Tunia: Implants and Women Undervalue Femininity

Channel: A.S.

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so much.

If you observed the children of us Pleiadians, you would be shocked at the psychic abilities they show naturally, even before we teach them anything. Even our small children can often make objects levitate or set small objects on fire with the power of their mind. (Yes, this sometimes makes for interesting situations when trying to parent them.) Our gifted children can teleport or energetically heal or materialize things out of thin air or change the color of objects with the power of their mind.

Earth humans are actually even more psychically gifted than us Pleiadians humans are, because of your “a bit of every galactic race” type of DNA. We expect that in the future, Earth humans will have to learn to deal with teleporting toddlers.

Maybe I should start working on a book titled: “how to parent your teleporting toddler.”

So why aren’t these psychic abilities unlocked for Earth humans? Even people on Earth who have spent decades doing spiritual practice often don’t have the abilities that our children just automatically develop, even before we teach them anything. As I said, you’re actually more psychically gifted than we are.

One reason for that is that our environment is much purer, both in terms of toxins and in terms of energy. But a more important reason is that all Earth humans have been born with psychic implants since time immemorial.

Some psychic implants act as deep-seated limiting beliefs. Others act as psychic blockers. The psychic implants aren’t physical objects. They’re energetic blocks in your energy field that all Earth humans are born with. These psychic implants can be weakened or dissolved through significant psychological work or spiritual work or practical action, but most people don’t engage in that, and so most Earth humans walk around all their lives with these limiting beliefs and psychic blocks.

In Hakann’s message “Hakann: How Were Earthlings Created?”, he explains how Atlantis and Lemuria fell, in large part because the positive galactics gave Atlanteans and Lemurians too much knowledge and technology too quickly, at a time when their level of consciousness wasn’t yet able to handle that wisely. This is also part of the reason why we don’t want to move too quickly this time and cause another Atlantean fall.

In that message, Hakann also explains that after Atlantis and Lemuria fell, the positive galactics withdrew, but the negative ones didn’t. In fact that was the time when the negative galactics really hooked their claws into you, as Hakann put it.

One of the things that the negative galactics did back then is install these psychic implants into humanity.

Isn’t this a free-will violation? Why was this allowed? Well, it technically wasn’t allowed, just as lots of other large-scale free-will violations on your planet technically aren’t allowed. It’s a matter of “is it really illegal if there are no cops around.” The positive galactics had just retreated back in shame and in the belief that further interfering with Earth humans would only harm Earth humans further. Source and the angels weren’t willing to directly intervene on Earth on a massive scale to stop those implants. Source, the angels and the positive galactics predicted that despite everything you would find your way back to the light, and indeed you have. We just didn’t expect that path to involve quite as much suffering as it has. We didn’t expect that it would get this dark.

Yes, this was unfair to you. I’m sorry. I apologize for how my ancestors conducted themselves during that time period.

That said, Source has decreed that you will be free, and indeed, so shall it be. The angels and us positive galactics are dedicated to supporting you on your current path towards liberation. You will be free.

These psychic implants are in the process of being dissolved globally, through the actions of Earth lightworkers and angels and us galactics.This process takes some time, but is already underway and will succeed at some point in the future. We don’t have the ability to remove every single psychic implant instantly today. Even if we could, the central nervous system of the average person on Earth is already overburdened. It wouldn’t be good to instantly remove all the psychic implants today for the same reason that it wouldn’t be good to have the solar flash today — most people couldn’t take that, and many people would die or have nervous breakdowns or would start acting in a crazy way. Not to mention that instantly giving every average person on the street significant psychic powers and also significant psychological stress and disorientation, would cause mass chaos and lots of casualties. Remember that a big part of why Atlantis happened is because us galactics gave Earth humans too much power too quickly?

We do understand that the people of Earth are hugely suffering and the situation on Earth needs to be resolved as quickly as is feasible. We are working to help you as quickly as is feasible. In the future you will live in a love-based 5d society and you will not have these implants. Therefore you will not have certain psychic blocks or limiting beliefs.

So, what exactly do these psychic implants do? Well, two of these psychic implants block most of your psychic or innate or supernatural abilities, however you want to call it. Both Earth men and women have these psychic blocker implants.

Another one of these psychic implants has given you the deep-seated belief of “I’m powerless and I deserve to suffer.” Again, both men and women have this implant. We sometimes refer to this as the control implant. It doesn’t control you directly, but it does implant beliefs in the Earth population that make it possible for the dark controllers to control you. This implant is why Earth humans often let themselves be ruled by tyrants or authoritarians or corrupt leaders. Without this implant, likely you would either engage in mass civil disobedience, or pretty much everyone would walk out of society and start creating a parallel society, or you would have a revolution and huge masses of people would seek to arrest anyone who are clearly working against the people.

Some people on Earth ask why the French people are always demonstrating against the government. Well, from my perspective a better question would be: why isn’t the rest of the world protesting, as the French are? After all, most governments in the world are corrupt and deserve to be protested against. The French are behaving in a more natural and human way than people of most other nationalities are. Because of cultural and goddess-vortex factors, the control implant has been partially weakened in the French people. So I’m cheering on the French people and their protests, so long as they’re not lynching people or anything like that.

It’s also a good sign that many lightworkers have been understandably getting pissed off at the gray hats and at us galactics for not doing more. We have already said that we agree that the gray hats should do more. I do think that us galactics are moving as quickly as is feasible, although it’s of course easy for me to say that, because I have my cushy life up here on a mothership. If I were in your shoes, I very well may agree with you that the positive galactics should be moving more quickly.

Still, at the same time, I’m happy that you’re clearly thinking that you don’t deserve to suffer like this, and indeed you don’t. This is a sign that the control implant has significantly weakened for people in the lightworker community. However this implant is still partly active, because many in the lightworker community still see themselves as sort of powerless, and as people who need to be rescued by gray hats or galactics. In reality, lightworkers are actually massively powerful and are in the process of successfully uplifting and transforming the entire consciousness of Earth. Lightworkers are already liberating themselves, and every other Earth human too for that matter. This was discussed in the previous message: “R’Kok: Lightworkers are the least powerless people on Earth.”

People, including non-spiritual ones, can weaken or even fully dissolve their implants.

If you would like to weaken or dissolve this control implant yourself, you can try the following. Sit down and breathe a few times deeply and slowly. Then just think: “do I deserve to suffer? Am I powerless?” Observe what comes up, without trying to change or judge or suppress anything. Observe your thoughts, feel your emotions. If you feel like doing something — yelling, punching something, crying, journalling, taking a shower, whatever — then do that, it’s part of the process. Just repeatedly come back to the question of: “do I deserve to suffer? Am I powerless?” until so-called negative emotions no longer come up. And it’s good to formulate a positive sentence afterwards, that comes from your own heart and that is a more healthy belief than the belief you used to have.

To recap: we’ve shared that people are born with two psychic implants that block their psychic abilities. People are born with a third “control” implant that causes them to believe that they deserve to suffer and that they are powerless.

Let’s discuss a fourth implant. Before I say what it is, I want to share that this fourth implant has been incredibly destructive. This implant has been so destructive and has led to so much suffering and pain and dysfunctional interactions between people and dysfunctional societal movements that I have a hard time even putting that into words.

There are many, many dysfunctional and painful things going on in society right now that can ultimately be traced back to this fourth implant.

The good news here is that when this implant is dissolved — which we are helping to achieve over time and which individuals can also do themselves — then major progress can be made towards the love-based society we would all like to live in. The individuals who dissolve this implant in themselves will also make huge steps towards their personal happiness and spiritual growth.

The fourth implant is this. It is: “women are not valuable.”

I’m sure that now a lot of people are going to applaud and say: “you tell them, Tunia! What’s wrong with society is indeed that men don’t value women.”

Well, no, actually. Only women have this implant. It’s specifically women who on Earth are born with the belief that women aren’t valuable. The negative galactics who installed the implants were masculine-energy beings themselves and they really didn’t like women valuing themselves.

Men don’t have this implant. Men aren’t born with the opinion that women aren’t valuable. I’ll give reasons to support this statement later.

