More Offerings For Handling What Is Coming

According to NASA and the NOAA, two CMEs are coming back-to-back.

The first one is due today, Thursday, 7/20/2023, at approximately 1900 Universal Time (UT) and the other will arrive at about 15:00 (UT) on Friday, 7/21/2023.

The first will glance planet Earth, but the second one will make a direct hit.

However, as we know, all CMEs—whether glancing or directly targeting our planet—create stirrings in the inner as well as the outer planetary fields and also the vibrational frequency and amplitude (“Schumann Resonance”) will be further activated.

Geomagnetic storms of “G2” and perhaps “G3” are likely.

The ratings only have three levels—“G1”, “G2”, and “G3”. So, the storms will be very powerful.

Our Sun will move into the sign of Tropical Leo on Saturday, July 22nd, 2023, at 9:50 PM (EDT).

Whenever the Sun changes signs and also whenever planets move either retrograde or direct, their energy is magnified for several days which requires an adjustment to the energetics.

Venus—the planet of beauty, finances, and love—will retrograde in the sign of Leo on Saturday, July 22nd at 9:33 PM (EDT)—the same day that our Sun changes signs.

Thus, our Sun and Venus will make a royal embrace. Generally, most people will have an inner desire for independence and will do those activities that give them more joy and will be less concerned about fulfilling expected obligations.

There has been a “5.6” magnitude earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands which is a group of uninhabited volcanic islands in the Atlantic.

Anywhere there are volcanoes, however, they are likely to explode as strong cosmic events occur.

With all of the above cosmic happenings, plus mankind’s unwise actions on many levels, plus continually incoming SOURCE LIGHT to clear-out cellular records from past eras as well as the current time line, plus peoples’ personal daily experiences, emotions can be those of anxiety, nervousness, jitteriness, or panic.

Emotions, as has been discussed in earlier articles, are magnetic and attract electrical thought processes.

Then, the physical vessel can experience heart palpitations, aches and pains, itching, digestive upset, and more.

When the emotions are calm, the mind and the physical vessel can become balanced.

Thus, it is necessary to re-set the nervous system.

Humanity world-wide will need lots of calming as the world is constantly filled with erraticism and as cosmic events answer the call to cleanse this realm.

Here are suggestions:

1. Take a daily bath or shower with Lavender essential oil and a sea salt scrub.

2. Place Lavender essential oil on your body after your bath or shower and just before you lotion-up.

3. Make a “remedy bottle” of 16 ounces of spring water into which you place 4 drops of “Rescue Remedy” by Bach Flowers, and drink off of this bottle several times during each day. You can also just place 2 drops 4 times daily under your tongue. Be sure, however, to also drink the required amount of water daily for your particular weight. Take your weight, divide the number in-half, and the resulting number is how many ounces of water you should drink daily. Therefore, you must drink your water amount daily, but you must also drink off of the special remedy bottle during the day too. Bach Flowers are also safe for children. Before you drink the water each time, pronounce “AUM” into it slowly by drawing out your voice so that you are pronouncing “AUUUUUUUM”. This is the “Pranava” (“Cosmic Sound”) that is healing and protective and that most other mantras begin or end with and which SOURCE pronounced as all of creation came into being. (“In the beginning was the word…”).

4. Wear calming oils daily such as those from flowers such as Jasmine, Rose, Gardenia, etc. or either the oils from trees such as Rosewood or Sandalwood or acquire “Majmua” (“Gathering”) oil from the Nemat company which contains wonderful oils of flowers and woods and is used for calming, protection, and many people say that it helps them to sleep better at night, thus curing insomnia.

5. Wear a Rose Quartz (guys too) pendant. Rose Quartz increases “Prana” (“Life Force”), balances hormones, alleviates heart palpitations, alleviates dizziness, heals depression and anxiety, and protects from harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs). Even though it is a quartz, and quartz is known to amplify whatever is occurring, Rose Quartz is different because of its iron content which can block EMFs. Wash your pendant first to remove the energies of others who have touched it (the store clerk, other shoppers, etc.). Then according to your path, ask SOURCE to make it a talisman and amulet of health and protection for you.

6. Declare regularly the affirmation: “I AM BLESSED BY SOURCE LIGHT!”

7. Read comforting scriptures from your preferred holy book often.

8. If you are experiencing daily exhaustion (and most people around the world are), add 4 drops of “Olive” by Bach Flowers to your water remedy.

9. Take relaxing walks. Do Yoga or Tai Chi.

10. Wear also along with your Rose Quartz pendant a calming mala of either Boddhi Seed, Lotus Seed, Rosewood, Rudraksha, or Sandalwood. Place calming Sandalwood oil on the beads. Chant into the mala the mantra “AUM SHANTI AUM” (“Oh, Divine, Peace Peace Peace”).

Most of the above suggestions have been given in previous teachings.

However, as most people know, repetition is one of the arts of teaching, and with so much going on in the world, people often ask for reminders.

I suggest, however, that the articles which contain information of actions to take for various purposes be printed-out and saved for future reference.

SOURCE, INFINITE PRESENCE, INTELLIGENT TRANSCENDENCE, DIVINE ABSOLUTE, DIVINE MOTHER, the ALL—has blessed us with many spiritual and natural modalities for this era.

As we use them, more will be revealed to us.

Remember, GOD is the “EXPANDER”, “SUSTAINER”, and “TRANSFORMER”.

“IT” is also our HIGHER SELF—our very SOUL!

The first of the two CMEs expected to arrive to Earth has hit our planet’s magnetic field as of 16:50 Universal Time (UT) which is 12:50 PM (EDT).

The other is on its way and its trajectory will hit Earth tomorrow.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali