Master Kuthumi: Why Do You Eat Animals?

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Beloved people,

it is up to each and every one of you to place your life in the light of God. What do you complain about the conditions in the world and the violence that people do to each other or exercise against each other? What if you yourself exercise violence against your siblings from the animal kingdom? Be silent!

Why are you so hard-hearted?

This message is an urgent call to all Lightwarriors who have maintained their habit of eating animals to this day and have no intention of changing it. Your prayers, your meditations can never produce the desired result if you sin against God, God’s nature and God’s law on this point.

Because the universal law of God says: Nourish yourself through God and from the light. An infinite number of plants, fruits, grasses and berries serve you for this purpose on earth. In return, this earth has an unmanageable variety in store for you and your siblings from the animal kingdoms.

However, you tend to subsist on the suffering of animals; absorb their flesh and blood in you! Don’t you have any scruples, don’t you know any shame? As long as this fact remains, there will be no peace among men on earth! Notice well:

The war you wage against the animals, the suffering you bring to your brethren from the animal kingdoms through your eating habits, this misery falls back on you. To each and every one of you.

Because every injustice creates new injustice and every conflict between people is very often preceded by insubordinate behavior towards the animals. Of course I’m not telling you anything new. But I’ll say it again, more urgently and more demandingly, so that you recognize the necessity and become aware of your lack of love for animals. With the behavior of eating animals, you prolong the misery on earth and the wars between the peoples can never come to an end. Each person is responsible for this.

It depends on the natural vibration!

Therefore, and only because of this, the malevolent archontic rulers are hellbent on providing you with an overabundance of energetically contaminated and chemically destroyed foodstuffs on a daily basis.

(Archons are spiritual invaders and mind parasites. The Gnostics called this occupying force Archons. “These Archons had the ability to duplicate reality in order to deceive us. They were jealous of us (humans) because we have a soul, which they do not possess, and the Nag Hammadi texts describe this as well as the Archons’ appearance. Some look like a reptile, others look like an immature baby or fetus.” Jay Wieder, From the book “The betrayed heaven” p.140ff, by Dieter Broers).

The lower they keep the vibration of the individual, the easier it is for them to manipulate them and wreak havoc on their souls.

All “civilizational” diseases are based on the fact that this “civilization” delights in the flesh of animals. All black magic occupations of individual people and even entire peoples are only possible because people access animal food on a large scale. Death is omnipresent on this earth, suffering is commonplace and the pain of the animals is unimaginable – and this fact passes by without a trace on many a light warrior!

As if animals were soulless objects whose only justification for existence was to serve as food or clothing for humans. Here it is necessary to carry out a major change in thinking and feeling. Do not ask why there is so much injustice in the world between human beings and between peoples as long as you are treating your brethren from the animal kingdoms in this way. Not eating animals won’t make you a better person, but it will definitely make you easier on the path.

Not eating animals does not automatically protect you from dark energetic incursions. It certainly allows you to think clearer thoughts and be less emotionally agitated or confused.

Anyone who wants to identify and remove extraneous energies must have a clear perception. Anyone who absorbs the suffering of the animals is full of overlays and impurities that block perception and keep the natural vibration constantly low.

Don’t look for excuses

or explanations! Do not justify this shameful behavior by invoking the primitive peoples who use animals as a source of food. Study their behavior, recognize the need for it, and see how mindful most of the peoples it affects and to whom you refer deal with it. However, this “civilization” of yours is far from requiring animal foods for survival. That’s what I’m referring to in this message. I am referring to you who have not really questioned this topic until today.

What does eating animal carcasses mean to me? Do not appeal to peoples who have to do this for different motives, but judge yourself. Step out of the plane of cheap excuses and justifications – it’s not worthy of yourself or those you’re playing this deception to. Clearly, uncompromisingly and resolutely, begin to question every habit. Above all, the habit of consuming animals of all kinds.

JJK: Some people think it’s okay to eat fish, especially since fish provide nutrients that are hard to find anywhere else?