Men also don’t inherently feel that men aren’t valuable. They might feel so after significant cultural influence, but not inherently. More often men nowadays feel that “men are valuable, however society doesn’t value average men and that’s unfair.” Which isn’t some distorted position to have, this is simply correct. Sure, an individual man might not feel valuable if he’s emotionally starved or emotionally neglected or very under appreciated by the people around him or if society is so economically difficult that he can’t be the provider that most men are wired to want to be. However men aren’t born feeling not valuable.

Meanwhile, all women are born with the implant that “women are not valuable”, and thus women have the deep-seated belief that women aren’t valuable. This also means that women feel that femininity isn’t valuable (hence the title: “women undervalue femininity”). It also means that a given woman feels that she herself is not valuable.

Because of this implant, women aren’t born with fundamental self-esteem and self-regard and self-confidence. Yes, women can develop these things in their life, and it’s great if they do. Implants can indeed be weakened or dissolved through spiritual work or psychological work or practical actions. However women aren’t born with the belief that they are valuable, while men are born with the belief that they are valuable.

This leads to things like girls wanting to be a princess, because princesses are valuable, and if she’s a princess then she’s finally valuable. Or girls want to be pretty, because pretty people are valuable.

Meanwhile boys are born with self-esteem and don’t feel any need to pretend to be a prince or make themselves pretty, because a boy knows he’s valuable as he is. Boys would rather go out into the world and play and explore and learn, instead of pretending to be a prince and thus valuable.

People might think “wait, women clearly think that women are valuable.” However a lot of the behavior you might be thinking of is actually certain insecure women putting on an exaggerated performance of self-value. Or it’s some women not feeling inherent value and therefore trying to externally get value by getting external validation from others. Some women may try to get this external validation by having an impressive career or owning expensive stuff or being pretty or putting on a show on social media or virtue-signalling with the societally approved opinions. However, those aren’t the actions of people who are actually secure in their own value.

A lot of women are insecure and therefore insist that there be strong, kick-ass women in movies, who outfight and outcompete men in masculine fields. Meanwhile men are secure and they might grumble a bit that most movies show most men as either being idiots or evil, but men don’t feel a huge need to demand change. Frankly women are already depicted more positively than men in modern movies, so you would expect men to be the ones asking for better representation. However it’s actually women who are still asking for better representation in movies, because of female inherent insecurity, due to the psychic implants.

Of course I’ll be generalizing in this message. Every time I say “women” I’m talking about some group of women, not about all women. As I said, while women are basically born insecure due to their implant, they can weaken or dissolve that implant and build self-confidence and a feeling of inherent self-worth. And that’s great, in fact that’s impressive. So no, not all women are as I describe in this message. However, it’s still valuable to describe general trends.

Also, in this message I will be talking about the West in 2023. Yes, in the past women were oppressed. Yes, in certain non-Western parts of the world women are still oppressed. Of course women shouldn’t be oppressed. Naturally women should have full legal rights.

Or as another example: women have a notoriously hard time asking for the salary they’re worth during salary negotiations. Why is that? It’s because of this implant that leads to women being born with the idea that they’re not valuable. It’s hard to ask for your worth during salary negotiations if you’re born without a sense of self-worth.

Women similarly may have a tough time asking directly for someone else to meet their needs or respect certain boundaries or do certain things.

Or as another example: most women don’t feel the need to protest against female-only quotas, or against female-only scholarships at a time when already more women attend university. If these women-only quotas or women-only scholarships were implemented in our society, Pleiadian women wouldn’t accept them and would actively work towards equality for men (and not just give lip service to that idea). Earth women aren’t doing anything about the unfair privilege they have in certain areas, because they feel hollow inside, and subconsciously figure that if only there are enough female CEOs and female university graduates then finally women will have some value. When in reality, women are already and are inherently valuable.

We’ll look at more examples later. But first, let me give some reasons that illustrate that men indeed aren’t born with this “women aren’t valuable” implant.

Yes, beings with penises have in the past oppressed women to an absolutely horrifying degree.

However, these were mostly masculine negative galactics, not Earth men. So while women have suffered, it’s not really fair to blame Earth men for this. Now yes, there have been Earth men who have oppressed women, but it’s still not really fair to draw a conclusion about all men in 2023 because of the actions of a few men in the past. Most people just go along with culture, and the number of Earth men who actively constructed a culture that oppresses women is very low. Yes, some men did, but not many. It’s also simply not fair to collectively punish men in the present for things that some men in the past did.

Admittedly women had fewer legal rights than men up until relatively recently. Obviously that’s not okay, women should have full legal rights too. At the same time, men have been historically oppressed in their own way too. It was men who were forced to go to war, and that’s no picnic either.

It’s also true that too many Earth men, even today, sexually assault women. This is not okay. And this sometimes makes me really sad. But at the same time, as awful as this is, these are the actions of individual men. It’s not something all men do. I get that women are angry at this, but collectively punishing men isn’t the answer.

Some individual men do think that women aren’t valuable, but that’s the opinion of individual men. It’s not a universal opinion among men. Most men don’t think women aren’t valuable. Most men don’t oppress women or want to oppress women.

If you just go out into the real world and talk to any married man about his wife, it quickly becomes apparent that in all likelihood he really loves her, and respects her, and genuinely doesn’t think that she’s less valuable than he is. If you don’t believe me, literally just go do this. Ask a married man if he thinks his wife is less valuable of a person than he is. Almost certainly he genuinely won’t think so.

In fact, men sometimes pedestalize women, to the extent that this can make the pedestalized women uncomfortable. Men sometimes pedestalize women to the extent that other men sometimes them to “stop simping.” These things are the opposite of men thinking that women have no value. At times it’s a problem that men think that women have so much value that the man focuses all his attention and energy on a woman and has nothing else going on in his life. There are even situations where men give large amounts of money to a woman online, such as a female streamer, when the man knows that he’s not going to be dating this woman and that this woman already has more money than he does. Yet he gives her his money anyway. Men wouldn’t do this if they didn’t value women.

Ask a man about the virtues of men and the virtues of women, and most men will say all kinds of positive things about women and all kinds of negative things about men. Most men ascribe more virtue to women than to men. Again, this is the opposite of men thinking that women have no value.

Many men are willing to either directly or indirectly sacrifice themselves for the benefit of women. Men are generally fine with letting women board the rescue boat while the Titanic sinks with them on it, which pretty clearly indicates that men think that women have value.

Right now in certain countries all men are forced to serve in the army for a certain period of time, and women aren’t. And yet there’s no big movement among men to force women to serve in the army too, even though a woman with a rifle can kill someone perfectly well. In fact some people claim that women are better drone pilots than men are. Even those men who don’t think that women are good soldiers will probably concede that women can serve non-combat roles in the rear which then free up male soldiers to go fight on the front. Yet there’s still no big movement among men, even if they’re actively getting drafted, to also force women into the draft. Even in a country like Russia, where all men have to serve in the army and also the country is at war, still there’s no large movement among men to force women to get drafted too. This is because men really value women, to the extent that they’re willing to bear hardships and even risk death for them, while not asking that women risk death themselves.

Furthermore, while some men are picky, most men are just looking for a feminine and non overweight woman, and that’s basically all the non-negotiables they have. Most men don’t have a laundry list of demands that some modern women have. Men just want a feminine and not overweight woman, and sometimes even the “feminine” and the “not overweight” parts aren’t necessary. This is how highly men value women, inherently. Meanwhile some modern women have more or less the attitude of “well it’s not enough if he’s just a man, he also needs to be this tall and not be too overweight and he needs to make this much money and have that kind of education and not have an unattractive face and have the right political beliefs and my friends need to like him and he needs to not have too much debt and he needs his own place and his own car and he needs to be fun and exciting and he needs to be good in bed and this and that too.” Whereas a man thinks “women are awesome, I just want a feminine and not overweight woman.” He often doesn’t care much about her income for example. Now sure, some boys and basement dwelling men have unrealistic expectations. And yes, some men with tons of options become picky, and women naturally focus more on the desirable and likeable men, who as a result are pickier. However the average man is satisfied with the average woman. After all, men value women.

