The Council: Live From Your Heart

Channel: Nadina Boun

Live from your heart, not your mind that likes to have a say on everything, that likes to find limits and labels for everything, that likes to define, all in order to understand. Your mind is like the teenager who thinks it knows it all, and therefore likes to define it all in the way it sees it, the only way it sees it, which is very finite.

Drop into your heart, live from your heart, that knows the eternal, the infinite, the limitless. Your heart is the center of all your guidance, your inspiration, your cues forward. Your heart knows the way. You can say it is really the brain of the creative operation, giving your mind the illusion of control, for your mind is where the ego dwells and constructs itself.

Your big heart, your sacred heart is where the Divine dwells, who out of infinite love, allows this game to go from the ego’s perspective, because it wants the ego to know, to understand, to choose, to be free, because the Divine itself is free and knows no bondage.

Live from your heart means give permission to the Divine love within you, to the Divine Spirit within you, to lead the way. You can call it your Higher Self if you want, calling you to more of you, to take her place, so you can rise higher from there, embody more from there. Your heart is the key, and that’s why emotions/feelings are very important for you to be aware of. But when you are in your mind, thinking, analyzing, judging, you cannot hear your heart. In silence, you turn to your heart. When you shut the world outside and turn the attention within, you can hear your heart, for it is the world within and requires then, that you turn within.

The outside is a beautiful playground for you to play, to enjoy, to express. It never defines you, it never has control over you. But when you give power to the mind alone, to the ego alone, then you are in trouble, for you will find you need to keep fighting, proving, fixing, changing, controlling. In other words, you’ll find things are out of your hands. But when you tune to your heart, it will tell you, all is actually perfect, and that you are seeing it this way, as imperfect, from the ego’s view, the mind’s view, which is extremely limited to be able to see beyond, to be able to see a bigger picture.

Your heart is the key to move forward in light, in love, in joy, for your heart knows the way forward, and knows it blindfolded. To live from your heart is to live from love, to see it all from the eyes of love, like a mother watching her child, with so much love, free from any judgment, with a heart full of hopeful expectation, for she desires she best for her child.

And the Divine light in your heart is exactly like a mother who looks at you with love, unconditional love and is always desiring of your best. So when you tune to your heart, you tune to the best that’s available for you. And there is so much more that is available that you haven’t realized yet, and it’s all there, ready to be delivered to you, out of infinite love and support for you.

Live from the heart that knows the perfection in all, the Divine perfection in all. Just stay in your heart, in your heart, in your heart. Whenever you find yourself judging, come back to your heart and begin loving, and that’s how you practice to love it all, from the heart, the center of your being.

We love you very much. Be whole, be at peace, be in love, for that’s what you are.


4 Replies to “The Council: Live From Your Heart”

  1. Linda Rosa

    Hold on, there is light shining on you, in you, through you. Your heart is hurting, you are a wounded person, so near to giving up. But, that’s where the negative ones (demonic) are pushing you. Don’t believe the lies they tell you, they are the masters of lies, deceit and would like nothing more than for you to bring harm to yourself. Don’t do it. Don’t give in. You will accomplish nothing but hurting yourself even more (which is what the negative ones want.) Rest a while. If you have no family or friends to rely on, know that your heart contains the Spirit of God and is always there for you. He is your best friend, your trustworthy companion, your Light always shining in your loving heart. You are a being of love, otherwise the negative ones wouldn’t want to dim your beautiful light. Know there are people in the world you can rely on. Just rest a while and commune quietly with your wounded heart. Know that you wll survive this nightmare in your life and shining days are here for you. Sending you great love and peace from my heart to yours. God Bless You Always. Love, Linda

  2. Tommy Salami

    i dont know how this is supposed to help me when my heart desires death, i feel like im not going to make it. I at least need some hopium to get me through this impossible time. I dont see how this world is all love with all the hate pain and misery i go through and the people who love me are evil. i dont see how im supposed to survive this, i need hope or better yet explaining what will happen to me if i do end it. its just so infinitely dark i do not see the light nor do i see how i can be love after all ive gone through well i can be love but i will be just as dark as fake.

    1. Ooske

      True love is the one person you find or who finds you who isn’t evil. No being is 100% evil because Source is within all. Your true self is balanced with the feminine and masculine. There is a divine counterpart for all. Stay balanced with your heart and mind and vice versa. Know that all is energy and all is one. In the higher levels of awareness the truth is clearer and clearer. All energy naturally comes back towards itself, meaning it never ends, only transitions through light and healing.

    2. Smokey Quartz


      I feel your pain and wish there were some way I could help you. I can only hope the intent and energy from this message comes across and lifts your spirit.

      I care for you and hope you will stick around and see this through to the end with me. You know damned if we should make it easier for them.

      No matter what happens there will be an end to it, even if it’s through death, we “will” know freedom and happiness again. One day we will wake up to find the nightmare is over. I will see you on the other side of this and we will celebrate.

      Praise yourself every day because every day you get through is an amazing achievement considering what we are up against.

      Here’s a big virtual hug from me, I hope you will accept it. I stand by you no matter what and I admire you for even getting this far.

      I am here for you in heart and spirit. 💞