MASTER KUTHUMI: Those who do not want to stop their behavior always find explanations to justify it to themselves and to those around them. Not eating animals means what it means and includes the animals of the water and oceans of this world. If this message affects you, please start changing your eating habits today. Do not absorb anything that harms you. Become aware: what begins with animals continues among humans.

Wars are the result of unconscious everyday behavior. Eating blood-soaked flesh is of the utmost importance, because it provides the individual with enough destructive energy to make inhuman things possible. Inhumane behavior can be seen in the way people treat animals and affects how people treat each other. You can watch the consequences on the stage of this world. Today more than ever, because today more than ever people absorb the suffering of animals and ensure that it spreads further. Consider this:

How are you going to change the world if you don’t change yourself? Turn back!


47 Replies to “Master Kuthumi: Why Do You Eat Animals?”

  1. Silvia S.

    Hy everybody, veganism would be the right choice but fruits and veggies are not healthy yet. Even if we grow food in our gardens, with organic seeds, we cannot choose water to be given to vegetables, it is still polluted, by chemicals, so our bodies keep on being dense. Silvia S.

  2. John

    Meat has absolutely nothing to do with violence and I’m gonna kick Kuthumi’s arse for saying that! Just uhm, gimme a week without meat so I can astrally project there and stuff.

    1. alwayslight

      It’s a wonder people such as yourself come here, can you hear yourself “meat has absolutely nothing to do with violence…” followed by “gonna kick kathumi’s arse for saying that” – ya know, so act out violence against a master, good luck with that! You’re full of hate and darkness john, just like paladin sadly. I don’t say this to attack but to point out the shear level of self delusion you guys have. Seriously, you guys are so much like the dark ones and their concioisness, they have programmed you both so well. Why are you both here, to pretend you’re of the light and carry on doing the same low energy things. Light is as light does and the same for darkness, is not about what you say but the energy you actually have and intent towards others you have. Acting violently towards other sentient eings is an act of darkness, the light will never, NEVER cause you harm another.

      1. Emma

        You call yourself ‘alwayslight’.
        You sound dark, passive agressive, and even openly agressive for an ALWAYSLIGHT.
        Please LIGHTEN up, and dont take yourself so seriously. You are not here to lower peoples vibration.

      2. Emma

        You call yourself ‘alwayslight’.
        You sound dark, passive agressive, and even openly agressive for an ALWAYSLIGHT.
        Please LIGHTEN up, and dont take yourself so seriously.

      3. white knight

        First of all, for your extreme remarks, there is no doubt that you are a human being parasitized by a conspiracy group. As a slave living in the dark world, you should go back to your hometown to reflect on yourself. You belong to Satan’s kind of speech, completely belong to the nihilistic and hypocritical dark humans living in the void. Implant programming has harmed you for a lifetime

  3. Jared

    If you’re not a slave then let go of your false meat programming and live on light:)

    Ever been breatharian?


    So much triggers people!

    Go back and read Tunia’s message about Triggers are an invitation to look inside and do the 7steps by arnoux goran and get clear!


  4. the_complaint_department

    “It is not what goes into the mouth of a man that makes him unclean and defiled, but what comes out of the mouth; this makes a man unclean and defiles [him].”

    Don’t get me wrong, eating anything is an invitation ritual for whatever beliefs you have about it into your being; so it would be a poor choice to be hypocritical with your meals (and if you take the effort to sense, clean and properly energize all food you consume, you will very likely find that making your personal way into veganism generally works to your advantage).

    But if your ascended master activism consists of judging and shaming others with ‘God Law’ instead of being an example, offering them more compassionate advice or actual food, then shame on you pal.

    Reptilian cultures WANT you to believe nature’s survival laws are about domination by force, cruelty, fear and pain; so it can also be done to you under ACTUAL Natural Laws of belief validation. Better lightwork is accomplished by killing and feeding out of love than preaching and abstaining out of arrogance.