Right now there are a number of clear-cut examples where women are privileged unfairly. Examples are criminal court, divorce court, representation in media, hiring quotas and female-only scholarships at a time when already more women go to university. And yet there’s no large movement among men to change these things. If the genders were flipped around — so criminal court and divorce court and hiring quotas and scholarships were biased in favor of men — then pretty much every woman alive would agree that this needed to change, and women would loudly demand change in mass movements. And they’d be right to do so. Yet when women are privileged in these areas, there’s no similar movement among men. This is again because men highly value women, even to the extent that it comes at the cost of men.

Some people might argue here that men don’t truly value women, they only value the sex or cooking or child-rearing that women provide. Men objectify women, the argument might go, but men don’t really care about women themselves.

First of all, to an extent that’s true for some men. Some men should spend more time getting to know their girlfriend or wife. However, to a similar extent, some women also objectify men. A lot of average men have the experience that pretty women only interact with them when they want to get money or some service or a favor from him. Average men often experience that women just automatically reject him purely based on height or income, which is very objectifying. There are also an uncomfortably large number of men who get dumped by their girlfriends or wives the moment he experiences hardships in life or shares his anxiety. Instead of helping him out, the woman sometimes just dumps the man because at that moment his minuses outweigh his pluses, and he’s no longer useful to her. I’m not saying that all women are like this, I’m just saying that to the extent that some men objectify women, some women also objectify men.

Let me give a second argument against the position that men only value women as objects or as beings who provide sex and other services. That second argument is: go have an actual conversation with a married man and talk about how much he loves and values his wife. You’ll see that he deeply cares for her, and not just for the sex and cooking and child-raising she provides. Note that even in the case of a dead bedroom, the husband usually stays with his wife. Not always, but usually. (Of course, hopefully sex isn’t something she just “provides” but is something that she enjoys too. Some women would benefit from communicating more clearly what she likes in bed and what turns her on, and some men would benefit from listening more carefully when she does or just upgrading their sex skills in general.)

As a third argument: it’s up to women to determine what they want to do with their lives and to find their own internal satisfaction and internal self-esteem. So sure, a man might care about having sex with his girlfriend but not care about horses and not go beyond just listening politely to her talking about her horse-riding passion. But there are also women who don’t care very much about some nerdy hobby her boyfriend or husband has. So if that is objectification, then both genders do this to each other. The solution here is that the woman finds her own self-esteem and internal satisfaction from her horse-riding hobby, and not put it on men to validate her or make her feel good about herself, beyond just the basic courtesy that partners and friends should of course listen to each other when they tell stories.

Okay, so hopefully I’ve shown that men don’t have the psychic “women are not valuable” implant. Men also aren’t born with the belief that men aren’t valuable.

I’ll now continue with my arguments that women do in fact have this psychic “women are not valuable” implant and therefore women are born with this deep-rooted but false belief.

First of all, women tend to value men-related things over women-related things, because of this female “women are not valuable” belief. For example, being a career woman is cool, being a stay at home mom isn’t. That isn’t something that is to be blamed on men. There are legions of 20-something men out there who are desperately looking for 20-something women to have a relationship and eventually a family with. Most of the push for women to pursue careers comes from women, who feel that women as a group only have value if women as a group perform well in masculine fields. If anything, while women of course are free to choose as they wish, many men would think that it would be good for society if modern young women were more family-focused.

As another example of women valuing masculine things over feminine things: women often choose culturally masculine clothes, wearing trousers instead of dresses for example. Men are absolutely fine with women wearing dresses — in fact men love it when women act feminine, and dresses are culturally feminine. So it’s not men forcing women to wear pants. Women often wear trousers even outside of work, so the “I have to wear trousers to be taken seriously at work” argument doesn’t always apply.

Women at this point might say “I have to wear pants to be taken seriously in general.” I promise you that men absolutely value and take dress-wearing women seriously. Really, if you write out the full “have to be taken seriously” argument with the subconscious bits added in, it would look something like: “women have no value, therefore to get value I need to be perceived as being effective and capable in masculine domains, and to be seen like that it helps to wear culturally-masculine clothes.”

Men already value and take women seriously, whether they wear trousers or dresses, whether they’re effective in masculine domains or not.

Yes, to be seen and respected as a capable career woman it probably helps to wear trousers over dresses, because of the cultural association. But why do so many women feel the need to be seen as a capable career woman in the first place? If that’s her natural energy, then sure go ahead, but for most women being a career woman doesn’t actually align with their natural energy. If women followed their natural energy, then you would have about as many high-powered career women as you would have men desiring to be stay-at-home fathers. Which is to say, they exist, but there’s not that many of them.

Why is it so bad for a woman to be and present as feminine? Men have no problem valuing feminine women and taking feminine women seriously. In women’s mind “being taken seriously” sort of means “being seen as someone who is capable in masculine domains” but that definition doesn’t actually make sense when you think about it. When you use sensible definitions for the words “being taken seriously” then it becomes apparent that the vast majority of men take feminine women seriously and value them, even if those women don’t excel in masculine domains.

Women might feel that if they’re feminine and family-oriented and men value that, then that’s objectification and bad for women, whereas if women are career-oriented and men value that, then that’s empowerment. But does that actually make sense? In my mind this only makes sense if you see women and femininity as not valuable (unless women excel in masculine domains). This “women aren’t valuable” belief is exactly what I’m speaking out against in this message.

In my mind, the people who feel that women need to be career women to “be taken seriously” are actually people who don’t inherently value women or femininity. And I don’t blame people for this. There’s implants and there’s cultural baggage and there’s unresolved ancestral trauma from women being mistreated in the past. Still, I do love women and I do love femininity, and I want to stress that women are already valuable as they are. If a woman’s natural energy aligns with her pursuing a career, then go for it — but it is my wish that women whose energy doesn’t align with a career, don’t feel a need to go into a career in order to “become valuable.” Because women are already valuable.

Now yes, I know there are reasons to wear trousers other than “women feel they have no value, therefore to get value they want to be perceived as being effective and capable in masculine domains, and to be seen like that it helps to wear culturally-masculine clothes.” In fact that’s going to be true for a lot of the arguments I’ll present in this message: I’ll say “women do this because they don’t value women” when in reality that’s just one reason, and not the only reason. However this message would become much too long and unwieldy and unfocused if I listed every reason and every contributing factor for people’s behavior.

Still, don’t be too quick to discard not feeling valuable as one big reason for a lot of women’s behavior, even if one part of you insists that the reason is something else. In the majority of people who haven’t done a large amount of spiritual or psychological or self-reflection work, the way that thinking often works is that the subconscious first decides which conclusion feels best emotionally. And then the rational mind reasons backwards and constructs a narrative that justifies that conclusion. That means that the reason or narrative that your rational mind presents, may not be the actual reason — it’s just a narrative that’s constructed to please your own subconscious. Unless you’ve done a lot of inner work or careful thinking, your rational mind isn’t actually primarily interested in truth. Yes, this applies to men too.

I’ll continue with presenting a list of indicators that point to women not valuing women, and because of this women valuing men-related things over women-related things (when in reality women-related things are just as valuable). One such indicator is that women often try to take over male spaces. Or instead of making a new property, women take over a beloved existing show or movie. They then push out or kill off or ridicule the male lead, and elevate a female character in his place.

Men also don’t feel the need to police language nearly as much as women do. This is because men are born without a “you are not valuable” implant and thus men have self-esteem and so they’re not that afraid of words.

Women are born feeling that women have no value, and therefore they’re often strongly in resistance to the relationship pattern that is optimal for most people, which is the man being masculine and leading most of the time, and the woman being feminine and following most of the time. I discussed this in my previous message: “Tunia: leading and following in relationships.” This resistance arises because women associate following and being feminine in a relationship context with not being valuable — but this is actually a false association. Women who follow and are feminine in a relationship context are just as valuable as other women. While obviously women shouldn’t be forced to follow or be feminine in a relationship context, that is what aligns with most women’s natural energy.

I don’t think I’m being a misogynist here. If anything, I think the misogynist idea here is the idea that women aren’t valuable if they follow or are feminine in a relationship context.

