From 3D To 4D And 5D: Lionsgate Operation

By Lev

On 08.08 at 08:08:08 PM LT, kicked off the Co-Creators and Lightwarriors’ important global op. It was carried out on the height of Lionsgate’s radiation that brought into Solar System and Earth a lot of the new unpacked in the highest freqs’ batches. The getting ready went two days earlier (see – Prep, DNI, 6 August 2023), and the main part ran in a similar scenario with two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs’ participation.

The Lionsgate operation took place in very difficult conditions, and was a hardest test for Lightwarriors in many senses. Powerful quantum waves from the centers of the Local Universe and the Milky Way overlaid on a boiling mix of stelliums’ energies in Earth’s space. Their positive and negative aspects continuously formed, changed, collided and merged throughout the day.

Conjunction in Leo of Sun, Black Moon Lilith and retro Venus was aggravated by square Uranus in Taurus, where each aspected to this revolutionary planet separately. It created an exceptionally tense and explosive situation. On the one hand, Lilith’s vibes, backed by Scorpio’s rays, fueled 3D and its System’s darkest parts. On the other, when Venus retrograde and Black Moon square Uranus, their energies erupted in unprecedented ways. The desire to break free from the old busted out stronger than ever.

The similar controversial was impact of Moon in Taurus semi square (i.e. at 45°with orbis 1%) retro Neptune in Pisces. Its impact was manifested through the forces of Nature, the elementals, and resonant fields. A half-square always creates dissonance in the energy of the planets forming it. In their interacting, a powerful confrontation arises between them. Each tries to suppress the other that increases the overall tension, imbalance, and exacerbates problems.

Usually the energies of the Moon in the calm and stable vibes of Taurus are positive. But retro Neptune’s freqs ruthlessly strip away the illusions, deception, and a false reality that cloud vision, and show what previously wasn’t seen. At the same time, Neptune impacted on Higher Self and pineal gland, a conduit to the Source’s energy, which Lightwarriors needed and used in op.

Sun in Leo square Moon in Taurus was also ambiguous. Usually their vibrations reveal how a person perceives self and his interaction with the world, how he reacts to the surrounding reality. Does he accept it or not? Quadrature doesn’t produce tension, but puts a person in a state of struggle. The tense aspect of luminaries exacerbates the conflict between the conscious and the unconscious, between “need” and “don’t want”. But for Lightwarriors, the intense energies of this stellium helped to easily carry heavy loads without feeling tired, increased motivation and strength to achieve the op’s goals.

On August 8, the vibrations of other stelliums were also strong and created powerful background. One of them was Moon in Taurus trine Mercury in Virgo. In this configuration, both planets absorb each other’s vibrations, being in two zodiac signs of the same element (earth), and were united by similar energy, influence and action. Their harmonious aspect helped the ground team to make balanced and right decisions instantly, to act skillfully and succeed in every difficult moment.

The vibrations of Moon and Jupiter conjunction in Taurus were also harmonious. They increased the effectiveness of joint actions, allowed Lightwarriors to easily overcome obstacles that arose, to display miraculous ingenuity and endurance in the most difficult situation.

Moon in Taurus quintile Saturn in Pisces was as well positive for the op’s course and results. Such planets’ configuration (with angle between them is 72° and orbis ±2°) activated Lightwarriors’ strength, especially in unexpected, dramatically changing circumstances. The energies of the quintile strengthened the life power of the group members that was extremely necessary for the further destruction of inertia, deadness, immobility, ossified rigid order, facilitating the death of hopelessly outdated forms and their resurrection to a new life.

Harmonious Moon in Taurus trin Mars in Virgo gave ground team great willpower, courage, resourcefulness, and stamina. The stellium’s energies perfectly coincided with the qualities of Lightwarriors, who have developed a whole arsenal of techniques, schemes and tools to successfully carry out operations, to unlock the excellence of people around, and unleash their precious potential.

