R’Kok: Is Humanity Going to Free Itself?

Note from the channeler(A.S): the first time I did this channeling, R’Kok was quite upset and somewhat angry that the situation on Earth just keeps dragging on. As a result, the information laid out wasn’t super clear (and it also wasn’t a satisfying rant or anything like that). R’Kok and I agreed to redo the channeling a few days later. This is the second, more coolheaded version of this channeling.

I write this to indicate that the galactics aren’t unfazed by what is happening on Earth. They do care.

Here’s today’s message from R’Kok:

My dear Earth friends,

This is R’Kok speaking. I know the situation on Earth is very tough, and so I hope that you are doing relatively okay.

There are probably about ten thousand good-hearted beings who would like to be channeled, for every one reliable channeler on Earth. Hence I am grateful for the opportunity that I can once again talk to you.

Hakann shared an important message last week, titled: “Hakann: Debunking “the liberation process has to be this way.”” In it, he called on the higher-up gray hats to start taking action very soon, and said that if they failed to do so, the galactics may arrest these higher-up gray hats and have them face a galactic court, either for conventional crimes or for oath-breaking.

This led to some questions. Fair enough. I would like to give some clarifications and share some context.

First of all, if a random Joe breaks their oath, we’re not going to arrest him and drag him in front of a galactic court. The situation with the higher-up gray hats specifically was that they usually swore an oath to defend either the constitution or the people, and after their oath they were given power or command over other people. If they then break their oath, they’re effectively controlling other people without consent or justification. At that point, they’re yet another controller, violating the free will of other people.

So if you prefer, instead of dragging oath-breaking higher-up gray hats in front of a galactic court, you can also think of it as: dragging those people in front of a galactic court who have controlled or commanded people without justification. And the moment they broke their oath to protect the people or the constitution, is probably the moment they became a controller, who violated free will.

A gray hat general might try to defend themselves by saying: “yes, I failed to uphold my oath to defend the constitution. However, the people who I continued to command chose willingly to serve under me.” This doesn’t really work in our eyes, because the people under them had a reasonable expectation that their superior was in fact upholding his oath. Also, in the army you can’t really ask your superior if he is actually upholding his oath, or disobey him just because you suspect he might not be upholding his oath. It’s not like a commanding officer ever tells the people under him: “I’ve decided to break my oath to protect the constitution. Do you wish to continue obeying my orders? If not, no problem, you won’t get in trouble if you now stop following my orders.”

So yes, if a gray hat general or gray hat president breaks their oath, but then continues to command people or write laws that control people, then effectively they’re being a controller, who violates free will. And that is certainly something that we can drag them in front of a galactic court for. Of course, we’re not saying that these people are automatically guilty. We’re just saying that this is sufficient basis for a court case.

Second, as I’ll explain later in this message in more detail, we’re either going to not intervene directly and also not arrest the higher-up gray hats; or we are going to intervene directly and are also going to arrest the higher-up gray hats as well as black hats. With “intervene”, we mean something like us taking over your mainstream media and/or us arresting certain Earth humans. So what we’re not going to do is arrest the higher-up gray hats, while leaving the black hats in place.

Next up, some people have asked: what right do you have to intervene like this at all? Well, good question.

On Earth, the way it’s theoretically supposed to work is that the law determines what does and doesn’t happen. Now, this isn’t actually true — what determines what happens on Earth is power and money and the will to act. In practice, the law is more a tool that the dark controllers use to control the population, with the dark controllers themselves breaking the law whenever that’s convenient for them. But theoretically, the law determines what does and doesn’t happen.

How it works for us positive galactics is that first and foremost, we serve Source. And this isn’t theoretical lip service — many of us can literally talk to Source and ask it what it wants. Now, usually Source is very hands-off and doesn’t give any instructions. However, if Source requests that we do something, then that’s what we’re going to do.

If Source doesn’t have any requests, then secondarily we have a very few galactic laws. We find that if you structure society well and everyone has what they need and if everyone can live in freedom, then you don’t need many laws. Still, one example of a galactic law is: you are not allowed to directly harm another, unless you have a very good reason (for example self-defense or defending the innocent).

Also, we know that Source likes certain things such as people having much opportunity to exercise their free will. Us galactics try to promote those things that Source likes.

There is a misconception that Source doesn’t have any preferences whatsoever. This isn’t true. If that was the case, Source would never have created anything in the first place.

Now, yes, Source is usually hands-off. However, Source does for example like it when people have much opportunity to exercise their free will. Someone who has “much opportunity to exercise their free will” is someone who you would think of as free. Conversely, an example of someone with little opportunity to exercise their free will is a slave. A slave can disobey their master, but then they are punished or killed. Technically no one can take your free will away from you, but people certainly can restrict the opportunities you have to exercise your free will.

Source prefers people being free to being enslaved, or in other words Source likes it when people have much opportunity to exercise their free will. Why? Because Source is the poor person who is enslaved. Moreover, both the individual person, as well as the universe at large, experience more metaphorical growth when people have much opportunity to exercise their free will. The universe is more interesting when everyone has much opportunity to make free-will choices. A universe where only a few masters have much ability to choose, and everyone else is a slave, isn’t very interesting and doesn’t lead to a lot of metaphorical growth. Source isn’t opposed to there being some amount of suffering in a certain place for a certain period of time — that too leads to growth — but it certainly can also be the case that Source thinks that a certain place has had too much suffering for too long. Earth is one such example.

So we’ve discussed direct requests by Source, galactic law and us galactics generally trying to promote things that Source likes. Fourth, of course us positive galactics like it when people are free and people aren’t suffering. Taxation and censorship on Earth both look like free-will violations to us. Not to mention that dark controllers sometimes intentionally poison your food and water, and sometimes just straight-up murder people who become inconvenient. So there are clear free-will violations. People also don’t have a real ability to not-consent, or to get justice when their free will is violated. Hence many Earth humans have directly asked us galactics to intervene, and indeed, that is what many of us would very much like to do. We want to end your suffering and to physically meet our Earth brothers and sisters. We know that every day that passes, billions of people suffer, and some children literally get tortured or killed. We want to end this.

So to recap: us galactics are in service to Source. If Source directly requests that we do something, then we do it. If Source doesn’t make a direct request, which is usually the case, then we follow galactic law. We also try to do things that we know Source will like, such as making sure that people have much opportunity to exercise their free will. And of course, we like it when people are free and aren’t suffering.

Let’s look at Earth through this lens. Has Source made a direct request? Yes, Source has asked us to help make sure that the people of Earth will be free in the near future. That, by itself, gives us enough justification to intervene on Earth, and to do what we think needs to be done in order to ensure that the people on Earth are indeed free.

Following or serving a deity has gotten a bad reputation on Earth, because frankly a lot of your deities are either gray or dark beings, and on top of that certain people falsely claim to speak for certain deities. However, following or serving Source is actually fine and works well, because Source isn’t evil and doesn’t lead people down dark paths. Also, once you have a substantial group of people who can talk to Source like we have, people can no longer falsely claim to speak for Source.

So Source has requested that we help Earth humans, and so we shall, and this overrides galactic law. Still, let’s look at galactic law anyway. Is there a galactic law that says that we can’t intervene? No, there is not. We don’t actually have a non-interference law. We don’t have something like the Prime Directive from Star Trek. Why would we make a law that says we can’t intervene to help other people at all, in any circumstance? It’s easy to think of examples where intervention is clearly necessary and thus this law would lead to other people suffering for no reason. Therefore, why would we make such a law?

That said, we do want to do things that Source likes. And in this category, it is true that if the people on a certain planet have a reasonable amount of freedom, then us intervening may very well limit their opportunities to exercise their own free will. Namely, even if we hand a moderately-free people technology or knowledge that reduces their daily chores and that should theoretically give them more opportunity to exercise their free will, then in practice this can lead to an eventual collapse which actually reduces their opportunity to exercise their free will. Atlantis is an example: we handed you too much technology and knowledge too quickly, and we solved too many of your problems for you, and the resulting society wasn’t stable and it collapsed. Whereas we have observed that if a group of people solves their own problems, then they’ll build a society that is stable. Because of this, we tend to be hesitant about directly intervening.

It’s easy to point to people suffering and say “therefore we must intervene.” Many galactics have made this argument over the millennia. However, can you even comprehend the amount of suffering that was caused by us galactics over-intervening during the times of Atlantis and contributing to that fall? If we hadn’t over-intervened back then, today you would likely be living in a sort of paradise already. Us over-intervening in Atlantis led to millennia of suffering. Because of this, we are very careful to not over-intervene.

So, with regards to Earth, our primary objective is to make sure that you are free, because that’s what Source has decreed. There is no galactic law that stops us from intervening directly, and even if there was, we prioritize requests by Source over galactic law. However, we are aware that us intervening directly can lead to a situation that isn’t stable, which in turn can lead to a lot of suffering. Us intervening doesn’t always lead to instability, but it can lead to it. Whereas if Earth people solve their own problems, they will build a society that is stable.

With us intervening directly, we are talking about something like us taking over your mainstream media, and / or us arresting certain Earth humans. We are not talking about the solar flash, because we can’t trigger the solar flash by ourselves. Source can do that by itself, or us galactics can do that in combination with angels and certain celestial bodies. But so far, neither Source, nor the angels and the celestial bodies have given their thumbs-up for triggering the solar flash. Hence at this specific point in time, we don’t have the option to trigger the solar flash (although this can change quickly, if other beings change their mind). Hence the choice that we have is: do we intervene or not?

If you had talked to us ten years ago, we would have explained this and concluded that we should support Earth humans and solve hard-to-address problems for them (such as dealing with hostile galactics). However, back then there was a good probability that Earth humans would free themselves. Therefore, ten years ago, it seemed clear to us that we shouldn’t intervene ourselves, beyond support and solving hard-to-address problems. Instead we should let Earth humans liberate Earth humans, and let Earth humans build a new society — which would then be guaranteed to be stable.

Today… today the possibility that you will free yourselves is substantially lower. While you lightworkers have performed very well and have done your part, the gray hats really haven’t been doing their share of the work. While we are in favor of peaceful citizen protest, we are not expecting a sudden huge wave of that. Moreover, even at times and in places where that did happen, it’s not like the people got their freedom back. The dark controllers aren’t going to give up just because of protests, or just because some people make certain legal or lawfulness arguments. At the end of the day, the situation on Earth won’t end until some people simply arrest the dark controllers. There is still a probability that the gray hats will finally arrest the dark controllers, but currently that probability is low.

In fact, the current probability of Earth humans freeing themselves is low enough that it’s actually close to the point that would lead us to conclude that we have to intervene ourselves. Which would mean us taking over your media and / or us arresting certain bad guys, and risking possible instability that might result from that.

There are several reasons for why we have become more pessimistic about Earth humans freeing themselves. One of them is Lahaina and the corresponding lack of action, disclosure and help from the gray hats. You may also recall that in years past, there was some amount of optimism among lightworkers that bad guys would be arrested soonish and disclosure would happen, but this optimism has diminished over time. Well, our optimism has diminished over time too.

Now, to be sure, it has always been true that you will be free, and that is still true today. That is not in question. There is no future scenario under which you are not going to be free. It’s just a matter of: will humanity free itself, or do we have to intervene and risk possible instability from that?

We have already stepped up our behind-the-scenes operations even more. Also, Hakann’s message from last week was an attempt to encourage humanity to free itself. And some higher-up gray hats have indeed seen Hakann’s message, although they haven’t taken the action yet that we were hoping for. Again, gray hats: if you feel that you need help with the mass arrests and disclosure, then talk to us and we’ll happily give you all the support you need.

Still, we may have to intervene at some point. An intervention by us could happen from anywhere between October 2023 to somewhere in 2026, although there is a small probability that it will be later than 2026, and an intervention in 2023 is unlikely. If we intervene, then most likely that is going to be in 2024, 2025 or 2026. I understand that many of you are suffering every day, so we do understand that intervening sooner rather than later would be a very good thing.

Every cycle Hakann spends time with his family, and when he resumes work, the first thing he checks is if there’s any sign of Earth humans having made a substantial move towards freeing themselves. We are still hoping that you will free yourselves. And if you do free yourselves, we don’t need to drag any of the higher-up gray hats in front of a galactic court, either for regular crimes or for oath-breaking. In this case, we would just be hands-off and we would happily let humanity make its own choices.

But if I’m being blunt, the probability of you freeing yourself at this point is pretty low and it’s also dropping over time. Meanwhile, the situation on Earth can’t even be described as “awful but stable.” As you know better than I do, things are getting worse on Earth, not better. The dark controllers are ramping up their attacks on the human population. So we’re seeing things deteriorate while we’re not seeing the gray hats ramp up their own efforts to anywhere near a sufficient extent. Don’t get me wrong, the gray hats are doing some things, but not nearly to the level that we think is required.

If the choice is between directly intervening ourselves versus watching you get genocided and enslaved, well, I think the choice is obvious.

So if the probability of you freeing yourself drops below a certain point, or if too much time passes, then we will intervene. Source has decreed that you will be free, and if that requires our direct intervention, then so shall it be.

If we intervene, we are likely going to arrest most or all of the higher-up gray hats, either for conventional crimes or for oath-breaking. And we’ll drag them in front of a galactic court. And of course, we’ll arrest the black hats too, and we’ll work to give you freedom and disclosure. Because frankly, from our point of view, it’s starting to look like both gray hats and black hats are standing in the way of your freedom. I would love to be proven wrong by the gray hats remembering their oaths and actually defending the people or the constitution, but so far I’m not seeing it.

Finally, I would like to ask you a question. Obviously we have our own data and methods of gathering information and ways of predicting the future, but we are still curious about your perspective. The question is: suppose there is no direct galactic intervention or solar flash in the next three years. Then do you think that in the next three years, Earth humans are going to free themselves through mass arrests and mass disclosure?

You are invited to respond in the comment section.

Meanwhile, I will keep making arguments in favor of us actually intervening on Earth. Now, I’m just a military advisor, and I don’t have a big red “intervene now” button that I can press. Still, I promise that I will do what I can to work for your freedom.

With love,

Your galactic brother,


For Era of Light


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224 Replies to “R’Kok: Is Humanity Going to Free Itself?”

  1. ᚾᛟᚨᚺ

    I feel that you should intervene but not the sense of arresting them all. yes take them into custody make your verdict. but let us carry out that verdict. let us see what happens to these people. let us carry it out. you oversee everything but WE the oppressed carry it out. hope this makes sense. and R’Kok I LOVE you, you made it clear to me that i deserve this. that i and my race deserve liberation. if you can do it so can we my brother my friend. thank you.

  2. Nebuchadnezzar

    I perceive the greyhats to be infected by a combination of cowardice and pride. Unlike the sophisticated organization of the blackhats, the greyhats are only loosely allied together, and only work together when there are no other options. Given this setup, from their individual perspectives it is better for other greyhats to act first before they do, since they are aware that the first to act is also the first to be targeted for destruction. Now if each of the greyhat factions have this fear, then it means that all are playing the waiting game, and that none will act. They are also afraid if they take action and unleash full disclosure that the still sleeping masses will go insane and commit suicide(I do not believe it to be nearly as bad as they think)–hence this bitter medicine approach of allowing destruction and death, whether immediate or prolonged, to be visited upon the people. Basically they are allowing the population to be reduced to starvation and desperation mode, at which point even the most hard-headed of sleepers will accept any savior that is presented to them–which is where the greyhats swoop in. That is–IF the greyhats even act, as they may just as likely sit back and do NOTHING in this scenario of their own making. The second component is pride, which is why they have not accepted your offer of aid and counsel. This is due to the fact that they have probably suffered many casualties in their shadow-war, and feel that the involvement of ET’s in saving the world would A) deprive the greyhats of their glory and B) diminish the sacrifice of their soldiers/operators.

    So we have the current situation where those who have the keys of power on the material level are controlled by cowardice and pride. They are willing to pay the price of millions dead, starving, and trafficked, while they wait for their opportunity to act. They may technically be playing the game of liberation, but the sleeping population, and especially those of us who are awake, have not given consent to this nefarious game-plan of the grey-hats purposeful inaction.

