Lady Nada: The Eye of God

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Beloved people,

In the eye of GOD, through the eye of GOD and in the omnipresence of GOD the ascension occurs. Everything is entrusted to HIS care, everything unfolds according to HIS will, everything receives strength and reality through HIS love. Nothing remains hidden from GOD’s eyes.

God knows your needs in these days, hours and moments. God knows your questions, God knows your heart and God is familiar with your deep inner longing for unity.

God doesn’t judge you, God doesn’t judge you. What God does is reveal your soul path to you through providences and reflections!

This is how it happens that everything in a life takes on meaning, that every happiness and also misfortune are just two sides of the same coin: that of the grace and the fullness of God!

For how much longer?

Today you face great challenges and sometimes you ask yourself: “How long will this continue?”

But I say to you: Do not complain, do not complain, for everything happens under the eyes of God and through the eyes of God. Everything has a deep meaning.

You count the days until ascension and sometimes you are afraid of what the future, what tomorrow may bring. I’m telling you:

Don’t count the coming days, but give more importance to the present. Too many days pass unlived, then with each passing day you have one thing above all: one less day to give meaning and depth to life, one less day to dedicate yourself to the really important things.

Deepen your efforts to see each day as a day of God’s grace – rather than an imposition or an unwelcome challenge.

Today true masters are being forged, masters in human form, masters like you. This process involves your complete, not partial, awakening! That’s why you often find yourself in situations that demand everything from you. These situations are presented to you as a gift until you can derive the only correct conclusion from them: Everything happens through the eyes of God and in the grace of God!

Grow with your tasks!

Your transformation into a divine human being is in full swing today, which means that you are shedding everything that vibrates low, that you are dying many small deaths and have to get involved in many a big death – until you finally rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Every moment is a gift from God and every event makes you stronger, more conscious, more awakened and more divine.

Grow with your tasks, accept the challenges with gratitude and joy, and only give external events the meaning that they can have for your inner growth!

Because the whole scene on this earth – and how it unfolds every day – serves only one purpose, has only one meaning: to uplift you and promote your inner growth!

When people awaken, the world they live in initially seems strange to them. However, when man is awakened, he transforms the world and it becomes divine, as he himself is.

Awakening or awakened?

Have you already awakened or are you still in the process of awakening? Your view of the earth, your perception of events have a direct connection to it.

The awakened person knows that everything is influenced by HIS grace, the awakened person must first become comfortable with this fact and, like a newborn human being in his body, first find his way in his divinity.

Many people are at this point today!

So I invite you to continue your transformation into a light creation human being undeterred and with all your attention! Nothing more needs to be done now, but this is totally:

until you can see God through your eyes and yourself through God’s eyes.

With perfect love