The One: The Singularity

Channel: Sophia Love

It is the One.

There are subjects to discuss as your world dissolves in front of your eyes. It is advised that we speak for a bit.

Okay, let’s begin.

You approach The Singularity.

So, would you be a little more specific? As in, what sort of timing does “approach” signify? And what will The Singularity feel and look like for us?

This is a vast subject that encompasses many components. Precise 3D timing cannot be given. You have heard the term “event driven.”  This is the case now.

As inevitable events proceed on your current timeline, others move into place and occur. Much of the “timing” for these is determined by your response to them. There are many factors, and each one contributes to the timing of things.

Your frequency shifts also. The rate for this increase is not necessarily a constant, and therefore cannot be predicted.

In other words, events occur when they will, and the frequency range determines how rapidly those events affect the timeline. Frequency has an effect on the people’s response, and also how quickly information is disseminated and processed. It all matters.

What can be said here is that the current timeline is neither shocking, nor is it unexpected. That indicates that the process is occurring pretty much how it was expected to occur. Hence, the reason for today’s subject. The Singularity approaches. It is time to consider the possibilities.

Okay, what are we looking at then?

You will experience a moment ~ a zero-point moment of pure potential.

Once you traverse through that moment, you will have accessed pure potential. After that moment, your world changes.

It is important to realize that all of you are creating your current life. You do this according to your own expectations, beliefs and intentions.

Each of you will thus contribute to your zero-point moment. It will have a singular attribute in every case ~ pure potential. Yet from there, you will go just as far as you expect, believe and intend to go.

You will define your new world. You will define it in concert with the whole.

This is the reason for these outrageous attempts to capture your fears and weaknesses with a string of physical and geo-political disasters now. If you create from a base of fear ~  you will be falling right into the hands of those who desire to control you. This is where they want to hold you always.

This zero-point moment will be unsettling for some. Those of you who are riding these incoming energies (easily and/or gladly: “Woo-hoo!”) will be delirious with joy and power. It will be energizing.

Yet, not all of you will comprehend what is occurring. For those who do not, it will feel as if all the controls have been let go of, or lost ~ they will feel at sea. This could instigate fear for them.

It is at this moment when your composure and Light will be so very much needed. It is the moment when you’ll sense an energetic opportunity, and a pulse. You’ll know then why you are here; you will recognize it. It will be like the starting sound before a race.

It will initiate movement for you ~ while for those who are not here for the same reasons, it will stop them in their tracks.

This is how you’ll know who needs help. Each of you is perfectly placed for the approaching singularity.

That is all.

Thank you.


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