Dublin, Ireland Hospital Reintroduces Covid Visiting Restrictions

By Kelen McBreen

Clontarf Hospital in North Dublin, Ireland has reintroduced Covid-related visiting restrictions after merely three patients reportedly came down with the virus.

The move came within days of Alex Jones warning the world U.S. government sources informed him the elite are preparing for another wave of Covid lockdowns with mask mandates, restrictive hospital regulations and the whole nine yards.

“VISITING RESTRICTIONS ARE IN PLACE DUE TO AN OUTBREAK OF COVID-19,” reads a warning on the banner of the hospital’s website.

Since when do three sick people equate to an “outbreak” worthy of inhumane visitation restrictions?

There are only currently 435 confirmed cases of Covid across all of Ireland with 12 individuals landing themselves in the ICU, according to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

As part of the new protocols, patients are limited to one visitor, and no children are allowed in the hospital.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless people across the world were forced to suffer and die alone due to the absurd visitation policies deliberated by globalist groups like the World Health Organization.

There is currently no mask mandate in the hospital, but the sole visitors allowed to see their loved ones will be asked to “please wear a mask if requested by a member of staff.”

Family members and friends are not even allowed to bring or deliver flowers to patients as they “pose a risk of infection” to hospitalized individuals.

Failing to understand the importance of real-life human contact and communication, the hospital is offering families the option to send text messages, letters, or video messages to loved ones.

Over the weekend, a hospital in Syracuse, New York re-introduced mask mandates after the state saw a 3 percent increase in Covid cases for the week ending Aug. 5.

As Infowars founder Alex Jones exclusively revealed on Friday, TSA and Border Patrol sources warned the Biden administration was prepping federal agencies for renewed COVID lockdowns and restrictions such as mask mandates and social distancing coming early this fall.

Mainstream media networks and establishment health officials rolled out booster shot and Covid testing propaganda within hours of Jones’ warning.

Jones told his audience Sunday, “They’re planning to run the whole scenario again on us right now like some kind of nightmare Groundhog’s Day. So we’ve got to rally together, we’ve got to push past the censors, we’ve got to call for justice and the prosecution of Big Pharma and the kingpins like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. We want RINO Republicans to know that if they don’t stand with the people, they’re all going to be removed from office as well.”

Find out what else the Biden administration has planned by checking out Sunday’s edition of The Alex Jones Show where you’ll get a glimpse of Tomorrow’s News Today!


2 Replies to “Dublin, Ireland Hospital Reintroduces Covid Visiting Restrictions”

  1. Paladin

    No one has ever been sick from COVID19. It’s a work of pure fiction. Now they intend to pound us again with masks, lockdowns and jabs.

    It’s not going to work this time.

    Payback is coming to these weaklings like Gates, Schwab and his boyfriend Harari.

  2. Paladin

    It’s clear they are setting the stage for a new fake pandemic and all the lockdowns, masks and death jabs that goes with it.

    The governments, media and medical establishment of the west need trial and execution.