    I therefore ask for the divine benevolent realms, powers, and galactics to intervene–because the alternative is to allow more needless suffering and death due to greyhat intrigues and machinations.

    Those who are controlled by cowardice cannot act, while those who are controlled by pride cannot learn.

  3. Collin

    Thank you R’Kok for your attention to this matter. At this point I am skeptical the gray hats will initiate the mass arrests. I feel there is something they are afraid of. They might be afraid of their own crimes coming to light, or afraid of losing their power and status, or something similar to that. In my opinion they would have gone through with the mass arrests by now if that was truly on their agenda. Why wait so long? It just doesn’t make sense. I have a bad feeling about them. I agree with Hakann that they are slowly becoming another shadowy controller group. I hope one day they will find the courage to uphold their oath and arrest the black hats and initiate full disclosure, but my hope for this decreases with each passing day. I am certain that one day Earth and its people will be free, I am just not convinced it is going to come from them.

  4. Tricia

    I would always agree to wait to save lives no matter how DIFFICULT otherwise we are no better than the other side. When those thoughts start to filter into my mind that way I switch to self care mode immediately I get in nature take a bath beautify myself and ANYTHING to walk myself back HOME! I trust in the divine plan 🙏💖even on days where I really feel frustrated with people I still don’t think I could agree with the choice to do something that would end the lives of a vast amount of humanity to make life better for me and a few million people left …, where would that leave my state of consciousness knowing the solar flash took my family or most of it away because they wasn’t ready ????
    I know it’s out of the question and I trust source not to do it at the moment.
    What I feel needs to be prioritised now is
    1) Waking up the masses on a grander scale – all hands on deck from each souls spiritual team etc. to wake them up
    2) Taking control over the MSM / will further enhance number 1. Start reporting the truth in a way that’s not going to cause sudden shocks etc. 1st one has to be the Covid scandal. One scandal at a time is all they can take. They’ll get used to more truths coming out and eventually they will start looking around themselves soon enough.
    All this censoring needs to stop people need to know the truth.
    3) upgrading light workers that still have any sanity left/ we need all of them awake and ready and on mission
    4) the bad guys and girls need arresting – so yes the grey hats need a hard word and a deadline. No more of this looking after their own interests business anymore
    Obviously so much more going on further down the line but this is what I feel needs to happen next to save as many souls as possible.

  5. A.S.

    The next message is a follow-up to this. It’s titled “Hakann: We will likely intervene in 2024 or 2025.”

  6. Solar flash

    Back in 2012, i recall a channeling where the gist of the story was all the souls on earth had a huge convention and were asked (by creator -i think) if they wanted to give humanity more chance to ascend by extending the time limit bec if it was done during that year very few people will make it. Majority if not all souls agreed an extension that even i as an 3d avatar self also wanted to give ourselves more chances.

    At that time nobody thought of asking just how many would pass or fail if the ascension push thru or what were the criteria to ascend,.

    We found out years later that you would need to be 51% service to self which were initially debated by the galactics on themselves as too low as some wanted as high as 75% if i remembered correctly. And if the ascension process pushed thru at that time less than 3% (if correctly recalled) of the entire human population will only make it.

    Now i am on the 11th year, i could proudly say i did my part in spreading info to awaken more people in these past 10 years from posting in forums to being an admin of a group with 31k members. I also had 6 years of constant inner healing by availing healers service to assist my growth. We had mass meditations by announced by portal2012/cobra and had several successful attempts were participants reached 144k min quota to as high as 2 milliin meditators. However as pointed out by rkok the effort of lightworkers were never enough to completely free this planet.

    Its like visualizing to manifest your desire. one part spiritual and the other half is physical action. Not one can do without the other.

    Im asking the creator who i know is reading this that as noble as your intention to save 100% of souls you know it just wont, so you want perhaps 99% minus the incorrigible evil souls which is still way to high. What im pointing out is can you not save them without delaying or postpoining the ascension of those who could already move on, why is it you must insist lightworkers still stay here and hold the light as if you are also stuck with only this method. You must have a plan to save them without requiring us anymore.

    We are stuck 3 choices (galactics, grey hats and company of god) were lighworkers cannot influence any of the 3 and also at the mercy of the that same 3

  7. MH 101

    R’Kok thân mến
    Tôi đồng ý với bạn, Hakan, Ashtar, Michael. Các bạn rất mạnh mẽ trong lời nói và hanh động của mình.

    Với nhận thức của tôi, nhân loại khó mà tự giải phóng cho mình khỏi bóng tối trừ khi có sự can thiệp từ các bạn, Thiên hà, Nguồn.

    Tôi và mọi người thành tâm cầu xin các bạn, Thiên hà, Nguồn can thiệp trực tiếp hơn, sâu hơn để giải phóng hành tinh trái đất khỏi bóng tối càng sớm càng tốt. Nhân loại đã khổ đâu đủ rồi.

    Thời gian giải phóng càng kéo dài lâu, thì nhân loại càng đau khổ và tạo thêm nghiệp cho bản thân, tập thể, Gaia.

    Đừng hy vọng vào mũ xám, họ cũng chỉ là con người, họ vẫn thích quyền lực cá nhân, họ ăn sung mặc sướng, họ sợ mất quyền lực, … chỉ có người lính thiệt mạng, người dân đau khổ, chết, …

    Đừng cho cơ hội cho bóng tối lạm dụng quyền tự do ý chí của Nguồn nữa. Đủ rồi.

    Nguồn không muốn thấy nhân loại đau khổ, chết, …
    Nguồn không muốn bóng tối giết con cái của Ngài.

    Tôi đã tuyên thể với linh hồn của mình, từ nay đến 2030 nếu trái đất vẫn bị bóng tối kiểm soát thì tôi rời thể xác này tham gia cùng các bạn.

    Bình yên.

  8. 柴 治雄

    Humanity(Earthlings) will be able to do that. I believe so, and I want to believe that.
    The source is love and everything is born from it, so everything boils down to love.

    1. S.

      You see any kind of revolution? I see just sheeps following orders and earth law, feared starting a revolution against the system. They will be able to free themselves maybe in 100 years if the things continue this way. Also it won’t work without bloody fights and violence with the black and grey hats because they won’t surrender. Only the galactic wave activating lightworkers to their full potential can accelerate the things. Otherwise it’s lost.

  9. 김성탄

    It’s best for everyone to improve

    The most important thing is to enhance cognitive perception or potential enhancement

    Potential, attention, and reconnaissance skills, learning to identify good and bad
    Suggest meditating once a day for spiritual cultivation

    Reduce conflicts between people

    And then I have to eat vegetable and fruit salad every day

    Increase your frequency and be quiet.

  10. Anonymous

    On the off chance this means anything, I wanted to say something. Something needs to be done. This is going waaay too slow. I’d rather not inject any more negative feelings into the air, and have little energy left to do so. Tired of being forced to exist in a world I hate and don’t belong to. If nothing happens in a very short amount of time, the light-workers will begin leaving on their own.

  11. 김성탄

    The judiciary, Congress, and Senate must independently exercise their institutions, while reducing so-called power struggles, abolishing central banks and governments, and governing through people and society. Ethics, morality, and laws are only boundaries of sovereignty. Vitalism, common sense, insight, imagination, creativity, identification, freedom, openness, and inclusiveness are conscious.

  12. 김성탄

    I’m sorry, I’m a Korean and I don’t understand this message. The world must implement true democracy, the judiciary, Congress, and Senate must be separated. These people with wealth, technology, and information must stop spreading false information. They must share technology and wealth with everyone, and reject the selfish and refined egoism of arrogance, jealousy, laziness, greed, and selfishness, Everyone learns to serve others or unconditional love and forgiveness of anger is the true happiness and happiness. Everyone learns to respect, sympathize, and be grateful for the needs of this society. They pay attention to the people in the community, stop interfering with others and imposing them on others, stop childish and foolish things. The event has begun. We are not looking for opportunities to punish and liquidate others, but their actions should be seen by more people, Bring their actions to justice

  13. T

    Do you think that in the next three years, Earth humans are going to free themselves through mass arrests and mass disclosure?

    No, I don’t.

    Sorry for my poor English. because my mother language is not English.

    I am a Japanese, living in Japan.
    In Japan, I never have seen and heard White hats.
    Everybody with SSP tech have only desire to dominate and control others and don’t concern to make people free and happy.
    They want to get more power and more money only.
    They are always fighting each other for their priority.
    They are exclusive and do not share information or technology. If they give information, it is either distorted or propaganda.

    I think there are no white hats but black hats only.
    If there were grey hats, they have fallen and changed to black hats.

    Vaccine programs (voluntary) continue and people are guided to have Vaccine through mind control by the media and society.
    A new type of vaccine (XBB 1.5 vaccine) program began this fall in Japan.
    It allows for sustained human-to-human transmission.
    In fact, all Japanese people might be treated as experimental animals by the authorities.

    In Japan, the number of companies engaged in vaccine production and development is rapidly increasing during this period. This should not happen. Moreover, I don’t see many politicians or political movements trying to stop this. I worry about it every day, wondering what’s going on.

    The vaccine program (optional) starting this fall is irreversible. Unfortunately, I believe that urgent intervention is required. I think about what I can do every day, but I can’t have any good ideas.

  14. Xd30

    So dear Rkok can you explain to us why some earth human get to be elected or whatever, to be a grey hat in the first place, and others don’t? Who is doing the assessing, and what are the standards? Why this has to be so “mystical”?

    1. A.S.

      The impression that I (the channeler) have is that no one got appointed to be a gray hat.

      There just happen to be certain people in positions of power who aren’t completely evil and who have at least some loyalty to the constitution / the people (Trump, certain US generals, etc). Those people are called the gray hats. And while they were never appointed to restore our freedoms, they’re sort of oath-bound to do so because they swore to defend the constitution / the people. And contrary to straight-up evil black hats, these gray hats have at least some level of morality, which makes it possible that they actually will do so.

      1. Xd30

        If so, then how did they get the access to advanced technologies? From the dark ones? Are they similar to a spy?

    2. John

      I think on a Middle-School level, the best answer is what A.S. said.

      The more complicated version would be that these positions (of mundane power, usually within earth military or politicians) are karmic’ly earned. In the rare opportunities I can consciously connect with the higher human collective, the answer I get is because we all actually entrusted them to do so. It stops making sense the minute you put your feet on the ground, so I won’t even try.

      It’s not mystical, it’s just not entirely linear.

    3. Teasy

      there are various sources, channeled and otherwise, that talk about very advanced souls having incarnated in difficult circumstances in order to transmute dark energy.
      these can be souls that take on a vast amount of unresolved dark energy for transmutation.
      but these can also be souls that have been preparing for a specific task for many lifetimes, to help steer the direction of humanity in a more positive path, effectively serving as a “white hat”.

      usually these advanced souls have performed these special missions many times before, in similar circumstances on different planets, and with great success.
      so you could say that these souls were chosen based on their track record, much like how most of us awakened ones or light workers were chosen to be present on this planet at this time.

      unfortunately the dark forces also keep track of incarnations and the highest potentials (e.g. project looking glass) and do their best in circumventing advanced souls (especially starseeds) to reach their maximum potential, using their usual techniques of sabotage: suggestion, invitation, bribing, manipulation, distraction, seduction, ridiculing, threatening, banning or killing.

      usually no matter how much “training” souls have done for such a monumental task on earth, the etheric, emotional, mental and physical influx of the dark forces is enough to sway almost any highly advanced soul.
      effectively turning even veteran “planetary liberators” into grey hats, or even black hats sometimes.
      that’s why so many souls also incarnate “under the radar”, or become completely enmeshed into the system (initially with total unawareness), to be “activated” at a certain time for a specific task, or range of tasks.

      from what i understand, this “undercover” method is now being used consistently, and with the upcoming falling of the dominos, alongside the triggers from both dark and light forces, each of those who are called upon being in a significant position of power will spring into action.
      it is certain (“heavenly ordained”) that the impact of these liberation sequences will be of total success, eventually.
      however, the speed of these events and their impact is uncertain, with basically all of us, as the human consciousness, deciding together what amount time we would like to take.

      humanity and our planet has the eyes of the entire universe looking upon them,
      with both the dark and light forces tugging on both sides to pull humanity either into an extended lull or daze, or into an accelerated awakening.
      much like how a restless and unnurtured toddler is playing in a sandbox, but when called to stop playing throws a tantrum to fight the inevitable end of the game, not realizing that letting go does not meaning losing something.

      the dark forces (and its ancestral energy) have a vast emotional investment in our planet, various species, our society and humanity as a whole.
      leading to them desperately clinging to control, and lashing out with increasing intensity, but with decreasing range and depth.
      so it only a matter of time before their energetic fuel no longer supports their devious initiatives, and their most loyal members capitulate.

      it is hard to know who is really highly advanced and who is not, so it helps to reserve a little bit of open mind space for any servant of the moloch, whether grey hat or otherwise.
      since we’re all human beings, we’re all in the same swamp and affected by the same level of challenges, and experiencing the same level of shitty emotions to bring us to our knees at times.

      even though the light forces, physical and non physical, on planet and off planet, do assist us in this process of planetary liberation.

      1) it is up to us to be standing together and working together;
      standing together means to find similarities and overlaps in each other, so we can appreciate the differences.
      working together means to avoid semantics and constantly refocus on the task at hand, with awareness of our feelings.

      2) it is up to us to identify problems and solve them;
      problems that are created on a local and global level,
      and solved by those best equipped (experienced) to get the job done.

      3) identifying saboteurs and isolating them from everyone;
      then providing therapeutic practices for their permanent mental and emotional disarmament.
      (if they are still alive) 😉

      you could say that some of us incarnated here, in roles or positions that do not seem to appear to have much significance, may have greater significance in the grand scheme of things than even a white hat or grey hat has in a prominent position of power.
      we all have different pre-chosen roles to fulfill that are in line with our own soul’s highest expertise (passion!), and you might find that even the highest of divine energies have their hand in what many of us do in the most unexpected of places and in the most unexpected of ways.

      as the first light of a new dawn shines upon us, many still slumber in their groggy state,
      dragging their feet through the last remaining daze of the weak,
      as they are still hungover from ancient traumas,
      and clinging to the distraction and amnesia that feels most familiar and comfortable.

      but when all of humanity opens their eyes fully, the grand awakening is complete!

    4. Teasy

      i’m trying to reply here but it doesn’t seem to go through
      when i try again i get an error message
      “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”

    5. Teasy

      (part 1 of 2)
      there are various sources, channeled and otherwise, that talk about very advanced souls having incarnated in difficult circumstances in order to transmute dark energy.
      these can be souls that take on a vast amount of unresolved dark energy for transmutation.
      but these can also be souls that have been preparing for a specific task for many lifetimes, to help steer the direction of humanity in a more positive path, effectively serving as a “white hat”.

      usually these advanced souls have performed these special missions many times before, in similar circumstances on different planets, and with great success.
      so you could say that these souls were chosen based on their track record, much like how most of us awakened ones or light workers were chosen to be present on this planet at this time.

      unfortunately the dark forces also keep track of incarnations and the highest potentials (e.g. project looking glass) and do their best in circumventing advanced souls (especially starseeds) to reach their maximum potential, using their usual techniques of sabotage: suggestion, invitation, bribing, manipulation, distraction, seduction, ridiculing, threatening, banning or killing.

      usually no matter how much “training” souls have done for such a monumental task on earth, the etheric, emotional, mental and physical influx of the dark forces is enough to sway almost any highly advanced soul.
      effectively turning even veteran “planetary liberators” into grey hats, or even black hats sometimes.
      that’s why so many souls also incarnate “under the radar”, or become completely enmeshed into the system (initially with total unawareness), to be “activated” at a certain time for a specific task, or range of tasks.

      from what i understand, this “undercover” method is now being used consistently, and with the upcoming falling of the dominos, alongside the triggers from both dark and light forces, each of those who are called upon being in a significant position of power will spring into action.
      it is certain (“heavenly ordained”) that the impact of these liberation sequences will be of total success, eventually.
      however, the speed of these events and their impact is uncertain, with basically all of us, as the human consciousness, deciding together what amount time we would like to take.

      humanity and our planet has the eyes of the entire universe looking upon them,
      with both the dark and light forces tugging on both sides to pull humanity either into an extended lull or daze, or into an accelerated awakening.
      much like how a restless and unnurtured toddler is playing in a sandbox, but when called to stop playing throws a tantrum to fight the inevitable end of the game, not realizing that letting go does not meaning losing something.

