The Soulful Meaning of Colors

By Elizabeth Peru

Dear Cosmic Community,

Colour is life. Life is colour and colour is energy. As a ‘soul and an energy being’ (first and foremost) you are moved and transformed by the infinite spectrum of light. Each one of us responds to colour differently. We all have a unique relationship with the various frequencies of light, generated from the pure white light of the Sun. Indeed, colour vibrates at an even higher rate than sound, meaning that it has a strong effect on the human body, setting off chemical reactions in our electromagnetic fields. Hence, colour can radically shift your mood, emotions, mental and spiritual states and also your physical energy levels.

When I first began my holistic career over 25 years ago, Sound and Colour Healing was the first true healing modality that called to me. I studied with The Master Sound Healer Dian Booth, who has since transitioned back home into the light. I earned my Diploma in Sound and Colour Therapy and it’s a practice that I still apply to this day. The simplicity of applying colours and sounds to bring one back into perfect alignment, is indeed both an ancient and altogether futuristic healing practice.

In today’s ALL-NEW blog post, let’s take a journey into the ‘soulful meaning of colours’. I’ll cover the major colours of the visible light spectrum and how their influence promotes harmony and health. Let’s dive into the fascinating realm of colour, one that both awakens and progresses your precious life path…

THE COLOUR RED – Corresponds to The Base or Root Energy Centre of The Body (at the base of the spine)

  • Red is a warming, energising colour and has the longest wavelength and slowest vibrational frequency. It’s often referred to as ‘the colour of life’, being the colour of blood. It’s the essential colour for growth (plants and us). On a healing level, red promotes movement and the lessening of stagnation. Red appears low on the electro-magnetic spectrum, being the first visible colour of the rainbow. Red imbues your life with the qualities of security, survival and belonging, as it relates to the tribe, our ancestors and the Earth family.

  • Red motivates and encourages one to walk purposefully upon the higher path, whilst being deeply connected to the Earth through the base chakra. Red energy helps to ground and turn your ideas into action. Red stimulates the circulation of Chi, also known as Prana or Life Force Energy, through all of the major chakras. Red activates self-awareness of the body. Red helps you to feel present and aware. Red was used extensively in Ancient Egypt for these reasons.

  • The Blood and The Kidneys
    The kidneys store life force energy in the body. Red blood cells are produced within our bone marrow. Red promotes ’heat’ in our body and the production of healthy blood cells. Red infuses the lower limbs with vitality and encourages muscular health.

  • Red’s Positive Attributes
    Red stimulates the adrenal glands, which produce Adrenalin and provide the blood supply to the brain. Red activates the reproductive organs and raises the pulse rate and heartbeat. It can increase mobility, especially where insufficient red energy causes stiffness, numbness or even paralysis.

  • Red is the excitement of physical love, feeding your will and purpose for living. Red is an ideal colour to invoke when you’re feeling lethargic and downhearted. Action always brings with it new life and purpose into our system.

  • Too Much Red?
    If you’re over-stimulated by the colour Red, you can bring balance and harmony to your energy field with the colour Magenta. A combination of Red and Magenta infuses the qualities of Below and Above (Earth and Cosmic) so that you can walk your spiritual talk. See my Guided Meditation for Chakra Cleansing and Activation

THE COLOUR ORANGE – Corresponds to The Sacral Energy Centre of The Body (the sacrum and reproductive organs)

  • Orange is the colour of joy, harmony and creative expression. Orange is a mix of red and yellow and is full of vitality and radiance. It emits the strength and direction of red, somewhat muted by the added mentality of yellow.

  • Orange is a warming colour that opens, tones and infuses body, mind and soul. Orange is the colour of the sacral centre, which governs the reproductive organs and relates to creative expression. An energised sacral centre keeps one in touch with the physical, enabling the formation of self-respect and confidence, which then activates the next centre, the solar plexus (the colour yellow).

