the movie in an interview in Utah 5 years ago on Fox News. Here is the clip from Fox 13 News in Utah. The original interview is here.

But the source for this funding is Tim Ballard himself, who stated who was funding the movie in an interview in Utah 5 years ago on Fox News. Here is the clip from Fox 13 News in Utah. The original interview is here.

This same local news outlet, Fox 13 News Utah, also reported in 2020 that Tim Ballard’s organization, Operation Underground Railroad, was under criminal investigation for its fundraising methods.

Some people have also attacked me for referring to Sound of Freedom as a fictional movie, and not a documentary.

But again, the source of this information is Tim Ballard himself, who put up a page on the Operation Underground Railroad website stating that the movie was “based on a true story,” but that many parts of the movie never happened and were fictional.

Why did Tim Ballard wait until the week before the movie appeared in theaters on July 4th to publish this, when for years he gave interviews about the movie portraying it as a true story leading people to believe it was like a documentary?

Tim Ballard no Longer Works for Operation Underground Railroad

Also, why did Tim Ballard walk away from his $525,958.00 a year salary as the CEO and founder of Operation Underground Railroad just before the film was released on the Big Screen?

Tim Ballard, subject of ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie, has ‘stepped away’ from trafficking org, reports say

A man at the center of a film currently making waves in theaters has apparently left the human trafficking organization that made him famous.

Operation Underground Railroad confirmed to FOX8 Thursday that Tim Ballard was no longer working with the organization. According to VICE News reporters Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman, Ballard had told at least one donor that he had been “forced out.”

OUR said in a statement:

Founder, Tim Ballard has recently stepped away from Operation Underground Railroad prior to launch of the film, “Sound of Freedom”.

We continue to pursue O.U.R.’s core mission.  We are excited that many are learning about the organization and its rescue operations and are seeking ways to support it.  We believe there remains a tremendous amount of work yet to do and are hopeful that others will continue to support O.U.R.’s efforts to grow our resources and stop child trafficking.

VICE notes that Ballard had not mentioned stepping away from OUR during his press tour promoting the movie with Caviezel. OUR’s website also does not have an announcement or release about his departure, with a press release dated June 8 referring to Ballard as “Operation Underground Railroad’s Tim Ballard.” (Full article.)

Only the “Leftist, Godless” Media Criticizes Sound of Freedom??

The predominant narrative in the Right-wing Christian media is that only the “godless, leftist” media is criticizing the Sound of Freedom movie.

This is the advantage of having a culture like American culture divided between “Left” and “Right” politics, because then the other side can continually criticize the other half of the country for everything that is wrong by blaming them.

This is what Tim Ballard stated in a rant recently:

It will never cease to amaze me how far the godless, leftist media will go to run interference for human traffickers. They’re throwing everything at me right now.

I just saw a post that seems to be trending in certain places saying that I am in favor of putting micro chips in children.

It’s complete baloney. I’ve never weighed in on that, I’ve never said anything, and in fact I am against anything that would allow the government or others to control children.

I did a search in the corporate media to see if any of them were making that claim, because the corporate media in general would endorse something like micro chipping children, rather than oppose it, and I could not find any reference to chipping children in the “leftist, godless” media attributed to Tim Ballard.

However, there is a video being circulated right now by naturopathic Dr. Amanda Vollmer addressing this topic, and she most certainly is not part of the “godless, leftist media,” as she gained a strong following during the COVID scamdemic for pointing out the fraud being committed by COVID and their “vaccines,” and she is obviously part of the Alternative Media.

Here is her video (opinions her own):

So it appears that a cult following is developing in the Right Wing media regarding the Sound of Freedom film, with the propaganda being propagated that only the “leftist, godless” media is criticizing the film, and this is resulting in several people taking time to email me as well and attack me, while offering no critical evaluations on the facts that I have actually published.

Here is a headline from an article that was in my newsfeed today:

Journalists Attacking The Film ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Should Have Their Hard Drives Investigated

There is no question that almost every detail in Sound Of Freedom is real. Any media outlet that says otherwise is lying, and the fact that they are attempting to sow seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of Tim Ballard based on politics is villainous. (Source.)

Of course this is the same writer who wrote last month that all “Leftists” should be locked in “mental asylums” to clean up our “liberal cities.” (But I thought censorship only happened in the “Left” media??)

How To Solve Violence In The US? Remove Democrat Run Cities And Bring Back Asylums.

The solution is simple and two-fold: Get rid of leftist leaders in major cities that set violent repeat offenders free, and bring back mental health facilities to lock up the crazies if necessary. This is the ONLY WAY to stop the avalanche of violent crime that awaits Americans as the next few years unfold. (Full article.)

This is the crazy kind of diatribe being published in the Right Wing media right now, as they condemn people in the Alternative Media who, like myself, have actually watched the film and have given honest critiques, stating that this fictional dramatization does nothing to actually stop child trafficking. See:

Some of the REAL alleged victims of child sex trafficking are also starting to speak out.

