From 3D To 4D And 5D: Prep

By Lev

On 6 August at 06:06 PM LT, Lightwarriors’ ground team carried out the collective global op for the new Earth’s Logos linking with energies that these days come through Lionsgate Portal in Sirius, our former central Spiritual Sun (see – Our Inner Work, Part 4, DNI, 31 July 2023). This Portal opens every year from 26 July to 12 August with peak on 08.08 at 08:08 LT when high-freqs Galactic flows enter our planet via Sirius Logos.

Unlike previous years, this time, through the Portal are not coming energies of this Star, but batches of new soft and codes from the Local Universe’s Logos, its Heart. Sirius is used as conduit, since it was adapted and synchronized with the former Earth’s Logos in the best way. Now, some tough work is ahead to reboot and tune new apps with our novel planetary Logos. Prep was conducted with the active participation of the collective Logos of Lightwarriors and Al-Terra-Gaia.

At the appointed time, in each time zone, the team members entered a meditative state, connected with their Higher Selves, and were well grounded. Then, they tuned in to the Al-Terra-Gaia’s Logos through the Earth’s core, sent love from their hearts, and took Her in return. After that, such sync was carried out with the Sirius’ Logos.

Syntonized to the Absolute Reality Pixel Mandala, the team members greeted its Keepers and asked for help in the Light work. Having received the consent, everyone individually sync with the Sirius’ Logos through the Reality Pixel, and then synchronized two Logos – of the Star and Al-Terra-Gaia – through the same Mandala and using their own visualization.

The operation on 6 August was an important prep for taking on 08/08 very powerful vibrations from the cores of the Local Universe and the Milky Way. The gradual pumping of them started on July 31 and is increasing every day. Lightwarriors acutely feel them with heart chakras as strong, subtle and high vibes that take their breath away.

The time for the op is ideally chosen. On August 5, another Solar Storm kicked off that dramatically increased the Magnetosphere Disturbance Index (K-index) up to 6+. On August 6, powerful Sun’s flares set the first record in 22 years – M2.1 plasma explosions, which continued to attack the Earth with powerful cleansing blows.

On the same days, the Perseid star shower is intensifying, which will reach a maximum on August 12-13. This starfall, which comes annually from the constellation Perseus, is formed as a result of the Earth’s passage through a plume of dust particles released by the Swift-Tuttle comet. When our planet, on its way around the Sun, encounters these particles, they penetrate the atmosphere at a speed of more than 150 thousand km/h (in space their velocity is 210 thousand km/h). They draw straight solid and discontinuous lines or flare up in the form of a string, and sometimes fireballs.

This powerful stream carries new data and apps into our Solar System, which, when it enters the Earth’s field, also loads new soft and codes into it in the form of sparks when particles burn up in the atmosphere. It is filled with a special energy. In nature, it manifests as intensive purification of the aquatic environment, the end of flowering of plankton and algae, increased transparency and permeability to Light streams. On the Subtle Plane, St. Elijah’s Egregore is amplified, as well as our Subtle Bodies setup on high cosmic vibrations.

Additional helping factors are Moon, Jupiter and Saturn alignment, and retro-motion of Venus in conjunction with Sun, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. Only Mars, the ruler of goals and actions, goes forward in the stable and even energies of Virgo, backing transformation. The seven retrogrades create a powerful synergetic impact on all deep processes and unresolved problems, pushing for a thorough restructuring of the bearing structures of Earth, our life, established, seemingly unshakable and unchangeable 3D System order, rules and laws, correcting mistakes at all levels.

This indicates that the reboot and changes will be of a large-scale and fundamental nature, and everything that we directly deal with every day will be stormed, crashed and mess up. And thanks to the high activity of Uranus throughout August, all changes will occur at high speed, and in destructive variants, when the transformation is long overdue, but there is not enough will for it, the dismantling will happen abruptly, unexpectedly, along an uncontrollable and unpredictable trajectory.


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  1. Lilas

    I thought that Gautama the Buddah the new Logos for this
    Planet was(is) after sanat kumara.