5th Dimension New Beginning

By Judith Kusel

We are in the midst of tremendous shifts into the 5D, which is greater than all we ever experienced before. I have had some very deep messages from the whales, and they have already ascended into the New Earth and are fully tuned in, in ways we humans still need to master in its fullness.

More than this there is much rejoicing and infinite knowing that this is a new beginning for all life and life forms, and all the new species which will make themselves known to us, as we ascend further and many of the extinct species will reappear.

The waters themselves are going through a total recalibration and indeed landmass is rising and some will sink under the sea as the Old earth merges with the New. The New Earth is much larger, and they as the Old disintegrates many parts will totally change and some will be reborn in ways I am shown, but as yet cannot put into words.

The Crystal Pyramids and the crystalline Pyramids grids are pulsating with fifth to seventh dimensional vibrational frequencies and the spine of the earth is alight and has merged with that of the New Earth.

All is happening.