The World is Changing, Realize Your Divinity

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

For over seven thousand years humanity has been manipulated and tied down mentally, physically, and spiritually, into the Third Dimensional matrix by malevolent entities who sought to not only enslave, but extract as much energy as possible from the human being’s divine essence, in order to sustain themselves.

The human being has been denied and deceived into believing that suffering and hardships are a normal part of life, that happiness can only begin after “death” if you are a good(slave) individual, who obeys the rules, put in place by parasites.

You have been manipulated into thinking that you are unworthy, insignificant to the Earth, to the Universe, that your existence is by mere chance and not by design.

The same line of entities who gave the evolution theory, also brought to you the different religions, in order to instill fear and pull you further away from that which you call God. If one studies the religious texts carefully, with an open mind, you will come to the conclusion that those books are not written by a just and divine being worthy of worship. In fact they were put together by entities who as we stated, have sought to exploit the human in every way possible, mainly energetically.

You are a divine being of spiritual light, with all the attributes of Source Creator(God). Of course you have been brought up to believe otherwise. This was done so that you serve your masters, for in truth, if the humans realize their true divine origins and how powerful they are, the dark entities’ pyramid structure collapses within hours.

You are creator beings. You do not have a savior. For you never needed a savior. In the past you have had teachers(Jeshua, Muhamed, Buddha), who arrived to Earth from higher planes of existence, other realities, to guide, and offer a new vision, higher truths of the Universe, to tell you that the light of God, the Kingdom of God is found within each and everyone of you. It is all within you.

The teachings of the ancient ones were twisted from their original form, with other added made up stories, and used for the dark’s gains through what you call Christianity, Islam, Judaism.

You know deep within you, that Jeshua did not invent Christianity. Muhamed did not invent Islam. So why do you insist on falling for the lies of the dark? You do not need a priest or an imam. You are always, eternally connected directly with God. It is time to let go of the old false claims and outdated beliefs, and claim your power, your divine origins, and know that you are whole and complete in this now. You lack nothing. You are limitless, with the power to create amazing worlds which unfold in your imagination. With the power to create “heaven” on Earth.

My friends, the world is changing if you have not realized this yet. What you have known as “reality” until now, has reached its dead end, and its expiration date. Things will not remain as they are now. The illusory beliefs and old structures are all collapsing. And the brightest light that is to guide you during these times will come from within your own heart, should you pause, and call that light forth. You can also choose to hold onto the old ways of living, but you are going to find the times ahead very difficult, if you rely on outer forces to save you and improve the deteriorating situation of the matrix. It is time to let go, to awaken, and rise, into the higher realms of light.

Blessings to You!

9 Replies to “The World is Changing, Realize Your Divinity”

  1. Jens Neustadt

    >The human being has been denied and deceived into believing that suffering and hardships are a normal part of life

    But some bozo said that Saturn said: “Life is misery, better get used to it”

    Calls into question, what would Saturn actually say for fifth-dimensional beings?

    1. the_complaint_department

      The same thing, but with a stern smile because his audience would actually understand what he meant.

      1. Glenda Smith

        Why don’t you share your knowledge as to what he meant rather than belittling others?

    1. Franciely Loffler

      And this Jehovah was simply the insane Anunnaki Enli. Thanks to him and his team, we went through atrocities and suffering of all kinds.

  2. Paladin

    I asked my devout Christian friend why would your God who you claim is perfect love need your worship and subjugation? Is your God a vein and insecure petty dictator? What you are telling me is that God is a flawed character.

    Look at these things God supposedly does to be people. He commands Abraham to sacrifice his son on an altar to him. Abraham complies and just as he is about to cut his son’s throat God tells him he doesn’t have to kill him. He just wanted to make sure Abraham feared him.

    And yet according to the Bible this was not necessary because this omnipotent God already knows what is in your heart.

    So God had a little fun sadisticaly terrorizing Abraham.

    Love like this I don’t need.

    1. bonin66

      We are all Gods and Goddesses – that’s all

      Jeshua hated Christianity, he hated churches and he hated priests – all
      religion and religious establishments he hated. A christian priest is
      a true 詐欺師, a swindler.

      The culprit that put us into this mess were the Annunaki’s.