  • Orange is an earthy, sensual colour promoting movement with grace, poise and ease. It facilitates the release of emotions and their subsequent movement throughout the body. Because of its freeing energy, orange promotes the release of lymph, blood, sexual fluids and tears. Orange is an effective anti-depressant, bringing life, joy and generosity of spirit.

  • The Lymphatic and Immune System
    Orange can assist with stimulating fluid in the lymph glands, improving the immune system and clearing emotional baggage.

  • Orange’s Positive Attributes
    Orange imbues your auric field with the energy of harmony and relationship healing. It helps to strengthen the immune system and increases sexual potency.

  • Orange can also promote the absorption of calcium. It releases and frees old emotional ties and bonds. It can assist with the elimination of toxic energy built up from past hurts or traumas, particularly past intimate relationships. Wearing, invoking or consuming orange foods can increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Orange is the colour of sheer delight and creativity. It can lift your mood if you’re feeling disconnected with your creative flow. Orange is the vibration of joy and good health. It charges and replenishes the aura.

THE COLOUR YELLOW – Corresponds to The Solar Plexus Energy Centre of The Body (the pit of the stomach)

  • Yellow is a happy, uplifting colour. We attribute it to the colour of the Sun. Yellow is the vibration of the Sol-ar plexus chakra, think SOL, the Sun!

  • Yellow is the colour of the mind. It’s a mental colour. Yellow aligns with the left hemisphere of the brain, promoting logic, memory and organisational skills.

  • Nervousness and worry are often stored in the solar plexus area of the body and can be particularly linked to childhood behaviour patterns. Applying yellow to the solar plexus (stomach) can help one regain personal power and dispel fear.

  • The saying ‘butterflies in your stomach’ indicates that newness is incoming and that change is present. It’s positive!

  • When yellow takes on a golden hue, it aligns with the right hemisphere of the brain and the higher mind, sometimes referred to as ‘Christ Consciousness’ or Golden Cosmic Energy. It’s via the higher mind that one develops discrimination, integrity and wisdom beyond the personality (ego). These qualities enable the solar plexus to glow with the radiance of one’s own inner sun.

  • The Nervous System, Gall Bladder and Liver
    Physically, yellow is the frequency of the central nervous system, the liver and the gallbladder. Yellow stimulates and nourishes the nerves and memory. It can help you to feel awake and vibrant. Yellow warms without heating and expands the mind. It’s excellent for reclaiming your inner power. Yellow also stimulates the pancreas for insulin production.

  • Yellow’s Positive Attributes
    Yellow has a cleansing and laxative action. It strengthens the nervous system and muscles, including the heart, aiding in better circulation. The vibration of yellow also assists with the secretion of gastric juices and digestion. Yellow helps with the processes of both assimilation and elimination. Yellow is alkaline (think zesty lemons).

  • Yellow uplifts, brings in hope, light and a feeling that everything will be alright. It can help to dispel fear and nervousness, as it helps develop personal power and self-worth. My Guided Meditation to Take Back Your Power can assist.

  • Yellow can be challenging to some, as it’s a cerebral stimulant, aiding with mental clarity and concentration. Yellow promotes open-mindedness and communication of thoughts. It promotes stability of mind.

  • Golden yellow brings in wisdom, high ideals and re-charges the aura, helping you to reclaim your personal power. Golden yellow can be more effective in cleansing the aura than applying white light! It’s the Master Colour.

THE COLOUR GREEN – Corresponds to The Heart Energy Centre of The Body

  • Green is a neutral vibration. It’s the colour of nature. It contains the warmth of yellow and the coolness of blue. It restores and rejuvenates.

  • The soul ‘innately’ vibrates to the colour green, as it’s the frequency of the soul chamber – the heart

  • Green has purifying and cleansing qualities. It balances the pituitary gland and stabilises emotions. Green helps to mend heavy hearts, which are affected from past hurts, grief and stored trauma.

  • Green complements every other colour. Green goes with everything. It’s the central energy centre of the seven main energy centres of the body and as such, it’s the great balancer and harmoniser.

