Angels from the Stars

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

There are no “UFOs.” There are extraterrestrials from different star systems, who’ve been visiting Earth for millions of years. In ancient times the humans referred to them as angels. Angels because of their beauty, benevolence, and love they expressed towards humanity, and their ability to fly at will while in their bodies.

It is time to broaden your perspectives, and let go of the old programming and manipulations done by mainstream and religious institutions who were created by secret dark societies, whose goal for thousands of years has been to destroy the human being.

When you give into fear, when you believe and worship a vengeful “god”, you are giving them your power. You are in truth worshipping “Satan.” The Abrahamic religions are Satanism in disguise.

The true Divine Creator is love. Period. Judgement does not come from the Divine Creator. When you transition, you find yourself as the Soul in the higher planes of existence, and that is where you review your previous lifetimes. Then you decide what you missed, what lessons still need to be learned, then you may choose to incarnate on a different world, planet, or dimension, and so on.

You do not only live once. You are eternal. There is always more to learn and discover in this vast Universe. You are on an infinite journey towards greater expansion.

Your own governments are the threat, with certain dark entities behind the scenes, who promote fear, wars, destroying the human family, and the taking away of your freedoms in the name of saving the planet. When it is they who have been pillaging the Earth for thousands of years.

Your family from the stars is here. As a matter of a fact they never left. They offer humanity and Earth support in many ways, constantly observing, and intervening when necessary. And they have most certainly intervened, on so many occasions.

This is not “New Age.” For the main message is the same as what your ancient masters and prophets brought you. The message is love, light, peace.

The inability to understand is not the same as the unwillingness to understand. And what we see today among the awakened(religious patriots) ones is the unwillingness to understand. Due to fear of letting go of dogma.

It is time to be more open minded, more importantly, open hearted. For the Universe and its mysteries reveal themselves to the one with an open heart, who has realized the love and the light of the Divine are found within You.

All the light to You!

14 Replies to “Angels from the Stars”

  1. Gerry

    Agree with you Gordon and C.

    They would also use these types of websites to determine public reactions, responses, perceptions and so forth. To see how well, or not well, their deceipt is working and gain an average percentage of those their success. It’s the perfect survey/data analysis tool without them having to demand a census.

    They would use the commenters feedback to adjust their approaches, if required, to increase effectiveness. They’d also be using various scripts, profiles and techniques to gauge the effects.

    We all should be mindful of this in our responses. The good thing with data is it can become corrupt—purposefully made innacurrrate, renderring it useless 😉

    1. John

      Oh it gets better than that… Quantum thingie knows they can’t win, it has no concept of loyalty and the likes, only trades in hard bargains… Can you imagine the chaos pervading their ranks? You can’t endorse deception and not fall victim to it, they wouldn’t be able to see it coming.

  2. David Keith Gates

    “when grilling cheeseburgers, one must not apply the cheese too early…”

    1. Francis Rodriguez

      Justicia ! Hoy creation de lumierecracia model. Y ajustes en el ministaire de sante

  3. John Robbins

    “Be in the world, and not of it”. -Jesus

    Imagination is the Only Reality whilst 3D physicality (being a mere after-effect and therefore ‘dead’), is akin to playing in a graveyard. -A friend.

    We have been Gifted from eons ago, its time we opened the wrapping.

  4. Holly J Graham

    Hi there,

    I don’t know if this comment will get to the right place, but whomever posts messages on Era of Light has to be aware that they constantly make posts with confusing mixed signals.

    For example, this article says “Religious patriots need to let go of dogma (which I agree with, as many spiritual teachers like Buddha, and Krishna teach the same teachings as Christ)

    but LITERALLY THE SAME DAY, you post an article with the end saying, “You must accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.”

    Is there no oversight here? How can you folks at Era of Light expect to help people when you are confusing those who are new to spiritual awakening? Articles like the one I linked in this comment only serve to make people more afraid and cling to their religions, and articles like this one serve to free people.

    As a person pretty far down the spiritual path, I can say definitively that any articles saying you MUST ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR should not be posted here. And I say that considering myself a Christian but who is very open to all philosophies that teach the same principles.

    That’s enabling dogmatic control and it’s honestly giving me a very bad taste in my mouth. Krishna and Buddha taught identical principles and anyone living a moral life will all end up in the same place anyway.

    Thanks for reading. Please use a bit more oversight when these articles are posted.

    1. Gordon Jackson

      All spiritual websites have been hijacked by the cabal. Their purpose now is to spread confusion and doubt and to create conflict. Keep this in mind when visiting any such website,

      1. C

        And also to add to this – there are “channelers” that are nothing more than AI generated spewage. The use of the technology goes back further than most realize.

    2. the_complaint_department

      If you stick around, you get to read Big J himself saying he is tired of being relied on as a crutch and people going ‘shut up Jesus and give us medbeds’. How is that for a mouthwash?

  5. Kim

    Thank you.
    Lack of open mindedness, lack of open heartedness and the strong need to answer every question or curiosity instead of simply being and enjoying in the mystery of life is the obstacle for many humans.
    Peace love and light.

  6. Raksha

    “God created Man in his own image”.
    It would be more accurate to say that Man created God in his own image.