The Council of Light: The Realms and Your Perfection

Channel: Nadina Boun

Nothing is really solid. You can say everything is an idea that is being expressed in different ways, in different realms.

You can say The Divine realm is where ideas originate, like the idea of love, unity, perfection. Then, there’s the realm of being, existing as that idea, where we are being that idea of perfection, love, unity.

Then there’s the realm of imagination where the idea becomes real through vision and imagination. Say it’s the realm of what you call magic or instant manifestation, where the idea is instantly expressed and birthed from the imagination.

Then there is the realm of thought where definitions about the idea come into play, as in what it means, how it is defined. Then there is the realm of emotions where the idea has an equivalent expression in emotion or feeling. Then you have the realm of action where the idea is expressed through the doing.

Take the idea of perfection. You are an expression of the idea of perfection, for you have access to all these realms, the realm of thought, emotion, action, imagination and being. You’ve been creating your reality, which we remind you is an experiential not a solid reality, through the accessing of thought, emotion and action. As you rise a level, you need to access more of the imagination and the being. It is a wonderful, exciting journey as a matter of fact, where you are learning to create better, and your creations are becoming more refined. You can say you are creating better expressions of the ideas already originated in the Divine realm.

Take the realm of thought. It is where all thoughts are held and come together to create some event, or express through an event the idea in thought. The same with the realm of emotion. Similar emotions gather together to create an event.

In your world, you take action to express an idea, whether it is love and you do something to express that love, or whether it is improvement and you build machines to do the work for you.

Everything is ideas and the expression of that idea, in different realms, in different ways. When you allow your ideas to become bigger, to become larger, to include more ways of expression, now you are rising and accessing more of what is available to you, now you can embody the idea like we do, or you can imagine how this idea can be expressed, manifest, seen in a way that benefits the all (like the magician).

You are the idea of perfection expressed as you, in this body, with all your capabilities, abilities and creative power. And if you are the idea of perfection expressed, can you now begin to see, how then everything is perfect?

Yes, there are also realms of colors and shapes, since you ask.

You can see that your realm is the only visible realm where things look so solid, for it also allows you to create through the doing, the actions that require physical things to play with, as well as ideas in thought.

It is a different way to look at what you call the spheres, where all the information is coming from, or the realms that exist and your relation to all of it.

All ideas come from God or the realm of The Divine, The Infinite. Infinite ideas. You can see how there could be infinite realms if every idea is embodied in one realm. Let’s call it all the realm of being where no physical body is necessary, for it is the realm of existence, where the idea is. It stands alive in the being. It is the being itself. That idea, say again of love, of perfection, is then transferred down the spheres to the next realm of expression, where say, your magicians and wizards are. They take that idea and imagine it into being, which can result in an entire universe being created from that idea or imagined expression.

That realm then sends out that idea further down to the realm of thought, where it is now being defined, and then to the realm of emotion where it is now being felt (it has a charge) and then to the ream of action where now it is being taken into action, being expressed in the doing.

That is where your realm is now, you focus on the doing. You can elevate yourself by doing less and being more the ideas you want to express, so you are moving closer to the Divine, closer to us in the higher realms of expression. It doesn’t mean you will suddenly have no body, it would mean you begin to express the idea at a higher level, and that is interesting for us to observe, for we marvel at your capacity.

And so there is so much more you can do, that you are capable of. And you will see one day, soon enough, that this reality has nothing solid in it. It is all an expression of the ideas that come from above and you are expressing them mainly in action, emitting your thoughts of what it means into the atmosphere that then creates events in like vibration, emitting emotions into the atmosphere that also are creating events that match those emotions. You are creating from everywhere, and now perhaps you can see why everyone is so interested because it is exciting where you are.

And now you see why, when you send out your requests, the help that is coming is in … ideas! That you then translate into a form of action.


You can say your creators are the magicians and wizards who imagined you into a package of perfection, and transferred that image to the realm of thought, where you were thought into a shape and function, and then transferred to the realm of action where DNA came into play to create you into the form of a physical human, equipped with all levels of perfection. And in that sense, it was, it is perfect.

In other words, it was the magicians that created the blueprint. The thought realm gave you shape and function, or a vibration to come to life. The emotional realm gave you that unique frequency. And the realm of action created you into form that expresses all the above.

And even if someone were to say, it is all a lie, that it didn’t happen this way. We say consider it as another way, another perspective. After all you live in a world of perspectives and expressions, vibrations and frequencies. So run with that concept if it empowers you.

Submitted via email for Era of Light.