  • The Heart, Digestive System and Blood Pressure
    Green stimulates the digestive system and balances blood pressure. Green is excellent when applied in cases of shock and is a cooling colour, particularly useful for alleviating headaches.

  • Green is an excellent colour to aid in the healing of fractures. It also can help with soft tissue growth and helps in all forms of recuperation.

  • Green can help with stabilising emotional extremes. It calms one down. Green produces a feeling of space and relaxation.

  • Green promotes a state of empathy and compassion. Its gentle vibration helps with unconditional love of self and others.

  • Green allows life to unfold naturally, without force. It can have a sedative effect that allows the conscious mind to step back and take a rest.

  • Green balances and harmonises the entire aura. It’s a wonderful colour for connecting with nature spirits and soul.

THE COLOUR BLUE AND TURQUOISE – Corresponds to The Throat and Thymus (high heart) Energy Centres of The Body

  • The colour blue governs the throat area and is cooling, sedating, soothing and also promotes healing. It’s the colour of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. Blue is the colour of the sky, our canopy. It’s also the colour of the ocean, our great hydrator.

  • The medical profession aligns with the colour blue, as blue couples healing with knowledge and understanding. The most important therapeutic quality of blue is pain relief. Blue cleanses and purifies energy, particularly the words that you speak.

  • Blue Stones, especially Lapis Lazuli can stimulate the voice of truth within. Lapis is an ideal stone for clear communication.

  • Turquoise is a mixture of both blue and green and is known as the ‘new’ heart chakra – or the higher heart. It governs the thymus gland (the gland of spiritual wisdom).

  • Turquoise is cooling and refreshing, like the bubbling water in a spring. Like blue, it’s the colour of communication and helps one to listen and express the messages arising from the heart. It’s the healing colour for The Aquarian Age. See my Guided Meditation for Awakening The Bodhisattva Within

  • The Immune System and Blue
    The colour blue is effective for nourishing the thymus gland, which makes T-cells for the immune system.

  • Blue aids in self-love and personal expression.

  • Lighter blue is the coolest of the blue vibrations. Darker blues (navy etc.) work on a deeper level of expression. The darker shades of blue invoke authority and strength, growing wisdom through the art of discerning communication.

  • Blue effectively helps to heal inflammation, bruising, swelling, cuts, sore throats, reducing fevers and sunstroke.

  • Blue is the vibration to assist with vocally expressing your feelings. Blue is the colour of creative expression through words. It elevates the auric field and encourages harmonic communication within relationships.

  • Blue brings inner calm to the mind, but too much blue can be sedating. It’s wonderful when used for mental exhaustion.

  • Blue mends tears in the aura. It heals, strengthens and charges up the etheric body. Blue is the vibration of ‘the etheric blueprint of the aura’, which lies about 1 inch away from the physical body.

THE COLOUR INDIGO – Corresponds to The Third Eye Energy Centre of The Body (the brow chakra, point of creation)

  • Deep blue, indigo and royal blue are feminine and maternal colours. The indigo vibration is aligned with the great mother figures of ancient Egypt, Nuit (The Sky Goddess), Isis/Auset (The Goddess of 10,000 names). Indeed, nursing mothers can emit royal blue in their auric field. The baby draws in the blue energy to protect them until their personality fully assimilates in the physical.

  • Indigo is a protective colour. It elevates the sacredness within all things. The deep blue, indigo of the brow chakra encourages one to take ‘personal responsibility’ for directing their visions and thoughts into areas that promote self-development and spiritual growth. See my Guided Meditation for Becoming Your Highest Self

  • The pituitary gland is situated between the eyebrows in a small crater in the centre of the forehead. It aligns with the pineal gland, activating ‘The Third Eye’, the seat of intuition and clairvoyance. The pituitary gland regulates metabolism, growth and other hormones including those connected with birth. When fully activated, the pituitary gland stimulates both sides of the brain. Working together, both hemispheres create harmonious visions in a practical, grounded way. Fuller development of the third eye occurs between the ages of 35 to 49. See my Guided Meditation for Opening The Third Eye

  • Indigo is the vibration of the wise person vs. the intellectual.

