Did You Volunteer?

By Dreama Vance

Back in the 1990s, it seemed as if every New Age teacher’s secret to the Universe was based on one statement: Remember who you are.

So, the scenario would go something like this: The teacher would stand at the front of the auditorium and give these great words of profound wisdom, “Remember who you are.”

The rest of us in the audience would think, “Okay, I am a spark of the Divine,” or they would think, “I am an aspect of God,” or something similar. And then we would all just sit and stare at each other… each of us thinking, “Okay, got that… now what?”

We would just look rather blankly around the room, each of us wondering… “What comes next?”

Clearly, we “got it” at the intellectual level, but alas, we did not “get it” from the heart level. It is from the heart that wisdom opens wide the doors of understanding. This understanding does not come from words, or the mind, but from the Silence, the Stillness.

During this time in the 1990s there was much talk about how Lightworkers volunteered to come to Earth for this mission. I remember adamantly refusing to believe I volunteered to come here. I jokingly insisted that everyone else stepped back and left the naive ones, myself included, standing in the front, looking as if we had volunteered.

It was almost ten years later before I had an epiphany. I was sitting outside on a beautiful spring morning having my quiet time. For the previous six months I had been “seeding my consciousness” with the word, “connection.” In other words, I would almost unconsciously think about this word for a few minutes at the beginning of my quiet time and then pretty much forget about it.

When you do this over a period of time, revelations begin to come to you concerning the topic or word being “seeded.” Thus it was, on that beautiful morning, that I had my epiphany. I felt, quite surprisingly, totally and absolutely connected to the Earth and everything I could perceive in my surroundings – the little lizards, the tropical birds, the grass, the very Earth herself. It was the realization, the feeling, of the One expressing as All That Is.

And in that moment, Love, such Love poured through me, filling me and expressing itself as an amazing Love for humanity. It was then that I realized, of course I volunteered. How could I not? This Love that is so beyond our human concept of love opened like a bright sun in my heart and blew away all dark shadows. Of course we volunteered… because that Love is who we were… and that feeling was remembering who we are.

It is this experience of Love and the realization of Oneness that begins to seed the New Reality.

It is the understanding that the crux of matter is a result of our inner consciousness unfolding. We must delve deeply into the Truth of Being. We must understand God is Spirit. We are Spirit Being. We must live first and foremost in the spiritual universe. We must understand it deeply. We must “remember” it, if you will.

As we train ourselves to focus our attention inward and to hold fast to the Truth of our being, we begin to bring forth into outer manifestation the eternal seeds of Spirit, such as love, joy, harmony, light. With every breath, we begin to remember who we are.

We used to become monks in order to reach enlightenment. We left the world around us and went onto caves to minimize distractions and the allure of the outer world.

In a very real way, our training is very much like this degree of devotion and dedication. Although we do not literally have to move into a cave, we do literally have to develop our abilities to hold our attention and our focus steady on our inner Light, our inner Being. Because we aren’t living in a cave, we must build a strong foundation on the principles of Truth.

The world thinks that the events, and strategies, work, politics, and behaviors of people create the world in which they live.

As Lightworkers we know this is false information. Every time our focus shifts, however, to the outer world, we buy into this illusion. Then we must “train up” again, just like spiritual warriors, to get back into being “Truth Realized.”

This is what we are here to do as Lightworkers. We are here to be strongly anchored in the Truth of our being. This conscious realization, living this conscious realization, is what we are here to do.

For many years we have studied. We have mined for the buried treasure. We have meditated. We have practiced, fallen off the wagon, practiced, and studied some more.

Now it is time. This is the time of great transition. The spiritual gateway is open. The very Cosmos itself is working to aid our evolution into truth.

We are the Lightworkers. This is our cosmic moment.


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