The Telosians: No More Fear

Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

We are close to you, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We love you. This is why we are present by these messages that we transmit to you, we are present by our Love which does not leave you.

Know that you will reach a fairly substantial “rate” of Love in the months and years to come. When we say “rate” it is to show you with your earthly language that your evolution in Love will be more and more Unconditional. Of course, tomorrow you will not yet be in Unconditional Love because it is very necessary and important that you be freed from your negative feelings which lead to fear and all that this creates in you and around you.

Fear, whatever it is, escapes from your being in waves that will meet the electromagnetic grid that envelops the Earth. You understand that at this moment your fear is spreading at high speed throughout all of humanity and will also touch the heart of planet Earth.

You realize that currently everything is done to activate fear within humanity. We say to you: be firm in yourselves, look and understand that this fear is only artificial, that is to say set up from scratch by your rulers wherever they are. Fear no longer exists because you are beings who gradually become aware of their Divine Force, of their Divine Power. The more you are in Peace of your heart, the less everything that is opposed to you in your society will make you fear such and such a thing.

We speak to you of fear, we speak to you of evolution in Unconditional Love because this is what presents itself to you more and more. Do not fear Unconditional Love. He’s not the little love you regularly talk about among yourselves. Unconditional Love is the most beautiful thing there is because It allows you to live in Peace and Serenity. In Unconditional Love you find the strength to respond with gentleness to everything that is put in place, as we have just said, by your rulers. In the Unconditional aspect of Divine Love it is a humanity of great gentleness, sharing, respect and great friendship that is revealed.

Understand that the more you are in the True Love of your heart, the more you will have the Force and the Power to look at the events of your life on Earth with a protective glance. You will be closer to each other, you will need to support each other who will need it, you will be ready to love and protect Nature and animals much more than you currently do.

All of this is becoming clearer, you cannot escape it if that is your deepest desire . You know it, we have often told you, the Life, the True Life is not that which you live on the ground of your planet; this life is only an experience that will enrich your True Life which is partly on Earth but also in another world of much more evolved Consciousness bathed in Pure Light and Pure Divine Love.

Dear children of the Earth, we often say to you: “soon, very soon, very quickly, changes will take place within earthly humanity and within you”. We know that many of you are a bit exasperated by these words because you don’t see anything concrete coming. We smile because, indeed, you do not yet see the changes that have taken place in your humanity, in its consciousness, but yet we can tell you that a great shift in human consciousness has taken place and continues to take place. . Of course, more humans still need to realize what True Life is to see the New Earth.

We see your progress, we see your energies transforming into brighter and brighter waves and pouring out over the Earth. We support you in this transformation. You are going to live in the few months to come some disturbances within your society but, as we have often told you : your spiritual evolution brings the decline of all those who wanted and want to have a stranglehold on your life.

Trust, strongly trust in your Divine Power in your heart, trust in Our Love which supports you and allows you to move forward more quickly. We accompany you with all our heart of Pure Love and Pure Light.

Be happy children of the Earth, be happy.


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