Feminine women who follow their husbands also aren’t weak. Neither is it true that these women have nothing going on in their lives aside from their family. In a relationship context, yes I am feminine and I do follow my husband most of the time. Yet outside of a relationship context, I have no problem with taking on projects of my own (such as these channelings), or being myself and speaking my mind even when that’s controversial (such as with this message). And yes, I do see myself as a strong woman. Yet in a relationship context, I’m feminine and I follow my husband. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

In fact, I think I’m more able to be strong outside of the home because I’m feminine and I follow my husband inside the home.

For me, being feminine and following my husband at home is empowering. It’s my foundation.

As another indicator of women not valuing women: lots of women like watching movies or shows where a woman basically acts as a man with breasts. It’s a very popular trope in movies that women out-compete men at masculine tasks, such as career-wise, or when it comes to “who is the dominant person here” type of banter. Or a small, slim girl beats trained men twice her size in hand-to-hand combat, even though that’s completely unrealistic. This pretty clearly shows that lots of women like watching women excel at masculine things, because in women’s minds men have value, and therefore if a woman excels in masculine fields, then women have value too, right?

This is at a time when frankly society desperately needs women who love unconditionally (which includes loving so-called bad people). However this traditionally female calling isn’t seen by a lot of women as worth pursuing, because women think that women don’t have value.

A number of women want there to be a certain number of female CEOs, which again points to women feeling that just women aren’t valuable inherently, and women feeling that women need to achieve a percentage of female CEOs in order for women to be valuable and empowered as a group. Even though female quotas inherently lead to situations where a worse candidate may get selected just because she’s female. Which as a second-order effect is going to lead to people respecting female CEOs less than male CEOs, because that female CEO might have gotten there based on gender.

Some people here might argue that it’s because of men that culture values masculine things, and therefore women have to play along. Well, men would actually prefer women being feminine and family-oriented, as opposed to women trying to out-compete men at masculine pursuits. So if men had their way, then culture would nudge women towards being family-oriented, not towards being career-oriented.

It’s also hard to argue that men dominate culture, when you can criticize men as a group but not women as a group. The political right, which leans male, gets censored online while the political left, which leans female, doesn’t. Women have more positive representation in modern movies. Advocating for male rights can get you banned from polite society, even in cases when there’s blatant pro-female discrimination such as in divorce court. So how are men dominating Western culture?

Alternatively, some people here might argue that men are tyrannical oppressors and therefore women are victims who have to play along.

If men were actual tyrannical oppressors who were interested in serving base male interests at the expense of women, then men would ban women from education and high-ranking positions and from being journalists or teachers or newscasters. Men would sell women into marriage as property. Women wouldn’t be allowed to say “no” to sex. Hitting women wouldn’t be a crime, because she would be property. Rape and possibly female genital mutilation would be used to keep women down. Girls would perhaps not even be taught to read. That’s what actual male tyranny would be like.

And what could women do about that? Nothing.

It wouldn’t help to appeal to his morality or protest, if he’s determined to oppress her. He’ll just ignore her, or hit her if he thinks she is annoying. Refusing sex doesn’t work in a context where he’s legally allowed and willing to rape her. She can’t outfight him, because men are bigger and stronger. If she gets in one good hit, for example a knee to the groin, then he recovers and beats the living daylights out of her afterwards. Or if she maims or kills him, for example in his sleep, then the other men could torture her to death or burn her alive in front of other women, to make an example out of her.

Chilling? Yes, indeed. Actual oppression is indeed horrifying.

Fortunately, women in the West in 2023 aren’t actually oppressed. Western men aren’t like this. If men wanted to oppress women, they would do so, and they would succeed at it. However, Western men genuinely don’t want to oppress women. Western men genuinely want to live together with women in a way that works well for both genders.

So no, men aren’t oppressors who are rigging society for the benefit of men. That should also be obvious when you consider that there are more female-only than male-only scholarships at a time when already more women go to university. Surely that wouldn’t be the case if men were in control and men were also rigging society to benefit men, right?

Let’s carry on with arguments for why women have the false belief that women don’t have any value. Note that women as a group are more likely to say that men are stupid or evil or lazy or disgusting or are pigs or say there’s something wrong with men, than men are to say the same things about women. This is just women being insecure about the value of women, and therefore feeling the need to tear down the group of non-women. Secure people don’t tear other people down, they lift them up.

Even if it were true that men were behaving worse than women, then the proper response from the caring, loving, empathetic gender would be helping men, not insulting them. Certainly if Pleiadian men started doing poorly, then us Pleiadian women would drop everything we were doing. We would listen to our men and help them and show them our full love and appreciation. We would never belittle our men.

If black people have worse outcomes than whites, then women say that of course blacks aren’t inferior (and indeed they’re not), and these worse outcomes must be a result of societal injustice against this group. The proper response is helping black people. Okay, so with that exact same logic: more men kill themselves and are homeless, and fewer men attend university. Hence this must be because of societal injustice against men. And the proper response is helping men.

In the West in 2023, average men really aren’t privileged, and cherry-picking a few guys who grew up in a wealthy well-connected family, or cherry-picking guys who are very hot or successful doesn’t change that. Cherry-picking and anecdotes and “my lived experiences” are weak arguments. People who engage in these kinds of arguments also typically don’t accept the other side presenting arguments that are based on cherry-picking or anecdotes or their lived experiences.

The wage gap argument has been repeatedly debunked. The so-called wage gap is just a result of women choosing to lead more balanced lives and therefore not going for stressful, time-consuming, possibly dangerous jobs that pay well. This is women making a smart choice in my opinion, but this is also the reason why on average women make less than men, so long as you don’t look at the work that’s being done. If you do take into account which work is being done, then there is no wage gap.

There’s clear instances of female privilege and anti-male discrimination, as I shared earlier. And yet the “men are privileged, women are victims” myth just won’t die. Why is that? It’s because women deep down feel that women aren’t valuable, and men are. And therefore those darn men have the privilege that they’re inherently valuable. That’s the core emotional reason why women keep insisting that men are privileged and women are victims, despite all the evidence to the contrary, despite society not actually treating men as more valuable than women.

Indeed, nobody cares that most workplace deaths are male. However if tomorrow a report came out that said that most workplace deaths were female, then there would immediately be million-people marches. Every big company would immediately pledge to improve the safety of their female employees. Politicians would start writing legislation to protect women right away.

Despite claims to the contrary, society actually already treats women as being more valuable than men. Okay, yes, the average woman isn’t treated as more valuable than successful men, but an average man isn’t treated as more valuable than a female celebrity either. Average women are treated as more valuable than average men.

In 2023 it would be appropriate for feminism to be thanked for its genuine contributions in the past and to then be retired. In its place it would be appropriate to have egalitarianism, a movement that strives for equality of opportunity for everyone. This means no hiring quotas. It also means that this movement would actively work on helping men and ending unfair female privilege (and not just give lip service to that idea) in situations where men are discriminated against, for example when it comes to divorce court.

Feminists may say that feminism already is the movement that seeks equality between the sexes. Now, people with very different beliefs all call themselves feminists, so no doubt for some feminists this is genuinely true. However in practice, usually this claim is just lip service. Feminists will usually actively work towards things that benefit women, while not actively working towards ending female privilege in situations where men are being discriminated against, such as divorce court. Therefore feminism in practice isn’t a movement that works for actual equality between the sexes. The “but men are privileged and women are victims, therefore we need to help women first” counter argument doesn’t work here, because average men aren’t actually privileged.

Also, if there was a movement called masculinism that had historically fought for men’s rights and that still to this day tolerated women-haters in its ranks and that only paid lip service to the idea of actively helping women, then women would never believe that this movement was actually striving for equality. Right? So why should men believe that feminism is fighting for true equality, when obviously in 2023 it’s not?

Therefore it would be appropriate to thank feminism for genuinely good things it did in the past, but let it go, and start an actual egalitarianism movement. And to have this egalitarianism movement actively work for everyone’s rights, including men’s, instead of actively working for one group and only giving lip service to the idea of helping another group.

Why hasn’t feminism died already, when nowadays women have at least as many unfair privileges as average men do? Again, it’s because women deep down feel that they have no value, and therefore women like being told that they would be happier and more materially comfortable and more successful and therefore more valuable if only those darn men hadn’t oppressed them. While feminism started out fighting actual injustice, in 2023 feminism is mostly women not feeling good about themselves and looking for a solution outside themselves instead of looking inside.

