Learn Patience

By Dr Schavi M Ali

With all of the planetary retrogrades (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron) and Mercury and Uranus joining them—tomorrow for Mercury (August 23rd) and August 29th for Uranus—there can be restlessness and frustration because of people wanting their needs and desires to be met “right now”!

However, retrogrades require an inward reflection rather than so much outward action.

Attempting to force anything will be met metaphorically with a brick wall.

All major projects, moving to a new location, taking a new job, beginning a new course of study, getting engaged, getting married, etc. will all be placed “on-hold” by forces outside of your logical understanding.

Sometimes SOURCE will allow people to use their free will unwisely as a lesson in what is not best to pursue at particular times.

It is rare for so many planets to be retrograde at the same time, but we are in new territory in this “Now”.

The old ways of thinking, feeling, and doing will not work.

What are some of the old ways?

They are having to have the biggest and best of material items in order to feed the ego, subjecting “other cultures” to certain philosophical paradigms because the “other cultures” are not part of the “norm” and must thus be “programmed” differently, experimenting with Nature (artificial food, weather, people, etc.), spending large sums of money to gain some sort of advantage politically within one’s own nation or in a foreign country, pretending to believe in the ideals of certain groups just to gain their support, etc. etc .etc.

The list is long.

Those who have peaked behind the curtain and now see the “Wizard” manipulating controls are shocked and at the same time determined to be independent of being manipulated by the “controls”.

This will become more evident next year when Pluto moves in with Aquarius in January and says: “That’s It! I am here to make sure that you humans take your collective consciousness back in the proper manner!”

So, patience is vital as more people awaken. The planetary “back-up” allows us time to go back over past situations, review them, and make plans for betterment.

After all, in some cases, rushing off with impulsivity may be what caused problems in the first place, and modern mankind is very impulsive and restless.

They are in need of constant stimulation.

This works wonderfully well for the “controllers” because all they have to do is give people lots of entertainment of various sorts while they work “back room deals”.

As individuals and groups pray and meditate, it may seem that conditions are very slow in changing, and many wonder if particular situations will ever change.

Learn patience.

SOURCE has “ITS” (“Intelligent Transcendence”) time set but is so merciful that “IT” is allowing mankind to change its ways before “sacred discipline” has to be applied.

Gain knowledge. Be observant. Be determined to elevate—to transcend—above chaos and confusion and above what may be your own impulsivity.

Spiritual development is an art.

Everyone has an inborn “talent” for connecting to the HIGHER REALMS, but so many allow it to remain dormant.

They go through life in a daze and are thus open to being “programmed”.

As cosmic energetics continue their “missions”, ask SOURCE to guide you and to give you the understanding of how the guidance is manifesting.

Listening to or seeing the guidance requires patience.

Do not miss your blessing.