“Eyes of the Devil” – The REAL Documentary that Exposes the Horror of Child Sex Trafficking

By Brian Shillhavy

The REAL horrors of child sex trafficking are so terrible and evil, that there is no reason to dramatize it, as Sound of Freedom does.

Tim Ballard and the O.U.R. organization admits that much of the film is dramatized, including the scene where Tim infiltrated the cartels in the jungle of Columbia by posing to be a doctor bringing in vaccines.

Tim went into a Colombian jungle by himself to rescue a little girl. FALSE

In the film, Tim poses as a doctor and goes into a jungle somewhere in Colombia to find the little boy’s sister, shortly after Operation Triple Take. This did not happen.

However, in real life, Tim did lead a group of O.U.R. operators, posing as doctors, into a jungle on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic a few years after Operation Triple Take in search for Gardy.

No one was rescued, but the operation did advance the search for Gardy, and operators were able to provide medical care to many children in need. (Source.)

As I asked in my original review of the movie after watching it, what kind of “medical care” did these “operators” who were admittedly fake doctors provide to the children in Haiti? Did they inject them with vaccines?

I continue to be attacked and ridiculed for publishing the truth about this fictional movie, with one person suggesting that I must actually support child sex trafficking if I am publishing negative reviews of Sound of Freedom.

This movie is very clearly a psyop and distraction from the REAL child sex trafficking that is occurring with young children who are also often murdered for their organs and body parts.

This is happening in Ukraine, for example, and we have exposed this evil. See:

But the documentary published in 2021 by Polish film producer Patryk Vega titled “Eyes of the Devil,” is by far the most graphic description of child sex trafficking I have ever watched.

It has been viewed by over 7 million people in Polish, and several more million people in the English version.

It is NOT dramatized. It is a true documentary.

We published it also back in 2021:

Patryk Vega is a Polish director, screenwriter, writer and film producer. He is reportedly a box-office record holder in Poland with a total audience of 14 million people.

The Eyes of the Devil documentary starts with Patryk explaining that someone from the criminal underworld tipped him off about a pregnant woman in Poland who was trying to sell her baby.

A child trafficking agent was in the process of brokering a deal for her that would allegedly bring in a large sum of money if she carried her baby to term and then allowed a child trafficker to sign the birth certificate as the father, so that the baby could never be traced or reported as “missing.”

This would typically happen outside of Poland, usually in Germany where pedophile child brothels exist for pedophiles. Although it is revealed later in the film that there is one such pedophile brothel in Poland also, mostly populated with young children smuggled in from Ukraine to erase their identity.

But COVID shut everything down, and she was not able to leave Poland, allowing Patryk to get involved.

He states at the beginning of the documentary, that his goal is to save the baby, and in the process create a documentary about the child trafficking business. The documentary films his conversations with the mother selling her baby, the agent handler, and the child trafficker, a Polish man who apparently worked out of Germany.

The voices and faces are altered. But these conversations reveal for the first time in public, at least for me, just how these businesses operate, and how utterly evil they are, referring to these children as “merchandise.”

Patryk is very clearly a man of faith (he begins the film by quoting Matthew 18:6), and throughout the film he explains his personal encounters with the devil. (Full article.)

This is the film to watch if you want to truly know about child sex trafficking, but most of you probably cannot handle a film like this.

WARNING VERY GRAPHIC! Very explicit filthy sexual language, violent acts/murder, bad language (F-word used throughout.) Pray for protection for your own emotional and mental health prior to watching. 

This is on our Bitchute channel.

With the U.S. being the #1 destination for child sex trafficking, there is no doubt that this is also happening in the U.S.

But who is going to expose these people?

Most of the leaders of this country, in business, politics, and entertainment, have past financial ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s network.

So if you can handle watching Eyes of the Devil, then go watch the video of Jennifer Guskin, a child sex trafficking victim who was trafficked to the rich and powerful in the Washington D.C. area while in foster care, which is even worse than Eyes of the Devil.

Last month we featured the documentary “Cages” where whistleblowers revealed that the cartels are working with our U.S. Government to traffick people on our U.S.-Mexican border where women are routinely raped.

Who is exposing that?

A new documentary titled “Cages – Epic Human Trafficking Truth” has just been published featuring whistleblowers from Arizona revealing the horrors of human sex trafficking that are happening every day at the U.S. Mexican border, where the U.S. Government is working together with Mexican drug cartels to allow this horrible sex trafficking enterprise to flourish inside the United States.

This business of human sex trafficking, and specifically pedophile child sex trafficking, is today one of the most lucrative businesses, if not THE MOST lucrative business, in the U.S. economy.

The money that is brought in through human sex trafficking buys lawyers, judges, law enforcement agencies like the FBI, and elections.

And this documentary, which I have annotated down to just under 17 minutes, deals just with the sex trafficking by America’s wealthy with women and children coming across the border, and does not even address the larger exposure of child sex trafficking being exposed today from Jeffrey Epstein’s network which has been documented by Whitney Webb’s work, and the current U.S. Virgin Islands case involving Epstein and the U.S. financial system. (Full article.)

This is on our Bitchute channel.

And lastly, the most comprehensive documentary that reveals the true source of child trafficking in the U.S. was released last month on Netflix, and as I have written, this is the film everyone should be reporting on right now.

The REAL horrors of child trafficking are so terrible, that they do not need to be fictionalized.


9 Replies to ““Eyes of the Devil” – The REAL Documentary that Exposes the Horror of Child Sex Trafficking”

  1. Light bearer

    I haven’t seen Sound of Freedom yet, nor this Polish movie, but isn’t it just a matter of:

    if you show normies a bit of sex trafficking then they get on board with fighting it, but if you blast them in the face with the garden hose of truth then they’ll run screaming back to their television set?

    1. Emma

      I agree, and have just written similar, in the earlier article where this guy also trashed the movie.

      They will reject it, if shown truthfully. The sound of music movie is a light way in.
      Really no one needs to watch details to be against this stuff, and vote against it given the opportunity.

      The extend and true graphic may even have some commit suicide.
      The author of these two smear pieces on Sound of Freedom should stop force feeding it to people that has not asked for it.

      I did not watch his inserted clips. Why would I lower my vibrations on a spiritual site.

      1. rishi

        No one’s “force feeding” anything to you, Emma. You voluntarily clicked on an article, within a site that you voluntarily visited. I don’t think you understand what “force” means.

        As for “Sound of Freedom” – why does it not concern you that 3 of the producers can be directly connected to child trafficking? Before you start criticizing anyone who says anything negative about “Sound of Freedom,” you should really do SOME research. These are very informative posts about Tim Ballard and OUR: https://anonfamous.substack.com/p/the-tim-ballard-rabbit-hole and https://anonfamous.substack.com/p/the-tim-ballard-rabbit-hole-part

        If you actually take even a cursory glance through either of them, you’d become a lot more educated on the subject than you seem to be.

        1. Emma

          I have done more research in my life than you will ever, so you are just using it to smear anyone that likes SOF.
          Now you are trying to force feed me links, that I will of course not follow, as you do not sound like a trusthworthy person.

          I think you and the author, or are you one and the same?, should be investigated.

          Too many that is trying to smear and debunk the movie is involved in pedo-activities.

  2. Mary Parkin

    Did anyone watch the horrific program on channel 4 last night with Greg Wallace harvesting meat from children made me realize what our children are facing in the future