Full Super Blue Moon of 2023

By Lauren Howard Coleman

This is a busy week astrologically. Perhaps the astronomical highlight of the week might be the Super Full Moon on the 30th, the brightest and largest Full Moon of the year. And a blue Moon at that, as it is the 2nd Full Moon in the month of August. Uranus stations on August 28th for its retrograde phase which lasts until January 27th, and this weekend Mars enters the sign of Libra. All of these are significant for their own reasons.

At the Full Moon the Sun in Virgo is at exact opposition to the Moon in Pisces. This is when we are often most challenged to be able to make sense of the insensible and to create order out of chaos. This Full Moon which falls at 7º Pisces 25’ on August 30th (or 31st, depending on where you are), is also conjunct retrograde Saturn. The Saturn opposition to the Sun, which occurs in the middle of the retrograde phase of Saturn, will be exact just a few days before the Full Moon. Whatever limitations, oppressions, fears that we’ve been contending with or kicking down the road, could reach some sort of crisis point with the Full Moon. As a result whatever you may have been avoiding, or putting up with, can no longer be ignored.

With the Full Moon illuminating Saturn we are being asked to face reality. Pisces represents our highest ideals and aspirations. It is a sign of dreams, wistful hopes, imaginings and sometimes illusions. If we have been in denial about an issue, what is being disclosed at the Full Moon can no longer be denied. If we have been holding ourselves, back, procrastinating, or resisting change, the Full Moon can show us the consequences of doing so.

It can sometimes feel, when Saturn is in Pisces, that we are at risk for having our dreams denied us. But this is not entirely true. For Saturn, the planet of reality, when in the sign of dreams and vast aspirations, also has the capacity to make our dreams a closer reality. The Sun in Virgo can bring us useful tools to facilitate that process, but only if we are willing to fully face the reality of the situation.

Saturn retrograde can show us where we are facing certain challenges, obstacles or self-doubt. We can restore that confidence, and are even given the tools to overcome our challenges through the auspices of the Sun. On October 24th a trine from the Sun to Saturn will help to facilitate that process. This is the trine that aims to restore the status quo, and will then be followed by Saturn’s direct station on November 4th. This week we have the opposition between the Sun and retrograde Saturn.

We have the Saturn opposition to the Sun every year in the middle of Saturn’s retrograde phase, but rarely is it illuminated in this way by the Full Moon. Therefore pay attention to what is being revealed to you in the light of this Super Full Moon. Richard Nolle defined these Super Moons as New or Full Moons that occur when the Moon is perigee or at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit. It makes the Moon appear to be that much larger, and all the more so when it is setting or rising. And it is said to have a greater impact on the tides and affairs of the planet, as well as our lives.

The Full Moon can also be seen as an opportunity. The time is ripe. The tide is high. And we are being asked to ride the crest to the opposite shore. Therefore ask yourself with the Full Moon in Pisces on August 30th:

  • What useful tools or information are you being given that will help you to overcome your current obstacles or challenges?
  • What reality are you now needing to face, and can no longer ignore?
  • What dreams or illusions have you outgrown, and no longer support the person you are now?
  • Where have you been stuck? Or lack the confidence to move on to the next step?


On August 28th/29th Uranus will station for its retrograde phase which lasts until January 27th. When we work in a conscious and healthy way with Uranus we come to appreciate that which makes us unique. By compromising our own individuality in order to fit in, or not upset the status quo, we can lose touch with that singular uniqueness. It is when Uranus is in its retrograde phase that we are offered opportunities to get in touch with our own inner brand. So in order to make the most out of the upcoming retrograde phase of Uranus, it is important to first acknowledge your own inner truth.

Because this is so important right now, you will be less likely to tolerate others trying to label you, dominate or control you. Neither will you want to compromise your own integrity just to fit in or be part of a rising trend. This is about you being you. When you truly connect with your own unique brand, you don’t need other’s permission to do so. Nor do you need to flaunt it. You will simply be it.

When Uranus is in its direct phase we are more aware of the outside circumstances that may or may not support your true authentic self and path. As a result we may find ourselves shifting gears, or moving in a new direction to accommodate that. But when Uranus is in its retrograde phase, the adjustments being made are more internal.

If you have experienced or made any changes recently, this is when you would adjust to, and try to make sense of the changes that have already occurred. If you are planning or expecting any changes in the future, this is when you would likely make the internal shifts that will allow you to accustom yourself to the idea of change. These retrograde periods of Uranus can therefore be a preparation phase for the changes that are yet to come. By internally processing the idea of change, it allows you to be ready, and perhaps to even anticipate the changes that are yet to come.


On August 26th/27th Mars enters the sign of Libra. The primary reason this is important is because the Nodes of the Moon have recently moved on to the Aries/Libra axis. Mars as the ruling planet of Aries, moving into the opposite sign of Libra, will have an impact on the trajectory of these markers of evolutionary growth.

Libra is a sign of peace, and when the warrior planet enters its domain, it is required to leave its weapons at the door. Libra is supposed to be neutral territory, where allies, as well as enemies rub shoulders. But Mars is our protector. And without his usual weapons at his disposal, he has to look for other ways to set boundaries and defend this territory. And if Mars is unwilling or unable to fight directly, he will find other means to get his way: either through manipulation, passive means or out-right avoidance.

However, Mars, representing the North Node, is entering South Node territory. And so has the capacity to raise the narrative within the Libra paradigm. And although a reluctant warrior in the sign of pacifist Libra, there is nothing that motivates Mars in Libra more than issues of fairness, justice or equality. And although it is not able to be as aggressive as usual, it can still be effective using non-aggressive, peaceful means for achieving its ends.

Mars will be conjunct the South Node in Libra in early October. When considering the Mars relationship with the Nodes we may all be on the fence as to when to take action or veer on the side of compromise and retreat. It could be that we find ourselves not wanting to rock the boat or get involved, but at what cost? No matter how much we avoid, or compromise, there is likely to be a greater awareness of the need for fairness, equality and justice during the Mars in Libra transit which lasts from August 26th thru October 11th.