Ups and downs on the Subtle Plane caused no less dramatic events on the physical plane. On August 8, these energies were overlaid with new powerful solar plasma emissions. Streams of furious flares from M5.51 to X1.63 seemed to tear the Sun to pieces. The Earth’s magnetic field sagged almost to the surface as a result of many powerful geo-shocks.

Strong harmonious vibrations helped Light Forces not only in Lionsgate op, but also in a fierce battle on Subtle Plane on 8 August against Darks, who actively exploited lowest freqs of stelliums’ energies spectrum. But they couldn’t disrupt the operation. What are its results?

For the transition period, Sirius’ Logos is restored as the main Spiritual Sun of Earth, and its Star friendly races as one of the major curators of earthlings. Full sync of Al-Terra-Gaia’s Logos in 14D with the Portal in the same dimension at the core of the Local Universe’s Logos was successfully carried out. Through Lionsgate, Co-Creators uploaded updated reference Matrices of all the new frame energies that will be intensively broadcast to our planet over the next 10 years. During the same time, Arcturus’ Logos will be prepared for the role of our new Spiritual Luminary.

The arrival of the previously selected seven cosmic races on Earth postponed from September this year to a later date, not earlier than mid- 2024. Co-Creators are thoroughly aware of the Darks’ plans to unleash a new world war in Europe and have once again warned that these attempts will be stopped in the harshest way possible, up to pointwise changes in the lithosphere in the places where the instigators of WWIII live.

What next? The war on the Subtle Plane and surface will go on; its intensity and scale would grow. Darks will continue to feed on adrenochrome, our fear, hatred, aggression and lives to prolong their own. Ahead is a huge amount of new operations of Co-Creators and ground team to dismantle the remnants of the 3D Matrix and its System, cleanse Earth from negativity. Powerful quantum flows from the center of the Local Universe that come through the Galactic core and the Sun to Earth will continue to transform and raise its vibrations up to 5D, purifying and removing everything related to 3D with the help of steered and pinpointed natural disasters, climatic and weather anomalies.

Such was the case on August 8, when, within 24 hours, occurred three earthquakes with magnitude (M)5.0 and higher; 32 – of M4+; 106 – of M3+; 211 – of M2+; and 565 – lower than M2. The strongest (M6.4) was quake in the south-east of Mexico in 22 kilometers from the city of Tonala. Shocks of magnitude 4.3 also occurred 136 kilometers from the town of Pihihiapan. Floods, fires and heavy rains have landed more blows across Europe, China, Alaska and other regions.

We are faced with further sifting and distribution by dimensions during life or through death, depending on karma and radiated frequencies. Unusual sensations, like a pendulum, reached its equilibrium point and another dizzying movement is about to begin, gaining momentum. The Spirituality as the basic, initial state of space, worlds, and the Universe is already here and will be manifested to us in a certain order of natural events. Our Soul, an inner look into self, must be ready to feel us anew, in a novel reality.

Ailments, mood swings and other negative reactions of our body will continue, because some of organism’s parts are not yet compatible with incoming new energies, Nature laws and forces and are overheat, burn out, and transform to adapt to 4D/5D. It became much easier for many of us now, but it feels like we are moving internally to a big unknown habitat with fantastic spaces and worlds, detached from the sensation of being on Earth.

It is also felt that everyone will meet with urgent need to change and rebuild their habits, perceptions, attitudes, which will have to be updated under harmonious, creative, honest and work-ready imperatives. Otherwise, the risks of clouded state, ailments, diseases, and withdrawal are great. The new world is more spiritual and clearer, with different speeds of upgrading and higher quality of human interaction. It’s time to finally awaken and start self-development, harmonization, gaining experience of love, partnership, mutual respect and assistance that are the must to survive on 5D Earth.


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  1. Max

    I was born on that day 8/8.That is very interesting to me. I see that in my dream. Long time ago I can still remember it.

  2. Lilas

    And again and again:Thank you very much for you very
    heavy and difficult work.
    Where is
    You are the only real lightwarriors on this site.