Peace At The Moment Of Transition

Received by Judith

Friends Of Unity And Light!

It Seems In Most Waking Dreams That Fear Of Death Is Prevalent. Even For Those In The Religious Sect, The Subject Of Death Of The Body Brings Distress As They Question Their Own Doctrine. Having No Absolute Proof Of Infinite Life, Many Accept The Teaching That Was Presented As They Arrived On Planet Earth.

Now We Breathe Deeply As I Calmly And Precisely Speak Words Of Truth And Comfort. For There Is No Death Of The Soul In Any Realm. There Is A Change Of Density And Dimension With Complete Awareness Of Being. Let Us Review Aspects Of The Transitioning Soul Of Light!

In The Moment That A Starseed Leaves The Body, They Are Assisted By Friends And Family Of Origin, Angels, Light Beings Or Members Of The Galactic Federation. Some Souls Are Met By Beloved Pets That Have Remained Close Since They Departed From The Body Form.

Souls Have The Choice To Return Instantly To Their Origin And Resume Their Life Of Perfection. Some Will Attend Meetings To Review The Waking Dream They Are Leaving Behind. Many Still Feel An Attachment As They Leave And They Are Comforted To Understand Those Being Left Are Friends And Family From Their Origin In Disguise As Human. Although Leaving The Waking Dream Has Soul Planning Involved, The End Of Many Dreams Are Full Of Loved Ones That Grieve The Person That Vanishes To Another Density.

The Transition Of The Soul Of The Person That Is Suffering Or That An Accident Or Injury Of Impact Is Affecting, Will Produce Quite A Different Experience Than Those Observing. Indeed, The Experience Of Suffering To The Soul Is Not Possible In The Manner Understood On Earth. Personalities And Egos Suffer But The Soul Rises In Power.

With A Sudden Impact Or Before The Final Breath In Disease, The Soul Is Peaceful, Aware And Observing. The Soul Feels No Physical Pain Or Trauma. Before The Final Breath, The Soul Is Watching From A Short Distance As They Observe A Body That Is Not Their Own. The Realization That They Were Visiting Again Becomes Clear As Beings Of Light Are There To Assist. In One Moment There Is Clarity And Perfect Peace.

Knowing That You Are A Sacred Soul That Is Clothed In Flesh For A Moment Will Bring Solace To Know That A Soul Feels No Pain! In The Higher Realms Of Beingness, Each Soul Understands Their Connection To Source And Their Infinite Power Of Light!

The Body Might Be Alive With A Heart That Is Slowed To The Point Of Death, Yet The Soul Will Decide To Enter The Body Again Or Leave With The Beings Before Them!

Those That Return To The Body Are Changed And Have Messages Of Love With Understanding They Are Infinite! These Souls Act As Messengers Of Peace And Truth As They Calm Others In Their Fear.

You Arrived On Planet Earth To Learn And Explore While Expanding In Consciousness. You Are Spirit That Is Part Of All Life! You Cannot Fail As You Experience Trials That Result In Lessons Gleaned By The Soul!

Live Now From A Higher Perspective And See Your Life As A Spiritual Journey!

You Are Beauty And Light! This Is Your True State Of Being!

I Love You So!