    So forgive me if I’m not spiritual enough, but I ain’t having your words for lunch. Why don’t you try eating some of them yourself for a change.

    1. the_complaint_department

      … as a matter of fact I just overcooked about ten ounces of good brocoli while reading that so there you have it.

  5. Raksha

    The number of comments is a testament to the complexity of the topic, and the emotional charge that this subject triggers.

    I have some serious doubts about the Vegan diet being healthy for a human being on the long-run. On the other hand, I am sensitive to how animals are treated. I never buy industrial meat, from animals who are probably poorly treated. I try to buy local, and ask questions about how the animals are living. There is obviously a lot of room for improvement in how animals are treated. Maybe the price of the meat is under-valued (I heard that for most of history, food consumption represented 50% of the budget of average people), and meat from well-treated animals is obviously more expensive. Easy for me to say, many could not afford such moral luxury.

    Guilt-tripping others is not the answer, especially not from a supposed spiritual source.

    Is eating bugs acceptable? Some powerful people wish just that for you.

    Killing to eat is acceptable in my eyes. My body will feed the worms in the end. But treating living beings well is also important. It’s not the fact that animals die that is choking, it’s how they lived.

    1. Jared

      If you saw people engaging in cannibalism would telling them to stop their behavior be guilt tripping?

      Clearly certain behaviors are wrong.

      Murder, rape, etc.
      Killing animals when we don’t have to, and we don’t, is wrong.

      So many triggers people.
      Read Tunia message about triggers and do some clearing work.

      1. the_complaint_department

        Nope, but if that’s your best argument I recommend staying away from cannibals.

  6. I am sorry

    I recommend oysters, as they are very prolific and numerous and are waste filters of the sea. The shells can be ground into a calcium rich additive as well, so don’t waste if possible. Imagine the necessity for things like the natives and their views on the sacredness of the animal and how they didn’t waste a single part. If we were to ever raise animals, an unfertilized chicken egg is without a fetus and still a better choice than others (I don’t condone factory farming on any scale, please support local and small scale organic farmers even if you are to consume meat, this includes fish such as wild caught, avoid monsanto factory farms and their GMO fed salmon). Not to say that everyone can make the sudden jump, but you can start here with making a big difference.

  7. Silvia S.

    Hi everybody, this is a very powerful message. I’d like to know whether fruits and vegetables, cereals etc are without soul. If not, if they do have a soul, we shouldn’t eat them too. Thank to those who will give me a reply.

    1. Warda Niati

      yes they do have souls, if you read Dolores Canon’s book about past life, some souls have past life as trees. what makes eating animals different is that animals are sentient beings. they share the same emotions like us humans. the fear they felt upon their death, you consume it too. it lowers your vibration. I understand tgat you cannot make sudden change. avoid animals with more complex cellular memories like cows (and dairy products), they are dense in vibration, chicken is “better”, and then fish, and then raw vegetebles and fruits are the ultimate. veganism is one step towards our next spiritual evolution. some higher evolved beings don’t even need to eat but we’re still far to that level. we would still have our physical body in 5D so we still need to eat. the more you reduce eating dense food like animal meats the easier your transition will be. and of course, the less suffering we prolong on earth, that one reason itself is a strong enough reason to stop eating animals.

    2. Jared

      This is a silly question you are asking cause you wish to eat meat.

      Plants and fruits have life force in them, but no central nervous system so they will not have the pain animals will have.

      We are trying to reduce suffering and have the maximum light in our diet.

      Watch some Earthling Ed videos.
      He debates silly people and explains veganism to their silly brains:)

    3. Emma

      Dont let them shame you.
      They are very judgemental, and that is a sin.
      Millions of animals want the life experience that they would not get, if we dont eat them, as no one has thousands of cows ore chickens as pets.

      We and all animals know the incarnation we enter on this planet. We know it, and we still choose it. Sometimes hard to understand, but I do believe it, most of the time.

      Nothing is an error. All is well, and God wants it to be this way, or he would change it.