    6. Teasy

      (part 2 of 2)
      the dark forces (and its ancestral energy) have a vast emotional investment in our planet, various species, our society and humanity as a whole.
      leading to them desperately clinging to control, and lashing out with increasing intensity, but with decreasing range and depth.
      so it only a matter of time before their energetic fuel no longer supports their devious initiatives, and their most loyal members capitulate.

      it is hard to know who is really highly advanced and who is not, so it helps to reserve a little bit of open mind space for any servant of the moloch, whether grey hat or otherwise.
      since we’re all human beings, we’re all in the same swamp and affected by the same level of challenges, and experiencing the same level of shitty emotions to bring us to our knees at times.

      even though the light forces, physical and non physical, on planet and off planet, do assist us in this process of planetary liberation.

      1) it is up to us to be standing together and working together;
      standing together means to find similarities and overlaps in each other, so we can appreciate the differences.
      working together means to avoid semantics and constantly refocus on the task at hand, with awareness of our feelings.

      2) it is up to us to identify problems and solve them;
      problems that are created on a local and global level,
      and solved by those best equiped (experienced) to get the job done.

      3) identifying saboteurs and isolating them from everyone;
      then providing therapeutic practices for their permanent mental and emotional disarmament.
      (if they are still alive) 😉

      you could say that some of us incarnated here, in roles or positions that do not seem to appear to have much significance, may have greater significance in the grand scheme of things than even a white hat or grey hat has in a prominent position of power.
      we all have different prechosen roles to fulfill that are in line with our own soul’s highest expertise (passion!), and you might find that even the highest of divine energies have their hand in what many of us do in the most unexpected of places and in the most unexpected of ways.

      as the first light of a new dawn shines upon us, many still slumber in their groggy state,
      dragging their feet through the last remaining daze of the weak,
      as they are still hungover from ancient traumas,
      and clinging to the distraction and amnesia that feels most familiar and comfortable.

      but when all of humanity opens their eyes fully, the grand awakening is complete!

  15. Maryla

    Intervene, we are sufferimg more and more.No way people can free themselves!! The control is overpowering.

  16. Kazuyoshi Mori

    I think most humans are not as stupid as the gray hats think. I feel that the Earth game has become too highly complex and difficult. I think that given the right environment, humanity will realize and awaken more appropriately than the self-centered and cowardly gray-hat upper echelons think. However, the difficulty of the game has increased so much that I think it will be difficult for humanity to liberate itself without your intervention. Of course there will be some exceptions. Many humans now have the will to free themselves, but I feel that your intervention is necessary first.

  17. thedave108

    Shouldnt we have seat at the table where these things are decided? Everyone but us gets to decide what will happen.

    I guess we really are an experiment. One with no say in our situation yet various groups have Big say in our lives.

    Either ETs intervene or we continue to have our lives controlled by some of the darkest entities in the universe.

    We suffer…everyone else who isnt suffering (ETs and black and grey hats) make all the decisions for us.

    Totally unfair. How do we stay optimistic knowing we have little say in the situation and little hope, based on experience?

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      You do have a seat at the table there. You are present there during you sleep state on Earth.

  18. Melinda Siebold

    Dear R’Kok, I find I would like to comment further.

    I am glad that you clarified that there is no law or prime directive against intervention, because it was obvious that Earth has been intervened with by various extra terrestrials for millennia, and most always to the Earths detriment. And I can’t help but notice how many so called benevolent races are okay with looking the other way.

    And I understand how guilty some of you feel for having “over helped”.

    So now you live in fear of repeating your mistakes, so some of you who are “in charge” use that to excuse your inaction. May I remind you that the choice is to choose love or fear? Do you really love the human race? Since we are literally all your relatives, I would certainly hope so.

    And really, I can see that the galactics, inter galactics, universals, the grey hats and even the black hats are all hoping to just keep the current dog and pony show going until Source swoops in with a solar flash and fixes everything. So obviously, you don’t really care about humanity.

    Have you ever considered that Source is waiting on you to fix your mistakes, and be sure to not repeat the mistakes you have made in the past? Have you learned from the mistakes you made on Atlantis so that you won’t repeat them?

    What if this is your final test?

    After all, we are fighting the final battle to end all darkness. Do you expect to do that sitting around and disagreeing in meetings?

    Are we not all Source’s moving parts? Why are some of Sources parts not moving?

    So we human angels have all the DNA of the galactic races, and the galactic races have the DNA of the universal races, and our universal parent races have DNA from outside our universe. So, correct me if I’m wrong, but because of our human angel resonant etheric DNA, whatever happens to us literally happens to the entire cosmos. That is my understanding of the situation.

    So we human sacred vessels of the Divine Spirit are something that the entire cosmos has a vested interest in preserving – as many of us who are worthy to go forth into a new creation as possible. And you sit back and watch while we are burned alive, drowned, buried in earthquakes and poisoned in every way.

    So when I think of the trillions of space ships watching while we divine humans suffer and get burned alive, it metaphorically makes my blood boil.

    And whose bright idea was it to use the Zionist synagogue of Satan member Trump as our “hero”? Are any of you familiar with the Annunakis Bible? It’s the thousands of years old version of the Simpsons or Hollywood propaganda machine pre-telling us what they intend to do. In it, the rider on the pale horse ushers in the anti Christ. Trump last January or so, brought out his non fungible token with himself riding the pale horse. The Zionists controlling the state of Israel tell you Trump is Cyrus the Great returned to build the third temple. In the Bible, the anti Christ builds the third temple.

    I could go on and on about how I feel about the AI implant pushing Elon Musk “good guy” or the general Flynn “good guy” who a few months ago mentioned that since our best equipment was in Ukraine we might as well send our soldiers there too. All your “good guys” such as the egotistical and out of touch Juan O Savin, Charlie Ward with his three dozen bank accounts who got wealthy moving money for the Satanists, Simon Parkes with his generational CIA and NSA mother and grandfather….

    Did the Alliance not think it would appear strange to some light worker’s that their “heroes” have shady pasts? And their presents don’t look free of shade either.

    Anyway, I do not support the grey hats or hold out any hope they will do the right thing.

    The questions remain:

    Will those responsible for fixing their mess, fix their mess?

    Will ALL those with a vested interest in Earth’s and the cosmos final ending of evil take an active part right now, here on Earth?

    I await the cosmos answer.

    And R’Kok, in my current body I am heavily reptilian. I view all of us as part of Yaldabaoths body. And he was both Feline and Dragon. The dragon part is his lower nature. So when I see a reptilian like you overcome their lower nature and ascend to the light, I see you as the ultimate victory of the redemption of Yaldabaoth. I see a mixed creature like me with a more balanced light and dark nature to begin with, as a victory of the redemption of Yaldabaoth, and an important one to the overall redemption and restoration of the cosmos to the light due to our mixed DNA. But your ascension is much more impressive to me.

    So, R’Kok, I see your wisdom, intellect, bravery, and compassion. I hope my words will help convince those you advise to take action. I will respect the ultimatum you gave to the grey hats to start no sooner than October, which is in about a week.

    The grey hats have been showing us Red October propaganda mind manipulation material for years now. I think it would be entirely appropriate that off worlders would make October 2023 really red for them. We associate the color red with the temperature of hot here. We use “hot” as not only temperature, but as a metaphor for describing a lot going on, a lot of action.

    Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?!!!

    I personally think a lot of action would be a very good thing.

    So here’s to a really red October.

    Melinda Siebold

  19. EraOfLight Post author

    2025 everything changes. From planetary, star bodies, our local sun, and portals, to more direct Galactic Intervention, 2025 is the first wave.

    1. Raksha

      That’s a bold claim dear Kejraj. As far as I can tell, astrologically speaking, this is so. Would you mind to share your sources?

      1. EraOfLight Post author

        I have for quite a few years known within that 2025 would be a special year. Before even creating Era of Light. I have spoken of this a few times, but people lost hope, as back in 2015 to 2019, and even now when I mention this, people lose hope and say they cannot wait any longer. Of course this is ego more than anything.

        1. Solar flash

          May i ask hakann or rkok as to why the grey hats would not take your offer for direct assistance if it was afforded to them?

          Was it their ego and pride? Is there a heavy price asking for it (our healers fairly ask for “energy exchange” (money) so we expect this will not be done for free so what would be the price for this assistance), do they have to lose all their special priveledge privately afforded to them to be offered to the entire humanity and they dont like it? What exactly is it?

          Even now, those qanon or truther community fans are banking for trump to win the relection and save the whole world. Sure he will make some difference in disclosing more, exposing more, stopping more diabolical schemes but total liberation -nope! Thats hopium, if the grey military didnt do it on his term (especially during his term!!!) And even till now, what would be the difference the second time around when rkok made it clear that theu could already do so and with galactic assistance if they ask for it.

          What i meant on all of this is if they didnt act when the grey hats symbol and frontrunner for liberation werent able to make them act boldly so how does 3 years later make any diffetence.

          If the galactic dont want to intervene perhaps due to some space politics we may not be privy of then i wished the creator would finally do. Isnt what the often heard splitting of timelines where the divine seperates the graduates from the non graduates and those that are not going anywhere but get recycled to the galactic central sun are for, or is this mechanics a misinformation

          1. A.S.

            “May i ask hakann or rkok as to why the grey hats would not take your offer for direct assistance if it was afforded to them?”

            Good question, I’ll ask it for next week’s channeling, which should be online roughly next weekend (or maybe the Monday / Tuesday after).

            I (speaking as the channeler) agree that if we get Trump back in office, then some things might improve and some arrests may happen, but I also don’t predict that will lead to our full liberation.

            I’ll ask Hakann / R’Kok about the splitting of timelines for next message too, but briefly: this can happen, but isn’t guaranteed to happen. It also has the downside that this scenario is quite unpleasant for the asleep /3d people. But yes, Source can decide to split the timelines, and to us lightworkers that would bring relief.

        2. thedave108

          I think its individual suffering and seeing so many deeply suffer – not ego. Plus dates are never set. Theres been many dates thrown out in the last 2 decades starting w 9-11-2001 for intervention. 2025 is just another hopeful idea. Why would that time be better than now? Imagine the number of children to suffer btw now and 2025.

        3. Solar flash

          David wilcock, rick jewers, allison coe, laura whitworth, a.s. smith, ramona lappin, aurora ray, ismael perez, etc all these well meaning people announce from 2012 till 2022 that the solar flash will occur this and that time frame by their angelic guides, higher selves of the clients thru qhht, visions.

          Thats the problem with announcing dates when nothing happens they are the ones who will be embarassed and humiliated by their audience not the invisible guides.

          Of course we have a yearly ” the solar flash is coming” starting every 3rd qtr of the year and kept on being push back year by year similar to those Q grey hat promises that never ever manifest itself tangibly. Of course when they keep on pushing dates yearly its bound to gappen one of these days but not bec of accuracy.

  20. EB


    Pourquoi est-ce que je ne suis pas optimiste sans intervention ?

    – En période Covid, une immense majorité s’est soumise, et même en ayant appris de l’expérience, si ce type de schéma se répète, on se soumettra encore, car il ne suffit que de quelques menaces sur le confort personnel (interdiction dans des lieux publics, confinement pour les non-vaccinés…) pour qu’on se soumette. Puis il y a des professions qui ne peuvent se permettent d’échapper à ce type de soumission, soit vous acceptez, soit vous démissionnez. Supposez que vous avez une famille, eh bien vous acceptez pour vos enfants. C’est fatal.

    – La majorité se contente aussi du matérialisme et consumérisme vulgaire. Un logement, une voiture, une smartphone, et on n’imagine pas qu’une vie puisse aller au-delà d’une vie de ménage moyenne. Donc même en imposant un “Pass climatique” en créant une inflation artificielle réduisant le pouvoir d’achat des plus pauvres, même avec une main-mise renforcée, le citoyen lambda manifestera peu, d’abord car il conservera l’illusion d’avoir un peu de confort de ménage, et ensuite car on ne cesse de lui dire qu’il ne peut être que heureux car d’autres pays dans le monde connaissent moins de richesse matérielle qu’eux. En relativisant par comparaison sur la médiocrité des autres, on accepte de s’abaisser davantage. Et dans les pays pauvres, on accepte tout car l’économie progresse souvent fortement dans ces pays pauvres, si bien qu’on accepte la misère car on espère une forte croissance et qu’on est optimiste à l’idée de rejoindre le confort de vie des pays Occidentaux.

    – De façon générale, les pauvres ont une meilleure intuition que les plus diplômés, les plus cultivés. Ce sont eux qui manifestent, qui lancent le plus de mouvements. Mais les plus diplômés ne cessent de les mépriser, car eux ont peur de perdre leur patrimoine, et ont aussi peur d’une certaine manière que leurs diplômes, par exemple un diplôme de médecine, soit ainsi ridiculisé par des révélations quelconques, ils craignent également que des êtres qui leurs sont inférieurement intelligents puissent avoir raison, ils ne pourraient accepter cela. Ces derniers pensent donc souvent moins avec leurs coeurs. Le problème est que les pauvres qui initient les mouvements de révolte seront lassés de se voir ainsi abandonnés et peu soutenus, et finiront sans doute par accepter le mépris qu’on leur inflige, car il leur est difficile de surmonter leur complexe d’infériorité à l’égard des injures de personnes plus diplômes, plus savantes.

    – Jamais on n’a parlé autant de complotiste, on met en avant les complots bidons comme les platistes, et cela ridiculise l’ensemble. Quand on n’est pas complotiste, on est un extrême dangereux, un identitaire, un nazi, que sais-je encore ? Les médias n’ont jamais autant divisé le débat public, et cela fonctionne de mieux en mieux.

    – Trop de personnes croient encore à la religion du “mal nécessaire” “du certes, la vie est ainsi, mais c’est un moindre mal, acceptons notre sort”.

    – Aussi, ce sont les pays Occidentaux qui rythment le monde, les Etats-Unis en tête. Mais prenez les pays Occidentaux comme la France ou l’Allemagne, pensez-vous qu’un nouveau mai 68 puisse survenir ? Non, car une donnée nous échappe : il y a beaucoup, beaucoup plus de personnes âgées qu’auparavant. Or, ce sont les jeunes qui acceptent de tout perdre pour des révolutions, des changements quelconques. Avec peu de jeunes et des vieux majoritairement nés en 1950, totalement subordonnés aux pires idées américaines et consuméristes, les jeunes ne peuvent pas compter sur leur soutien.

    – On ne peut croire raisonnablement aux dirigeants malveillants. Si une politique économique est mauvaise pour la majorité des citoyens, accaparant leur richesse au profit de quelques uns, on ne peut penser que c’est une politique volontaire, d’abord car les dirigeants singent une fausse compassion et lache quelques miettes de temps à autre, et aussi car il est impossible, dans une démocratie apparente, de croire qu’un dirigeant fasse volontairement ce qu’il ne faut pas faire pour ruiner son propre pays, car on s’imagine que ce serait stupide pour un dirigeant de se tirer une balle dans le pied au risque de perdre les prochaines élections. On persiste à croire à l’honnêteté des dirigeants qui font “du mieux qu’ils peuvent”

    – Les dirigeants ont trop à perdre à démissionner pour quelques manifestations, et les censures, l’utilisation de force armée pour disperser les manifestations est de plus en plus admis. Les manifestants eux-mêmes craignent de rejoindre une manifestation en pleine démocratie au risque de perdre un oeil car il était là au mauvais endroit au mauvais moment. Les manifestants ont plus de raison d’avoir peur qu’avant. Les manifestations purement pacifiques sont infimes et réunissent peu de monde. Et quand c’est le cas, la technique est toujours la même : on provoquera la foule pour espérer un débordement, puis répression…

    – L’économie en sommeil dans les pays Occidentaux, avec l’inflation pousse les ménages à “‘survivre” à faire attention à ses dépenses, on se réfugie chez soi, on doit survivre, et survivre devient l’objectif principal d’une vie – loin des idéaux qu’on pouvait avoir par exemple en plein confinement, où l’on rêvait d’un monde nouveau, monde qui d’ailleurs n’est jamais venu 3 ans après les confinements, ce qui confine à son propre pessimisme.