  • The brow chakra regulates emotional responses. When feelings develop in the sacral chakra, it’s through the brow chakra that one chooses how to respond. If we choose to express our emotions, they can then be experienced and alleviated. If we choose not to express emotions, they can revert back into the subconscious and create energy disturbances in the body.

  • Indigo is a cooling vibration and a deep pain reliever. It’s effective for treating burns, sunstroke, rashes and itchy skin. It helps build new bone tissue.

  • The Brow Chakra governs the eyes, sinuses, the base of the skull and helps with migraines, brain tumours, strokes and eye problems.

  • Indigo encourages intuition and communication with our feminine flow. It helps one to see the deeper beauty within all.

  • Indigo works as a sedative and can produce states similar to anaesthesia. Too much indigo can make one overly passive.

  • Indigo links to the higher mind through intuition and power with knowledge. It can help you to develop an understanding of your own limitations and those of others.

  • Indigo protects the auric energy field and promotes inner vision, via the third eye.

THE COLOURS VIOLET AND MAGENTA – Corresponds to The Crown and Soul Star Energy Centres of The Body (your spiritual crown)

  • Violet and Purple are colours associated with the power and strength behind royalty and religion. They are the colours of spiritual knowing, linked to personal power and assurance.

  • When there is an abundance of violet or purple in the aura, a person is consciously seeking a spiritual connection with life. Those known as ‘Indigos’ have violet in their fields. They’re here to help humanity rise into higher consciousness.

  • Violet vibrates at a high frequency (like ultra violet light) and thus, it’s the colour of transformation. It can effectively dissolve mental fears. It’s the frequency that allows one to sense a cosmic connection with all of life.

  • Violet, due to its high frequency, is also the colour of ‘protection’.

  • Magenta is an even higher vibration, that sits slightly above the crown (the soul star chakra). This makes it a strongly charged healing colour and one of true insight and inspiration. See my Guided Meditation for Channeling and Psychic Visions

  • Magenta invokes a mature attitude to life service whilst remaining grounded and practical. It’s a balancing colour of soulful expression and calls one to operate utilising the energy of both above and below, cosmic and earth energy.

  • The Pineal Gland is stimulated by the colours violet and magenta. It aligns with the pituitary gland to invoke inner sight, ‘The Third Eye’. The pineal gland has a lens, which faces upward (the stars) and is light sensitive. The pineal gland controls sleep patterns, menstrual cycles and bio-rhythms of the body. This gland is activated through meditation, yoga and via a conscious linking in with the cosmos.

  • Violet contains both blue and red, which harmonise the base chakra, the throat and the crown.

  • Magenta contains both violet and red. The complementary colour of Magenta is green – the heart.

  • When the crown is open and active, one has access to the bigger picture view of life. One can then relax attitudes and become more positive and optimistic in one’s outlook. With the activation of a higher mind, the personality no longer dominates. Instead, there’s a sense of compassion, oneness and acceptance of self. With the higher mind engaged, you can become aware that you’re not alone and are guided at all times. You trust and have patience. All is well.

  • Violet strengthens weak eyes and helps with ear and nose issues. It can reduce inflammation and swelling.

  • Magenta is a heart energiser. It promotes the flow of blood in the body, raising the heartbeat and life force energy.

  • Violet aligns the heart with the higher mind.

  • Magenta promotes emotional maturity by balancing the personal with group needs.

  • Violet promotes self-dignity, self-respect and tolerance. It can have a hypnotic and narcotic effect, so it sedates the mind.

  • Magenta transforms the mind, so that one can view life from a higher, cultured and spiritual perspective.

  • Violet promotes spiritual growth. Magenta stimulates the flow of energy throughout all the chakras.