Unpacking September’s Astrology: Venus Direct and Jupiter Retrograde

By Donna Page

Hello Friends of Astrology,

How was the Super Blue Moon for you last night? The energy of the full moon will be felt for a few days, pushing us to realign between the worlds of what is practical and dreams of what is ideal. September begins with the two helpful planets, Venus and Jupiter shifting directions.

Venus moves direct on the 3rd at 12 degrees of Leo connected with the north node of Neptune. This configuration brings a dreamy visionary vibration for us to capture what our ideal is for a life of Venus, our idea of a beautiful life filled with what we love. Of course what we are envisioning as a possibility doesn’t always exist in reality; and sometimes we become disillusioned in people when they don’t live up to who we know they can be. Yet the purpose of enveloping this energy around us it to break the negativity of imposed limitations and imagine what is possible.
Jupiter shifts retrograde on the Monday the 4th, Labor Day for the USA. Jupiter likes for us to go big, to expand what we think we can do and say yes to life. Jupiter in Taurus is willing to spend a little more for something in order to have better quality. Taurus is an earth sign; Jupiter in Taurus tempts us to get out in nature and appreciate the beauty of Mother earth.

New Moon in Virgo September 14th

The Virgo new moon vibrates in a harmonious aspect with the planet Uranus gently allowing for change in our daily routines of life. This support of the new moon is to make adjustments to feel that what you are doing is useful and has a purpose. The new moon is opposite Neptune, again a theme of visualizing your ideal life. Venus is slowly moving forward in Leo and is square to Jupiter in the new moon. This indicates the desire to go after more of what you love in life. There is an element of I want it, I deserve it, with this combination. As Venus spends her last few weeks in her extended stay in Leo, the core lesson she brings us is to love, self love and giving authentically from the heart. With the Virgo new moon which brings a practicality in everyday living we have the opportunity to anchor in our daily lives and routine of living our life from our heart center.

Sun In Libra

The sun enters Libra heralding in the equinox on September 23rd at 2:50 am EDT. This is the time of year to enjoy pleasant social activities.  Venus is the ruler of Libra and this year Venus in the equinox chart is still in Leo. Therefore these social activities that will be more readily available will include celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, and gatherings that have a party vibe to them. The north node of the moon is now in Aries, (ruled by Mars) and Mars is in let’s make a compromise Libra. Venus and Mars are in harmonious aspect; if there is something that you have been wanting to make happen, any type of agreement with others, then this energy is very supportive.

Mercury Direct September 15th

Mercury moves direct at 8 degrees of Virgo on September 15th, if you have been putting off a decision over work or education, now is the time that the information you need to feel certain come together.

Full Moon in Aries

The full moon on September 29th is at 6 degrees of Aries, this full moon has Venus in a tense vibration pattern with Uranus. Sudden changes happen under this configuration. If you have been tolerating relationships or situations that are unbalanced or not fair then this energy helps you to walk away. If all is good with your life the Venus Uranus combination with the Aries full moon is fun and exciting. An opportunity comes along to experience something special or different. There is a grand trine (harmonious connection) with the planets Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto in earth signs. Knowledge and insight are easy to come by at this full moon. This is a good time to dive into a subject that is of great interest to you as the Uranus component will help with many a ha moments.

The Aries full moon every year is a reminder to find the sweet spot of going our own way and doing what we like to do while having companions in our life that we can share our interest with. With the prominent Venus in this full moon including fun and excitement are a big part of the recipe for fulfillment.

With love and light,