Infinite Diversity

By Owen Waters

Why is everyone different from everyone else? There is a reason why no one in the world is exactly like you and it has to do with the purpose of the Creation of the universe. Your primary purpose in life is to experience life from one individual, unique point of view. Just as each snowflake is unique, so is each person. That’s the way life was designed. You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible viewpoints.

Infinite Being created infinite diversity in order that an infinite variety of experience may be gained. This is why there are as many paths to spiritual oneness as there are humans upon the face of the Earth.

Modern day humanity will reach a sense of unity and a lasting world peace when, paradoxically, people accept the diversity of humanity. There will never be a one-size-fits-all, world religion which demands the conformity of everyone, simply because one size of anything never did fit all people. What there will be is a worldwide acceptance of human diversity and the fact that there is a limitless variety of spiritual paths back to the ultimate bliss of Infinite Being, the one source of all life.

Higher consciousness and a better world develop amid the 4D heart-centered attributes of allowance, acceptance, and the avoidance of Lower 3D thoughts like judgment. In particular, the thought that people should be attacked if they don’t fit under the thumb of a one-size-fits-all package is a counterproductive idea. Instead of raising society to better thoughts, aggression lowers the frequency of consciousness to the war-inducing 2D level, from which nothing escapes undamaged. When your lens of reality resonates to a higher frequency than the surrounding mental atmosphere, it powerfully affects that mind belt and your influence will inspire other minds to follow your lead.

The freedom to pursue your own unique path back to original oneness is a fundamental right endowed upon you by the Creator of all life. As a living being, you have the inalienable right to be who you are, and definitely not what someone else wants you to be in order that they can feel better about themselves.

As we move away from the Old Reality and further into New Reality consciousness, it is appropriate to celebrate our uniqueness and the individual paths that we have chosen to tread. Life is a cycle of experience and its ultimate purpose is to learn how to reconnect with the spiritual joy which radiates from within our inner beings.

The ways of the Old Reality included hierarchical thinking where everyone should “know their place” in a pecking order and people who are better at something would be suppressed so that they can’t show up the others as inadequate. Jealousy was rife and competition ensured that one party would win at the expense of someone else losing.

In the emerging, heart-centered New Reality, mutual cooperation is sought so that everyone gains without taking away from someone else. Helpful is the new keyword that recommends a person to customers and employers alike.

The fresh achievements of a colleague who performs better than before should be mutually celebrated and supported. When everyone grows, everyone wins. When someone stands out in a team as an extra-achiever, their New Reality heart will lead them to help others move ahead as they did.

As humans, we need to honor the uniqueness of ourselves and, indeed, everyone.

Only then, endowed with the free will that makes each one of us unique, can we best contribute to the experiences of the whole with the three divine attributes the Creator gave to each one of us.

There are three divine attributes imbued in all humans to help us realize and accomplish our true mission in life. If you didn’t already read about them in my latest book, Soul Inspiration: Unleash the Power of Your Higher Consciousness to Dissolve Problems and Create a Better Life, you can obtain a copy at:

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  1. AE

    There are many who prefer the borg collective, opposed to the way Creation was created. Unfortunate, they might be repeating class.