Wisdom of the Council: Pure Love and Great Courage

Channel: Sara Landon

You are here to realize pure love within you, pure love all around you, and to elevate not only yourself into the 5th Dimension of pure love, but all of your experiences into the 5th Dimension of pure love.

You want abundance. You want wellbeing. You want freedom. You want expansion. Elevate yourself into the 5th Dimension of pure love. Open your heart. Open your heart. Open your heart more fully than ever before into the love, into the magic, into the possibilities, into the absolute knowing of all that you are, master.

You are here as pure love. You are here to create pure love. You are here to cocreate pure love. You are here to realize pure love in your experience, no exceptions, no limitations, no doubt about who you are and the power you have and the love that exists within you and the love that is here to be realized by you.

In the 5th Dimension of pure love, there’s an endless flow of inspiration, innovation, intuition, creativity, fun, play, mastery. In the 5th Dimension, there’s a foundation of wisdom that is your experience. There’s an endless flow of grace and innocence.

Are you worthy of all of this? We know you are. Do you deserve to live in pure love? We know you do. Are you powerful enough to create this reality for yourself? Absolutely. You get to choose. You get to choose.

And we know it takes tremendous courage at times to love, to be in pure love, to follow the light, to let the energy and the light guide the way, to live at these levels, to be as aware as you are. It even takes great courage sometimes to go to the grandest perspective. Takes great courage to allow and receive grand manifestations. It takes great courage to be free. Have you ever thought of the courage it takes to allow yourself freedom? 

And this is because you don’t tend to see in lower dimensions of consciousness many people living at this level of freedom—oh, wait—until you do, until you make the shift in you. That’s been your story. ‘I don’t see many people living this way. I don’t know anyone else who’s living this way. I see everyone now struggling and efforting and working hard and pushing and forcing and talking about politics and trying to change the world and trying to change people, trying to change their spouses and their children and their family members and their coworkers and their employees.’ You’ll see all of that until you come into pure love. And then you will see, then you will see.

There’ve been many others. There’ve been many others, and there are many more, and they’re all around you, and you drew them to you, and you drew this all to you. And you won’t feel the need to fix and change. You’ll know the power of being all that you are.

And to most of you, if we said, who are you? Who are you? Some of you would say light. Many of you would say love. Love, light, god, creator, master. Who are you? Light. Who are you? Love. 

It’s very courageous to be the light that you are and the love that you are until it is your real-ization, until it has fully integrated in you that you are the consciousness and the energy that creates everything, until you realize that you are that Source, God, Divine frequency, energy, and light. You are, and you’re also a unique expression—created by you—for the purpose of expansion and joy and expression and experiences.

You came to be all that you are. You came to live fully. None of you came here to live in lack and limitation. None of you came here to struggle and suffer. None of you came here to deny your gifts and your abilities. None of you came here to play small. None of you came here to be sick and broken and tired and old. You came here to live fully. You came here to love fully. You came here to be all that you are. You came here to express all that you are. You came here to expand. You came here for the incredible experiences that are all here for you. It is all potential. It is all possibility. And it is now, and it is here. And you can realize it.

For some of you that big dream isn’t big anymore, it’s just the logical obvious next perfect step. For some of you that big dream has invited you into a new level of realization and expansion, and you’re there. And some of you still play the old game from time to time of lack and limitation and fear and separation, but far less than ever before, far less than ever before. You’re really getting this. And some of you are holding so tight onto your limitation, like a rocket ship ready to blast off into the sky, and you are grasping, grasping to stay where you are for fear of the unknown, for fear of the expansion, for fear of the momentum, for fear of the quantum leap that you know is presenting itself to you.

So once and for all, master, fear is silly, limitation is silly. Lack? Silly. Separation? Mah. So silly because it really isn’t even possible. Let it go. Blast off. Take the quantum leap. Ride the wave. Dance. Sing. Go, take off. Let go. Take that quantum leap into the next level, next level of potential and possibility. Step into the unknown and all of the magic that is here for you. Step into your perfection. Step into this freedom. Allow this expansion into more and more and more of all that you are. Let go and let it all come to you. Let go and let it all come to you. Let go. Let it all come to you.


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