Message from Hannelore: On the Way to the Big Party

What about me?

JJK: I could sleep, sleep and sleep! I was in bed for 12 hours and I’m still exhausted. What about me?

H: Dearest Jahn, the centrifugal forces of the time are affecting you and the many wishes, projections, but also the real concerns of people are weighing on you. This weight has to be shouldered and the necessary spiritual constitution has to be built up. Especially with the light impulse, the laying of the handrail after the light readings, you have opened a new gate. Now it is important to stabilize this level and to enable the energy transfer by strengthening the basic vibration without weakening yourself.

During these days you have the opportunity to breathe a little, to put the work on hold and so it happens that while you sleep you are strengthened, built up and made ready for this level. You will be prepared and attuned to the next larger and more comprehensive spheres of activity. As in the past, this is an energetic process that takes some time.

JJK: Interestingly, I don’t feel tired after the laying on of hands…

H: As long as you stand in the cone of light you remain fresh, as soon as the light is withdrawn and you come back into the body you become retuned to the earthly vibration – and this leads to tiredness or exhaustion. Varying the amplitude creates this effect. The laying on of hands is a big, but not the only part of your new challenges. It is important to be able to deal with the most diverse needs and concerns that are now increasingly reaching you energetically through this work. Permanent effective forces were released and it is important to handle them permanently.

JJK: How much longer is that?

H: 2 days and 2 nights left.

Strengthening of the spiritual muscles

JJK: Do I understand you correctly? It’s because we have more and more readers and more and more people find us.

In addition, there is also my work in transmitting the light impulse after the light readings. This creates a greater collective energy to master.

H: You expand your sphere of activity and your spiritual musculature is strengthened so that you recognize better, faster and more clearly when you are dealing with what. It is happening and it is happening now.

JJK: Can Karl also do something? After all, the increase in readers also means an increase in orders, emails and inquiries of all kinds!

H: Karl is also adjusted to this and this also happens to Karl regularly during his sleep. It happens that both of you are prepared and aligned for your respective tasks. This also applies to Nadja.

Mastering the different energy fields means being able to deal with them at the basic level – and in your sleep you will be attuned and aligned to them. The great need for sleep is a natural consequence of this. Make sure you get enough sleep so that we can take care of you while you sleep.

JJK: Sometimes everything seems so big to me, it’s so much and then I ask myself: “How are we supposed to master it all?”

take the pressure off! But how?

H: Taking the pressure off is done by consistently only implementing what is clearly evident to you, what is clearly on your way.

The growth of Lichtwelt Verlag is based on the clever and wise decisions of Karl and you, never to take the third step before the second and to be able to clearly assess your own resources. You are now in a phase of transition, adjustment and realignment. After that, everything resumes its natural, albeit often very demanding, course.

JJK: Yes, I know that was and is our maxim. Always step by step – to recognize what is required now. But what do people do who don’t deal with their own energy, with their own powers, who can neither assess them nor use them correctly. Are they burning out?

Why Lightworkers Burn Out

H: Yes, those who need this learning experience will receive it. Many people who work to the point of self-abandonment for the full of light neglect their own consciousness work. Disappointed and exhausted, they have to give up and fail one day.

For some people, educational work is a substitute for not having to deal with themselves. Unfortunately, this is widespread.

So it happens that now even those people – who want to save the world and help everyone, but neglect themselves – are reminded that there is homework to do. That is why so many bright projects are currently failing.

JJK: But it has to work that way! None of us are saints! One’s own consciousness work and the work for the big picture can run parallel. I don’t do it any differently. Otherwise there will soon be no one who can contribute something positive. After all, we all have a lot of our own issues.

H: Growth happens in the midst of life when you act and react. One is impossible without the other. It gets wrong when you only act on the outside and no longer reflect on yourself, when there are no more times to pause, when you even avoid doing so. These people are just as caught in a hamster wheel as those they pretend to want to free themselves from. If the proportionality is given, the distribution of energy for internal and external processes is correct, then everything is in flux.

JJK: You know, the conversations with you all have a special “sound”, soft, almost tender, loving and carried by “unobtrusive” wisdom. I sometimes wonder how it is where you are now?

How is it where you are now?