Let’s give another argument why women feel that women aren’t inherently valuable. The argument is: Earth women are very concerned with how other people view them. Earth women feel a strong pull to have the societally correct opinions and to make sure that everyone around them likes them. because that gives them external validation and therefore a fleeting sense of self-worth. As I said, this isn’t all women, this is just how women are born due to their psychic implant — and women can overcome this.

Meanwhile, I had the luck that I wasn’t born with this psychic implant, and so I do feel that I and women are inherently valuable. Therefore I don’t care that much about how others see me. And that’s why I’m fine with talking about sex in previous messages even though I know that triggers some people on Earth. I’m fine with sharing controversial messages such as this one, even though I know that there’s a good probability that some people are going to dislike me for this message and perhaps leave a hostile comment. Because I have this core of self-esteem and self-love, I don’t mind being myself and thereby being disliked by some people.

Men, not being born with this implant, on average don’t need external validation from other people nearly as much as Earth women do. (Yes, I know that some men crave external validation, but I’m talking averages here — men aren’t posting nearly as many selfies on social media, for example). This is part of why men are more willing to have politically unpopular opinions, such as being anti-immigration or pro-Trump. I’m not saying that those are the correct positions to have, I’m just saying that men aren’t born with a feeling they don’t have value, and one way in which this is shown is that men are fine with being themselves even if unpopular.

If a man is alone on a tropical island, where it’s very easy to survive, he’ll probably be reasonably happy. He’ll just spend his day fishing or rearing animals or building things or relaxing or making art. If a woman is alone on a tropical island, where it’s very easy to survive, she’s less likely to be reasonably happy because there’s no external validation there, and there’s no one to distract her from her feeling of not being valuable. Though if you put a woman without a “women aren’t valuable” implant alone on an island, she’s likely to think “oh, cool, an extended meditation retreat / a place to practice my cave painting skills. Alright.” And she’s likely to be reasonably happy as well.

In other words, a whole lot of things that people on Earth think of as “just inherent to women” actually aren’t. They’re only inherent to women who have been born with an artificially implanted belief that “women, and therefore I, aren’t valuable.” Admittedly all Earth women at the moment are born with this implant, but that won’t be true forever. The implants are being dissolved, and individual women can and already have (possibly unknowingly) weakened or dissolved these implants in themselves. And thus these things, such as being uncomfortable when being alone, don’t apply to these women.

Yet another way in which we see that women are born with the belief that women aren’t inherently valuable, is that lots of heterosexual Earth women behave as if they need a man to even be a little bit happy. They may say the opposite, but actions speak louder than words. Now, I actually think that to reach full happiness, the average man and the average woman are both dependent on having a happy relationship. However, the average man feels that he can be happy by himself but he needs a woman to live his best life, whereas a woman often subconsciously feels that she needs a man to be happy at all. People who loudly and publicly and repeatedly proclaim something (“I don’t need a man”) often do so because they feel the opposite — if women genuinely felt that obviously women don’t need a man, they wouldn’t feel the need to repeatedly express that. People don’t go around stating obvious things. No one is going around proclaiming that the sky is blue.

It’s true that some women have chosen to not actively go on dates anymore. But that’s not really women deciding they don’t need a man, that’s more women deciding that dating sucks and she hopes that she’ll encounter a good man as she’s going about her life. I’m not criticizing that decision. I’m just saying that there are almost no single heterosexual women who would say “no” if a sufficiently attractive and appealing man asked her out. Again, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying that heterosexual women often feel that they need a man to be happy.

We also see that in the fact that women very much stress out about their looks, which is of course a big factor in attracting a partner. It’s to the point where a woman may feel awful about herself if she doesn’t look conventionally attractive, which signifies that she sees it as a disaster if she’s less likely to attract a man. Meanwhile men don’t generally stress out to the same extent about not having certain things that they can use to attract a partner. Even though women are pickier, and so logically men should stress out more if they lack attributes that attract women. Yet men don’t.

There are also more women than men who hop from one relationship to the other, never really spending a significant amount of time being by themselves.

Men don’t inherently have the belief that men aren’t valuable. Therefore men aren’t super picky, because they feel they don’t feel they need an exceptional woman to be happy. Meanwhile women subconsciously feel that they may not be able to generate their own happiness and self-esteem, and therefore they’re often picky because they feel they need a high-quality partner in order to be happy. Average modern young women often have standards that disqualify something like 80% of men, or even more. Similarly, because women feel that they need a high-quality man in order to be happy, women also initiate the vast majority of divorces, and usually their reason isn’t abuse or cheating. Usually it’s just her not feeling happy and her looking outwards inside of inwards to find happiness. Conversely, men feel they are valuable and therefore that they can generate their own happiness, even if the external circumstances or the relationship isn’t optimal.

Here’s another indicator of women feeling that women aren’t valuable. Now, average men are typically fine with being called average and may self-identify as such. A man may even be fine with admitting that because he’s short or obese or something like that, he’s less physically attractive to women than average. However women hate being called average and typically don’t think of themselves as average, because in women’s minds average women have no value. Therefore every woman is a queen or a princess or a goddess. Every woman is beautiful, including obese women, doesn’t matter what men think. Every woman is desirable and is someone that a man would be lucky to have, even if she’s a single mom. Doesn’t matter what men think, every woman is desirable, and don’t you dare say otherwise. Every woman is at least a 7/10 or an 8/10, if a rating scale must be used. Every woman is sexy and desirable and empowered and strong and someone who should be respected by everyone — because in women’s minds, only those women have value. Women can’t be average, because average women have no value. Therefore every woman must be exceptional, because only exceptional women have value. Even though most people can’t be exceptional by definition.

An obese woman can’t be unattractive, because then she has no value in the minds of women, therefore obese women must be attractive. In fact some women are even leading an “any size” movement that insists that obese women are beautiful and perhaps even just as healthy as slimmer women. Meanwhile this movement isn’t very active at promoting the idea that obese men are beautiful, and indeed most women have no problem saying that obese men are less physically attractive, So this isn’t a genuine “obese people are beautiful” belief, it’s a belief of: “women aren’t inherently valuable and can’t be happy by themselves, therefore we need to insist that obese women are beautiful, because that’s the only way those women can have value and be happy.”

This points to a lack of female self-confidence and a lack of women feeling valuable. Which isn’t their fault, it’s the psychic implant. Of course all women already have inherent value, whether they are desirable to men or not, whether they’re strong or not, whether they’re a queen or not. Hence there’s no need to claim a special status for every single woman, there’s no need to insist that every woman is a queen or strong or empowered or whatever, because women are already inherently valuable.

Meanwhile, women have no problem with silently labeling men as average or even as below-average. There was a study where women rated 80% of men as “below average”, hence clearly women aren’t inherently opposed to the idea of labeling people as average or below average.

Women also wouldn’t be very impressed if a man did what women do, i.e. insist that all men are kings and empowered and sexy and worthy of respect.

Similarly, women wouldn’t agree with the statement that every man deserves a high-quality woman (and fair enough). Meanwhile some women openly say that every woman deserves a high-quality man. This contradiction just comes from women feeling that women need a high-quality man to be happy. So the woman is more or less saying on an emotional level “every woman deserves to be happy [for which she needs a high-quality man, therefore she deserves a high-quality man].”

Another indicator that women feel that they need a high-quality man in order to be happy is that women sometimes test men, in various ways, in order to see how he reacts. These are sometimes called “shit tests.” Meanwhile men, who don’t feel that they’re dependent on a high-quality woman to be happy, don’t test women nearly as often.

Another indicator that women feel that they need a high-quality man in order to be happy is that women are more likely than men to burn down a man’s life if he dumped her and she feels that he was high-quality. I’m not saying that women are likely to do this, I’m just saying they’re more likely to do this than men are.

