From 3D To 4D And 5D: Black Swan Part 3

By Lev

On August 12, at 01:58 CET, via Al-Terra-Gaia, Co-Creators informed about updates, regarding the Doomsday Protocol (see – Black Swan, Parts 1 and 2, DNI, July 22 and 26, 2023). They made additions to it that significantly expanded the functionality of this mechanism, which is now turning into a global one for running human civilization and the entire planet.

For this purpose, the updated version of the Black Swan will more actively involve ALL elementals, which work alternately at the moment. Namely, water – rains, tsunamis, floods that dissolves and washes away accumulated negativity; earth – avalanches, mud- and landslides, and quakes, which destroy, bury and alter specific territories, fire – burns and removes condensed toxic clogs in space, and air – hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons that demolish, scatter and clean by powerful winds.

The mechanism is already being tested with varying intensity in different parts of the planet that can be traced by daily chronicle of earthquakes, floods, wildfires, cold snaps, snow, and typhoons. The same role is played by the ozone layer’s run. In August, a new ozone hole opened over Antarctica. It usually occurs in late September, peaking in October, and closes in late autumn or early winter. This year the hole opened ahead of time, causing a chain reaction of powerful UV irradiation, greater heating of the waters of the Southern Ocean, the destruction of glaciers, increased whirlwinds and new torrential rains and submergences.

After testing, the updated version of the Black Swan will be installed in the Earth’s Causal Matrix, and its combat readiness will be increased. In parallel, Al-Terra-Gaia has begun balancing the planetary earth elemental, which is now skewed. It is partly caused by the nonequilibrium distribution of tectonic mass and the unnatural angle of the Earth’s axis. Until now, powerful energy channels, anchored on various Stars and Constellations, keep the planet from falling on its side.

The Earth’s core is also unbalanced and needs centering. The unevenly distributed continental mass also accelerates the drifting of continents and exerts excessive pressure on the planetary core. Co-Creators and the ground crew performed centering several times, but the effect was temporary. In addition, correction of the orbital position and the system of cosmic coordinates of Earth, change of its magnetic and geographical poles are also on the agenda.

An hour after the scoop voiced above, a new one came in: the mass evacuation of Reptilian races from Earth began… “RIP off the damn bandage” is getting momentum.