Adamus Saint Germain: Humanity versus Big Pharma

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Well I am going to broaden the scope again and I am not just going to talk about the injections. I am also going to talk about all the medicine that children are given when they are supposedly ‘ADHD’ or ‘autistic’ or whatever. Actually, I am going to talk about all medicine, which is a big topic, but still.

If you consider the body and the natural healing process, the natural transformational process that the body has, then in effect it is a very unnatural thing to try to heal the body in a chemical way. Because always, even though you have medication that is going to the root of the supposed ‘physical’ problem, none of the physical problems showing up in the body are ever physical. They are always energetic. Always, always, always energy based. There is never something that goes wrong with the body that wasn’t an energy pattern before it started going wrong physically.

So, as long as you keep feeding medicine to yourself, you are basically acknowledging the separation of the body towards the Earth or towards energy or towards divinity because you are saying you need something from the outside that is going to heal you. You don’t. People think that the body is frail and that the body is going to die eventually.

So, what is happening with these children? Right the moment they come into planet Earth, they are injected.

Student: They have no choice.

Adamus Saint Germain: I know. I know they have no choice because that is what society wants. They do have a choice. You have the choice not to do it, but then you have to be very careful because they are going to try to take your children away from you then because you are supposedly not nurturing them well enough, not being a mother or a father or a parent to them.

Yet, what does this do to the body of the child, especially the child that comes in with such an akeneic quality at first? It actually introduces the child to the world of duality. It is not the medicine itself that is so bad. It is not that. It is not the medicine. It is the energy that comes with it because as the parents inject the child – and it is done through a doctor, but it is the parents doing it and society doing it – the child is introduced not to unity consciousness, but to unity mind, and the child basically is planted in the field of mind to be harvested later on, you see?

And all of this is obviously leading to the disempowerment of humanity. It is leading to taking people’s power away so that they would be ready to be used when the time comes, and that is what is going on right now. It is the reason why children are being inoculated and everything. It is a terrible, terrible process. And even though you might run into problems with your government, I would strongly suggest that you don’t let this happen to your children. Please know that their bodies are well enough and that their bodies can heal themselves! It is all about control.

And I know that we are actually carrying a lot of responsibility here by saying that because others would say that I am crazy, that I am crazy for saying this, and how could you say this to parents who might put their children at risk, who might put their children in danger? I am saying that you are endangering your children ‘this’ way, by making them a victim of society, and that is not something that you want to do. It really isn’t. It is not what you want to do.

You want to let your children gain their sovereignty, especially those that come into planet Earth in the last few years and are still coming into Earth right now. Their field of divinity is much more strong, and that is also why some are showing up with ADHD, etc. because the vibration is so very high and it is going so quickly. Then pills are injected and injections are put in the child so that it will start vibrating lower. But what they don’t know is that they’re damaging the system, not just the biological system, but also the connection to the akeneic energy is damaged. Because what happens when you get these types of injections is that it starts to break down the akeneic cells and it tries to make from the akeneic cells just dualistic cells, which would mean that if that process happened, you could even potentially – because this has never happened on this Earth yet – but it could lead to the full loss of the connection to that which is called ‘the Akene’. And to restore such a loss – the last time that this actually happened was Atlantis – and to restore such a loss, a lot of work is necessary and a lot of intent is necessary.

All we can hope for is to open this platform, to open a connection between science and spiritechnical information because there will be those scientists who will be stimulated to look deeper. There will be scientists who will be stimulated to do that.

There is no liberty, ladies and gentlemen. You are believed to live a life of liberty, but you are not actually living that liberty. Because you are born in a nationality within country boundaries and then after that, you are told how to live, while everybody is pretending that you are not being told how to live and that you have a supposedly ‘free’ life. It’s not true. You are continuously told what to do, how to act, what to eat, and even finding different things to eat than the things that society is giving you is becoming harder and harder. You are told to put chemicals in your body at such an early age. You are not living a free life. You think you might be free and you are free as long as you are playing the game, as long as you are responding to the rules that are being put on you, but free you are not!

Yeah, you have the choice, but still. Still you are strongly forced to do it anyway because they will tell you that your child is going to get sick. And what happens in a mind based reality? You hear that information and you are actually going to create it, so you don’t have a choice actually.

The problem will be solved by taking away everything that is part of the current medical world, except for a very few things that are actually working like interacting with the elements, which is what homeopathy is doing for instance. That is actually working with the elements to make sure that your body, your vessel is more fluid, is more open to receive energy. But all the chemical things are working against that.