      Imagine a child, trying to walk, falling down, you stop if from walking, because it is cruel to fall, and the child never learns to walk. We have hardship to learn stuff, or to take on some of the collective stuff of bad vibration, so does the animals. But some people are wired to see victims everywhere, because they themselves feel victims in life.

    1. alwayslight

      Wow, what pure low intelligence, are you going to eat humans if they taste good too? Seriously, some really uninvolved people on this planet. Are you one of the complainers fed up with the way the world is right now. Do you know how much damage is done to the earth grids because of animal slaughter, just so you can entertain your self proclaimed blood lust. You’re far more like the enslaving races than you think, yes, that’s what they do, these are there ways, they brought this blood lust to the planet, and you are carrying that mantle on… One day you might a actually wake up!

      1. Paladin

        Oh good grief, AlwaysRight returns as Alwaysright and not one of his sock puppets.

        I know youre obsessed with me Alwaysright, but I just don’t swing a bat in your league.

        Maybe you and this Master what’s his name can lecture one of the other thousands of carnivorous animals. Personally, I’d like to see a cage match with you and a very hungry Kodiak bear or perhaps a Siberian Tiger. You can use your higher vibes on them as an admonition for eating other animals. I’d also like to chum some Great White Sharks to the back of a boat and have you go in for a swim, or perhaps have you cross the Nile with a herd of Zebras while 20 ft Crocodiles are lurking just beneath the suface.

        You get my point, even though you’re though your thick like heavy cream.

        Have a nice day, love, love, love and all that.

        1. alwayslight

          Oh bless, the ego, do you really think I’m obsessed with you? I have no interest in you, don’t even know who you are, your level of spirituality and choice of words is very clear, in the dark and uninvolved thoughts you have. This is a shame, I have compassion, for the energetic results you have called to yourself on your path for such cannibalistic ways will come of your own asking, you may rally words from your offended ego as much as you wish, but no one can outrun the energies they carry and the harm they have born on to others, the universe is made to cause you to walk the very creations you have given birth to, of your own making. You’re more alike to the dark races that seeded such behavior than you think. If I come face to face with a Tiger, the tiger will act as it does by the instinctual programming it has as a result of the millennia of conscious degradation of the of the presence of the dark ones. You have the ability to choose your actions and you choose to use them as the dark ones do, to choose that you are above the wishes of others and do as you will with them, as if the master and animals are the slave. This is really what advancing spiritually is really about, learning to respect all life, and that you are master of no one but yourself. Clearly you have so much to learn, perhaps in the next life as I really doubt you’ll make it in this one. Oh and it’s AlwaysLight, not always right, I don’t see myself as right and others wrong, but when I see people basking in the harm they do to others, I feel the need to highlight it, not in bending you to my will, that is what you do to animals, no, in the hopes you may one day wake up from your darkness and live in the light. You have no right to complain about what the dark ones attempt to do to you, they see you as you see animals, you have the same consciousness as them, you both find it acceptable to impose your will on other sentient beings and do as you will with them, regardless that those beings do not wish it…

          1. Paladin

            No, your name is Alwaysright. You really like to bloviate and lecture others. I think the lesson you need to learn is what a bloviating bag of wind you are.

            You lecturing others about their ego is funny. Good one Alwaysright.

            Luv, luv, luv mate!

          2. white knight

            Why don’t you choose to cooperate with your master’s Chimera so much? You should be a lackey all your life, speaking without factual interventionism. You’re a lizard Nazi, Kennedy’s death. You should go to the funeral with his death

      2. white knight

        Firstly, if you have the ability, you should start making candy slices, cakes, and other things without genetically modified or pesticide ingredients. Use flour or sweet potato powder and onions to make fried foods. I know your family’s problems, and you need to start a business to solve your life. Don’t worry about any family problems.

    2. Jared

      Raw vegan mango pie also tastes good:)

      Peace pies San Diego, yummiest food I ever had amen.

  8. Jared

    That is a harsh message for most people!
    Trigger warning!

