Constant Joy

Greetings to you! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

Constant joy is your birth right. It is your nature as the spiritual light being that you are.

Existing in the Third Dimensional Matrix, it may be a bit difficult to remain in that state of joy continuously, for the entire system was designed to disconnect the human beings from their divine nature.

The malevolent entities have done this, for when you exist in a lower vibration, let’s say when you suffer, and are stressed out, they harvest that energy, and that is what sustains them. That in a way is what keeps you and them connected, in similar timelines.

So how do you defeat the malevolent entities? Be love. Be joy. Be kind. In this way you begin to rise higher in frequency, thus transcending the dark’s playground that is the Third Dimensional Earth.

All the Light to You!

8 Replies to “Constant Joy”

  1. Marilyn

    Joy is an individual aspect of each being, what helps me is I focus on what I either love to do or I image something or somewhere I would love to go. It starts to get exciting and you have to believe you can get to that place that lifts you higher and higher and repeat it over and over again. If you can imagine observe things that make you happy which would bring joy for example knowing how much God loves every thing about you can bring joy to your heart!!! God Bless!! ❤️🥰

  2. Franciely

    And what if I just can’t feel joy? I pretend? Because that’s what happens to me… I have depression and I’m desperately trying to “get well” and raise my vibration but I just can’t! Tell me what can be done in my case? Because every single day is what I ask to feel is JOY, JOY, JOY and I can’t feel it!
    Pray for me please because I don’t know where else I can find joy in myself.

  3. Ooske

    Idk about constant joy, but I do believe we will achieve constant peace at the least in the new earth 🙂
    But yes thank you for this reminder and optimism.

  4. mjp

    Every day I practice on this. I fall then get right back to it. It’s a mindset. Takes practice. Trying all I can to save our home and humanity. The collective consciousness is picking up on our positive thoughts and our joy and all who are spreading love. How exciting!!!

    1. John Robbins

      The human journey is all too serious,I know. Some Creative Souls aim to be Happy Marshmallows even! Smiling for no reason, stopping to remember you are Unconditionally Loved by Spirit at key moments during your day, walks in nature if you are lucky enough, can help.

      Sending good vibes your Way🙏💜🦋

  5. John Robbins

    Thank you. Simply put. Break the chains with Joy! But first, good old fashioned Discipline.

  6. David Keith Gates

    Sigh….I had forgotten this and have been feeding them….
    Blast them with a BIG HUG of LOVE

  7. Paladin

    I guess I’m doomed, because I don’t think it’s humanly possible to walk around in a state of perpetual “joy” or “love”.