Children are very flexible these days. They are very much aware of what is going on, on planet Earth, and I guess that you will notice how many children aren’t really grafting onto the reality that you see around you. There are a lot of children these days, and I am sure that most people here can agree, that are almost appearing to live in their own reality, have a world of their own. And it is a protection system that they have created.

There are children also who are naturally immune to the effects of the vaccines. It is very interesting to see that a lot of children are just creating it from their own body, a self-defense mechanism to not let those injections harm them again. This is just a type of energetic mutation because once the energy system gets attacked for enough generations, it is going to start to defend itself in the biological energy sphere.

And this research never gets out almost because people don’t want it to get out because again, as usual, there is an entire industry behind it, and the industry must go on. Let’s say it like that, and that is what I have been referring to and Ekara has been referring to and as ‘the period of chaos’ where you will see many changes going on. At the same time, you don’t know what is happening and you are trying to fight it. So, that might be a bit weird that period, but it is going to, it is going to improve. It will be impossible to have any type of disease.

Student: Yes, that is what I am thinking.

Adamus Saint Germain: Yes, there you go.

You also need to know that there is different levels of speaking here. If you were speaking from that perspective from where talking about right now, then you obviously need to see that you are still talking within the field of 3D reality. You can also speak from a different perspective where none of these things can harm you because you are not seeing them as real. It is very interesting to talk about all of these things but at the same time it can be gone like this [Snaps fingers]. Never forget that. Never forget that you can talk on many different levels and you can try to find the solution within the 3D world, but the solution to all problems, to all 3D problems, is just stepping outside of that box. It is just a moment.

Adamus Saint Germain

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11 Replies to “Adamus Saint Germain: Humanity versus Big Pharma”

  1. Raksha

    That being said, I certainly was glad when I was administered morphin and such, when I was about to die when I was 14years old and hospitalized for a peritonitis. I’m glad I was prescribed codeine when I had headaches so painful that I wanted to kill myself when I was 20.

    Certainly, in the higher densities, there are great healing modalities. Certainly, big Pharma is a bitch. But we are right now on this planet, and to say that ANY and ALL medicine is shit is just not a grounded perspective.

    Carefull with absolutism.

    1. John R

      I was certainly glad of simple paracetamol for gallbladder pains. Now pain free years later and still with it intact despite pressure to remove it to keep those lovely jobs and big pharma happy.

      Being pain free surely is an act of Mercy the ‘gods’ have yet to decipher? Holistic therapies like the Bach flower essences are wonderful, but urgent vital surgery, anti venom, pain killers etc, have their place until the (illusive) med beds and more goodies officially arrive with high vibes all round!!

      Careful not to ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’ as the British say.

  2. John

    I love how things are put on the table here: yes something evil is in place and it takes the form of these 3D vaccines and societal rules that can’t be easily averted BUT also any and all 3D events and realities can be easily circumvented with a proper grip of how 4D works, which is all the more encouraged under the current circumstances.
    Truthseekers are the most targeted group because they tend to have enough power to shape 3D realities but not conscious enough to perceive how they’re manifesting crap out of fear instilled by dis-empowering mumbo-jumbo. (‘Oh no they built a bigger DeathStar we’re screwed’)

  3. Mary Parkin

    It certainly looks like another lockdown coming but worrying because us elderly may be forced this time round to take this poison any suggestions out there

    1. Jean Drouin

      You have free will.Just say no,enough is enough.Fear and control.Think outside the matrix,Namaste

      1. Emma

        They do it to elderly in nursing homes, without asking the relatives.

        So Jean, i.e. you have a sick child, run over by a car, at hospital, you cannot visit unless jab. I guess you just abandon the child. I think 70% of parents would panick (fear), but not you, cool.

        Btw… I dont have any sick children, but I can imagine that would be a stressful choice for me.

    2. DeeDub

      Are you in a living situation where you might be forced to, without an option? I can’t even fathom that level of helplessness you might be feeling with this. They say the next one is actually going to be the White Hats’ lockdown, to finally wrap up the DS cleanup, and only in some areas (Martial Law in its more extreme)…Stand your ground as long and best you can, is all can say! You aren’t alone – and if you’re able to stock up on the detox remedies ahead of time, that would be a sound decision – be prepared.

      Love and Blessings to you!