    Voilà pourquoi je ne suis également pas très optimiste. Il n’y a que des révélations prochaines sur des hommes politiques que j’attend avec impatience et optimisme, ou la fin de la guerre en Ukraine et une victoire ou semi-victoire russe, qui chamboulerait le monde entier. Et de fait, je suis optimiste quant à une dégénérescence mondiale post-victoire de la Russie, ce serait un bon choc qui pousserait les “chapeaux gris” à sortir les révélations qu’ils ont.

  21. A.S.

    Kejraj, thanks for manually approving these 140 comments (at the time of writing), and thanks for everything you do with this site.

    1. Raksha

      I agree. Poor Kejraj who must have had a busy day to manually approve all that. I was waiting for an opportunity to express my thanks.

  22. Maysaa Al shami

    Thank you my Brother R’kok, my answer is no, people of earth need your help and for sure the intervention of Source.
    The game here very tricky a d I understand your worries that the grey hats my like the power that they have and become in some way like the dark hats.

  23. cht

    Bashar said sometime between the end of 2026 and the beginning of 2027 there could possibly be a major contact event with extraterrestrials (over 90%). But it still a prediction.
    You can go to Youtube an type “next level soul podcast bashar” and choose video that have title “It Has ALREADY Begun! Bashar’s STUNNING Message You Need To LISTEN to TODAY! | Darryl Anka” and watch at 1:17:03

      1. A.S.

        Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that.

        I don’t think anyone can predict the future 100% — because if they could, effectively we would have no free will.

      2. Melinda Siebold

        I just watched a summer of 2021 speech by Alex Collier who said the Andromedans told him everything would be done by December of 2021.

  24. EsyntialArt

    i look forward to your transmission summarizing these suggestions and sentiments, you have quite a can of worms here in the comments section.

    Personally, i think if us earth humans had a zero-point energy generator made available to us, or perhaps just the schematics of one, we could possibly free ourselves in three years. I would personally volunteer to build them, install to homes, and cut the wire to the “eversource” grid. That right there would free up hundred of dollars that could then go towards self-sustaining hydroponic practices inside every home, further reducing dependency on black or grey-hat institutions or businesses.

    If you are waiting for us to mass arrest those in power i don’t think thats a viable route within three years as i was apart of the occupy wall street protests and we were barely able to get inside certain NYC banks for more than five minutes over ten years ago. Mass disclosure might work in a more long-term way as us in the silent majority do have ~50-500 social media reach but we’ve been doing that and most of us attempting speaking truth to power have been shadowbanned or something similar by those black or grey-hats.

    I have to have faith in something like a solar flash as a loving Creator should want us children to have more opportunity to exercise our free will, and if its a matter of frequency attunement to provide beings with instant manifestation capabilities (like creating bread and fishes or even the ability to physically fly to other parts of the planet) then something like a solar flash seems capable of achieving that.

    In any case, thanks for your practical perspective on matters. I understand it can be frustrating being relegated to a position of inaction when you want better for others, that dynamic in particular has made me angry in my personal life lately but i do hope to continue working on myself and aligning my view with the likes of Source Creator and Archangel Michael.

  25. Marta

    Dear R’Kok,

    Thank you for your compassion and dedication in helping humanity. You are one of the “invisible” brothers and sisters I respect and admire the most. I very much appreciate your openness in communication and kindness in asking us our opinion.

    What I’ve come to believe observing the world around me is that, without an extraterrestrial interference or supernatural phenomena, the love-based society/5d/unity consciousness/overcoming duality is not likely to happen in a very long time. Say, hundreds, if not thousands of years from now. However, a positively-oriented 4d society, with all physical and emotional needs of people being met, could perhaps come to pass in several decades. This I see could consequently happen due to ever growing number of awakening individuals, which naturally uplifts the collective consciousness. Still, in order for this awakening to continue, I believe what’s essential is that more and more advanced souls get to be born on Earth (as Lightworkers), to parents who are either existing Lightworkers or awakening Earthlings.

    Now the real question is – is this natural evolution in consciousness feasible when considering the amount of destruction of Nature and increasing oppression of people done by the elites? Would Gaia be able to keep on maintaining balance in the ecosystem while waiting for humanity to awaken sufficiently to stop destroying Her? Would the human race be physically apt to survive several more decades, being poisoned by the black hats in every way possible? How likely is it for increasing number of new Lightworkers to incarnate on Earth in suitable families, considering the fact that with each day that passes it’s becoming harder to even conceive a child, let alone raise it in a natural, socially and spiritually healthy environment?

    So to answer directly your question: Do I believe people of Earth will free themselves in the next 3 years – No. The majority are determined to stay asleep, for they find it more comfortable to be constrained in mundanity than to let their whole reality shatter and face painful self-scrutinisation. The awakening people mostly feel overwhelmed, tired, afraid and powerless. Only a small fraction of awoken ones has been claiming their sovereignty and overtaking their freedom and responsibility for their lives. As for the gray hats carrying out mass arrests and mass disclosure, unfortunately I find it unlikely to happen, though I still hope for it.

    Now as to should you, the Galactics, intervene openly – as much as I would like to say “Yes, please come help us now!”, I’m not sure if that would be the wisest move. I’m afraid people would continue to feel powerless and have you either as their new authority or enemy, and you sure don’t want the history repeating itself. Maybe some sort of intervention that is not obvious to the masses would be the answer? Like when parents help their child with a task, but in a wise manner to make it look like they did it all by themselves.

    I hope our Higher-Self is not a mad scientist that is solely interested in soul growth regardless of the amount of suffering needed. Still, I feel the most important thing is that we all need to generate even more love in our hearts (starting with myself) and strive for embodying Christ-consciousness. I just wonder often where I can find the source of it in this gloominess…

    I would love for the world to transform today and my mission on Earth to be fully completed as I planned prior to birth. I would equally love for everyone’s potential to be realised and for us all to truly shine as beings of Love and Light that we inherently are. I can envision myself and others being so full of joy, radiance, enthusiasm and grace if the burden of heavy daily life, poor health, constant tiredness, uncertainty in what tomorrow brings, lack of appreciation and understanding was lifted off of our shoulders. However, I’ve come to terms that it probably won’t occur during my lifetime. I have found certain amount of peace in using these circumstances for deepening my understanding of Universal truths and becoming kinder and more compassionate to others and myself, as much as I can in a giving moment. It’d be certainly better if we could all share our innate gifts with each other, but if not here and soon, there will be time and place for that, so I hope.

    I wish for all this suffering to stop, that’s for certain. If you, my Galactic family and friends, know of an effective way, count me in!

    Thank you for all you’ve been doing.


    1. A.S.

      Speaking as the channeler —

      I’ve been reading Cobra’s messages for years, and I’m aware that his messages and mine contradict each other on a number of points.

      I can only say that I’m channeling as best as I can. Some things Cobra says I agree with, but in other cases I’m simply getting information through channeling that is different than what Cobra posts.

      It’s up to your own discernment to decide what is correct.

      1. cxilixo

        There are many things that coincide, such as the absence of the law of non-interference and the sexual aspect. I don’t know exactly how you judge, psychic people tend to think that other information is inferior to their own

        1. A.S.

          It’s true that Cobra’s and my messages do agree on a number of points. I’m also still reading his messages, and I wouldn’t do that if I thought that his information was nonsense. Yes, a lot of things he says are accurate.

          Well, it’s simply that when I sit down to channel, some of the things I receive contradict what Cobra says. I’m just doing the best channeling job I can, and I’m noticing that some of the things I’m receiving through channeling disagree with what Cobra says.

    2. Melinda Siebold

      I was disheartened to see in Cobras latest info that basically the entire upper cabal structure is still in place. He mentioned the black nobility, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, full draco’s in cloned bodies…in other words: same old – same old. And Cobra has said specifically that none of those at the top on top Earth or in control have been taken out. So I take as propaganda or lies any reports that say that Gitmo is full, or Obama, Hillary, Gates etcetera are gone. They are not gone until they are no longer seen in any way, be it clone or cgi. So – no. I do not see any supposed progress of “white hats” on upper Earth. I see an obviously deteriorating situation. And the grey hats haven’t cleared the astral realm, that was way beyond their capabilities. And I have heard that benevolent felines and benevolent dragons have cleared much of the underground, as well as Pleiadians. I’m sure there are also brave human soldiers involved too, but they sure are not the ones sitting behind conference tables making decisions that affect all of us.

      1. cxilixo

        The important thing is to clean up alien weapons and anomalies, the Black Noble Illuminati These are the middle layers of the dark forces, the top layer has been cleaned up, have you really looked?

      2. Samandra

        This resonates as true to me, thank you for sharing – I am not familiar with this channel er but I would agree.

  26. solar flash

    After reading 116 various replies. you can see that the dark hats are far more proactive in achieving their goals and create counter measures compared to the grey hats lack of sense of urgency.

    I was always hoping that if they fail to act then god will thru the solar flash event and the angelic realms will sort out people who can go to 5d new earth, those who still needs to be stuck in 3d and the bad guys go to the central sun or whatever arrangements the divine had already planned . But all this were crushed when i heard your candid report that prime creator, angels at celestials refuse to do so……..even galactic upper management dosen’t feel like doing it.

    The grey hats are dillydallying and can afford to do so, the Galactic’s had a bad experience intervening, prime creator and company still thinks humanity still have leeway to endure more hardship until it cant, counting on grassroots action is super slow and not effective, lightworkers effort are not enough no matter how efficient they are……..so exactly what are you expecting to happen?

    the major choices seems to be: Either the grey hats move or you do or the company of heaven does…….nothing else can

    This is so unfair to us lightworkers at the mercy of only three choices were all choices still do not deem its necessary to make the final move. we should had put a clause to our soul contract that say in 2023 if none of them move we ascend ahead without being dragged down by the grey hats and vast majority of humanity.

  27. Raksha

    I’m glad to see everyone more or less on the same page, even if that page is one of frustration, exhaustion, and desperation. It felt good to express it and see that others do feel the same. I suspect that was R’Kok’s intention. To give a space to express our feelings. Because obviously, we are not in a position to formulate a proper and accurate understanding of the situation. Even less to suggest a course of action.

    We don’t know the parameters. We don’t know how many people awoken each day, and if it’s worth it to delay further. We don’t know what the gray hats have in the tube, and what their plans are. We don’t know the future, or the flux of probabilities. We don’t know exactly what would be the downsides, or second order consequences for any action.

    But something seems relatively simple. The plan was for the Starseeds to infiltrate the collective consciousness and do the « shadow/inner work ». The Galactics were to prevent any major destruction and remove the negative ETs and other stuffs which were beyond human capabilities. And the Gray hats were to liberate society, right? So if they don’t want to fulfill their Soul mission anymore, what options are left?

    1. John

      You had a PLAN?! I thought this was Improv!

      Come on, I’ll divert the drones while you tackle Klaus.

  28. Paladin

    Stop all this fretting about benevolent ET intervention. It isn’t going to happen. Look at all the death misery and destruction that has gone on in Ukraine. Good guy alien response? Nothing. Now you believe they are orbiting the Earth and will at some point lend a hand?

    I have a bridge you can buy in Brooklyn.

    There’s no R’kok, no Tunia the galactic sex kitten, no Hakann Supreme Comander, no pretty blond humans loving us

    We are on our own.

    The odds are long we’ll survive at all. Destroyed by weaklings like Bill Gates that used to get beat up in high school.

      1. Paladin

        I enjoy seeing the gullible being played, and I’m just amazed at how easy it is to grift many people.

        There are some articles worth reading, however.

  29. Jeffrey

    Most of the planet is still so brain washed and unaware that there will be no chance of humanity saving itself. And how do humans combat the power of an evil that would enact what happened in Maui?

    1. Dorothy Shopland

      I agree. We’ve had too many centuries and generations of slavery and programming, and it doesn’t look likely that the masses are going to wake up without a good shock through the EBS.

  30. Joshua9119

    Translated from Japanese.

    We face so much anxiety, sorrow, disaster, pestilence, and irrationality, yet we are not in despair.
    It just happens that many good people and those who want to be good become desperate due to misfortune, and under the worst circumstances fall into evil.
    Good people, even if they are hurt, look for the cause and reason, and try to forgive (or tolerate) or love the other person if they can. However, many times this is repeated, and even their good intentions are betrayed, and as a result, they may fall into despair and evil in the world.

    We are in a great deal of pain. We are constantly under the pressure of chaos because evil and wrong are not shown. And the words of the saints, “Do not deal with evil with evil,” weigh heavily on our shoulders.

    Many in the human race are anticipating events that may occur in the next 2-3 years. If their expectations are disappointed, so many will fall from despair into nihilistic evil.

    Rcok, there have been so many lies and betrayals in history that we can no longer trust lightly. Are you truly a benevolent being? If you are simply an ordinary human being pretending, then woe to you. The curse of at least 4 billion human beings will fall upon you. Woe to you if you are truly a cosmic being but with evil intentions toward us. Woe to you for the curse of all light-seeking humanity and creatures on earth, which curse will continue even after we are dead.

    Victory and glory to creation and light, and let emptiness and the darkness that produces nothing return to the light or be extinguished.

    1. Luke

      Well said, friend. Easy at the end there with the curses though. We can’t stand in the light and whisper curses out the side of our mouths.

      Time is tough. All these dates and failed manifestations of significant changes to alleviate suffering. We’ve been made a fool of many a time by the dark and are starting to fear that may be happening again with our awakening.

      We resonated with the messages, and we stand with the light even if we have some darkness inside us. We will endure best we can. I understand others here are upset that these decisions seem to be made without us but we are so brainwashed and conditioned how can we possibly do our due diligence before answering accurately.

      We see the suffering and we don’t approve. My answer would be similar to almost everyone here – help would be appreciated.

      Some need to experience strong examples to awake from their sleep but others just keep doubling down on the sleep route, poisoning their families to keep their jobs. I watch my friends blackout right in front of my eyes when I mention some things they aren’t capable of discussing or addressing.

      The awakened are feeling this passage of time most excruciatingly.

      My heart goes out to those who have been awake longer than I.

      But do any of you feel a sense of incredible potential here? In the face of all of this darkness and manipulation – we continue on for a dream, a hope of change, long awaited, a birthright we all desire. Into the uncertainty, into the suffering, into the darkness – we as light workers were chosen for a reason.

      Abraham Hicks talks about us being on the leading edge of the unknown vibrations and that we are the strongest of the strong.

      Do you feel your potential? This is our chance to overcome whatever we experience, even the greatest darkness imaginable. What we do with what we are presented is everything.
      We are the light.

      When the workout gets tough do you take a break, or find a new level of willpower inside yourself to transcend your limits?

      I may get a little rough around the edges but I’ll keep banging on until we cross the dimensional barrier, and even then I’ll crack on into the unknown vibrations.

      Here’s to infinity.

  31. David

    Thanks R’Kok and A.S.

    I agree with Hakaan, my method to achieve this would be to put massive pressure on the gray hats with a CLEAR deadline date.

    Let it be THEIR EBS… seems very fair to me.

    Step up to the plate or every single one of them is dragged in front of the court. No exceptions.

    One minute over the deadline. All systems go from your side.

    This way the Galactics can intervene whilst giving them a clear window of opportunity, and the gray hats have their time frame to take the right path.

    Their EBS should be right now!

    And a deadline date so close that it makes them break out in a cold sweat….

    Watch them move very fast….

