Opening Gateways

By Judith Kusel

The energies now are opening the gateways to rapid and often unpredicted changes.

I have had to deal with such these last few weeks, but escalating now, and I see this as all part of the great expanse now opening up, greater than anything we have even an inkling of, and thus the old which no longer serves us, needs to go.

To me, being flexible, bending, and allowing all to flow has been a great lesson this year. I am reminded when I worked with the National Sea Rescue Guys, how they in meetings used to stress, that when a swimmer at sea gets into the grip of a riptide (of which we have plenty here), to not panic, but to raise the alarm, but at the same time to allow the riptide to carry you and then deposit you where it ends again. When you panic, you cannot preserve your energy and then tend to drown.

This is exactly what is happening now: We have so much cosmic help streaming in, but we need to let go of all ideas of what our lives should be like, look like, etc. and allow the new to be born in much higher versions unlike anything known before. We literally have stepped into the Great Unknown.

Yet, through all of this, we are being carried. We are carried on the wings of a mighty heavenly golden eagle. Those wings are strong which carry us through, and on the back of the eagle we rise, while under the wings of the eagle we find safety and protection even as we are being lifted higher and higher by the immensely powerful dimensional shift currents.

I was told by Lord Melchizedek that with expansion the heart center is the driving force as ONE with the Divine, but also faith. But there was such joy abiding in this, that the whole expanse opens to reveal the miracles which lie within each expanse. The immense beauty of discovering new and higher ways of life and living, and indeed the more one is being stretched the more the miracles await with every single moment and every single breath we take!

The more we expand, the more we rise in cosmic mastery.

A new Gift of Life!


One Reply to “Opening Gateways”

  1. muzz

    nothing is changing. Everything is the same as the day before, there has been no change in anything. its all just bla bla to keep you hoping. Keep dangling that carrot in front of us until we die