Yeshua: Amun or Amen?

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

JJK: Again and again I come across that the word “Amen” used in Christianity comes from “Amun”, the Egyptian deity. Wikipedia states: “Amun (also Amon, Amoun, Ammon, Hammon, Amen or more rarely Imenand) is the wind and fertility god of ancient Egyptian religion. 

The “Amun priesthood” was very powerful in ancient Egypt and represented an ancient secret society. My question now is: Is the “Amen”, which is very common for Christians, actually derived from “Amun” and does this secret society of Amun still exist today still?

JESUS: I am among you!

My ascension did not mean my permanent return to Source, but triggered further actions for the liberation of the human race. Being free means taking full responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Until this has happened, you remain a slave.

This is the introduction to the following conversation. Your question as to whether “Amen” derives from “Amun” is to be answered with YES.

JJK: Then the Christian churches are based on the Egyptian deity Amun?

JESUS: Anyone who takes a closer look at the history, symbols and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian churches in general will find many similarities from ancient cultures. Egypt, Babylonia, ancient Greece or ancient Rome served as templates here. The powers that stand behind the company of the “Brothers of the Serpent”, the priests of Amun, continue to work in secret.

JJK: Is that the force that has guided the fortunes of the world so far? Is that the power – it should only be a few – that Anastasia is also talking about?

JESUS: It is the forces that control humanity and keep it away from its natural divinity.

Unattainable gods have been placed before you to keep you slaves. You were raised, pulled in a direction of offloading responsibility rather than taking matters into your own hands.

Nobody needed the 10 Commandments!

Every human being is born knowing that he should neither steal nor kill! Only when the soul is “turned over” do “10 commandments” become necessary.

But in this case a very manipulative process was set in motion, which made killing, lying and stealing possible in the first place. For when the commandments are formulated in a way that people’s subconscious cannot ordinarily perceive the denial, you are more likely to lie, commit adultery, and kill.

‘Commandments’ only a slave needs. A truly free person is fully aware of his responsibility for the whole and acts out of himself in accordance with all that is.

Please reflect on this in detail, you will gain great knowledge. Because as long as this is not seen through, you remain slaves – you must remain slaves. That’s what it’s all about on Earth now – waking up is seeing through this. This makes you a fully conscious human being, which means being fully aware of your immortal spirit. No matter what the gods are all called: They are an invention!

Moses was “mind” controlled

JJK: And Moses? What really happened at Mount Sinai?

JESUS: It was the initiation of power communicated to the people through the priesthood of Amun.

JJK: So Moses was mind controlled?

JESUS: In the best of faith, this entity allowed this to happen to him. At the end of his long life, Moses recognized the deeper connections and this being entered the infinity of light.

JJK: Then what about you? You were also declared a god – the only god, the Son of God?

JESUS: What people have made of me out of ignorance is their own imagination and their own needs.

The untrue accounts of my life on earth are set out in the biographies of Jesus. ( Jesus Biography 1 , Jesus Biography 2 )

More and more truth and knowledge is now reaching people, so that things can now break open and the lies and manipulations are revealed to you.

Gods, who relieve you of your responsibilities, who tell you how to live, think, feel and act, always have only one goal: to dominate you and to seize your creative energies in a roundabout way.

JJK: The word “Amen” also occurs in the book “The Jesus Biography” and also in other messages that were transmitted to me, the word “Amen” sometimes appears at the end.

The “Amen” in luminous scriptures

JESUS: Mankind is gradually being introduced to the truth. In the Jesus biographies as well as in other messages, the “Amen” was dictated to you so that we can reach people with a strong Catholic character – so that they can solve their fixations more easily. Most Catholics flatly reject a book containing unknown greetings and blessings. Consequently, they take nothing with them and accept nothing.

‘Amen’ corresponds to a coding and people feel at home. In this way they devote themselves to the content and in this way they are stimulated to new thoughts.

You must always include the long period of slavery and manipulation in all considerations. For thousands of years humanity has been influenced at the cellular level and most people carry patterns, opinions, beliefs and misguided assumptions with them from one life to the next – breaking them requires caution, for no one shies away from the truth more easily than the one who believes it to have leased.

The meaning of Marian apparitions

JJK: In this context I am now thinking of the many Marian apparitions worldwide. Here the “Mother of God” appears with a completely Catholic program and is totally adapted to the Church. The messages often speak of “repentance” or “sin” and of a death on the cross that never took place. Why not tell these people what really happened and how they are being deceived by the Vatican embodying the Church of Amun or Amen?

JESUS: The truth is reasonable for every human being, but it depends on the dose.

Again, people are introduced to the truth—and not—by shocking them. This would only lead to the fact that every apparition would immediately lose its credibility. People would flee, speak of the devil’s work and slip into fear. This is of no use to anyone. Because the messages of such apparitions are always those of love and compassion – and that people may turn away from evil and towards good.

That is what it is about – and not about a church or its priesthood. All Marian apparitions in the Christian environment should be acceptable to people of this type. Therefore, the essence of Mary appears in a form familiar to man, and she gently – but firmly – expands the message of charity that is spoken of over and over again in the New Testament. People are awakened in this way.

JJK: But I keep observing that these people then worship the Mother of God, that they practice even more worship of gods, i.e. worship of saints, instead of, as in the Gnostic sense, being aware of themselves and perceiving themselves as divine.

“What I do, you will do too, and much more!” You said, but there is no trace of it. They kneel before priests and altars – and consider this self-abasement and self-denial to be true humility.

JESUS: This is the level at which these people can come closer to God and at which they are led into personal responsibility. People should be picked up where they are. Waiting for the bus where it won’t stop is of little use.

What is important is the core of these messages. If self-responsibility is appealed to in the sense of self-love and neighborly love, then trust, feel into the energy of the place where these manifestations take place.

Light and Love are always perceptible and are the only parameters by which you should judge something real or fake.

JJK: So when we reprint the Jesus biography, should I remove the word “amen”?

JESUS: The time for that is truly ripe. Today this anchor is no longer relevant.


8 Replies to “Yeshua: Amun or Amen?”

  1. Dahniayl

    Like to read a detailed response to “Human” question above.THAT would be awesome too!

  2. Emma

    Cool, I have for a little while been replacing amen with ‘so be it’, if it fits the sentence. Because I read like 6-8 month ago, that amen was not from the divine realm.
    The word amen is very much a hard habit, so I say it like 40% of the times, and correct myself.

  3. Bruce

    In this Universe you are at the service of yourself or at the service of others.
    The love of Jesus is unconditional, infinite, and full of light.
    He shown us the way to reach the divine source, that the 3d world is an illusion and that we real essence is spiritual.

  4. TEL-U

    My ascension did not mean my permanent return to Source, but triggered further actions for the liberation of the human race
    visit link my websiteTel-U

  5. human

    Asheanna Deane materials explain the 3 Jesus figures.Bibliocapades details creation and in the beginning was Christ-the son.Is there an”Office of the Christ” currently filled by Archangel Michael?Is Master Chohan Sananda Kumara this same Yeshua entity?Is he Pleiadian or Sirian?Was he the leader of the Melchizedek Priesthood?