How to Remove Fear from Your Life and be Free!

By John Reid

As with most people, through my life I have experienced fear and anxiety. It first reared its ugly head when I was around 10 years of age, and this was due to my parent’s relationship. My father was an alcoholic who spent as much time as possible in the pubs and my mother
wasn’t going to take that lying down so-to-speak.

This resulted in arguments and sometimes physical fights, and I used to dread these times. This
continued for four to five years, much of which my stomach was in constant knots 24/7. My
stomach was a pit of nervousness which never left me during that time.

My parents divorced when I was fourteen and as peace came over the home my stomach
butterflies gradually, over time, dissipated.

However, through my life, when stressful moments arose, the stomach knots would reappear
as I believe most people experience.

I do understand that we are here to experience as many emotions as possible but for me I
didn’t need any more of this debilitating lower vibrational energy.

Fast forward a few years and as a parent, wage earner and homeowner, a few things would
bring back the stomach knots, most often this would be caused by money worries. A letter from the tax people telling me I owed money, bank interest rates on the rise when I was due to renew my mortgage, these things would be like a punch to the gut and would lower my vibration terribly.

This would affect my life, I couldn’t enjoy things at that level of vibration. The usual things like
giving the kids a hug as they were leaving for school, things that gave me that warm and fuzzy
feeling would barely register through the fear and anxiety. It changed my immediate reality, a
reality which viewed everything through a different lens, a negative lens that coloured
everything in a lower vibration, the vibration that blocks happiness and joy. It just cannot shine
through and to make things worse you are now manifesting more of it because of how you are
focusing at these times.

There is no need for Fear

I did find ways to cope with that and much of it was sitting down with my wife and talking it
over etc. That would really help but I just didn’t want that fear and anxiety in my life at all,
there’s absolutely no need for it.

Fear and anxiety are man made illusions, no other animal experiences these negative emotions,
they exist on instinct, fight or flight, they don't spend their lives in fear.

Fear and anxiety are such unnecessary debilitating emotions, they serve no positive purpose
except to hang a dark cloud over your life and change your immediate reality to one in which
you are now manifesting more of the same negativity, it's just how reality creation works.

Every situation is neutral. It is we who colour a situation positive, negative or neutral and we do
so from our perspectives, our experiences. So why do we allow such negativity into our lives
when we have all the abilities to choose not to and all the abilities to navigate challenges
without fear?

For those of us who became aware of spirituality during their lives, myself being one although a
late starter, and also aware of things such as the Law of Attraction and the idea we actually
create our reality, fear is the wet blanket or dark cloud thrown over our state of being.

This merely serves to undo or act as a disruption to the good work we do manifesting our desires.
It’s an Achilles heel in our reality.

Why do we suffer from these illusions and what purpose do they serve if any? They don't.
You could maybe argue that they make us act because we are in trouble but that is nonsense,
we are quite capable of acting on information or situations that require it. We don't need the
added burden of being dragged down by gut wrenching nervousness and fear.

What is the Root Cause of our Fear?

So why do we experience it and what causes it? One word, ego!

Without ego in the third density we wouldn’t be who we are, we need ego but ego is ego and
wants to be the boss which is fine except we are in a new era, an era of rapidly increasing
frequencies, we are gradually ascending and many are already living much of their lives in what
is often called the fourth density and sometimes in the fifth density.

This is wonderful for us but the ego feels it is being left behind as we rely and commune more
and more with our higher selves and our guides.

Ego will try everything to get your attention, especially with negativity. Ego will be like "We
have a letter from the tax office, this is serious, you need to be nervous. The war looks like it may go nuclear, you must be in fear of this.

But ego doesn’t need to do this at all. I talk with my ego and explain what is happening, that as
we gradually ascend, the higher self will begin taking the reigns, that we are a team and ego will
always play a vital role and there's no need to bring unnecessary negativity to my state of

I am seeing increasingly more people talking of their fears and anxieties on certain social media
groups. Is this a reflection of the new times we are living in? Is a byproduct of these higher
frequency times an amplification of emotions? Quite possibly, but word is as our vibrations rise,
we manifest much quicker, which means that when we are in a vibration of fear or anxiety, we
either unwittingly turn off our positive manifestations or unconsciously manifest negativity.
Ok, so what can we do to stop the unnecessary fear vibrations? One answer, tame the ego.

How I Tamed my Ego

I have seen videos and read pieces about how to stop fear and anxiety, but they haven’t worked
for me. I can only share what did work for me 100%, how I tamed my ego so it never even tries
to introduce lower vibrations into my state of being. The stomach knots no longer happen, the
unnecessary lower vibrations are history. Imagine that!

For me this happened quite naturally and organically, I didn’t get the idea from anywhere else,
it just started happening by itself.

Anytime I felt another stomach knot forming, my mind would float above my head, about two
or three feet above my head looking down at my physical head. In between my mind and head
were three or four interlocked, smooth, flat stones which just blocked out the view of my
physical head. Golden liquid love poured out from the middle of those stones, over the edges
and down over my head like a golden waterfall which completely covered my physical head at
the same time obliterating all negativity to the point where the stomach knot never took root,
it just disappeared.

This happened for about three weeks until ego simply stopped trying to get my attention with

I liken it to breaking in a raging bull or wild stallion, once ego is tamed it ceases to be a problem,
it becomes a team player and stops trying to get your attention with fear. When this happens it is life changing, it’s a like a quantum leap for your emotions and state of
being and you are free!

Free to focus on the now, to choose to be happy in each moment, from moment to moment.
Free to consciously manifest at all times because of your new state of being. It is like crossing a
bridge, leaving the unnecessary old ways behind. Apart from being free from fear and anxiety which is sheer bliss, the mind is now free and clear to manifest your desires without them being hijacked by negative thoughts.

My First Real Test

A few weeks after I had tamed my ego, I received a call from the tax office. This would usually
have me in a downward spiral and definitely with knots in my stomach but not this time. I
remained calm and neutral and discussed everything in a rational way, just as we should, no
nerves, no stress, no worry and no ego required. I sincerely hope this helps with your unnecessary fears and anxieties for they are nothing but a millstone around your neck.

We are in a new era and need to learn how to be fully in control of our lives and state of being.
Mastering yourself today is vital to maximising the potential of your incarnation and taming the
ego goes a long way to doing so.

I am not saying I have mastered myself but I do know I have been fortunate enough to lose the
fear millstone around my neck and am free!