    But so so true!

    I started going towards a vegan diet in 2015 when I started my clearing practice.

  9. Ural

    This entire 3D universe has been under the control of dark forces for billions of years. When the evolution of life began on Earth, back in the Precambrian period, it was also influenced by dark forces and many of the first living organisms, because of this influence, began to survive by devouring others.

  10. Emma

    LOL what an unloving, un-godly and un-divine message.
    God has never been judgemental, but this is, so maybe written by Gill Gates or an associate.

    If God is almighty, and he is, he could just make us stop eating animals. But he gave us free will, and this fraudster say that God gave us free will, but still wants us to not excercise it, well sounds like those hating free speech, and trying to stop that too.

    Please remember this is a war we are in, and Bill Gates and others wants us to eat plants and have invested many money in it. But many gets weaker on plant. Btw… plants have measurable feelings too. But the deep state wants people to be weak, and wants to shame people, to make them feel weak in the minds too. This article are the most deep state article I have read, in this genre.

    If we want to live a live with excuses for what we do, then it is part of the free will. The free will that deep state hates.

    I do believe that in 200 years time, our bodies has changed to function better on plants only, but for now, too many vegans get very sick after 5 years. Only few thrive on plants, and thats the way evolution works. Slowly and without any force.

    1. Alicia

      Thank you Emma, I agree wholeheartedly. What about the food chain, how do they explain that? Oh, now we need to convicne the lions not to eat the antelope and sustain on grasses alone? Not a huge meat eater myself, but none of what this says makes any sense to me. Some ppl do better when their protein comes from meat.

    2. alwayslight

      Unaware Emma, you have so much so backwards “If God is almighty, and he is, he could just make us stop eating animals”. No silly, we have free will, and that is always respected, but you are saying this negates the idea that the light cannot therefore ASK you to stop doing something horrific? You are choosing your free will to do harm to others.

      That lack of intelligence in some of the so called light worker community is astounding, really astounding! Do you understand the damage that is done, the fear energetic that is constantly injected into the earth grids to satisfy your blood lust, yes that’s what it is, you are acting out your reptilian consciousness, that’s what they do. Many in the light worker community claim to be of the light yet carry out cannibalistic practices.

      Have you ever asked yourself if the higher dimensional beings eat the slaughtered flesh of others? Have you ever looked at the comparison of health and vibration between the slaughtered flesh eaters and plant based eaters, that includes fruit, not just veggies. Well, I can save you the time, meaters are falling to pieces with all sorts of illnesses, they life shorter lives. They are often aggressive and violent. And it’s no surprise, as you are literally integrating the shear fear and death energetic of each animal as you cannibalize it. That goes into you, further lowering your vibration, taking you further away from your HS and ascension. How can any good come from causing so much needless pain and suffering of intelligent beings that have families, feel emotion and have compassion towards others, specifically when humans are not made to eat animals (you can’t eat animals raw, that would likely finish you off, you have to cheat and use the technology of cooking to do it). Honestly, such a large portion of the human race is really not going to make it, and it will be of your own making. I can never take anyone, who claims a righteousness of cannibalism, seriously at all, just a part time pretender.

      Any light worker still eating meat is a light worker in meme only. Why not start actually putting compassion and light living into practice instead of living in pretend. If you want to ascend, you’re going to have to let go of being reptilian eventually. Have you asked why they introduced this practice into the earth to start with, oh maybe something to do with keeping you trapped in the wheel of Karma? For the dense out there that say “animals eat animals so why don’t we – animals never used to eat other animals until after the dark ones turned up, it’s their pollution of the conscious grids” . The idea you mention about only a few being able to survive on plants is utter rubbish. Just take a look at the documentary ”forks over knives” and “what the health” as a simple example. Massive numbers of people’s conditions from illness to health are rapidly transformed after going plant based. Vegan is not necessarily plant based. Many vegans eat processed crap and expect to be healthy, and that doesn’t work. Plant/fruit based is what humans are designed for as this is what the earth provides for us… Seriously, light worker pretenders, time to wake up perhaps???? Your call, but you are going to have to deal with the massive fear energetic you have willingly integrated by such practices.