Yet another argument that women feel that they need a high-quality man in order to be happy is that women far more often than men engage in underhanded ways to sabotage the competition (i.e. other women, and especially younger or more feminine women). They do so for example by spreading rumors about other women, or slut-shaming them, or criticizing what they’re wearing. Women may even give other women sabotaging advice such as “don’t worry about being your weight, you’re beautiful / if he rejects you because of that he’s a shallow jerk who you don’t want to be with anyway.” Or a woman may sabotage her sisters by saying “don’t settle” or “you deserve an amazing, handsome, rich husband who treats you well” or “prioritize your career” or “it’s disgusting when men date legal but younger women” or “don’t be feminine or pleasant, he should accept you as you are” or “it’s demeaning to cook or clean or to be a housewife” or “men are the problem.”

Of course women don’t go around thinking “muwahaha, I will sabotage other women by telling them things that make them less likely to end up in a happy long-term relationship with a man. This way I am increasing my own odds to find a high-quality man, muwahaha. My master plan will work.” But yes, women are born without valuing themselves, and therefore they desperately feel that they need a high-quality man, and therefore some women subconsciously feel the desire to sabotage the competition.

Here’s the way it works with humans in general — not just with women, it works this way with men too. When non-introspective people feel they may not be able to get their needs met through direct action, then they tend to become manipulative in order to get their needs met in underhanded ways. And non-introspective people then typically construct a narrative that makes them look like the hero, even as they’re doing something that may be hurt others.

Women really aren’t inherently more manipulative than men. However, on Earth specifically, where women but not men are born feeling that they’re not valuable, it’s more often women who feel that they need specific external things in order to be happy. Hence it’s more often women who feel that they can’t get their needs met directly. And therefore on Earth it’s more often women who manipulate people. Which, yeah, of course women shouldn’t do that. But on the other hand, I can also feel a sense of empathy for everyone who feels out-of-control enough that they feel they need to manipulate to get their needs met.

Because women often feel that they are not valuable, they also often go for men who treat them poorly or disrespectfully. Not all women do this, but it’s still so widespread that pick-up-artists, who are men who specialize in seducing women, sometimes use negging to seduce women. Negging is giving back-handed compliments, such as “wow, going outside looking like that! I really admire how brave you are and how much you don’t give a fuck.” Or: “you’re pretty, and I bet you’d be even more beautiful if you lost some weight.”

Obviously I don’t think that people should engage in negging. Still, it does work pretty well on many (not all) women. Negging being effective is why pick up artists use it in the first place. Pick up artists just use whatever works. If writing poetry or being respectful to women worked then they’d be doing that. Instead, pick up artists often neg, because that’s what works on a lot of women.

Meanwhile the stereotypical kind and considerate man has a lot less success with women than negging pick-up artists do. Yes, I know some women genuinely do go for the kind and considerate men, but most women don’t.

Why does negging often work? It’s because most women feel that she doesn’t have value, and therefore a guy who insults her or treats her poorly is confirming her worldview and self-identity. That is actually comforting and familiar in a way. People want their worldview and identity to be confirmed, even if it’s a negative one.

Meanwhile, a man who treats her with a lot of love and respect or who regularly gives her compliments or who does a lot of practical things for her, contradicts her “I am not valuable” worldview, which causes inner discomfort. This often leads to the woman first being confused, because she should be attracted to this man, right? He’s everything that she claims and thinks she wants. He’s kind and caring and emotionally open and he helps her out practically.

But she isn’t actually attracted to this kind, considerate, helpful man. So then she rejects the kind man in favor of another man who treats her significantly worse, because she is attracted to him. And then she might rant against “nice guys”, because she’s struggling with the cognitive dissonance that here’s a guy who is good to her and treats her well, and she’s not attracted to him, while she is attracted to jerks who treat her poorly. The way out of that cognitive dissonance is concluding that this kind man must secretly be actually evil, therefore “nice guys” are secretly evil and manipulative. Therefore “nice guys” are the worst.

This is also part of why women often think that guys are jerks. Most women are attracted to jerks, and hence most of women’s relationships are with jerks, hence women have more close interactions with jerks than with the kind men she rejected. Hence women conclude that men are jerks. However in reality most men aren’t jerks, she just rejected all the non-jerks in favor of jerks and then concluded that all men are jerks.

This also leads to a scenario that some men absolutely hate, where the woman says some variant of: “I wish I could find a kind and respectful and emotionally open man.” The man goes: “I’m a kind and respectful and emotionally open man.” And he’s right, but despite that the woman refuses to date him. Yet the woman will date and sleep with men who clearly aren’t kind or respectful or emotionally open.

I’m not saying that women owe men sex or relationships, but it would be nice if women were more honest about what they’re actually attracted to. Or if women did their inner work, and hence found their inner sense of self-value, so that they stop being attracted to jerks. The minority of women who value themselves aren’t attracted to jerks and also aren’t attracted to the “I can fix him” type of men. And that’s what I’m ultimately trying to accomplish with this message: getting women to value themselves.

Women also sometimes deal with the cognitive dissonance of being attracted to jerks by insisting that the jerk is misunderstood, or that he has a heart of gold, or that she can fix him, or that he is a good person. Even when the jerk isn’t actually treating people super well, while she doesn’t label less attractive but kinder guys as “good people.” And she also isn’t dating men who are more moral but less attractive.

While negging is an extreme example, a lot of men have incidentally noticed that when they treat women like crap, the woman is more likely to be attracted to him than if he treats her kindly and with respect. Meanwhile if he helps her out practically, she’s less likely to date him. Again, this is because it’s comforting to people to have their worldview and self-identity confirmed, and women usually have a negative self-identity because of the psychic implant. Meanwhile it causes discomfort in people if their worldview and self-identity are contradicted, which is what kind and helpful and respectful men inadvertently do to those women who haven’t overcome their own lack of self-worth.

Let’s give a few more indicators that show that women don’t have an inherent feeling of self-worth. Men, with their inborn sense of “men are inherently valuable”, don’t feel psychologically threatened by the thought of admitting when they screw up. Women don’t have that inborn sense and therefore they often feel a resistance to taking responsibility or accountability.

Yet another indicator of women feeling that women have no value is that women tend to be more materialistic than men. So the argument here is that because women have no core of self-worth, they use things to fill the hole in their heart and to impress the people around them and therefore derive some external validation and self-worth from other people’s approval. Most of men’s materialism actually usually comes from men trying to show women that they’re well-off and therefore a good provider. If you observe a man who has given up on dating, you’ll probably see a man living in a small apartment without much unnecessary fluff. He’ll probably drive an old clunky car, even if he has the money for a better one, because hey it still works. He’ll probably wear old clothing, because hey it’s still good, even if he has the money to buy new clothes. Meanwhile a woman who claims to have given up on dating probably isn’t wearing old clothing or driving a clunky old car, if she can afford to upgrade. Similarly shopping sprees and buying lots of stuff online is also associated with women, not with men. Sure I’m generalizing here, there absolutely are materialistic men and there are non-materialistic women, but anecdotes don’t disprove the general trend.

Yet another reason: women often have an utter coldness towards average men and their issues and their suffering. This is because in most women’s minds, men already have the privilege that they’re men, and men are more valuable than women, therefore screw men, they should shut up. They already have the privilege of being the more valuable gender, after all. That’s how the subconscious thought pattern goes, even though society doesn’t actually treat men as being more valuable.

Yet another indicator: a lot of this female “I’m not a woman, I’m queer / non-binary / gender non-confirming” behavior comes from women not valuing women, and therefore they say that they’re queer or non-binary or gender non-conforming instead. Meanwhile men are less likely to do this, because men are more often perfectly happy being their own gender, because men value men.

As the last argument in this list: yes, some men are sexist. However, from time immemorial onwards, women have been born with the implanted belief that they are not valuable. And that implanted belief is actually a large part of the reason why most successful people weren’t women. It’s not fair to blame everything purely on men or patriarchy or sexism or whatever: a huge part of this disparity is just women not daring to take risks or speak out or be themselves, due to this implant. Meanwhile, men don’t have the implant and are absolutely willing to take risks and speak out and be controversial. And sure, that means that if you look at the group of the most successful people, those are usually men, because it’s men who have the inborn self-confidence to take risks and be controversial. Those things are usually required to be successful. But this isn’t sexism or men being inherently superior, it’s just Earth men just happening to not have a self-esteem-sabotaging implant.

