Daily Message for 8/23/2023

It is time for those on the path of ascension to increase their vibrations through real commitment, allowing for the acceleration of this process, and preparing for contact with their Star Families. Your commitment contributes to the creation of what you call “Divine Timing.” ~Kejraj

One Reply to “Daily Message for 8/23/2023”

  1. tigersnack1114

    I started last week with deep heartfelt requests to move completely out of the 3rd and stop using 3D behavior.
    I agree it is time to really “Put the pedal to the metal!”
    You can help by doing very simple and easy visualizations of Earth wrapped in LIGHT, surrounded with LIGHT.
    THAT IS ALL …super easy and can do this in your MIND. Driving, sitting in a boring Zoom conference (hehe), while doing your business in the bathroom =)
    etc. etc
    ASCENSION is on my mind EVERY day, many many times a day, every day for the last 15+ years

    Just THINK and VISUALIZE Earth being covered, inside and out, with LIGHT