    No other way I feel. 🙏

  32. 季心照

    I am a Chinese, the following content is translated from Chinese.

    At this moment, while reading the article, an old man on the balcony of a building opposite me is playing an old Chinese song “Into a New Era” with his flute. I think most Chinese people, like this old man, spend their lives being deceived in an ordinary way. It is impossible to know the truth or meet the light when they die. Should I say this is lucky? Or deep sadness?

    Or when you invite us to respond at the end of your article, I don’t know if I should be discouraged or continue to pick up my passion.

    Well, I’m not an enlightened person, and I don’t think humans can free themselves by simply thinking about it. There are too many reasons, a lot of previous comments are better than what I said, I will not repeat, can only be expressed in one sentence: suffering does not need to be so.

    Perhaps like many Lightworkers, we read your psychic messages and listen to gossip about the situation, but perhaps you cannot understand that we are actually living in 3D physical vehicles, so we believe that seeing is believing, and although Lightworkers do this better than ordinary people, the Light will dim over time.

    I know you worry that early contact will cause us to be attacked by the dark, but sometimes it may be a screen in front of the screen to say “hello human”, or when I walk on the road, you control a leaf to fly into my hand, I believe that your technology to do these things hidden from the dark is easy, but even these indirect small contacts, it will bring tears to our eyes, let the light rekindle hope.

    I’ve never seen a spaceship before, and I’m looking forward to it. Or give the light warriors holographic display devices, through point radiation to the surface, let the light warriors show some alien high technology, through holographic images and narratives to show the truth to the sleeping people around, a little bit like watching a movie to reveal the truth. First of all, he wanted to be hooked up, and then he wanted to enter Buddha wisdom.

    More than 90 percent of the world’s population is experiencing life. Experiencing samsara does not reveal Nirvana. For them, achievement is simply a fantasy. People would rather pursue money and fame than waste time learning the truth, so… More than 3 years..

  33. Keith Webb

    Please listen to us lightworkers that are struggling to maintain our light and energy. We are exhausted and tired of waiting. I respect your honesty but to be truthful your post was massively depressing. The thought of another 3 years of this is thoroughly disheartening and not the message I wanted to hear. The grey/black hats must be clapping their hands with glee. They need taking down. Everyone with a brain knows that. Too many people are suffering and dying. We have had enough. I have to be blunt as I am exasperated!


  34. franck

    I feel we fell too deep to look for liberation. If darks stage fake liberation, we would take it gladly instead of fighting for the real one. If Cobra’s intel is correct about implants removal, then maybe this changes things in favor real change in time.

  35. Janice

    Dear R’Kok and dear A.S.:, AN’ANASHA for your message ….as a starseed incarnating for endless times on earth: I`m so tired of incarnating here…experiencing the same dark circumstances again and again….I`m resonating deeply with Hakann`s message: Debunking “the liberation process has to be this way.”…..especially since this summer I felt deeply that humanity won`t manage it without a divine intervention to free themselves….the disunion, the poisoning,the oppression and the dark programmings are set in so multifariously ways, that`s too overwhelming and in my opinion here on earth is a small numer of courageous beings…and how these courageous ones are treated is not causing more courage among humans… I request my starsisters and starbrothers for ALL sentient beings on earth to intervene immediately!!! Not only humanity is suffering here…

  36. Teasy

    as you know there have been many delays throughout the last 100 years
    and particularly in the last few decades
    humanity on earth has an energetic signature of waiting until the last moment to take action
    combined with religions’ clever indoctrination of perpetually pacifying (follow without question or reflection)

    i see the amount of “aware” people that are still hopeful and positive is getting smaller
    but those that are hopeful and positive are also getting increasingly stronger
    the amount of light that is beamed to earth is having a major impact
    but a series of physical events is required to facilitate the full grounding of this love & light energy

    be aware of the machinations of the dark to shroud any galactic interventions
    and will use positive interventions against the population using advanced projections
    what is most important in my personal opinion is people becoming aware of the truth of what’s really going on
    no matter if the way this truth is conveyed is more than a little jarring

    the hiding of in-formation has always been the dark’s trump card
    if the clothes of the emperor can be removed successfully, and for all to see,
    there is nothing that stands in the way of an instantaneous revolution
    the evil must be seen by all in its true colors before lasting action can be taken

    i consider it a possibility for a certain wave of inspired initiatives to come forth
    through certain individuals in the human population
    but it will require a miracle not only to jump-start such an endeavor (with coherence)
    as well as keep this momentum going and to keep it fully on track to completion

    i remember many physical initiatives that were launched in the 80s, 90s and 2000s
    that constructively helped humanity become more organized and better at working together
    if more of these initiatives can be spearheaded in rapid succession in the coming months and years
    i believe this can be the equivalent of physical grounded action needed to put the available love & light energy to work effectively

    recent examples that i have seen include various methods of people working together effectively
    recognizing and being aware of any dark interventions and any forms of sabotage
    people being more aware of their own feelings and needs, and taking action to help themselves first
    and specifically making sure that people retain the ability to easily make groups and communicate

    the dark forces have always proliferated due to their superior organization
    which is based on sabotaging the enemy’s strategic or organizational coherence
    to the degree that it is lower than their own
    it is quintessential that people become aware of these tactics

    if a multitude of galactic special forces and our beloved “hippies from space”
    can facilitate the leveling of the playing field, whereby people actually have a fighting chance
    through 1) awareness of darkness, 2) effective communication, and 3) constructive action
    then no intervention is necessary due to the love-light energy being able to flow more freely

    all humans alive now are descendants of severely traumatized slaves that survived merely because of their submission
    primarily leading to an unconscious habit of suppressing of their own feelings
    which serves as the dark forces’ foundation for making sure most human being are easily overwhelmed by their emotions
    not being able to think clearly, until a form of mindfulness is introduced (grounded) into their awareness

    if more people would be given an opportunity to come into contact with the direct experience of this deeper awareness
    the next wave or surge of mindfulness and heart expansion can be facilitated
    but again this will require one or more events that are created by certain groups of humans (perhaps helped by galactics)
    which can then be copied successfully by all groups of humans around the planet

    humanity in its current form is a meshing of the “not yet evolved” female and male energies
    where their loving parents (the galactic seeders of all humans on our planet) are a necessary part of the full evolution
    i think it’s important that the parents intervene when a few children start beating up all other children without resistance
    especially if the perpetrators behind these “children” are actually not human

    leveling the playing field means removing most (or all) of the negative galactic influences still present
    creating awareness of the situation on earth for all humans (and their place in it)
    as well as providing physical examples (initiatives) of an effective and constructive society revolving around community
    highlighting the consequences of unaddressed negative feelings, and the importance of warmth and affection being essential

    TLDR; intervention is not necessary if we can get people to work together through inspired and constructive initiatives

  37. Head_in_the_clouds

    I do not speak for others only myself. I respect all wants, needs and desires of everyone. May your find what you are searching for.

    I empathize. I’ve wished for it to be over since I was born and understand the turmoil of emotions.

    Yet, now at last I have found peace. I trust and put my life in the Creator’s hands/energy. If I am to be here longer so be it, I will try not to complain for I have complained too much already. No promises (I have set backs too) but making a conscientious effort.

    As difficult as it is, I am grateful for this opportunity to be here and remember who I am. I have come a long way in the last year. I realise if this had ended earlier, as I previously wanted, I’d have big regrets. That realisation enables me to understand why I need patience for those who may also gain from extra time.

    I do not want or need a savior, as part of the Creator I am highly capable and competent.

    I have faith and trust in the Creator’s Plan; it will unfold as it should. For me to want it otherwise is to seek power and control over the plan. I will leave when I have completed what I came here to do or if the Creator deems it is time.

    I love the One, inclusive of all creations.

    The dark takes away the abilility to see differences, the dark has a divine purpose.

    I am grateful to those playing the parts that have allowed me to make choices that lead me back home. Thank you my dear brothers and sisters for your sacrifices too, yes I know of them.

    I am here with you all hand in hand hearts as one. Figuring this out.

    I’ll do my very best and that’s all I can do. See you all at the finish line, whenever that is.

    Looking forward to LOTS of healing love.


  38. Matthew

    Dear R’Kok,
    Perhaps the galactics can intervene in another way. The occasion is several disturbing reports on the Internet.
    This is one example:

    I am kindly asking for help from the galactics.
    Hopefully they can turn off or reduce the signals/radiation from
    the 5g towers all over the world!
    I hope and pray the galactics can do this.
    Thus, much suffering and misery can be avoided.
    We are eternally grateful to the galactics!

    1. Tricia D

      Excellent Suggestion. That’s why I came back to ask the same. Can anything be done to turn the frequency down so it isn’t harmful and doesn’t make us ill like they intend to do? It’s the poor children that have no choice and it’s everywhere, in their schools, daycare even transmitting through street lamps here in the uk now

  39. unionylibertad

    Greetings R’Kok, Hakann, Tunia and all loving beings of Love and Light…
    It is not easy answering to this message…We human beings would like the easy way out of this mess, yet we need to unite and learn to trust each other and in our power. We have been manipulated for so long that it is hard for us to trust in ourselves…and the truth is that there are many fears still ingrained in us…We can see and feel how little these gray hats are doing…Maybe they think they are doing enough…I see very little is being done for had it being done differently we would already be on our way to freedom economically, in any decision making, in the voting polls (they would have already changed the way we vote to be more advanced, the same goes for all the obsolete technologies, while the rich enjoy the best and most advanced inventions), Where are the medicines that are way overdue that could cure all diseases?…Why are these oligarchs allowed to override our free will with their ill actions against us the people? Why is not the MSM being exposed for lying and for supporting these dark ones? Is it not time for all these things to have changed? I know about the power of intention and manifestation…I see it more and more happening in my life, instead of having to wait for months or weeks, these things happen daily now…What I wish is for others and I to enjoy our lives more and for all suffering to end, especially for those that did not cause any harm to others and have not chosen such a path of learning, yet because of the infringement on their free will they find themselves suffering and in lack…
    I say this and feel that this is the perfect time for these undecided grays or the dark ones to step aside and let others more humble and loving that care for all and that wish to really serve others, to take their places…We do not need anyone seeing themselves as being more powerful and above the rest of us…I utterly refuse to abide by their mandates and corrupt ways… My patience is running thin… With so much Love always…

    1. Paladin

      Wow I agree KR, my only caveat is I don’t think there are Grey hats or white hats, just soulless psychopathic weaklings reeking their hatred on everyone else. Bill Gates wants to kill us off because he did poorly in Gym class and got a couple of pies in his ugly face.

  40. Chrysalis

    I do not think that in the next three years that Earth humans are going to free themselves through demanding or fighting for mass arrests and mass disclosure. Unless in countries like France, Israel, and other countries where the people are fed up with their co-opted governments and are actively protesting and saying “No!” to the control of their lives and livelihoods. Meanwhile, in North America and other countries, too many humans don’t even realize they’re being controlled & enslaved.

    Lightworkers are outnumbered. The dark controllers are aware of that. People have been indoctrinated to place their minds in the hands of their “leaders” and are more conditioned to be told what to do than to follow their guidance from within. I hope, pray, and continue to do my part as I hope the collective will do also.

    I think humans will need more help from our Galactic brothers and sisters. Many humans operate in the world as apathetic beings who have become disconnected from their fellow citizens. It’s a very “Me over you” mentality that is rampant. If that mentality continues to dominate, then everyone loses- except the dark controllers and the dark controllers know that. Hence, their success at keeping the populace divided by all means necessary.

  41. R

    Thank you R’kok for your straightforwardness, it’s much appreciated. I’m very fond of your messages and style of communication.

    You’re message resonates with my gut feeling and is disappointing to hear.

    To answer your question:
    I think I get the importance of starting the liberation from within humanity itself, it’s more empowering. But at this point I don’t think we’re able to. My gut feeling is that the grey hats have had quite some opportunities, and the future oppertunies are closing, while the suffering is ramping up. Waiting too long with intervening will have a negative effect on the sleepers, the white hats, the grey hats and on our newly formed relation with you.

    I don’t know all the ins and outs of this operation, but from a groundlevel experience I’d like to urge you to please don’t wait till 2026, that is a very long time in earth years.

    I’m welcoming you benevolent glactics with open arms when the time comes and wish you good luck with this hard decision that is layed upon you. It mustn’t be easy for you too to see us suffer.

  42. Liwei Liu

    I can’t wait to press down the big red button and I don’t think erth humans are going to free themselves in the next three years.

  43. acg1661033205

    Please allow me to use Chinese, as translating it into English may not convey its original meaning. I believe this is not a problem for the brothers and sisters of Light












  44. John

    Well, to be honest I think the whole argument about Source is quite dull from a Middle-School perspective because it reduces everything to an entity’s whims. So it might as well have decided it had enough three years ago, or ten years from now and it doesn’t really make a difference, because we’re all Source and we’re all footing the bill. It should drag it’s own arse to Galactic Court. For EVERYTHING. But still.

    It seems foolish to count on gray hats or galactics to free anyone during the next three years, but even worse to keep feeding the notion that freedom depends on mass arrests or disclosure at this point.

  45. cplummer41

    The cycle is repeating, grey hats are turning into black hats. While I’m an optimist… I’ve lost pretty much all confidence that they will self-correct. We are already WAY over the line. Deep and sacred promises are not being kept.

    But if you wanted to try… I think you should show the grey hats the repeating pattern, and how if they continue this path they will become black hats, and become the very thing that they abhor. Atrocities committed in the name of the “greater good”.

    Their internal divine light will diminish, they will devolve, and become parasites of other’s light. You can threaten them with a galactic court, trial, removal and/or corrective measures… but I don’t think that’s as effective as showing them the horror that they will become if they don’t change course. Show them how the black hats became what they are.

    Remind them that when they have their post-life review, they will have to see and face the consequences of their actions and inactions. The people that needlessly suffered will be their suffering for we are all one.

    Intervene, please. You are not our saviors, but rather this is a team effort. Lightworkers came and did their part, please do yours.

    I came here to create the Golden Age… and I am so profoundly tired of being on the sideline bench and unable to fully build what I feel inside.

    Gaia’s ascension is a special project. The first ascension while retaining physical form. I think its perfectly okay to get extra help and divine dispensations. Did anyone really expect that it would go smoothly the first time?

    The original ascension window in 2012 was given an extension. We extended enough and lightworkers are stretched. Souls have had ample opportunity to make their decisions. On a physical level, how can there be informed consent unless full disclosure has happened?

    Atlantis need not repeat. You are wiser now, and can take a lighter touch. I wonder if this is really about humanity or an ancient wound that needs to be fully healed.

    If the grey hats knew how wonderful the Golden Age will be… I don’t think they would delay any further. We are just getting started.

  46. Rich Wahlez

    Thanks deeply to A.S., for channeling this, and to R’Kok, for sharing.

    I really like how you get into nuanced yarns around complex issues, and ground that with stuff we ‘boots on the ground’ humans face day to day.

    I think you asked for our response: Would we like you to ‘intervene’, and if so, when.

    I’d like you to lend a hand, ASAP.

    Having said that, I have some queries, so I’ll share (and hopefully some of it is useful).

    What if the Galactics first took over the mainstream media and began communicating what’s really going on?

    Hmm … I’m assuming most of humankind wouldn’t believe what was being presented, and the dark folks would be able spin that as an ‘alien invasion’.

    Except, without the mainstream mouthpiece, how would they be able to counter the truth? Maybe they’d commence killing more of us than they typically do already. So, a not-so-good idea, eh?

    Is arresting the black hats (and some oath-breaking grey hats) a better first option, before the mainstream media can be safely used for disclosure?

    Is there a benefit in waiting some more? Does there need to be more discomfort for humankind to experience, before a collective awakening can emerge, our voice of “Enough, no more” is sufficiently heard in the M-field, and a tipping point reached?

    Is there a ‘Divine timeline’ at play, whereby what needs to happen can only happen when a tipping point is reached? Where enough Light is anchored, and all that needs to happen, can then happen (and who knows when that will be)?

