Dropping the Worldly Noise into the Fire of the Heart

By Aluna Joy

There is a HUGE influx of unmeasurable levels of energy flooding into Earth and humanity right now. I don’t have any clue as to why though we can point a finger to many reasons… Like all the planets in retrograde right now. But here we are. The word “intense” doesn’t describe it any more. (I didn’t have much sleep last night either … Just a lot of very deep energy work was going on here! Yawn.)

This massive wave, filled with transformative light and new codes for our future, is calling us to be CREATIVE and COURAGEOUS and face it all! To dive into all that is uncomfortable. Dive into all our biases, beliefs, and positions that polarize us … the lies and illusions we allow because they still make us feel safe, the fears that are still imprisoning us, the doubts that stall us from moving forward. Then there is facing all the external interfering influences that are between us and our density and our divine purpose. We are healing ancient ancestral trauma all the way back to Atlantis. Most of the ripples we are experiencing in our world now are only echoes of that which began long ago.

We are called to take this deep dive throughout the past, present, and future, throughout our body, mind, and spirit, and through all time space, and dimension. To bring all these dimensions into the FIRE of our hearts. This fire is more powerful than anything, created by any means, internal or external. No external form of darkness in this tired old matrix is a match for the heart flame that is within YOU and ME! SIMPLE! What we face we can feel. What we feel we can heal. What we heal is transformed.

Just like in many indigenous cultures, when making payments in the form of ceremony, when we sacrifice the control and the noise in our mind and let it drop into our open hearts, it makes a payment and therefore we receive the benefits that we could never receive by controlling our minds!

You can not think your way out of this time! Your mind is just ego, a recording of experiences of your past and your old programs. If you work to change your mind you are just changing your ego’s perspective. What you have going on in your mind is no match for your heart fire! BURN that mind NOISE right up and transform it back into a usable form of energy that will benefit all of humanity. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family and friends. Do it for humanity.