The New Earth Energies

By Judith Kusel

The New Earth Energies are being amplified and so it the upgrading in all our twelve bodies as the frequencies and vibrations have shifted by octaves overnight!

I woke up this morning with so much light around me, and became aware of such loving Divine Energy, that I knew I was being surrounded by waves and waves of Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Power, as never experienced before.

A few weeks back I was standing at a very high energy spot in the mountains, when I was shown what was happening, but in symbols. At that time this was connected to energy work I was being asked to do and did.
This morning I was shown an extended version of the same, and just stood in awe and wonder. I was shown what was happening cosmically, as for the first time since the very beginning the New Earth has been fully connected to the twelve Central Suns again and the twelve Cosmic Universal Suns.

This is unprecedented and what this means is that we are now reconnected to the twelve Solar Suns, the Twelve Central Suns and the Twelve Cosmic Universal Suns and Suns and Daughters of the Divine Source.
This means that the 5th to 7th dimensional state has now expanded already into the 9th and 12th dimensional state, in the many spiraling tiers of Creation!

We are returning to the first Eden, in the New Earth and the New Golden Age as the Divine Feminine, is rebirthing all of us who now ascend into the New Lightbody and the New Earth, as every soul is ready to do so.

I cannot even put into words what this means for all of us: – human words are inadequate.

I was in an intergalactic counsel meeting last night, and I was shown what this means. Yet again, this is something which goes way beyond human comprehension and can only be understood by the infinite soul, even as the heart center expands into the absolute purity of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Power.

Let go of the past – and all which has been before.

In the here and now you are being transfigured into a new body, a new existence and totally new way of life in unity and harmony with all that is.

All whichever was blocking this, is every person’s own free will and choice. Many will choose not to ascend, mainly out of fear of the unknown.

Let go and allow your ego self to step totally out of the way, and let only your highest soul self, remain. For this is the time to take those leaps of faith into the unknown, the uncharted and allow your old self to dissolve in order to be born totally new.

What a Divine Gift!

much Love. So much Love. So much Love.