The Galactic Federation of Light: You Are Asleep

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You are a human walking around with a veil over your head. What if someone could lift the veil. You don’t need anything special to happen to you. Nobody has to give you a traumatizing event. Nobody has to give you courses that you must pass.  You can remove the veil just by saying I want the veil removed. But be prepared when the veil is removed there is much ugliness you witness. The cover stories you don’t buy, you see straight through. You will see a world where electronics are taking over.  You will see a world that you don’t want to admit to. There is a lot of hatred, starvation, suicide and despair.  It is not a utopia once you take the veil off.  Just repeat out loud, “I am ready to see, remove the vail.”  Wish it within your heart and things become clearer.  What you once were blind to, now you have eyes to see.  You won’t be able to enjoy certain pastimes as they will ring untrue.  You will not enjoy certain foods as they will seem toxic.  Your life gets turned inside out.  Why would you want this?  It’s better to have eyes to see, then be cloaked in darkness.

We wish for you to awaken.  Wake yourself up now.  Don’t be in denial.  Don’t give yourself one more week of that junk food.  See it for the toxins it is.  Don’t take that prescription if you don’t think it is helping you.  Consult with your Doctor.  Are you over prescribed?  Evaluate everything to get to the true core.  Why do we do things like we do?  Who says it has to be that way?  Question authority!  Don’t listen to what authorities will tell you to do.  They do not have your best interest in mind.  Take away the fear and don’t give a thought to what will happen if you don’t comply.  You will not be alone.  You will find others not complying.  Reduce your technology intake.  To much technology is making you compliant.  You watch enough videos that you think, I have to do this.  Limit your technology and think for yourselves, what is your gut telling you to do.  It will be persuaded with enough mass media telling you what to do.  You will not be true with technology input.  In general, reduce your time in front of televised shows.  There are campaigns in the shows that persuade you.

Not enough of you are awake so we must repeat this message.  What is holding you back?  You want your comforts.  You don’t want to change a lifestyle.  You don’t see what the big deal is.  When your sick and have cancer you will wish you thought about your health.  Why did I eat that toxin?  Why did I allow pollutants in my water?  It’s a real wake up call we want to give you.  You are asleep at the wheel, and a semi is headed straight for you.  You are that asleep, it is getting that dire.  For everyone reading this article ask yourself this.  Am I going to change my ways?  Am I going to do today like yesterday?  Will I even be thinking about this tomorrow?  You’re asleep, and we are sorrowful.  Stop today and evaluate.  I have to make changes now, not tomorrow.  Put it in your heart now that tomorrow you will be a different person.  The reality is you will have to make changes.  You will have to go out of your way.  Don’t think of it as an obstacle think of it as adding time to your life.  Think of it as new opportunities to strengthen your health.  See it for the positive.  You will live a longer life if you trust yourself.  Don’t chew on the idea, spit it out and take a big glass of water and treat yourself right.  No one is going to make the decision for you whether you wake up or not, so don’t wait on anybody.  Don’t say, when my friends catch on.  You will be too late.

We hope that you understand our vantage point.  We see all, and we are warning you to stop living in denial and to open your eyes.  You want to be an individual awake at the wheel, with quick reflexes.  We love you and wish you to awake, the Galactic Federation of Light.

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3 Replies to “The Galactic Federation of Light: You Are Asleep”

  1. Ann

    Just read an article from 2014 saying the same thing. Soon, awakened, etc. 2014!!!!! Be nice to everyone and Get on with your lives.

  2. Vendetter

    Silly to post a thread like this to EOL. The majority here are wide awake, this needed to be posted to Facebook or Instagram.