From 3D To 4D And 5D: Armor

By Lev

There is a rule, mentioned in the Vedas: if we don’t want to face Darks in our lives, we have to talk and think of them as little as possible, because our thoughts and chats about them attract these creatures to us very much. Like the light – moths. Many have encountered situations when remembered about some person, and then “accidentally” met him. It’s the same here, only crafty – any mention sends a signal that is immediately picked up by radars.

How to behave with these entities? Best armor, not to be afraid (they feed solely on our emotions). Secondly, when we feel the presence of someone on the Subtle Plane, simply ask who it is. They have to introduce themselves. In that world, it’s mandatory. If they start to wriggle or just don’t answer the questions, tell them to get lost. And of course, send energy of Love, which they just can’t stand. Basically, minions stick to us. They are very easy to get rid of. The most important thing is to increase our energy level. This is the best defense.

How to block Dark’s access to self? By monitor own thoughts and behavior. If inner negativity arise (any aggression, hatred, criticism of everyone and everything, greed, debauchery, frustration, unwillingness to live, to leave the loved ones, etc.), immediately throw that aside. At the same time, we need to remember: such thoughts are not necessarily caused by possessors, but can be broadcast through a chip, and by standing next to it … The main thing is not to panic.

There are many energy vampires among humans who are more or less aware of their potential. They are not always run by the 3D System or Negative Aliens Archons (NAA), not necessarily greedy and evil, and often don’t know that they are taking energy from others. But after meeting with such people, we become sluggish, dull, and get tired quickly. They often use the tricks of psychology to suck out their dose, for example, irritating us with constant interruptions, thereby provoking the release of negativity, which they immediately feed on.

It is important to be aware that any manifestation of our aggressiveness or just strong emotions is an outburst of free energy that someone somehow consumes. This applies to disputes, quarrels, watching films of certain genres, politics, sex, religions, many sports and electronic games, where the harvest of emotions is collected from each of us and from the masses. At the same time, sports and pop stars or politicians as a rule get sick, leaving the big stage because they become encumbrance to the egregore and are cut off from it as unneeded. An egregore can exist without individual members, but they cannot survive without an egregore.

We constantly create thought forms, which can then stick to us or others. Depending on the strength and orientation, they could be self-sufficient, and go free swimming. Such entities are called maflocks, larvae, etc. Contact with them often comes from our past lives, + like attracts like, + magic, + spells + a bunch of other reasons. Our Higher Self is not always aware of this, because they don’t descend to our level, but vibrate much higher that sometimes does not even allow them to see the possessors. The Universe may not know what we want for ourselves, and assumes that since we are not resisting and fighting, the situation is very suitable for us. This applies not only to possessors, but also to other aspects of life too.

The entire 3D System and its Power Pyramid are built on this. They see us as their farm. What does a farmer do with his cows? He takes care of them, makes sure that the cows give as much milk or meat as possible. We are kept on a farm to be milked energetically every day. They “take care” of us, and do everything to maximize the “yield”. Therefore, the rules of interference/non-interference to free will don’t work here.

What is needed for the smooth operation and prosperity of the farm is being done. Therefore, the logic, like we’ll kill you all here if you don’t obey, doesn’t work. They can frighten, but a lot of things are not in their interests. Fear dramatically lowers the vibrations of our Soul and us as a person, causing feelings of self-pity, guilt, shame, of being a victim, as well as pity and self-sacrifice for the others.

Thus we become better driven. After all, the owner will not cut his cows, because they have become disobedient. He will treat them. And there are a lot of ways to increase our energy efficiency. It is always based on the “struggle for ideals”, for “a just cause”, for “liberty, equality and fraternity”, the promise of Event, jubilee, financial reset, mass arrests, hopes for the military, various hats and other saviors. Rulers have no restrictions in their bites’ invention.

Different parasites have different food systems. The metabolism of Greys, Reptiloids, Dracos and other ETs is built in such a way that their nutrition is completely energetic. But they need ONLY toxic emotions to be fed with. NAA have tremendous experience in what they should do to parasitize a civilization taken under control; how to organize its infrastructure; how to wire brains, if the “cows” have the rudiments of intelligence, as well as free will and choice freedom.

Many NAA, whom Co-Creators ordered to leave Earth, are on the level that is millions of years higher than ours. But it’s a mind without heart, without love, only with impeccable logic, and their attitude to earthlings is the same as ours to the cultivation of breeding cattle.

If our thought works in that mode, then the organization of society, the system of our programming through education and training, the system of religions, the system of stimulating desires of all kinds, the present sports, culture, fashion, gambling and stultification of the people become “logical” and “natural”. And very often it is not necessary at all to interfere to our free will. The system of education, rules, right/wrong perception, embedded in our minds, forces us to bend, block and kill each other, so that everything works completely automatically.

Our best defense is knowledge. Knowledge protects us against any harm. The more knowledge we have, the less fear, pain, stress, and anguish we feel, and the less danger we experience in any form. Knowledge Is Infinite. If we realize this, then it frees us from all restrictions, frustration, possessors, hopium, endless waiting for mass arrests and saviors, immortality and much more if we inject nanites into our bodies, and other manipulations.

We can have flashes of enlightenment, and it comes from knowledge. If we strive to constantly receive and accumulate knowledge, we get shield against every possible NAA, possessors and circumstance that may ever occur. The more knowledge we have, the greater our awareness of how to fortify ourselves. Eventually, it becomes so powerful and comprehensive that we don’t even need to use any techniques and tools to protect us. Our armor just naturally gets stronger with the growth of our consciousness and its high freqs.


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