H: For a human it is unimaginable! It’s perfect. There are no inner images that a person could call up for this. Man cannot grasp what it means to return to his spiritual homeland. Therefore, while we are on earth, moments of enlightenment are given to us in meditation, prayer, vision, nature, or dreams. We rub our eyes or wake up and say, “That can’t be true!” and yet it is true. However, it is always just a reflection of how it really is.

This is described in three words: perfect fullness of God.

And the amazing thing is, as soon as we return to our soul family, the most natural thing, the memory, is immediately present.

It is a great welcome and a great feast of welcome accompanies our arrival. The man who returns into the light gives his full attention to the new realities and in a single instant he leaves the earth whole.

Deathbed promises

So it is good when we refrain from making promises on our deathbed. Every promise binds you to what you are about to leave. Even if it’s your family, if it’s your loved ones, a promise or vow can unnecessarily bind you to earth beyond death. Anyone who wants to continue to support their loved ones after gliding over will do so if they can and if it is intended.

A promise from an earthly point of view and from humanly deeply understandable motives does not serve anyone and does not have to be. Many things appear very differently in the light. Expect it and then make your decisions when you see the whole.

JJK: But a promise made on the deathbed is often exactly what strengthens the bereaved, what gives courage and comfort.

H: How true, Jahn! Only it doesn’t need this, since it can happen anyway, only freely and without attachment. The solution is:

Formulate it more freely so that it is not a vow! People who have a broader perspective understand that.

Our last get together

JJK: You didn’t “promise” anything on your deathbed or give anyone any assignment. You settled your earthly affairs and moved out of your body like a lodger out of an apartment. I found and still find the way you left impressive.

I still remember like it was yesterday when I was in your bedside 18 hours before your transformation.

At that time you were somewhere else for almost the whole day, your eyes were mostly closed and only your breathing, which was audible at increasing intervals, revealed that someone was still there. When I came to your bed, you opened your big eyes, which looked at me like two suns, and I thought: “She is looking at me from the other world!”

It was like when someone steps into his body to greet a friend, smiles at him and moves on again. For a moment I felt your gentle handshake, then you were gone again, far away – our last time together.

when did you know

When was the moment for you when you knew you were going to die? And when were you certain that you were returning to the light and not ending up on an intermediate level?

H: Six days before I shed my body, back when we sorted out everything that needed to be sorted out, I knew I was about to embark on this journey. And three days before I slipped out of the body, I knew where I was going.

In the end everything was very easy, although it could look and feel different to a viewer.

I was accompanied, guided and navigated out of time by an unmanageable number of beings of light. First I walked through the Corridor of Light, at the same time – because everything happens at the same time – the pictures of my past life were uploaded, all at the same time, and I was able to perceive everything and correct it if necessary. Yes, correct!


We are given the opportunity after we die to correct decisions in a way that will benefit those who are still alive and who have suffered as a result of a decision. This does not have any visible consequences on earth, but the human being is freed from the trauma and the mental wounds can heal as a result.

It is a miracle and an incredible relief to see how the light works and what we can do and change beyond death. Whoever asks for forgiveness is forgiven – how true, how beautiful, how free!


After that I found myself in front of a star gate, similar to the ones in the movies. As I slid through it—it’s not walking—everything that bound me to the earth fell off me like a heavy cloak. I saw my own light, my subtle body of pure light and infinite colors. Now I was HOME.

JJK: Was Jesus there too, or the archangels?

H: Yes, your spiritual guides, your spiritual guides and your earthly guides, all await you and reveal themselves through their light. That’s the way it is. We are all ONE.

JJK: What happened next?

H: I was taken to a level to restructure. The experiences of the past life were made conscious again and fed into my energy field as a cosmic being. At the same time I was charged by a crystalline energy surrounding me.

Crystal temple for the incoming

Floating in the Crystal Temple for those who came in, I was healed of life’s wounds. My divine basic vibration was restored. Then it was time for the big reception.

I stood in front of my spiritual teachers, the Council of Elders, and it was made clear to me what I had learned and what I still have to learn. Conversation without words, understanding without explanations, knowledge without learning – it just happens that you know everything and that everything is clear. Then there was the big party.

With these insights we will conclude our meeting today.

This knowledge can take away fears of death and increase the joy of crossing over.

I’ll stay with you, I love you so much.