The Andromedans: Starseed Children and Human Consciousness

Channel: Kate Woodley

Hello our dear ones,

We are here. We are messengers from the Andromedan Council. We are many, and we come in light, we come in peace. We are here as your sisters and your brothers from above and beyond. We are in many ways, aspects of you. But we at this time in our evolution, we dwell in a slightly different, perhaps in a slightly more advanced or higher state of consciousness. This simply means that like you we have journeyed through dense realms, like you, we have had to learn as a collective, as a civilization, to rise above any energy experience that is devoid of love to find our way back to love.

And so, humanity at this time is journeying through different planes of consciousness. There is upon you a time in which higher consciousness is being anchored. But like all change and transformations, at times this can feel turbulent and uncertain. And despite what you see unfolding around you, and even within you, we wish for you to know that all that unfolds is to teach you, to help you learn and to simply grant you with opportunities to see all things through a higher and a better perspective: one of love and compassion. It is a love and compassion that you need to behold within yourselves. And it is one that you need to project and share and shine upon all those around you.

For there is individual consciousness and evolution, but each individual is in fact part of a grand collective. And the more you heal within yourselves, the greater you propel the momentum of the entire collective forward on a path of light, on a better path.

What is a Starseed?

We are here our dear friends to speak of starseed children. There are among many of you Beings whom you would refer to as starseeds. These are Beings whose soul and essence contains the energy, wisdom, and spiritual capabilities of different civilizations and energies as a result of their past incarnations as well as the existing connections that they hold and nurture with their soul families.

What we wish for you to know is that there are many, many starseeds scattered and spread throughout humanity. They are here to play many roles. They are here as guides, as teachers, as healers, that are here to implement and introduce positive change and new solutions into many of your systems, your infrastructure, your corporations, your networks. They are beams of light here to breathe in new change, new opportunities, and greater wisdom and love within every level of human existence.

But there are many more starseed children, and this is a trend that will continue for generations to come. These starseed children, much like some of their parents and some of you who are hearing this message today, they come with an inherently higher vibration. It is a vibration of love. And by virtue of simply being here, they permeate and transmute positive change. They help with the release of old denser energies. And like many of you, they also act as gateways, pathways, and anchors of higher energy, love, and we will say, progress at a spiritual and in all levels – individual as well as collective.

Starseed children play Important Roles

Starseed children have many different origins. And though these origins in and of themselves matter not, what matters is that they come here with very specific roles and a purpose. For some, they are coming as teachers, as change makers, as healers, and understand that the way in which they will heal is as varied as the word ‘healing’ itself. It can be healing of Gaia (your mother Earth), it can be healing of many old human energies and emotions. It could also be healing certain swathes of the human collective, which need release and progress. And for some who may not even consciously be teaching, guiding, or healing, as we have indicated, their mere presence alone is enough to substantiate a world of transformation within the human consciousness realm.

These generations, these younger generations, some of whom are now adults, but there are more and more who are moving in, they come with an increasingly higher and greater intensity or frequency. They serve to raise the ceiling of human consciousness. They serve to introduce new ideas, to bring healing in every way that it can be instilled within your world and within your realm. These are young Beings, who though they may be young in biology, they are wise in experience and they bring many capabilities and abilities that some are familiar to humanity at this time. But many of these young starseeds are going to work to expand and evolve these capabilities in a way that will open up new faculties within humanity. And so many are going to leverage experience of metaphysical abilities within humanity, but they will serve to evolve and push these abilities to the cutting edge in a way that will benefit all who are in contact with them, and all who perhaps come across their light, their teachings, and their guidance.

These young starseed children are sensitive. Many are very empathic, they are highly intuitive, and they are extremely connected. They bring a love, a perspective, and a compassion that is needed and that in and of itself will bring much healing.

We ask you our dear ones, to be aware of those starseeds among you, and to make way to open your hearts and your ears to the love, the insights, and the messages of these young ones.
We stand with them. We stand with all of you, and we wish you ongoing harmony and love.

The Andromedan Council