Liberation Planet Earth and Humanity

By Peter B Meyer

Real Wealth Comes from Within

The fight for the liberation of planet Earth and humanity, will soon come to an end. Don’t give up now but continue with magnified energy. We already have the view of the harbour, it is now just a matter of sailing to safely, entering a world of prosperity, abundance and unlimited love. A world of complete freedom, wealth and fortune is our reward.

The truly awake are now wondering if they are eligible for ascension to the new 5D world? It is expected that at least a third of the world’s population will be able to pass the final 5D exam. Basically, all currently incarnated people have the chance to take part in the 5D exam. Top marks to pass are not required, even the mediocre have a good chance of passing. However, the prerequisite is honesty, sincerity; being open to others and unconditional love for people, animals and nature.

Be happy with your sanity and life, forget corrupt governments, they will be removed. Some say money makes happiness, but money only buys matter.

Happiness and real wealth comes from within by e.g. making real things and providing services, which are the opposite of debt. This needs no further explanation.

Behind the scenes, the house of cards of the oppressors is crumbling. As a result, more and more awake people are seeing the strings connecting the puppets to their conductors. These are the supposedly elected politicians; the people now observe how the puppeteers are directed and posed, the conductors are no longer hidden in the shadows as before.

Everything that comes to us arrives at the right moments and time, it is Cosmic Intelligence that is in charge of all movements in the infinite Universe and that also determines the time of the long-awaited breakthrough.

The vaccine-induced suicide cult is very real, and it is the result of mass hypnosis combined with a widespread desire for self-destruction. Powered by mainstream media-fuelled insane psychological terrorism, many people are now consciously or unconsciously trying to end their own lives. The number of deaths has skyrocketed since the Covid lock-up began, with the sinister solution of free Covid vaccination and silly face mask.

Apparently, many lack self-esteem, turning their backs on God but worshipping technology, science, money or fame.

They apparently have nothing else to live for but more money and fame. When that does not satisfy, they seek self-destruction, not realising that every human being is a divine miracle, created in the image of God.

Getting yourself injected with a deadly biological weapon designed to end human life is an insult to God and an act of spiritual unworthiness.

The veil that imprisons our souls on this planet is being lifted within the now emerging reincarnation process, to free awake humanity from oppression, allowing everyone to flourish as the Creator has provided for each of us.


3 Replies to “Liberation Planet Earth and Humanity”

  1. Rolly

    Thank you, Peter for the good news. In the book of Isaiah 46:11, the Lord Says, ” I have spoken, I will bring it to pass, I have purpose, and I will do it.”