Daily Message for 7/25/2023

2024 will see the expansion of humanty’s consciousness at greater speeds. Timelines will grow further apart. Each being must Consciously choose what type of reality do they want to be a part of, and reflect that in their daily lives. The ones who are aware of what is unfolding, they too are to have their limits pushed. While others, will simply be in shock, and convinced that it really is the end of the world. ~Kejraj

5 Replies to “Daily Message for 7/25/2023”

  1. Raksha

    Astrologically speaking. the 2024-2026 period is quite the change-over. The 3 slow-moving outer planets will all move to another sign in this short span of time. They are the big guns of the cosmic symphony, and correspond to the deepest parts of the collective psyche. We might finally enter into the next phase.

    1. jakesey

      Neptune retrograde in Pisces did affect me recently even though I was adamant it was ‘baloney’. Those Piscean rose coloured glasses did come flying off!! Stronger for it,🙂

  2. Nicolazur

    Merci Ami !
    Ma vie se déroule avec l’intégrité du Coeur et de belles lectures “ämicales” !

    Réciprocité de Lumière… et expansion !


  3. harrrrrie

    Yes and the end of the world as we know it. A big split will happen, those pining for the beautiful, compassionate, caring and loving world, and those who only know to cling to what worked for them before. I hope eventually they will see the light too.
    Thank you Kejraj.