Here are some other critical commentaries on the Sound of Freedom movie that are most certainly NOT from the “Leftist” media.

Jim Caviezel: “God’s children are not for sale.” But he Bought 3 of Them from China…

As I have documented for the past decade, the #1 pipeline for child trafficking inside the United States is through the lucrative foster care and adoption industries.

And the main organizations that are funding and supporting this Satanic system that trafficks children, are American Christians.

The Christian Right is the main source of publishing propaganda that there are “millions of orphans” worldwide that need “forever homes”, and that to be truly “pro-life” one MUST adopt children, and THIS is what supports the child trafficking through foster care and adoption.

This is the “elephant in the room” that nobody on the Christian Right wants to talk about.

**By Brian Shillhavy


17 Replies to “Sound of Freedom: A Movie About Child Trafficking Produced by Child Traffickers?”

  1. the dave

    Ive concluded the sources criticizing this movie are most likely pedos and/or traffickers. That would be my take of this author Brian Sillhavy. How did he get to post his trash here?

  2. Emma

    This article is all over the place.
    Criticizing Tim, Jim, right wings, the movie itself, etc.

    Any movie, fictional or documentary will help the issue. Even a blend movie with true stories and fictional will help. Many movies are both, artistic freedom.

    Is adopting children from China an offense?
    Is leaving an organization an offense?
    So many strange arguments in this article.

    Yes now that you brought it to my attention, I think those criticizing the movie or Tim should have a visit from FBI, and have their computer checked. Pedos run rampant and they attack the movie 24/7. Some of the news papers critics have turned out to be spokesperson for organizations about MAP (minor attracted person = Pedo).

    Each month another big media person is charged with child porn, so do check any and all that complain about a movie on child trafficking.

    1. rishi

      tbh the problem I see is that it’s likely a “limited hangout” – a certain group that doesn’t want the full truth about child trafficking coming out, so they’ve likely decided to take control of the narrative and label it as purely a sex trafficking issue – without revealing the truth about the honeypot/blackmail ops, the occult rituals, the human/child torture/sacrifice, the adrenochrome extraction, etc. they’re likely going to use the content of this film to label anyone who talks about the above as a conspiracy theorist. that isn’t really the type of awareness that I’d say is helpful to the issue. I guess it does at least get people talking about the issue, though.

      1. Emma

        That is not how the world works.
        Most people has to be feed in very small bites.

        The movie is just the first one, and it will go down without people vomit and reject.

        People talking against this movie has an agenda, and I could fear it is a very sinister agenda.

        Light on an issue is always good, no matter some may find it to little or too unperfect etc.

        1. rishi

          Yes, actually it is exactly how the world works. You have very clearly never heard of a “limited hangout”:

          This is a common technique that has been used for DECADES. Did you even bother looking into the deep dive I posted about Tim Ballard and OUR?

          Those who have actually done the research into Ballard and OUR and have posted their findings are not ALL doing so with a negative agenda. You need some perspective, quite frankly. You sound as if you’re disparaging those who have actually looked into this without presenting any evidence besides “people who dislike this movie are probably pro-child trafficking.” Get a grip. Anyone with any sort of moral compass can see that something needs to be done about child trafficking. That doesn’t mean those involved with the production of this movie are not intentionally trying to take control of the narrative.

          1. Emma

            Anyone as eager as you, to smear the movie… well I stand by what I have written earlier.

        2. rishi

          Why are you not concerned about the fact that 3 of the producers of this movie have direct links to those involved with child trafficking? Patrick Slim Domit, John Paul DeBorja, Robert Unanue.

          1. Emma

            Your tactic is very well known, but in this new world it does not work anymore.

            And no, nothing worry me anymore, as I know that all truth will come out, like a broken dam.

  3. Han

    Jim Caviezel: “God’s children are not for sale.” But he Bought 3 of Them from China…
    This expression tells you how evil you are. Jim adopted Chinese children, and you need to know the situation at the time.
    Thank you for letting me know that you are the devil.

  4. Theosophist

    Desperate enough to claim that evil is fighting evil! By exposing a massive evil a tiny evil can be perpetuated? As usual zero logic. Even if you must amputate a limb some portion of healthy cells must be sacrificed for the greater good. Patently they are afraid their adrenochrome sources will dry up. Whatever will they do not being able to drink and bath in the blood of children tortured to death? Praise Sound of Freedom!

    1. Dorota

      I appreciate what you said. All this complaining as a speculations. Things are simple, the evil is getting exposed! End of the story! Thank you Sound of Freedom!

  5. David

    I appreciate this article. I’ve been unwittingly consuming a lot of this information, not knowing the real agenda. Thank you

    1. Emma

      So from this angry article you now think you know the real agenda 🙂
      You need to learn discernment.