Awe, Wonder, Love and Joy

By Judith Kusel

Awe, wonder, love and joy!

We are now being asked, as our higher heart center opens and these powerful cosmic energies are anchoring us into the 5th to 7th dimensional states, in ways we are not even aware of, to remember our custodianship of the Earth, which was given to us in the very beginning, when the earth was first created.

As the Old earth is now disintegrating and we are being freed from the bondage of those hostile elements who hijacked the earth thousands of earth years ago, we are asked to remember this custodianship, which we need to practice already in the here and now, even as we are transfiguring into the New Earth.

We are asked to bless the waters, the air, the fires, the earth, and to truly now, take care of what is already present in her, within her and upon her at this time. It means that we truly see the Divine in all and every single creation and creature present on earth, and within her, and all elementals and the mineral and other kingdoms. It means honoring the physical body of the Divine creation upon which we live and without whom we would not exist.

I do this every single morning now. I bless not only the elements but all living beings on earth, every tree, every plant, every rock, every bird, every animals, every insect, everything I can think of and then even beyond. You cannot bless anything or anyone, without being blessed yourself!

More than this, to open the heart center with so much love, and literally to expand it like a huge ball of blinding white light, and the to imagine all the heart centers of all beings, and then to simply beam love by projecting balls of light, into their heart centers. This is the most loving, highest heart-love-soul work we can do. It is none of your business what happens when you release that ball. That is Divine business. You are merely doing an act of love, with the pure intention of sending unconditional love. Love without attachments, nor expectations, nor manipulation. Just pure unconditional love, from you expanded heart centers into theirs.

I cannot stress just how important this is!

Earth upheavals will come, in all forms and expressions, and thus the more love we give to all living beings on earth and to Mother Earth, the more we ascend into the truth of who and what we in truth are!

In the beginning, when the outer crust of this planet was formed, the Intergalactic Fleet and scientists brought life and life forms from all over the Universe to settle here. These beings all volunteered to partake in the creation of the first Eden, Elysium. They came here with pure love, just as we did (and many of the old souls, are the very souls who brought them here and then settled on earth). These include the Pleiadeans, Orion, Sirius, the Bear Constellation, Lyra, Andromeda, Arcturus, indeed originally there were twelve Master Galaxies involved, inclusive of the Milky Way Galaxy.

We are in truth all children of the Stars and it is time to recreate that Garden Eden on the New Earth. Yet, at this moment we are already doing so and need to take full responsibility for what we co-create!

When the heart is fully open, and deeply connected to the soul, there can only be love, and loving intent, and this love expands into all of creation. We cannot hurt or harm anyone or anything, for indeed we know we only hurt and harm ourselves.

Let us unite now, and in quiet moments just send love to all those parts of the earth, which are going through huge earth changes, and this includes all the elements involved and living beings.

All is ONE.

We ARE Mother Earth, as much as we are the Christ, the Buddha, the Atma and the Eternal Self.

For the Divine is within us, and within All That Is!

It is time to claim our Divine birthright and live it!