The Council: A Message to the People of Earth

Channel: Nadina Boun

People of Earth, we want to familiarize you with a different civilization, a different way of living. Ours is a peaceful society. You can say, integrated. There’s harmony between the members, there’s freedom of course, and a consensus to live our highest and operate at our highest with one another. That is not to say, there will not be different opinions, but we seek to always find common grounds. It doesn’t mean we sacrifice. It means we see how another may be diminished by our idea and we get creative instead.

We want to first extend our admiration to a society, a people with total amnesia, for that came as a surprise to us, that it is even a possibility, and yet we witness the acts of compassion, of courage, the strength you summon from within to rise above the drama unfolding in your world, even your own lives, and we want to extend our admiration. For if you can do this much with total amnesia of who you are as Source Energy, then imagine what you can do, had you only known what you are made of.

We are all sisters and brothers in this immense universe of ours, for there are many universes, countless as a matter of fact. And while some of us have crossed the threshold, no one is willing to leave before the rest of the universe is also complete, and by that we mean evolved to the next level. Hence, cooperation is required and there are many species already extending their love, their helping hands to the people of Earth. But it is you who must do the work, it is you who must find it within yourself to forgive and move on, to see brighter for everyone, to rise above the differences in opinion and lifestyles, above the labels of right and wrong. It is you who must rise before we are to ever make contact.

No species will come and rescue you, that is not the way. You’ve seen how, in the past, when a species came, you made gods of it, and so this is not the way we desire to help you or make contact either. We want to meet on equal ground, brothers meeting brothers, equal in armor and skills, sisters meeting sisters, equal in compassion and will, as you greet a family member you love there on Earth.

The roads are endless and they will lead you astray. There’s one sure way to the light, to the fullness and wholeness of you and that’s you. Don’t be stuck in the 3D forms and concepts. We too have bodies, we too live in 3D, but we have moved beyond the attachments to 3D concepts. The stuff is there for our enjoyment and sharing. We’re not afraid the stuff will run out, for we’ll always make more.

We want to come in peace, in cooperation, in harmony with you, rather, await for you to come so with us. There’s much to be said, but for now, we will leave you with the words, it is possible. The day will come when contact will be a thing of daily occurrence, but nothing will land until you are ready. And it is not about the government and political leaders, it’s about the people. When people rise as one, they can overthrow any government. It is time you all stand as one, one family, one people. Heed our words people of Earth. The time is coming when you need to stand up as one, one united field, force, people.

We will introduce ourselves another time, for we have much time, time to prepare and get acquainted.

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7 Replies to “The Council: A Message to the People of Earth”

  1. Dawn

    Thank you Council of Light for your words and hearts of love and wisdom. Please help me to find and follow the right vibration so that I am ready to meet you my Sisters and Brothers of the universe 💞

    1. Helen Munro

      Trust in The Lord with all your heart. Lean not on own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. TheLordJesusChristis Key to all GodsBlessings
      He says I am The away The Truth and The Life no one comes to the one True God except through Him.

  2. jacques vincent

    To you the council , my brothers , what make you think that we are not ready to meet ????? We where waiting for you since a 1000 years , not to save us but to tell us in a way how to act against the dark ones … I can say a lot more but in the time being i will rest my case …

  3. Tamika

    Thank you Council (my brothers and sisters) makes perfect sense! I am definitely looking forward to the day we can celebrate 🎉 with our star family once again! Love and Light!