    Is the process incremental – the rooting out, and clearing of, dark pockets, bit by bit, for real (so no returning to Atlantis failures this time round)? (For example, with what happened at Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii: Directed Energy Weapons technology was ‘stealth’, and was undetected by the Galactics until it happened. Now that it’s known, it can be prevented.)

    A bit less dark, a bit more Light?

    Matthew Ward has consistently stated (channeled through his Mum) that from where he and his team reside (“from all souls at this station”), they do see more Light upon Earth. This provides an injection of hope every time I read this (for I would otherwise not see this).

    So, I keep hoping*, even amidst the rollout of the 15 minute smart cities, Central Bank Digital Currencies (trackable, controllable money), etc – that somehow, the Earth human experiment this time round is TOO IMPORTANT to fail, and therefore, what looks like further enslavement will not happen (or may happen for a while, until we suffer some more, wake up a bit more, and with more of a collective voice, be able to say no).

    (*As an aside, in the vast corpus of channeled work from Robert Shapiro’s “The Explorer Race” books, Zoosh stated that we – as the Explorer Race (now ensconced in the Earth experiment), INVENTED hope. Before us, hope wasn’t needed.)

    I’ve also read that the ‘Mother’s Plan’ is that humankind will indeed mature/evolve/ascend into the Golden Age. So, the shenanigans and discomforts we are currently experiencing will NOT lead to enslavement. I like this idea, but how long will this take? Is it about being ‘patient’, and ‘trusting’ (the plan?).

    There’s a final pointer which helps me (if only to provide context to our weird situation): A wonderful (and perplexing) man said: “No one is being murdered.”

    Eh? The murdering (and natural death) is going on all the time. What are you on about?

    He was pointing to our actual, real, undeniable, experience, now: “You are not the one who wakes, or dreams, or sleeps. You are the actionless and formless Mere Witness …”

    My thinking is that the “witness” thing he was referring to has some connection to R’Kok’s “Source”.

    Hoping this share is useful for the most benevolent outcome.

  47. solar flash

    Take china for example, Its govt had an even more draconian measures to “contain” the planedemic on its citizen and had a year more than the usual 2 years of that lockdowns than any nation. Did it spurred its citizen to revolt against excessive measures?, yes it did but sporadically and they were easily crushed by the communists govt.

    Majority of the citizen could only silently complain among themselves and didn’t raise the momentum of protest when things started to heat up on their 3rd year. And how could they, their financial means are totally controlled by their govt as they are now a cashless society, their govt being communist will not have any 2nd thoughts to shoot you on sight if they think verbal threats do not work anymore, lastly chinese or asian society culture are taught to be tolerant of abuse until the final straw and those three years couldn’t even muster a credible opposing force against oppressive lockdown rules.

    Can you imagine what you are hoping humanity would do to liberate themselves?! The dark employs the “boiling the frog” metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to react to or be aware of sinister threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly. Majority still think it was merely a strange natural phenomenon that would best forgotten now that its “past tense” , they still have mouths to feed and bills to pay because they are not going away. Humanity is stuck.

    lightworkers cannot magically visualize the dark away and send their physical asses to the galactic central sun for god to sort out.
    they do their part of healing themselves, mass meditation, clearing leylines, gridwork and whatever is associated with lightworker activity but as you had said its not enough.

    Perhaps instead of relying the grey hats to initiate disclosure, Galactic’s can send evidences that humanity needs to see and learn to reliable independent lightworkers who can spread the information themselves thru social media. Its impact may be slower and not as impactful than a mass broadcast on national television would but this is better than hoping for them to act and you said it yourself the probability is so low.

    1. Donna Nckean

      Compassionate loving RKok
      Thank you for asking our opinion.The people of earth need a forum to express our hearts.This forum needs to continue and if you could do this way more often.
      We are so blessed for your interest in our earth situation. Like the other lightworkers I am stifled
      by the stagnancy.We ask and need
      intervention ASAP Also if Source could help with a solar flare. My vibration plummeted when I read you night take up to 3 years .I see many patients a day and they are very sick,tired and have lost hope
      with all the unfulfilled promises. Most people are decent and loving
      but deceived by the programming
      and lies. Please consider helping
      your brothers and sisters ASAP.It is a human trait to automatically
      help someone in need and figure out the logistics later.We want to live and work with you.I am crying
      as I write this as the suffering that I see should and need not be.I am an old spiritual warrior who will never give up but we are tired. I reiterate we need dialogue with you as it helps tremendously. It is like a beautiful dam has opened.
      We love you and Source.From our heats to yours .Much Love always

    2. Peter

      Unfortunately, the Local Galactic Federation is in part, the Cabal above…as below so above. They run the show, they control the Governments here on Earth.
      The Targetians (Pleadians) and Urmah ( the Feline Galactic Federation) are also members of the Galactic Federation but with a different viewpoint so to speak, do step in when it’s absolutely necessary behind the scenes, much to the concerns of the Galactic Federation .. but without wanting a direct confrontation with the standing Galactic Federation in our local solar system, they are limited to what they can do..we don’t want another interstellar war out there in space.
      We don’t need saving, per se, just remove the outright evil ones down here and we can figure out the rest for ourselves, mistakes will be made but…we will learn how to row our own boats with a little benevolent guidance form the Urmahs and Targetians.
      Just who do you think was behind the recent resets and obliteration of our more recent histories, like Tartaria for instance and well before that as well. Planetary strikes against the population of Earth by off world technology and weapons.
      Within the Galactic Federation itself, there is differing views, there are those who want to keep the status quo and stop humanity progressing on our spiritual pathway whilst others would very much like to see humanity evolve without these giant boulders deliberately thrown in front of us when it seems we’re starting to progress each time.
      I don’t trust the so called white hats or grey hats or even the presiding Galactic Federation either, humanity need to take back their power and say NO to the dark and evil agenda down here, our power is given to these corrupt Governments by us agreeing to their insane demands.
      Many in these positions of power on Earth aren’t even human, ie: they are clones..literally or disguised as humans while following the directives of the Federation itself!!
      Good Grief, what a mess.
      It’s up to us peoples, we have a full mix of DNA from 23 positive star nations within us, that is what they are terrified of, humanity coming into their Godlike power with the full activation of that DNA and taking our place within the overall Galactic communities of the Universe at large.

  48. Iris G

    R’Kok, “…do you think that in the next three years, Earth humans are going to free themselves through mass arrests and mass disclosure?”

    If you ask me, I don’t think so.
    Because of the following conditions:
    1. Two thirds (67%) of us has taken the killshot blindly.
    2. 99% Is enslaved by their mobile phone military weapon.
    3. Most of us do not respect themselves, nature, or God.
    5. Most of us do not want to be responsible for their own health and well-being, not to speak of others.
    6. Most of us follow the mainstream media, doctors, teachers etc.
    7. All of the above has created a power vacuum for the cabal to jump in.

    My impression is, we have dropped below the point of the ability of self-governance in all respects, except eating, sleeping, fighting and procreating like animals. Only God consciousness will save us.

    1. Janice

      Dear Iris, thank you for your snappy summary. You have mentioned the most important obstacles. Blessings from Germany

  49. Michel StJ

    Dear R’Kok,
    Thanks for your message and your support.
    I don’t think there will be any global move towards freedom in my surroundings in the next three years, unless someone takes his own responsabilities to create a powerful and mesmerizing new move in the right direction.
    So my question is : what can I personally do to favour freedom ? I have a few hunches, and I know it’s up to me to go within and fetch a further answer.
    But if you have an advice or a cheering up word about it, I really would appreciate this.
    With all my gratitude,

    1. A.S.

      Hi Michel,

      Thanks for your post. Good question. The following is just me speaking, it’s not channeled.

      One option is to work on yourself spiritually, which automatically uplifts everyone else to a degree. I’m not saying “if you do this, we will be free next year” but it might help a bit.

      There’s the “build a small community with like-minded people” route, but that can turn nasty due to people’s personal ego. Sometimes governments also shut those down.

      If you’re talking about more direct action to free humanity, what Tunia suggested in a past message was protesting in front of police stations or military barracks or something like that and calling on police / militaries to remember their oath to protect the people / constitution / whatever they swore to defend in your country (research beforehand what exactly their oath was, if anything). Don’t break the law, be respectful, but also be firm.

      1. gastronimo

        I am so appreciative of your service to the All, God bless you!

        You know, Tunia’s suggestion of direct action really did sound good to me… for all of about 30 sec., right up until I remembered that is exactly what the people of Brazil attempted after their last stolen election, and look where that got them! Unlike the Jan 6 protests in the USA, they attempted to call directly upon the Brazilian military at their own barracks and headquarters to uphold their constitution and intervene, but only got classified as terrorists, thrown in jail, AND forced vaxxed by the federal police/commies, while the military just drove around the country in their armored vehicles and did NOTHING to correct the injustices! I trust no one in any human government/military anymore.

        I have already pre-experienced the Solar Flash twice, so I welcome its true arrival ASAP. Maybe some think this is selfish, but it seems we are risking the ascension of many of us now, while waiting for others who have already chosen another path.

        BUT, I am also curious about Gaia’s desire and her timeline/deadlines. Nobody here seems to care much about this, but most of us Starseeds/Lightworkers came here for Her, in answer to her call for help, and She is holding back major changes for the benefit of humanity, but even She cannot delay her own ascension much longer. When is “enough is enough” for HER?

        SO, I wish to know what Gaia prefers as far as direct intervention, Flash, or humans do the rest/best they can. I will meditate on this with her and If I get her direct answer I will post it here.

        Victory of the Light!

        1. gastronimo

          Based on my recent meditation today with Her Presence, Gaia made clear She still prefers that humanity be given every last opportunity to make the necessary changes ourselves in order to maximize the positive harvest, but she is losing faith in our ability to do so within this timeline.

          So She made it clear that She would like to see a compromise as David had suggested before of ONE FINAL DEADLINE given to the Grey Hats for arrests and disclosure before any direct galactic intervention. Then we will know for sure who is on what side, who can be trusted and who cannot going forward. I appreciate her patience and wisdom!

          I would like to hear what the GF believes Gaia’s desire is!

        2. Tricia

          Hi exactly what you said word for word 💖 can I ask what did the solar flash feel like when you experienced how it felt? Did you experience anything after the event in particular about the humans that possibly weren’t ready for it? I’d love to hear what Mother Gaia feels on this 🙏Thank you so much

      2. Michel StJ

        Hi A.S.,
        Many thanks for your reply.
        I’ll do what I know I have to do, among other things, as you mentioned, “working” on myself. I now intend to play my part at the fullest.
        I can see in the vast majority of the comments that our galactic brothers and sisters’ reluctance to over help is justified.
        We, as earth humans, are stuck too deeply in the victim consciousness, denying our full divine power.
        Having said that, maybe I am mistaken, but the concise messages I happen to receive tell me about the ongoing activation of a first wave of human volunteers, and for sure, you are one of them.
        So thank you so much for your presence on Earth and for your uplifting messages. And so many thanks to Tunia, R’Kok and Hakann for their pragmatic sharings.

        Maybe I am wrong… But !
        I don’t think the extraterrestrials don’t take enough responsabilities. I do believe WE don’t take our own responsabilities enough. And I do believe that the “activation” of psychic capabilities in humans, waves by waves, is one of the best strategies to free humankind.

        As I heard once : “We cleared the way. But it is up to you to walk the path of your ascension.”

        I know I have to take my responsabilities seriously.

        All the best,


  50. Tammy

    Thank you for the question. It has been frustrating having to rely on others when things have gotten so bad that we the people don’t have the resources and those that signed up have gotten complacent on our liberation. I expected election interference disclosure, trafficking, media lies disclosure, COVID and vaccine dangers, and so much more but instead we are just dabbling and dragging it out.These delays will cause more harm than good from the perspective of many living through this and it is difficult to understand the strategy which doesn’t match the ferocity of the Q strategy and big talk. Now my grandkids have to endure gender and twisted teacher insanity. Better see change in 2024 and 2025.

  51. Henrik

    Dear forces of the light! The Solar Flash is obviously the right course to take because when people’s memories come back, when we remember who we are, there is no shock. It’s just an aha-moment and we can course correct immediately.

    It’s the veil, the illusion or matrix which is weighing us down because we are blind to the circumstances and bad actors. So go back and ask Source why this horrid show has to go on for this long. I for one have seen the Shift on entheogens and it’s not frightening. When we are empowered by our heart centered soul consciousness, we will not repeat past mistakes!

  52. R

    Look, I think you have to have a lot off balls of steel to be in the gray hat position, give up the cosy position you’ve acquired over the years by semi-joining the system and then startimg to arrest world leaders, which not all of humanity will not appreciate right away. That’s some high level rejection you should be willing to take on your shoulders. So I understand the huge amount of courage it takes to do that for a high level grey hat. And it seems they lack the courage, since they are kicking the can down the road for the past 8 to 10 years. To me it seems they don’t want to be rejected by humanity and welcomed as hero’s right away en mass. So what I hear them say, is that they need humanity to reach a level of consiousness in which they don’t have to be so courageous, but still be seen as hero’s.

    All the while they are missing the point that their couragous efforts, would they be willing to take them, would actually benefit humanity’s rise in consiousness substantially.

    Now to the problem of galactic intervening or not I will say the following:

    To borrow a quote from the Matrix: “the problem is choice”.

    I get that humanity would be better off when it would chose to free itself on it’s own. If everything is consiousness and there is something as a earth-human consiousness, then there should be a global earth-human karma in my view at least. I think it’s better for our collective ‘karma’ to make that choice and start the action ourselves, with your help. I might put it a bit in black and white terms, which in reality it probabaly isn’t. But, I’d like to compare it with a child who learns to do something by itself, this gives a sense of empowerment to the child. However, when the task is taken over by the adult it deems itself inadquate of the task and therefore doesn’t feel empowered, but more helpless and dependent on the parent. I think there is definitely something to say that we as a collective, which the gray hats are a part of, should find the power within the collective ‘self’ to change our situation. The grey hats have taken it up as their jobs, by oath, to be responsible of this part of the change. The grey hats as a part of humanity, although awake, doesn’t take it’s responsibility and trough that the collective consiousness of humanity will lack it’s empowerement of doing it by our selves.

    Having said that, enough is enough. We can’t wait for people who don’t take up their responsibility and keep kicking the can down the road, because they can’t summon the courage needed. I feel oppertunities closing, I don’t know if I’m correct, but that’s my gut feeling. If I’m correct, this will bolster the dark hats, disempower the white hats, possibly retreating to their own bubbles in which they can find some sort of peace and relieve from the system controlled by the dark hats. And leave the grey hats unsupported and more rejected, that which they feared unironnicly. This doesn’t go well for the people still sleeping, because no one will be there for them. Not the white hats, not the grey hats and certainly not the dark ones. The sleepers, albeit asleep, deserve better and the white hats too.

    2026 is too late. I’m, very very hestitantly and reluctantly, willing to see if the grey hats can drum up their courage before or immediately after (i.e. the first week) the presidential election of the US, but when nothing has happend by then, please intervene, because nothing of importance in liberating humanity is going to happen after that, at least within the ‘democratic West’. If they have the power then, they should use it. Shit or get off the pot.

    To be honest, I’m not putting my money on that scenario. They’ve had their chances and didn’t take them. They didn’t shit and then lost the pot.

    If you, galactics, wait too long with intervening, you’re hurting our relation with you too. You too have more explaining to do and repairing to do in a newly formed relation, when intervening later rather the earlier. Which, in the longrun, has it’s drawbacks too, I suppose. I don’t say this to pressure the galactic federation, only stating the risks as I see them.

    Having said all this, i wish you good luck with your desicion making, it must be hard for you too. May Source be with you.

  53. Matthew

    Dear R’Kok,

    Perhaps the galactics can intervene in another way. The occasion is several disturbing reports on the Internet.
    This is one example:

    I am kindly asking for help from the galactics.
    Hopefully they can turn off or reduce the signals/radiation from
    the 5g towers all over the world!
    I hope and pray the galactics can do this!
    Thus, much suffering and misery can be avoided.
    We are eternally grateful to the galactics!

