August 2023 Update; A Month of Relaxation

By Dianna Cooper

Dear Friends,

Traditionally August is a month when nothing happens, when the world relaxes and goes on holiday.  So, it is interesting that throughout this time Venus is retrograde for 40 days, which is considered the sacred length of time to go within and return with answers.   The big message for this month is to relax and to strengthen your daily spiritual practise so that you emerge at the end of the period at a higher frequency.  When enough people raise their frequency, this affects the whole planet, so that we can deal with the revelations that are continuing to come forward, with wisdom.

The most significant spiritual happening this month is the Lion’s Gate Portal, which is at its optimum energy on 8th August.  8.8.  It occurs when Sirius, Earth and the Sun, in the sign of Leo, align with the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The sign of Leo is about true positive power, courage, creativity, inspiration and the proper use of divine masculine energy.

You can particularly receive Light code activations from the Sun at this time to accelerate your ascension and that will help the entire planet shift.  This year during this time there will be a mass awakening of souls to their path.

The vibration of number 8 brings you into balance.  It touches you with ambition, big dreams and plans, giving you confidence and determination.  It is also a number of luck and good fortune.

Even more important 88 is the vibration of your I AM or Monad.  Writing or saying this number asks you to merge with the eternal love of your I AM Presence.

The Lionsgate on 8.8 is a very special time to meditate on your dreams and visions.  It is a powerful time to manifest them with faith and abundance consciousness.   Remember too how gratitude manifests.  When you are genuinely and heart-fully grateful to someone they want to give you more.  So too does your Monad.  Your great I AM is your divine self and when you are grateful miracles can happen.


4 Replies to “August 2023 Update; A Month of Relaxation”

  1. terry

    We are asked by our Creator and others to raise our frequency and vibration. That is huge for our ascension and our biggest weapon to rid our planet of the evil that cannot survive the higher vibration.

  2. Geoff Turner

    “August is a month when nothing happens”.

    So it’s the same as every other month then. Because nothing is happening with mass arrests, EBS, GESARA, ascension, QFS, Med Beds, Military taking over, disclosure, free energy, great solar flash, the Rainbow Body or escaping Samsara.