Neioh: Nature And Healing

Received by Judith

Beloved Friends Of Light!

You Are Part Of All Creation In Form And In Frequencies Unseen And Unknown To Your Senses In Body Form. Connecting To Spirit With The Heart And Mind With Belief And Emotions Will Take You On A Journey Of Beauty And Peace!

You Are Part Of The Flowing Spirit That Joins All Life. Discovering This Attribute Is Called Awakening. Many Assume That Thoughts Alone Will Remove The Veil Between The Waking Dream And The Infinite Source Of Being! Beloved Friends, Know In Truth That Believing And Feeling The Emotion Of Love Will Allow You To Become Your Higher Self In This Moment. Indeed, You Are The Light Of God!

Nature Has Been With You Since The Beginning Of Your Creation. Without The Provisions Of Plants, Vegetables And Fruit, Your Body Form Would Never Have Survived. You Arrived On A Planet That Nourished You And Cared For You As A Living Essence With Consciousness. The Earth Groans Now With Changes And Destruction Of Forests, Toxins And Wars Which Affect Every Living Creature.

As You Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature With Colorful Flowers, Trees, Mountains, Oceans And Animals, Become Aware Of The Many Ways That Nature Has Served You In All Waking Dreams! Indeed, Your Very Breath Is Dependent On The Processes Of Your Interaction With Nature. As Trees Release Oxygen Into The Air, You Breathe In Their Love For You! All Nature Is Spirit That Is Here To Sustain Humanity!

Crystals Are Alive With Consciousness And Spirit! They Shimmer And Shine In Frequencies Of Light As They Hear Your Voice Or Thoughts With Telepathy. They Are Spirits In Form With The Intention To Serve You With Light!

Your Body Form Is Seventy To Eighty Percent Water. This Allows The Conduction Of Spirit Communication To Move And Live In A Powerful Way To Allow Service To Your Being. As You Immerse Yourself In Water, Be Aware That You Have Opened Channels Of Spirit Communication That Will Now Be Amplified. Listen With Your Heart And Mind As Spirit Speaks From Sources That You May Identify As Loved Ones Or Pets That Have Left You In Form.

Water Changes Form In The Cellular Level In Response To Music, Screaming, Cursing Or Soothing Words. Water Is Here To Teach You How To Flow In Life And Move Away Or Closer To Other Forms Of Life. Water Is A Friend To All Life As Nourishment In Form Allows Bodies In Nature And Humanity To Remain Supple Until The Life Force Of God Leaves. Souls Are Powerful As Plans Are In Place To Return To Origin Or Remain In Non-Physical For A Specific Reason To Comfort Or Communicate With Other Souls.

Nature Will Heal Many Emotional And Physical Maladies As You Are Close And And Become Drawn To The Frequencies Offered. There Is A Continual Flow Of Spirit And Love Between Your Being And All Life That Is Created.

You Are One Love And One Spirit Of Light!

I Love You So!