Okay, so to recap: men aren’t born with the belief that women aren’t valuable. Men have the proper belief that men and women are both valuable. Women, due to their psychic implants, have the false belief that women aren’t valuable. We’ve just gone through a long list of indicators that show that women indeed have this false belief that they’re not valuable.

Of course, this false belief of women that women aren’t valuable, has a lot of negative consequences. Of course it makes women less happy and less emotionally healthy. It damages romantic relationships and the relation between the sexes. It damages how individual men and women treat each other. It makes women cold towards average men and their suffering.

It leads to double-think in some women, where some women think that men are privileged and men hold all the power in society and men rig society to unfairly favor men, and meanwhile there are more women-only scholarships at a time when already more women go to university. Meanwhile you can publicly insult men-as-a-group while you can’t insult women-as-a-group. Meanwhile it’s unacceptable to portray women negatively in movies yet most men in movies are either immoral or idiots. Meanwhile it’s mostly men being homeless or committing suicide or dying in the workplace.

The good news here is that because this implant underlies so much pain and suffering and dysfunction, women and thereby society can make huge strides by weakening or dissolving these “women are not valuable” implants.

I’m also hoping that men realize that women are born without a sense that they’re valuable, while men are born with that sense (it might be stripped away in men due to culture and the economic situation, but at least men are born with this). I hope men can have compassion and empathy and understanding for women. While these psychic implants aren’t the fault of Earth men, they do make women’s lives much harder and more painful. These implants are a very painful thing that women have been living with.

Women are actually right that they’ve been held down. It just wasn’t Earth men or the patriarchy or sexism doing that, it was hostile galactics. And women can resolve this situation.

Namely: women can weaken or dissolve their own implant via the same technique we discussed earlier. So: sit down and breathe a few times deeply and slowly. Then think the following questions one by one: “Is it true that women don’t have value? Is it true that I don’t have value? Is it true that I am worthless? Are men better than I am? Are men more capable than I am? Are men more valuable than I am? Are women kind of awful? Have I been somewhat awful to other people at certain times in the past? ” Observe what comes up, without trying to change or judge or suppress anything. Observe your thoughts, feel your emotions. If you feel like doing something — yelling, punching something, crying, journalling, taking a shower, whatever — then do that, it’s part of the process. Just repeatedly think these questions until so-called negative emotions no longer come up.

Note that you’re not saying negative things about yourself, instead you’re asking questions. So this practice doesn’t implant negative beliefs into your subconscious. Instead it brings to the light the beliefs and feeling that are already there, so that they can be observed and then released. Whatever you’re feeling, you’re healing (so long as you don’t suppress or judge or try to change it).

It’s also good to formulate a positive sentence afterwards, to replace these negative beliefs that you just released. Ideally this positive sentence comes from your own heart and is a more healthy belief than the belief you used to have. Please make sure it’s authentic. If your genuine truth is that right now you don’t feel super valuable yet, then maybe you can say that you rationally know you are valueble, and emotionally you feel like you have some amount of value, and you’d like to become more aware of your own value in the future. Maybe recapping what you did well at the end of each day can be a good practice to build your sense of self-value.

Yes, in an ideal world you just feel that you inherently have value even without reminding yourself of things you did or positive qualities you have. However these reminders can serve as useful training wheels for a time.

My beautiful sisters, I’m so sorry that this “women aren’t valuable” belief has been implanted in you. I think that you’re very brave and are doing incredibly well, because life on Earth is incredibly tough. Most souls in the galaxy would do significantly worse than you, had they been born in your shoes. You’re doing great, and you have all my love and respect. I salute you.

I know this may be a challenging and perhaps painful message. If you have read so far, then I respect your openmindedness. I understand that it can be tough to read a message that goes against what you’ve been told all your life. It can also be awful to read that you’ve been implanted with a false belief that probably has caused you pain, and that probably has made your life significantly harder. I’m sorry about that and I empathize.

At the same time, while you genuinely are victims of this psychic implant, at the same time you’re still responsible for your life. Both of those things can be true: you are a victim from one perspective, but at the same time it’s also true that it’s productive to take responsibility for your life.

It’s also good to keep in mind that while frankly some Earth women have been treating men atrociously, men aren’t vengeful. Western men in 2023 don’t want revenge and they don’t want to oppress women. They just want to start living harmoniously and start moving forward together with women. Men want both men and women to have a good life. I think that’s beautiful. The male hand is still extended.

Men already know and accept that women are equally valuable. Your average man is thrilled to be in a relationship with a feminine woman, even if she doesn’t excel in masculine pursuits. Men don’t see feminine women as lesser than themselves, or as lesser than men in general. Men don’t judge women for not doing well in masculine fields, such as women not having an impressive career, because men value femininity.

Finally, let me paint you a positive and hopeful picture of what society can be like when women don’t have this “women aren’t valuable” implant. I’ll be doing so by talking about a very relevant and practical example, namely Pleiadian women in Pleiadian society. Recall that we’re humans, just like you, to the extent that Earth humans and Pleiadian humans can have children together in the natural way. So the following really isn’t utopian, it’s actually quite achievable.

This “women aren’t valuable” implant will be removed. Hence, women will have and will be born with a core of self-regard and self-esteem. Women are happier and more fulfilled and psychologically healthier as a result.

Because women have self-esteem, they don’t feel the need to try and compete with men in masculine fields. Of course a few women do have mostly masculine energy and so it may fit those women to mainly focus on their careers for example, just as a few men have mostly feminine energy and being a stay-at-home father works best for them. However in this future, most women just follow their natural and innate energy, which is mostly feminine for most women. As a result, there are a lot more women who see the value of motherhood and being unconditionally loving and supporting everyone (including men). Women aren’t afraid of being feminine and following in relationships, and hence most women do because that’s the natural energy of most women. Hence far more people are in beautiful, mutually satisfying, amazing, healthy relationships that make both partners happy.

There’s far less conflict and unhappiness and anger between the sexes. Both genders support and appreciate each other instead of fighting with each other. While no one is forced to do anything, most women choose to be feminine and most men choose to be masculine because that’s their natural energy, and the genders harmonize and naturally complement each other. As a result, everyone is much happier and society thrives. Abundance and general wellness is the result.

Because there are unconditionally loving feminine women around who value motherhood, men feel that their society has value and is worth investing into. As a result, men are happy to be masculine and work hard and contribute, and society thrives, far more than in the current Earth situation where both men and women try to be in a weird half-feminine and half-masculine energy.

Women care for people, including men. Men, feeling that their society is legitimate, care for everyone, including women and children.

At the same time, women aren’t weak. They have self-esteem and they have high standards, not just for their partners but also for their society as a whole. Women might very well say that the homeless should be helped, and thereby motivate men to make sure that everyone has a home.

Women don’t have to do this by making demands or shaming men or trying to pass new legislation or taxes. In other words, women don’t have to choose to pursue a path that basically forces people, willing or not, to contribute to the alleged greater good (for example via legislation or taxes or by social shaming people with the wrong political beliefs). Instead women can just seek to contribute themselves directly, or women can love and support and appreciate men, which in turn makes those men more nourished and therefore more likely to help the homeless in turn.

Picture a man who is well-off in terms of finances and emotional health and physical health and free time. He also has a loving and affectionate and feminine wife. The wife says: “honey, wouldn’t it be great if everyone had a house? Let’s help them out, together.” Most likely the man is happy to then help the homeless (or perhaps he was even motivated to do that before she said anything). Or the wife can motivate the husband to work towards the societal goal of treating animals better in this way. This can be a much better basis for improving society than the current basis of: “the government raises additional taxes on people against their will, and then spends a portion of that taxes on the homeless.”

Even putting aside government inefficiency and corruption, the whole notion of “people can’t be trusted to be charitable, therefore the state forcibly taxes people” is strange to us. Because if society is fair and people just follow their natural energy (which will result in most of society being masculine men coupled with feminine women), then people can be trusted to be charitable. This is why us Pleiadians have no taxes and very few laws, and also no one in our society suffers from lack. If you have people following their natural energy, then people will naturally feel that society is valuable and legitimate and will naturally feel an inclination to help others. Alright, women are more caring and so women might have to remind the men every now and then that no one should be homeless, or that animals should be treated well. Still, women can do this via 90% love and support and appreciation for men and of course women’s own contributions, 10% gentle reminders to men and 0% shaming or calls for additional taxation or legislation.

