Light Influx Symptoms

By Shekinah Rose

So much is going on the planet on so many different levels and realms, including the collective consciousness, Mother Earth, Gaia, and your own inner world.

As a result, we wish to remind you of the necessity of remaining focused on what is yours, what is not, and who you are. What are your gifts, service, blessings, and mission. That you did choose to be here right now on Earth to make a difference with your frequency and consciousness.

Recognizing that this is how you serve and what is right for you will help you  to come back to your center, your gifts, and your service, as this is crucial. As a sensitive empath Starseed, Lightworker, Angelic, or Blue Ray, you can feel, intuitively perceive, and intuitively sense what is occurring in others, the world, and the collective consciousness.

This is how the frequency balance is maintained and how we progress in the ascension, with you being the divine frequency. By receiving the incoming upgrades, influxes of light, and attunements of Heaven, releasing the pains of the past and healing our wounded nature. Allowing the heart of the Christ Consciousness.

And at times you are called upon to be grid workers, to transform the energies, pray for the world, pray for others. Shine your Radiance the light, as some of you are Light Radiators and hold the frequency, “Your center is the love that created you, which is real, true, and always prevails.”

A frequency shift has just occurred, and some of you are experiencing ultra-sensitivity, access to the higher realms of light, and the presence of angels. The awakening and remembrance of your dormant divine abilities, as well as a new sense of self and clarity.

Know that when a big frequency shift happens, there can be a reverberation or backlash in people, relationships, and on the planet. And as you may be experiencing a higher light and heart expansion, In the world, they may feel threatened, and it may increase their efforts to try to conceal, attack, and thwart the light and ascension process.

More frequency shifts will be coming this month and this year. Tune into when this happens as your luminous vibration of light increases and where you can feel super empathically sensitivity. Then see what happens and arises in the world if there is a counter-event or scenario to the light and/or fear-based event or circumstance that is created.

As the influxes of light emerge has the potential to reawaken old wounds to come to the surface for transformation, release and healing. The more intense the fear-based event, situation many times is the higher frequency of light that just came on the planet.

Ascension symptoms & latest Frequency Shift

  • Period of shifting in and out of time and space and working with time in a new way.
  • Needing peace and quiet to feel and integrate.
  • Feeling hungrier, requiring more water, and altering your diet.
  • Resting and needing sleep
  • Increased synchronicity, seeing the number sequences and angel numbers.
  • The ultra sensitives may be feeling waves of energy and light going through them.
  • Times of feeling the body vibrating and almost shaking with the energies.
  • A shift in relationships and connections will be renewed and upgraded and or, they will no longer be compatible, a vibrational match and will end.

Connecting with new guides, Angels, and Nature, remembering and awakening who you are as a being from the Angelic, Light, and Galactic realms, your origins, and your Creation.


One Reply to “Light Influx Symptoms”

  1. Gordon Jackson

    Ascension symptoms always seem to be very non-specific. What is written here could equally well be symptoms of a hangover or symptoms of not liking your job.

    Why is it so difficult to actually pinpoint a specific symptom, for example pain in the lower back that upon focussed meditation releases a wave of energy up the spine?

    Why do we never get specifics from these daily explanations of ascension symptoms? Somebody must have ascended by now and can tell us exactly what the symptoms are rather than wishy washy could be anything symptoms.