The Council: How We Like You to Proceed

Channel: Nadina Boun

The Higher energies, love and ideas are flooding your planet and everyone is receiving. It all depends on who is receiving and how they are translating into words and language.

Some people are more receptive and so more open to receive, and some turn a deaf ear while others question where these ideas come from.

Yet everyone is receiving because these energies are not reserved to a select few, but are coming towards your planet in full force.

Therefore everyone is receiving what they need to receive, what they need to hear, what they need to know at their current level of understanding and awareness.

Therefore free yourself of the who, when and how so you can navigate where you are with confidence and joy, no longer attached to the who, when and how. For attachment creates suffering because you cannot control what’s outside of you.

We’ve been talking about self mastery and what is self mastery but mastery over the self?

It is not about controlling the outside world but being master of your own domain, your own universe of thought, feeling, emotion, vibration, intention.

Therefore trust everyone is walking on the path, whether they realize it or not.

There has been a shaking of the planet that has placed everyone on the path. The question is, are you following your path or not? Are you allowing the path to be easy or are you wanting to struggle along the way?

Everyone is receiving because the energies, information and ideas and love is pouring down non stop on your planet. So the more open you are the more you receive. In that sense it doesn’t matter what someone else receives.

It’s the same idea, the same concepts, for you cannot change the higher realms but you can each understand them differently. You cannot change the Divine, but you can each relate differently.

The messages are similar in essence but the translation can sometimes be different. Therefore we won’t put much focus on the message itself as much as we pay attention to the energy of the message, for it is the energy behind the words that is delivering to you.

And as we said you see what you want to see and some times the message stares at you in the face but you can’t see and that’s ok. There are degrees of understanding, of awakening, remembering and so you do that in degrees, in increments, and it’s all good. Every inch is worth a celebration.

Unlike you, we don’t focus on the end result, the final picture, we see the little steps along the way, the details that lead you to the full picture, for without these, there is no full picture. Without every piece of the puzzle, there is no puzzle.

Therefore from our perspective, it is all working and working wonderfully well, and if you can just trust that, then you will be on your way, on your path to the fifth onward with more ease, more joy, and less attachment.

And that is the way we would like you to proceed.

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