And of course, women have full legal rights. Women are free to pursue and do whatever they want. She can become a priestess, or an artist, or a housewife, or a CEO, or a teacher, or anything she wants. Women aren’t forced to be or do anything. Just because women are invited to be feminine, doesn’t even mean that women have to be feminine, it’s just that being feminine is what aligns with the natural energy of the vast majority of women. But of course, even feminine women can do stereotypically-masculine or masculine-energy things. And non-feminine women are honored too, just as non-masculine men are. Relationships other than masculine men and feminine women are also equally valuable and equally honored, of course.

The vast majority of people are really happy when they’re in a masculine man – feminine woman relationship. Yes, the women too. This isn’t oppression. If anything it’s empowering.

So, I think something like this would be very nice, for everyone. Although of course it’s up to you how you want to live your life, and it’s up to Earth humans how they want to structure society.

I love everyone unconditionally and endlessly.

Your star sister,


For Era of Light

**Source: this article is only here, because the channeler thought it may be too controversial for youtube.

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15 Replies to “Tunia: Implants and Women Undervalue Femininity”

  1. Youngold

    Very impressive! I am working on self valuing myself and no more from outside validation, however this is after decades of sabotaging partnership, happiness and success. Most of what Tunia says make sense. I resent my partner when he wants to lead, i “think” it cuts my independence and it sounds like i am losing value if i follow. A whole person does not lose value by participating in someone’s else idea! This message gives much light to common issues in relationship and male/female tensions. I remembered loosing all of my means and power during job interview lead by certain male person and have always wonder why, as generally i am a strong will and assertive being. thank you for this chant to a new balance and healthy integration of masculine and feminine energy into the dynamics. And i feel we can dissolve these implants as they are like old patterns that we do not want to work with any longer. Also, i have never like quotas, i join you there too, and people was having hard time understanding the bad side of it. we are getting to a healthier society when we drop the blame game and take our own authentic stand. Thank you Tunia and the channeler. Peace

    1. Raksha

      I liked your comment.
      I also find that quotas are condescending. I would hate to be “allowed” a quota. Again, people who pretend to value some group of people are actually under-valuing them.

  2. brazilbilly

    “Feminine and not overweight”—boy, you sure hit the nail on the head with that one, Tunia! Remarkable that someone from a different star system could know and understand so much about human male/female dynamics. And once again I find myself in total agreement with your analysis.

    Any place on Earth I could meet a woman who understands all this stuff as well as you? If only!

    1. A.S.

      KejRaj, I really appreciate everything you do for this site and I personally think the Hakann picture is very good. However I have to admit that I’m not in love with this Tunia picture either.

      If you agree: I thought the previous blue-ish Tunia picture was fine. I’m also okay with the youtube Tunia picture (and can mail it to you if you want). Or if you have some other image, I’m fine with that too.

      1. Yep

        OP is obviously triggered exactly as Tunia described. It is counter-productive to bow to such suggestions. This type of human does indeed exist and is a lovely part of the diversity found on Earth!

  3. scotth9510

    I agree with you tunia it can be an uphill battle for women especially with my mother constantly being down on herself though it doesn’t help she’s married to a guy who isn’t really healthy for her and she was married to a real piece of crap before him.

  4. Harmz

    From a 25 year old man who longs for love and companionship – thank you.

    I pray that I will meet her soon.

  5. John

    This may not be strictly middle-school perspective, but I do perceive the ‘mechanism’ preserving free-will on this planet as far more effective than you’re crediting it to be.
    The circumstance of these implants, as unfair as it seems, did not technically infringe the rules, and for some people it might be easier to overcome the programming by understanding that. (Quoting the Architect, from The Matrix trilogy: ” As I was saying, she stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly 99% of all test subjects accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice at a near unconscious level.”)
    To say ‘the cops were not around’ might convey a false idea that the negative galactics did not entangle themselves into the mess: are /they/ free from implants?

    As noted, there isn’t much you can do to help someone develop actual self-esteem (or any quality that starts with ‘self-‘, for that matter). If men do so to women, they’re condescending. And if they stay away, they’re indifferent.
    If you step in to stop negative galactics from interfering in a civilization, you’re interfering in that civilization. If you stay away, you’re indifferent.
    Given the similarity of these circumstances, it would be spurious not to ask, “How can you tell gray hats are not being held back from empowering the average human by the same predicament as yours?”

    Last but not least, teleporting toddlers seems like a fearsome trend and I suggest peek-a-boo games be discontinued ASAP.

  6. bonin66

    Thank you Tunia – I always love reading your book.

    Again I am very much impressed by the scope and depth of this writing.
    Her understanding of the matter and the clarity and manner in which
    she expresses her thoughts is really outstanding.

    So much for that. Now let me get to the point.

    Tunia speaks about psychic implants that block our innate abilities.
    However there is a remedy for all this. Celestial chamber or what is commonly referred to as medbeds can solve this type of problem quite easily. Let me explain.

    Humans have been genetically stripped of most of our innate abilities
    and we have been reduced to low 3d consciousness. Nevertheless
    our original 5d blueprint has not been tampered, and therefore
    remain intact. The Medbed will quickly look into the original human
    blueprint for proper diagnosis. Anything found missing (genes) and anything unnessarily added (implants) in our body can be corrected and restored to its original form.

    With medbed our low consciousness can be upgraded to full
    consciousness. And because both our abilities and consciousness will be
    improved at the same time, we will not confront the kind of disaster that
    people in Lemuria and Atlantis experienced in the past.

    Mike Ohira

  7. Mark

    I will quote a line from an old movie,” I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” We should be crying this out loud collectively.

  8. Jared

    Thanks for the book Tunia:)

    I’m powerful and I deserve a wonderful life amen is better for us to believe. Amen

    I think women are valuable amen.
    They are pretty and hot and lovely and caring and wonderful and creative and nice amen.
    Yay women!

    All the men are kind and loving amen:) is a good affirmation amen.

    I like you and I will leave a nice comment:) Mwah.

    Women value themselves amen.
    Everyone just take the result you want and make it an affirmation with amen at the end amen:)

    Be nice to men they should tell the truth amen:)

    I am brave amen! everybody can say if you want to be braver:) amen

    Women shall not be cold towards our suffering, they have to be loving and kind and caring about all suffering and help love everyone better:) Amen

    Yes I want to start having a better life and better world with women and a lovely girlfriend:)

    I like this picture of a lovely world.
    Please paint some more lovely world pictures Tunia amen.

    Thank you.

  9. http://2012portal.blogspot.sg/

    Thank you Tunia for posting, I think the Chinese Communist Party hates those who are anti-Party, anti-communist and say bad things about them. They can arrest these people at any time. In the Chinese Internet community, women’s rights basically hate men, and they hate patriarchy. There is constant cyber violence on the Internet. These cyber mobs continue to pretend to be people who protect their national interests, especially when it comes to political issues, which can still be handled by China’s cyber police, especially ID cards can be monitored on a large scale through Internet data, and can be used at any time It violates the law. Websites can locate their mobile phones and computers. There is another group that supports people who like Japanese culture. Japan has a strong energy vortex. The hope is to plunder the power and wealth of these people, not the opponents, just like riots, imagine those who went through the Cultural Revolution, we live in cities that are also harassed by mobs, looted and chaotic, nuclear pollution is emitted in Japan, Chinese patriots are against Japanese shops and Japan Regarding any regional companies organizing group calls to issue death threats, at the same time they smashed and looted Japanese stores, threw stones and incendiary bombs at the Chinese embassy in Japan, most of the civil forces boycotted Japanese goods, and there were demonstrations. I said on May 16 Dreamed of a goddess life, he said do you want to go home, and you will become a person like Max, speaking of Max, his wife Jenny is a member of the Rose Sisters, he knows Max and provides us with knowledge to understand that there is corruption in this world Unfair unjust unequal world, I believe Marx did not penetrate.