The Council: From Whose Perspective?

Channel: Nadina Boun

When you say this is right and this is wrong, we have to ask, from whose perspective? Some people spend their time writing video games and others spend their day playing the games. Does it make the one writing the games more right because he is making money, and the one playing all day wrong because he is not getting paid?

Do you want a world based on money or a world based on freedom and joy? Some people like to observe the sky while others like to study it. Some observe nature while others take pictures. Some love to swim in the sea while others love to climb mountains. And some love to design video games while others love to play.

Where in the universe can you crunch an apple, lay down on a hammock, lift weights to get fit…? It is the variety that makes your world so delicious. It is the variety that makes your world such a place that many want to visit and come play with you in this field of immense choice and variety.

And so, if you consider how many people already live on your Earth, and how many you will encounter, who in your opinion are wrong, reconsider that statement if you plan on living in a world that is based on freedom and joy, and allow everyone to choose their own joy without having to label it right or wrong.

There will be a time, when you will move from all the doing to more being. There will come a time, when the doing will be a thing of joy and preference, and no longer a thing of duty or obligation. There will come a time, when you will be glad you have let go all these right and wrong labels, good and bad definitions, because at that time, that is coming, you will find, all your definitions and labels were misplaced. And then you will open to more ways to engage with others, more ways to play, more ways to be free.

And so the next time, you are tempted to judge another in any way, based on what you prefer, or what you’ve been taught, ask yourself this simple question, from whose perspective? And allow them the same freedom of choice that you allow yourself.


The world does not revolve around money. The game you are playing, was not meant to be a game of chasing money and all the external things money can buy. The game was about you enjoying this amusement park and picking those things you enjoy doing, so that you can feel free and loved and supported in all that brings you joy. Imagine indeed, if follow your bliss was dependent on how much money you have, then very few would be able to follow that formula. But follow your joy is actually independent of the externals, it is what makes you happy in this moment and then the next and it could be as simple as taking a bath, crunching an apple, laying down on the hammock or taking a swim in the nearest sea.

When you look around you and judge everyone you see based on the status quo that was given to you, you deprive them of that freedom that is God given when they arrived here to play with you. And you then reform them into the same shape and model that you were formed into. In this scenario nothing can ever change. Therefore, allow others to play their way, to live their way, and let go all these false definitions of your world so you can finally be free and live the life of joy that is joyful to you. Your heaven is made up of all that is joyful to you. And when everyone is enjoying their heaven, now you have heaven on earth in each and every one of you.

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4 Replies to “The Council: From Whose Perspective?”

  1. Golga

    Let it be known, the dangers of theorization where the mind wanders into places not yet proven. For a theory will remain a theory unless proven true or false. There is good cause for speculation, but no good cause to set it within our paradigm/reality as something factual. People here me when I say that the myriad of your perspectives/point of views are not helping towards liberation, instead many of you are beating around the forest, throwing stones at trees and pulling plants up by the roots. We were all instructed to behave gently during rediscovery periods and with a good listening ear, hear the facts derived from a confused past, discarding of the negativity. Remember the sound instructions of our teachers? They say to have only adherence to the facts, of truthfulness, and from those facts you must form your sentences, all of your speeches, and the advice that you are to give to another must not be rooted from speculation but instead rooted from the facts, the truthfulness, the wisdom. Please do not arrive in the company of your brothers and sisters with theories not yet proven unless to establish yourself as questionable or untrustworthy. Such was the way of old times. Any man or woman with thoughts not proven, with the imaginative mind, and the wandering mind has no good place in contemplation. But contemplation of evidence is seen as wise. Do not give unto each other words of mystery like poisoned bread wrapped beautifully in the finest of gift wrapping. Hear me my brothers and sisters from all around the world. Do not give allegiance to this poison spirit that may lead you into places of confusion, or the certainty of leaning on your own understandings, or to the contemplations of other people trying to take safe haven in your own minds. Choose only wisdom and find the places from where it already has been found. The path of wisdom is ever expanding, but many have already walked across that path and they wonder where many of you are now? Why do they not follow? Walk across paths of wisdom, carved into stone, written in the books, unless you go astray and lost in the dark forest. So my final warning to humanity is not to assume too much of anything, during your explorations some will be friend or foe, grow in good spirit, one of the children of light, but listen to my emergency call, that only the truthful should be trusted with leadership, only the wise should be given trust, and only the facts in life have blossomed out of their cocoons of theorization. Do not continue to fling those theories at each other. Center yourselves comfortably by holding the facts that are obtained from our lost history in your mind/spirit. It would do humanity no good to spin the wheel of speculation. Everyone must eventually live with the universal truths, when you offer differing perspectives, you open the way for division. Humanity has real places for wisdom, they have already manifested, we just have to find them. Wisdom will not be found within the minds of theorization, but instead true wisdom will be found within the minds of the factual.

  2. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

    Is Murder wrong? Is raping children, molesting them, and then draining their blood from them wrong? Is adhering to Oaths taken stating that they will follow and obey the Constitution, and then violating their Oaths and the Constitution wrong? Is resisting the totalitarian New World Order wrong or right? Is the New World Order right? Is totalitarianism right or wrong action? How about eating Humans, is that right or wrong? Some People find joy out of eating Humans. It is what makes them happy. Are they right or wrong?

    1. Tracey

      As if they are going to say that is Right! These parasites you don’t mention use manipulation to get Joy! If this is how anyone wishes to obtain their Joy they need to deal with the consequences! Their ways are satanic, Their ways do not belong here. Of course all know this is WRONG & TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE, they even know, this is why it was kept secret. They are NOT human, they know how others would react. You do know certain positions were infiltrated don’t you?…that was their only way, earn peoples trust, be in the lime light per say only to have people perceive them totally opposite to how they really are!
      There will be NO New World ORDER’, a New World you can kind of say yes, but really this is not new, it was hidden from us, there is no ORDER/CONTROL of people, only FREEDOM & JOY.