    1. A.S.

      Hi Matthew,

      Speaking as myself —

      I don’t know any specifics, but the galactics are already doing a significant amount of background work to keep us healthier and make our environment less toxic than it would otherwise be.

      I don’t know if they’re already doing, or planning to do something about 5G specifically. In any case, they’ve seen your post. Thanks.

      1. Janice

        Dear A.S., thank you for your channelings. Here in Germany for example I could notice that the chemtrail pollutian is reduced since this summer. Now we can see here often “normal” clouds. 🙂 Blessings from Germany

  54. scotth9510

    Hello a.s. tunia hakaan and r’kok as a lightworker/starseed from elsewhere I do love to read these articles but I also wholeheartedly agree earth humans need carefully balanced outside help as well as good hearted humans/starseeds that will help to be positive role models for the earth humans but will also need to understand justice will be swift if they try to keep things status quo.

  55. gastronimo

    My answer to your question R’Kok is: 100% NO!

    My question for you is: Why does source decree that humanity be free in the NEAR FUTURE? Is it to maximize the free will or harvest of the STS negative entities, or to maximize the free will or harvest of the STOs?

    I appreciate all the various perspectives on this intervention issue, but by now it is obvious with the past and future plandemics that the maximal positive harvest is at risk here and NOW.

    The parameters of this End Game have changed with COVID. I had hoped humans could solve this with the least Galactic assistance possible, but even with the fiercest Warriors of Light incarnated and ever-fortifying in strength and awareness, even with all the solar/cosmic activity and the removal of past karma, the White Hats/Grey Hats keep moving the goalposts further back and this new normal is only generating a crisis of faith and hope for us STOs.

    At the current pace of Earthly evolution, without any solar flash or direct intervention, I shudder to think what awaits us in 3 years! How much more unnecessary suffering could be avoided by then?

    If Source has already experienced enough degradation of consciousness and decreed freedom for humanity, then why wait so long?

    We are in all new territory here, so screw your fears about Atlantis-type failures, screw the original plan for 3 waves of migration to New Earth- CALLING ALL SOURCE reinforcements to get the job done sooner than later.

    I VOTE FOR THE SOLAR FLASH A.S.A.P.! To weed out the weakest and most corrupted by taking out all AI infected and/or over-vaxxed bodies and systems first. and then continue to raise the vibration all of the remaining ascenders, through direct intervention and mass landings.

    Thank you for your service!

  56. Gabor

    Dear brother R’Kok and A.S.,

    Thank you for this channeling. Here are few points to take into consideration in favor of immediate direct intervention, this is only my perspective:

    #1: see Samanah story. Who invented darkness and for what reason?

    #2: The Company of Heaven framed the people of Earth into this giant FAIL through multiple bad decisions such as:
    – they wanted us to experience voulnerability: designed a body for us pre-wired for a “Stress me On Demand” feature (vagus nerve). The dark ones simply put the button (implants) there.
    – there is way too much ppl with very different cultural background on this planet. How should we enter into unity like this? Only a giant shock can unify the ppl of Earth.
    – they wanted new humans, stronger creators with insanely strong emotions, yet they let the dark ones took over the experiment.

    #3 The Universal Law simply fails to produce positive outcome on this fequency range/under these circumstances. See other planets on similar freq went extinct. Allowing to continue the experiment under Universal Law, which creates continuous suffering, is criminal. Why ppl are stuck in a karmic merry-go-around?

    #4 There is no way to make progress with 3 billion, critical thinking and independent research disabled people currently present on Earth. They want to kill us on the road on a daily basis.

    #5 There is NOTHING to fix here. Nothing to wait for. This experiment has to stop now. People must be healed, sorted out and put in a new set up, where the challenges of life do not exceed their light quotients.

    #6 We need healing NOW. Not beating by Helios. Pulling up the frequency of the system by Helios creates more suffering and maddness. Project Helios Sledgehammer will result the same problem only on a higher frequency. This is not the solution.

    #7 The only thing can help is soft feminine love: the Solar Flash. Now please. Whoever can’t take it, please get relocated before.

    #8: The longer it continues like this, the more lightworkers you will lose. We can’t take more.

    #9 We have been asking for full scale Divine intervention for a long time. It seems to be the situation that we were right all along.

    #10 Does Source willing to torture us on this planet for some more years to prove that He/She/It is right, right? …before we are allowed to live a happy life. Is it benevolent? I realized in 2017 that I can’t hold the light in this body b/c of too much pain/injury/ trauma. Asking for healing since than. After the Great Rip-Off of 2018 we have just been struggling for daily survival.

    #11 People of Earth will not be free without full scale intervention, so why should you wait?

    Thank you for your kind consideration.
    P.S.: English is 2nd language. Sorry if I butchered.


  57. José Augusto

    Dear Brother R’Kok, although I have already put my point of view in response to dear Melinda, I would still like to talk more directly about our situation and how you could help us.

    I see that the illusion is too heavy for all of us to handle safely. That’s why I agree with Tunia and Hakann that the longer you delay your entry and direct contact in all this, the worse it gets.

    Overzealousness, to me, is a step backwards, not at all fraternal and even cowardly.

    Many and enough have already openly declared that everything should be unveiled and exposed!

    So what do you expect? Weren’t we taught that even a few awakened people would be enough for everything to happen? So why is it still 55% now? I understand, but I can’t deny that it’s strange.

    Make contact now! With me and with whoever is asking and crying out in trust and from the heart.

    Let it be gradual, region by region, country by country, community by community, family by family… but out of love DO IT!

    There is no such thing as waiting for your help or waiting for the right moment!

    Because we’ve asked for help thousands of times, we’ve cried out millions of times, we’ve fallen millions of times, we’ve incarnated millions of times!

    So what are you all waiting for? Who is waiting for whom? Answer me? Have courage and say it! Or just walk away.

    With all the frankness and love in my heart,
    José Augusto |JA91

    Estimado irmão R’Kok, apesar de já ter colocado o meu ponto de vista como resposta a querida Melinda, ainda gostaria de falar mais diretamente sobre nossa situação a respeito de como vocês poderiam nos auxiliar. Vejo que a ilusão é pesada demais para todos lidarmos com segurança. Por isso mesmo, concordo com a Túnia e o Hakann, que quanto mais adiar o vosso ingresso e direto contato nisso tudo, pior fica. Excesso de zelo, para mim é um retrocesso, nada fraterno e até covarde. Muitos e o suficiente já declaram abertamente que tudo seja desvelado e exposto! O que se espera então? Não foi nos ensinado que, mesmo sendo poucos os despertos bastaria para tudo acontecer? Então, porque agora se fala ainda em 55%. Até entendo, mas que é esquisito não posso negar. Façam o contato já! Comigo e com quer que esteja pedindo e clamando na confiança e de coração. Que seja gradual, região por região, país por país, comunidade a comunidade, familia por familia.. mas por amor FAÇAM ISTO! Não existe isso de esperamos por vosso auxilio e nem vocês esperarem pelo momento certo! Como se já pedimos aos milhares, já clamamos de milhões de maneiras, já caimos milhões de vezes, já encarnamos também milhões de vezes! Que esperam todos vocês então? Quem espera quem afinal? Me respondam? Tenham coragem e digam! Ou então se afastem.

  58. sjaegeling

    Not sure if my first comment came through or not so here goes again. This post was probably not something I should of read first thing in the morning. Not very inspiring but probably true. We are trying our best to be positive sending light and love. But is this enough to raise the vibration of the planet? Is the dark just laughing at us and continuing on with their evil ways? Please tell us that the earth is not a schoolroom of cat and mouse with us being the mice. And that the galactics are not enjoying the show from above? Seeing if we can do it? There is so much information coming into the planet, what is the real true and outcome for planet earth? Some reassurance would be nice. The comments are great and I know everyone would like to know also. Thank you

    1. A.S.

      Thanks for sharing.

      The galactics aren’t enjoying the show. They see it as their brothers and sisters suffering terribly.

      The site admin Kejraj has to manually approve all comments. That’s why it can take a while for comments to show up, but Kejraj does seem to approve practically every comment that isn’t outright commercial spam (which I appreciate).

  59. Kirsten

    R’Kok, thank you for your message, and I do appreciate your dilemma, but I would like to add my voice to all the beautiful voices I see here already and say I think it’s time for you galactics to intervene more directly. While some people are starting to awaken, the vast majority of people I know are still completely brainwashed and unable to even get their minds around anything the MSM doesn’t tell them. How are we to free ourselves when so many don’t even understand that we aren’t free? It is painful to watch humanity thrash about in such complete ignorance. The programming is so deep and insidious. I am still working through the layers myself and I started decades ago.

    Everyone is struggling down here. It is an unholy mess. I am an optimistic Lightworker who has been on the awakening path since the 1990’s. I have done my shadow work, I continue to raise my frequency and continue to encourage and love all the people in my sphere even though I am damned tired and have to spend a great deal of time in self care every day just to soldier on. I am a champion of the highest order, like all of our amazing Lightworker volunteers. We are poisoned in every imaginable way every day down here, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and yet we continue to rise. We have knocked the ball out of the park, so to speak, with very little support. When is it enough?

    I am tired of hearing “soon.” Guess what? Soon isn’t soon enough. I know it’s dangerous down here. Believe me. These psychos need to be stopped today. Not in some magical time in the unpredictable future.

  60. Bituca

    Earth’s population is weakened, poisoned, brainwashed so it will never be able to free itself. The Galactics are too powerless and cowardly. The only hope is the flash of the Creator.

    1. Melinda Siebold

      I have come to the same conclusion. I see the gray hats and galactics both secretly wanting the solar flash to take care of their problems for them. It’s their excuse for inaction.

  61. Samandra

    The human-o-verse is past broken. It continues shattering and splintering into reactive political holdings and powerful, slithering cabals. These corporations of power and wealthy rule are older-than Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

    If you have not faced evil, you have likely been under its influence or tenure. Delusion, apathy and denial are all symptoms of the enslaved mind.

    The intellect and intellectual – are the most easy to capture and enslave. Because the intellect thrives upon denial and is hardwired to material reality only. It is one of the more common egoic programs at play today and one of the more difficult dungeons to escape.

    Earth may not be liberated, at least not in my lifetime. I was born in the Spring, just prior to The Summer of Love. We are only recently transitioning into the Age of Aquarius out of Pisces which began with the birth of Yeshua.

    I pray we can liberate ourselves but I am deeply skeptical. The levels of spiritual-denial and of divine reality are rooted in contemporary nihilism and scientific materialism. This is the blockchain of the modern Godless paradigms. Anything or anyone else is assumed crazy and readily crucified.

    Will Galactics help us? That is the quadrillion-dollar question. What is even true? The world is incredibly disregulated and most of our pain bodies are overflowing like rain barrels. I pray for quick resolution and complete liberation of planet Earth. (Love!)

  62. sjaegeling

    Not something I should of read first thing in the morning. Very frank and probably very true. Also not very inspiring. We are all trying to be more positive, sending light and love, etc. Hoping this will end the dark control but is this really enough to change the earth situation? Are they just laughing and continuing on with their dark agendas? Is earth the schoolroom of cat and mouse, us being the mice. And I pray that the galactics watching from their ships above are not enjoying the show. Help would be appreciated at any time. We have been here, done this many times and are exhausted.

  63. lucysense

    Dear R’kok,
    this is my first time writing. Also, English is not my native language, so I apologize for the mistakes. Thank you for your honesty. I share your views on liberation and at the same time understand the fear of the Galactics after the Atlantis experience. As already written here in the comments, let’s not let fear control us. My answer to your question is no. I don’t think we can break free in three years without your help.
    A few observations to ponder.
    I feel like you are not taking it step by step. Please keep in mind that I am not a military analyst and I can’t see the future, so I am just sharing my current view of the matter and I could be wrong and this may not be new to you.
    It’s strange that you trust humanity enough to get out of this literally inescapable prison on its own, but you don’t trust it enough to handle a brief period of instability. I am talking about a short period of time because I believe and feel that the first step, which should have been taken long ago, is to stop all those who harm humanity. So the arrest. Communicating to humanity the true, but only the necessary reasons why this is happening. The second step is to set the standard of living from the mode of survival to the mode of sufficient coverage of all basic needs with the continuous release of additional information. When we have basic needs secured, I believe that humanity will quickly stabilize and calm down. I think all of this can be done without having to unleash the technology and reveal your presence. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of the first to be in favor of lightning speed in the evolution to paradise on the planet and access to all the technology and I already see myself up there with you, but I’m also very aware of how it can be for someone difficult) Therefore, I see no reason to be afraid. Between step #2 and step #3, which I would choose your disclosure, I would leave enough time for the integration of all changes for the better and for humanity to realize that it is now really only up to us where we decide to evolve as a whole. And I believe that when we are at peace and don’t have to deal with survival, we will get there faster than we can imagine.
    I know you have ways of knowing if we are ready for this or that. So then you figure out if it’s time to show yourself to us and when it’s time to give us some technology. In fact, you don’t even have to give it to us, just loan it to us under your supervision until we are ready to have it fully. It follows from this that we don’t have to fear another Atlantis.
    Apart from the fear of a repeat of Atlantis, are there other reasons preventing you from intervening? I ask because it seems that way. Do you want to give those who do harm time to make the right decision? After all, they have this opportunity even after you arrest them, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of those who are suffering. (I speak for myself now, but I won’t judge them and they already have my forgiveness and sincere wish that they choose the light, just like you)
    I also ask, can there not be beings among you who have their own interests and direct intervention does not suit them? If that’s the case, and I’m not saying it is, I don’t have any advice here, you have to sort it out in your own ranks.
    If you are waiting for those who are still sleeping, we also use an alarm clock on the ground or we simply tell someone to come and wake us up and he will do it and not always in a gentle way… Let’s really help them a little bit and do it with step no. 1.
    Finally, I just want to point out that I share with others the feeling that we are already tired and that we are not giving it as much as we could, because we are running out of strength and hope that it will change someday and that should also be taken into account.
    Thank you again for your message and many thanks for all you and others do for us. I wish us all enough strength, smooth and harmonious completion of this liberation and early realization in this material world of ours.

    Take care everyone.

    1. Aztec

      Napisałem wcześniej coś podobnego ale krótszego. Nie chciałem zbytnio przeciągać, jestem lepszy w mówieniu niż pisaniu. Również nie jestem Anglojęzyczny.

      Bardzo trafny komentarz, podzielam tą opinię.

      Nie sądziłem że tak wiele wspaniałych komentarzy się pojawi.
      Jestem z wami do końca i nigdy się nie poddam zanim ta planeta nie będzie całkowicie wolna.

      Nie mam nic do stracenia tak na prawdę poza tym śmiertelnym ciałem, bo jak wiadomo życie nigdy się nie kończy.

      Jesteście wspaniali, wszyscy !

      1. lucysense

        Děkuji za tvou reakci Aztecu. Vnímáme to velmi podobně. Také souhlasím, že je zde spousta skvělých komentářů. Mimochodem jsme sousedé 🙂

    2. A.S.

      Thanks for your message, Lucy.

      Speaking as myself, and being brutally honest —

      There is a small group of galactics, consisting of less-wise and less-mature galactics, who are horrified at how awful many Earth humans treat other Earth humans. Their perspective is basically “don’t intervene and let them be until they’ve learned unconditional love, by themselves.” This group almost looks at Earth humans as yet another mostly-evil race, in the vein of the reptilians. They’re more thinking along the lines of “maybe should we blow up Earth’s space industry” and less along the lines of “should we help them?”

      It’s pretty jarring for galactics, who treat each other with so much love and understanding, to then watch people on Earth lie to each other, torture each other, rape each other, gaslight each other, etc.

      I do want to stress that this is a minority view among positive galactics, and especially the wiser and higher-up and decision-making galactics don’t hold this view.

