Full Moon August 2023 in Aquarius – Successful Actions

By Astrology King

The Full Moon in Aquarius on 1 August 2023 has an influence like Mars and Mercury. So the meaning of the Full Moon August 2023 astrology is using initiative and decisiveness to turn your thoughts into actions.

The August 2023 Full Moon coincides with Mars trine Jupiter, indicating successful actions. But Mercury opposite Saturn suggests patience and planning are essential to achieving your strongest desires.

Full Moon August 2023 Horoscope

The Full Moon on Tuesday, 1 August 2023, is at 09°15′ Aquarius. The only Full Moon aspect is a square to Jupiter. But it will hardly be noticeable with an orb of over four degrees, especially with Mars trine Jupiter virtually exact.

Mercury opposite Saturn is another significant influence on the August 2023 Full Moon astrology, with an orb under half a degree. There are no important fixed stars around 9 Aquarius but some interesting small ones.

Full Moon August 2023 Astrology

Sun opposite Moon brings your home, family, and intimate relationships into sharper focus for the following two weeks of this moon phase. Opposing forces, such as work versus home or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures. This can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts peak at a Full Moon. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an honest and balanced look at your relationships. You will see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.


Mercury opposite Saturn (0°26′) is exact 8 hours after the August 1 Full Moon. Aspects are more powerful when they are approaching exactness (applying). So this is a strong influence on the Full Moon. It brings serious thinking and conversations but also the potential for bad news, criticism, frustration, pessimism, sadness and difficulty communicating.

If you start to feel worried, lonely or sad, remember negative thinking makes things seem worse than they are. However, a lack of focus or attention to detail means extra care is needed when making important decisions or signing contracts.


Mars trine Jupiter (0°02′) is an even stronger influence on the Full Moon astrology. The orb is tiny and applying, exact only 2 hours after the new moon. This aspect indicates good fortune and successful actions. It makes you competitive, brave, optimistic and willing to take risks to fulfill your passionate desires.

Mars trine Jupiter gives positive energy, confidence and enthusiasm to overcome Mercury opposite Saturn’s depressing and restrictive influence. And the hesitation and procrastination of Mercury opposite Saturn will temper the initiative, instinct and decisiveness of Mars trine Jupiter. So this combination can work well together if you think seriously about the consequences of your daring actions.

The Constellations

The August 2023 Full Moon is in the Sign of Aquarius. But as the image below shows, it is in the Constellation of Capricornus. The Signs and the Constellations do not match up. Over the last 2000 years, the Constellations have moved nearly 30° out of alignment with the Signs because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The Zodiac was invented only as a measuring device. The ecliptic line in the image below matches the degrees in the horoscope above. Like the original astrologers, I use the Constellations and fixed stars for interpretation, not the Signs.

  • 08♒17 – Omega Capricorni
  • 08♒45 – Gamma Microscopii
  • 09♒15 – Full Moon August 2023
  • 09♒51 – Theta1 Microscopii

Constellation Microscopium The Microscope gives a careful, methodical, fastidious, meticulous and scientific nature.

Omega Capricorni is on the front hoof of the Sea-Goat, Constellation Capricornus. According to Ptolemy, “the stars in the feet and in the belly act in the same manner as Mars and Mercury.” [1]

So this star gives quick thinking, decisiveness, initiative and an enterprising spirit. It is good for promoting ideas, asserting yourself and fighting for a worthy cause.

However, rushed thinking, impulsiveness, anger, and a short temper can lead to verbal abuse, arguments, violence or accidents. So choose your battles carefully and avoid acting before thinking.

Spirit Guides

Saturn is precisely conjunct fixed star Deneb Adige. This bright star in the Tail of the Swan is a Venus-Mercury star that gives an ingenious nature and a clever intellect that is quick at learning. [1] It is favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits, which are carried out with the aim of gain. [2]

This point does not cause a health problem but instead can be considered a gift. However, it is not always worked with in the proper manner. The intuitive nature of these natives is refined, and they can be led to accomplish many divine purposes if the spiritual path is followed and they pay attention to their spirit guides. By following the direction of their spirit guides, they are led to great abundance and much happiness in their lives. [3]

Constellation Cygnus The Swan gives a contemplative, dreamy, cultured and adaptable nature. The affections are ill-regulated and unsteady, and the talents develop late. There is some love of water and swimming and the arts. [1]

Full Moon August 2023 Meaning

The August 2023 Full Moon has an influence similar to Mars and Mercury. It aligns with a Mars-Mercury star. Mars is powerful and fortunate because it is trine Jupiter. Mercury is weaker and less helpful because it is opposite Saturn.

Mars and Mercury give a sense of urgency to get things done. It provides the initiative and decisiveness to turn thought thoughts into actions. But a tendency toward impulsiveness means it is essential not to rush your decision-making and actions. Listen to advice and think about the consequences of your actions.

This combination gives strong opinions and the courage to speak your mind and stand up for yourself. But it can also give malicious thoughts, hurtful words and aggression. So there is a risk of arguments and conflict.

Mars trine Jupiter brings courage and initiative to achieve your strongest desires. Mercury opposite Saturn suggests your actions will be more successful if you moderate your enthusiasm and optimism with patience and planning.

Full Moon August 2023 in the constellation Microscopium should make you careful, methodical, and meticulous. Finally, Saturn retrograde exactly conjunct Deneb Adige indicates following a spiritual path and listening to your spirit guides.

Moon Phases

Astrologically, a full moon is influenced by the preceding new moon. The July 17 New Moon was also Mars-like, giving energy, initiative and courage. But it also created much anger, resentment and frustration. It reinforces the need to focus on hard work with self-discipline, patience, and determination.

The influence of the August 1 Full Moon lasts for two weeks up to the August 16 New Moon. This waning moon phase is good for releasing, letting go, resting, healing, regenerating, contemplating, meditating, decluttering, harvesting, pruning, and hair-cutting.

If the Full Moon August 2023 astrology directly impacts your horoscope decan, you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart, see full moon transits.

Full Moon August 2023 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – August 1, 11:31 am
  • New York – August 1, 2:31 pm
  • London – August 1, 7:31 pm
  • Delhi – August 2, 0:01 pm
  • Sydney – August 2, 4:31 am


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