Archangel Uriel: The Story of Life

Channel: Kerstin Eriksson

Hallo dear beloved friend I am Uriel the archangel.

I am very old and I have experienced so many things that I could tell a trillions stories, but only one of them is the most important and that is the story of life!

And isn´t everything a part of life and also a story of life?

No just one it the story of life! And how do I mean?

You are the heirs of life! Pinch yourself in the arm and feel the joy and realization that you are indeed alive!

Being given life is a treat! A gift! Because someone went through labour to give you life!

And this someone is your mother!

You can see and feel this through gratitude towards your mothers pain as she went through your birth.

Life IS a GIFT!

Even if you think life has treated you poorly.

Even if you have dealt with hardships of different kinds.

Still someone gave you life through her body, your mother´s.

Thank your mother! Be grateful to your mothers work to make you come into the world.

Some search for all the answers, going back in time, even going back into previous lives, but forgetting about birth and the bond to the mother.

Motherhood should be celebrated!

Mothers should be acknowledged as someone very important and treated ackordingly.

Even if your bond to your mother is not very good, still she gave birth to you, so love her for giving you the gift of life.

For thousands of years the Motherhood has been diminshed into a little piece of Mothering as the woman played a tiny part in the eyes of patriarchy.

It is all about power. It is all about balance between male and feminine energies.

God pray for balance! God knows how good that would be! And you are not there yet!

The story of life is very interesting and makes a curious person to wonder.

Love the mother, love the motherhood, give the mother space to thrive! Don´t stress the mother with the newborn baby.

The mother will reconnect to the natural ways of motherhood if she is given the opportunity. She knows the answers for her own child.

Earth is the planet of the MOTHERS! The mothers gives birth!


And also to listen with your ears. EARth.

Who would be on earth without the mothers?

Put your ear to the ground and listen to our great Mother Earth and hear her heartbeats. If you practice you will be able to hear them!

To listen, to hear, speach is silver but silence is golden!

So the story of life is there in your own hands, in your own heart, and if you choose to fill your heart with gratitude towards your mother and all the motherhoods, you are on the true track on this beloved planet EARth.

I love you,



2 Replies to “Archangel Uriel: The Story of Life”

  1. Emma

    “I am very old and I have experienced so many things that I could tell a trillions stories”
    How can he be old if time is an illusion? Hehe
    Anyway I cannot wrap my head arround the time illusion thing, so, fine with me 🙂

  2. unionylibertad

    Thank you beloved Archangel Uriel…I am very grateful to all the mothers…Earth, Mary, God, Creator, my physical mother and all the earthly mothers…God bless them all…