      Here’s a serious question for all meaters out there, if you really feel righteous that it is ok to make (not ask, as you never do) another sentient life to be slaughtered so you can eat its flesh, do you think you have the right to complain if someone wishes to do that to you? You wouldn’t undergo such a horrific ordeal, so how dare you make another do so… The creator said that you must experience that which you create…

      I don’t believe its the judgment of this channel that upsets you, it’s that it’s revealing your true nature to you and you don’t like it… This is the same reaction every time fro meaters trying to defend their reptilian nature.

      Here’s a golden idea, if you would not experience something yourself, you have absolutely no right to ask any other to do the same, certainly no right to make another do that.

      No one is making you a slave btw, you’re doing a fine job all by yourself…

    3. Jared

      It’s divine and loving for the animals and your body amen:)
      Don’tGetBothered 7:10 🙂

  11. Francesca

    Thank you so much for this powerful message!

    As Matthew said in his message of November 2020:

    “Human’s inhumanity to animals has caused a staggering amount of negativity for Earth to deal with.”

    According to Matthew (and other high souls attuned to Gaia, the Earth Goddess), She releases this negative energy through earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods and other violent upheavals in nature.

    Not every natural catastrophe is caused by the Deep State trying to frighten and control us! We ourselves create violent upheavals by the immense suffering we inflict on animals, our ‘younger brothers and sisters.’

    We need to take responsibility instead of just blaming others. Then Ascension will be hastened rather than hindered. All Beings benefit when we turn away from violence toward Love.

  12. Roderick Camelia

    Why did God make it so that animals had to eat other animals to survive? I’m just curious?

    1. Yup

      Yes, and unfortunately, some of our most beautiful animals, like cats (love ’em!) have to eat meat. Unfortunately again, Taurine, an essential amino acid comes from animals and helps prevent blindness. The body can produce it, but it is difficult to get enough. Yes, these sound like excuses and maybe they are. The best solution to all of this is the introduction of replicators and can create the molecules we need for best nutrition. That would be far superior to any meat-growing techniques now being introduced. Myself, I was a vegan, strict with no fish, chicken, for 11 years. I was not healthy and suffered digestive issues. I tried eating raw foods and I admit I probably had carb overload. Raw veggies are difficult to digest without the 5 stomachs like cows have. My hats off to those who eat very little, because that’s what most people would have to do, to digest vegetation as a sole source of nutrition. There’s a good chance I just didn’t try hard enough, but my Mom and I made complicated and sometimes yummy dishes (mixing raw foods proves, again, not easy to digest!) with vegan recipes. Swollen belly city! I knew a wonderful lady I worked with on a macro diet – thin with a swollen belly.. sort of looking like starving kids out of Africa we used to see in ads. It was called “malnutrition” remember? Yes, it may be excuses! It may be we are responsible to “get it right”! Bodies are in different states and some can tolerate foods easier than others due to hereditary traits, long-standing habits, underlying illnesses. Again, could be just excuses! I respect the message, I love it in theory. I wish plants wouldn’t suffer either. Best to all. I hereby will a manifested solution. Love to you.

      1. Emma

        Like your writing.

        I am from north in this world, nordic DNA, and I landed at hospital, doctors said I would die, my pancreas cannot handle carbs well, and most vegan and vegetarian food are high carb.

        Also I am not a slave, so I will not comply with ANY telling me what to do, not any fake Kuthumi or Jahn Kassl.

        God made me this way, and when I ask for night dreams about it, he shows me even stronger people to model, in my dreams.

        1. Emma

          Are you also smoking plants?
          Or mushrooms?
          It is hard to take what you write seriously, when you lie.
          But if you are convinced I want you to stay in a cage with a lion, or tiger if you prefere, and feet them greens, and stay with them until they learn to eat it 😉