  64. Zuza

    Thank you R’kok.
    What can I say, I think most people will not awake on time. They are fast asleep, they seat very deep in the programming. It is really hard to understand for the ones who are not raised in this reality how hard is to free yourself. Everything we know as humans is comfortable even if it brings suffering and pain, we are used to having it in our lives, we believe life without pain is impossible.
    So, having that in mind, no, I don’t think we will free ourselves.
    I am not sure if we need a great intervention, but we need media on our side for sure, all of them. We need celebrities speaking the truth about rituals and children harm in public, we need public and global courts sessions on the ones responsible for COVID and other genocide. And we need Gesara the most, because most people are in a survival mode all the time. With Gesara we can have people feeling secured and probably peaceful enough to withstand the truth spoken on media.
    Please feel free to reach out if you wish to discuss. I am in contact with some beings who support me, but I don’t know who they are. But they can for sure be of service for further information as well.

    1. Raksha

      I agree. I don’t think they can understand emotionally how it is down there. Intellectually ? Sure.
      Even myself when I feel good and connected to the light I start to loose sight of how painful it can be. I’m not sure they can really get it, but I’m not blaming them;

      I think that by now, those who were meant to awaken without « big big things » are awake. I agree that the MSM is the main problem. We need truth. Let the chips fall where they may.

    2. Aztec

      You made me curious, writing about the beings you contact. Can you say something more about it or give your Discord or some other contact ? Are we talking about beings from earth or from off-planet ?

      If the beings (not from earth) are hiding their identity then I would speculate about their good intentions.

      If someone wants to help then they should say something about themselves, no matter if they are physical or from a collective of non-physical beings.

      1. Zuza

        They support my mission. It is not their fault I am not telephatic yet, so I cannot communicate. 🙂 They do try to show their support, always, and occasionally they record some melodies on the videos I make. My discernment tells me these are my friends. And in fact, without them I would hardly make it to stay sane. I am on twitter (sasanka_iam). Discord too

  65. Nameless

    I wonder why the gray hats didn’t act first. Perhaps they are subject to surveillance technology that reads the minds of the black hats? I do not know. They have surveillance and hacking technology to read people’s brain waves. So the strategy may be revealed. They also use location technology and psychological fraud techniques. Of course, I think it is very good that positive alien technology and positive aliens are leading freedom. One is the difference in ability. In the current situation, we are experiencing many difficulties due to evil alien technology, which is difficult to solve with average human abilities.

    I have very little technical skills and so does the average pure human. Pure humans are physically and mentally exhausted from being attacked, and have difficulty functioning socially and living normal daily lives. It is also difficult to receive any support or help. There was no direct help from the Gray Hats. I think direct help could have been a bit difficult strategically. Gray hats do not directly help humans. I didn’t get any direct help either. I don’t know if there’s any direct help. I also thought that if a gray hat helps humans or me directly, a gray hat may have to fight a black hat.

    In my opinion, it is bound to be a difficult choice for the gray hats as they have to take into account such weaknesses. In my judgment, it is better to intervene if they are positive beings and good people who follow the Creator’s order. Of course, humans have no choice but to be careful in this area, but in our world, there are many fraudulent and lies, alien races are not common, and we do not know much and are not good at distinguishing them, so ordinary humans may not be aware of such things.

    It is difficult for average human beings to overcome the evil alien hybrid races and have a hard time with their collective attacks and daily planned attacks. In addition, there are cases where the attack causes mental or physical pain, so it is fortunate if it does not interfere with the fight. I’m also worried that they’re currently living as slaves or that they won’t take hostages. I don’t know other people’s opinions, but my opinion is that the other side should fight freely even if the black hat takes hostage. We have to fight strategically. Would it have been different if I were a gray hat? It’s hard for me to become a gray hat because of the technology of the black hat. If I were to be a gray hat, my strategy would be exposed. Then we can drive our troops to the edge. I think you should always figure it out first. It’s a bit more capable or technical. You might know the average ability technology of a gray hat or a human being.

    Additionally, pure humans and mixed races are different, and there are differences in their characteristics, abilities, and personalities. You can form and live in groups, ostracize certain races, or even commit fraud and lies. It would be better if you had the technical skills and insight to recognize the lineage of pure humans and mixed race races, and if not, it would be even better if you had the ability or technology to distinguish the differences through research or observation. Be careful because mixed races that are not pure humans can be hostile to normal humans or other positive alien races. I think it would be good to have long-distance observation skills.

    To be honest, I’m not sure if the average human itself would be friendly to an alien race. I think this is because humans do not know which alien races are good or evil, and there are many contradictions. I think this is because there are a lot of articles about certain alien races, and there is a lot of fraud among people. Pure humans have never even been directly explained how to distinguish between alien races, and have never seen anything officially said about alien races by any government agency or broadcasting station. It only goes around on the internet.
    I’ve only seen articles like that in the United States during the time of President Eisenhower. Even in human schools, they taught that there are no aliens. Such are the mainstream values of pure human beings.

    I’m not sure to what extent you include it in the category of ‘human’ you’re talking about. In general, it is difficult to win with pure human abilities or the abilities of ordinary people living on Earth as average human beings. One of the reasons is that they cannot commit crimes or riot and attack, and if they do, black hats will block them first or attack again. Usually, people who fall into the category of average human beings protest and write articles, but if you just ignore them, that’s the end. In reality, it means that no one has the authority to do anything until the gray hat forcibly arrests them, drags them away, and executes them. Also, since the average human or pure human does not know who the black hats are, who should they fight? Who should we kill? Who should be arrested? Because you don’t know much about it.

    Also, the personality and characteristics of the average human being tend to be less good and unjust than we think. I’m lucky if I don’t commit a crime, lie, or secretly commit a crime, betrayal, or fraud. In this situation, most people have a lot of conflict and fight with each other, and it is quite difficult to figure out trust relationships, that is, who is an ally and who is an enemy.

    It is necessary to distinguish between pure humans and the average human being living on Earth. Then you can easily spot problems. It will be helpful to know the number and proportion of pure humans and the number and proportion of mixed race people.

    It is judged that mixed race people have programming.

    In the current system, they’re supposed to be in the human category.

    And the average human being has a complaint about the situation of suffering. Why did we get invaded, why did the positive aliens leave it unattended, and things like that didn’t work out until now.
    There are a lot of questions. There are also doubts that this is fraud for any government or for any bad purpose.

  66. Seth

    I feel like one of the OG’s of Spiritual Light Workers (like many on this thread) and have been this way for a very long time -and as positive and optimistic as I am about our future, I do not believe we will have the intervention we need to free the planet in the next three years.

    I believe the situation is much too complex with the government utilizing technology to suppress any voice that carries weight, and that fear alone prevents people from wanting to challenge the system and do what’s needed.

    There are too many examples of random “suiciding”, arrests, de-platforming, etc that discourage true willingness to fight.

    I would happily lead the charge and, if need be, lay my life down for this planet but unfortunately I believe it would be in vain as Light Warriors are fearful and concerned about retribution from the Dark Hats.

    My vote is to intervene but do it in a way that considers past mistakes.

    I value this Channel and Team immensely.

    Love and Light – Seth

  67. cxilixo

    I think that there is no way for humans to liberate themselves, and there will never be a way to liberate themselves, anyway, the flash of the sun will cause the Earth’s axis to shift, the huge tsunami will completely destroy the old world, and humanity needs to evacuate to other planets, why not simply intervene directly? Direct intervention is a must and the only option!

    1. gastronimo


      I have seen my timeline version of the Solar Flash, and from that point of view it does NOT cause any immediate pole shift or tsunami! But it would quickly annihilate the large part of humanity not already prepared for it, equally necessitating immediate direct galactic intervention by mass evac.

      It would also simultaneously elevate the unity consciousness of its survivors, and restore our galactic DNA and memory, while wiping out all Alien AI and tech, to set truly us free.

      So I guess I agree with your conclusion, that direct intervention is necessary in any case… BRING IT ON!

      1. A.S.

        Speaking purely as myself (the following isn’t channeled) —

        I agree, the solar flash may annihilate a large part of humanity who isn’t ready, while not necessarily causing a pole shift. (I’m not sure about it necessitating immediate evac.)

        This annihilation is probably why it hasn’t happened yet. I think the solar flash isn’t the neat “everything is amazing now” button that some people are hoping it is (I’m not accusing anyone in particular of holding this view, but I know that some people do).

        1. gastronimo

          With all due respect, A.S., if you had already experienced this Event personally in your heart, and down to your every cell, whether in meditation or vision/download, you would likely not entertain such mental reservations- unless you were still concerned for those who cannot withstand it. I’m not saying it is the neat “everything is amazing now” button, only that it will improve everything sooner rather than later.

          But, I feel the majority of those who would be unable to survive the Event have already chosen to leave Earth, using whichever mRNA bioweapon/vax/product as their exit strategy. And the unfortunate few who want to continue with Gaia but got vaxxed (for whatever reason) may not survive long anyway without direct intervention in the form of galactic healing tech.

          I believe we can all agree that removing from the planet any continuously low-vibrating entity, be it human or ET or AI/synthetic (whether family, friend or ‘foe’), only lightens the load considerably for all who remain aligned with Gaia.

          In my humble estimation, the priority should be on maximizing the positive harvest at all costs. Of course, if the Company of Heaven have a better idea for a WIN-WIN for all, I am all ears!

  68. Mara Carroll

    Thank you R’Koc for this very clear message and the question. I am a very optimistic person and I like to see the full half of the glass in every situation but….the reality on our beautiful planet Earth is very sad, the changes are moving at the glacial speed… unfortunately humanity is not waking up to smell the coffee, still far too much mind manipulation and the vast majority of people still believe what the MSM says… it’s so depressing! Therefore I do not believe that the humanity will free itself from the Dark controllers, unfortunately!!! Daily I am praying for Earth, children & every living soul, nature etc to be protected and to reach the Freedom! God help & protect us please! Love to all💝💝💝

  69. Michael

    I’m a relatively new light worker (I came across this website in 2020, but only started “diving deeper” into channelled messages and “laws of the universe” after a thrombosis in September 2020), and my main approach was inner work, spiritual practice and “shining my light”. It was only this year in January when I left my “bubble” after enough growth, and read more “negative” texts.
    Your message was a much needed “wake up call” for me, as I’m generally very optimistic and this, “Well it will all work out in the end if you trust and have no doubts” approach is my current reality because, in fact, it always worked in the end for me. But my relaxed “it will all work out” mindset makes me “lazy” now and then. In my reality I can see so much spiritual growth in other people, it would never have occurred to me that what happens in the world isn’t “a side effect of increasing light” only, but a slowing down with the potential of making things worse.
    So yeah, as a young and very optimistic awakened one, this was much needed, otherwise I think I would let my spiritual practice slip way too often.

    If there is something specific we can do, for example so that humanity doesn’t freak out in case you interfere, I’d appreciate some suggestions in another channelling. Doesn’t hurt, I guess.

    I’m sending all of you older light workers some of my optimism, maybe it allows you to stay centered in all this chaos!

    1. Raksha

      Thanks. I’m not old. 38. I started my “awakening” two decades ago. I started with spiritual stuff, ans that’s still my priority. But eventually I had enough reasons to believe in the dark political stuff and did some researchs. Years and years passed by. The Qanon hype etc. And here we are. I lost my enthusiasm.

      Kudo for the Lightworkers who still have the Fire. Many of us are tired.

      But deep down, I’m still faithful. We will be badly needed soon.

  70. Raksha

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
    – Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

    Maybe that Gray hats plan was doomed from the start.

  71. Emmanuel M

    The biggest question will be: What was the “initial plan”? Why that plan was changed? Why you didn’t stick to that plan? The time you left the plan what was you intentions?
    Someone or some people must be called to answer?
    The big mess was done long time ago!!

    1. A.S.

      The following isn’t R’Kok talking, it’s just myself talking —

      The initial plan of the galactics is “it’s pretty likely that humanity will free itself, so we support and solve hard-to-address-problems and otherwise wait for them to free themselves.”

      What changed was basically the gray hats not taking as much action as expected / hoped.

      As for why the higher-up gray hats failed to act… I’m guessing some combination of liking their current privilege / power / more-information-than-most; them not wanting everything to come to the light because some of them have committed crimes too; and indecision / cowardice / inertia / fear.

  72. Jared

    R’Kok, on what are you basing your assessment the liberation was more likely 10 years ago?

    Are you factoring in the awakening of humanity?

    I believe our consciousness is significantly higher now than 10 years ago.

    The military has also made strides I believe in that time and while slow they have removed some of the negative beings, people and actors.

    All we have to do is make the media tell the truth and make the military do their job and make earth safe for the good people.

    What will it take for those to happen?
    Awareness, unity consciousness, bravery, courage, moral/mental/emotional fortitude, being willing to do the right thing.

    The Lahaina event is a tragedy and we should have more transparency about that and someone should start rebuilding and explain the truth behind the event.

    1. John t. Doyle

      I’m going with “The Mothers Plan” Why would any informed galactic military man even consider not going with Mother/father God’s plan. Seems a bit presumptuous. Appreciate the thought and we are all overly ready for the “New Earth” to kick in, but wait for your orders!!

      1. Melinda Siebold

        And you think the grey hats are following our Mother’s Plan? What if they are failing to follow our Mother’s Plan?

      2. A.S.

        I know that many people are saying that the divine plan is that on the right time, there will 100% be a solar flash, and then everything will be great.

        That’s not what I’ve been told. What I’ve been told is that there can be a solar flash, but there can also not be a solar flash.

        And the impression I’ve been getting is that the solar flash scenario has downsides — reality is a bit more messy than “snap, now all the sleepers are instantly awake and 5D and everything’s great.” So the galactic intervention scenario may play out better for Earth humans than the solar flash scenario.

      3. A.S.

        Also, what makes you think that galactic intervention isn’t Source’s plan? It’s the old story about the man who refused rescue by a boat because he was waiting for Source to save him, but in fact Source had sent that boat.

        Galactics strongly believe in serving Source, and some of them are communicating with Source regularly. If they’re strongly considering intervention, then Source isn’t against that — then they’re the metaphorical boat that Source is sending.

  73. john

    Thank you R’Kok for the message it was very enlightening i understand totaly but i for one would like to see the key players taken out or offworld so that others of a benovelent nature can step in i know that many have gone ie gates clintons etc but maybe just a few more to get the ball rolling. love to all.

  74. Soul of the stars

    I – in the name of my Soul, in the name of my higher self, in the name of the Galactic Federation, in the name of all beings of light in the name of the divine source – call and order to INTERVENE NOW IN SEPTEMBER 2023!

  75. brasilbilly

    Thanks for your message, R’Kok. I keep praying for gray hats to make their big move but I agree that they’re taking way too long. And I see no way that we will free ourselves, given that if we take up arms against our oppressors it will only play into their dark agenda, almost certainly resulting in a blood bath…and even stiffer lockdowns. So yes, I definitely welcome y’all to intervene—and ASAP, please!

  76. Hiromant

    I wouldn’t be so pessimistic. The Western warmongers are losing the war in Ukraine, people are waking up to the criminality of the ruling class and globalist governments are falling apart all over Europe with the US likely to follow soon. I think the gray hats have taken a slower geopolitical route to freedom instead of a quick, violent military one. We’ll see in the coming months and years but I’ve actually started to feel the load lightening lately.

    1. Teasy

      yes, i agree with that completely
      however, the dark forces already have several plans ready
      to catch most of the “awakened” (disgruntled) population in their “easy solution”

      it wouldn’t work of course, since most people are already aware, so only a certain amount of people will go along with every new circus
      but it will create a world of great chaos because there are no real down-to-earth systems in place yet to catch our society while the old crumbles

      particularly as to how people interact with each other, of which the morality is eroding quickly through various dark means
      we cannot work together to build a functional society if we can’t communicate
      and constructive communication can only work if people are on the same page, not distracted (numb) or overstimulated

      more successful group initiatives need to be created that can be shared and copied all across the world to create a lasting positive societal change
      otherwise the dark forces will always stay in charge without anyone knowing, because they tell people what they want to hear, show people a perfect appearance, and fulfill peoples’ needs just enough to keep them barely happy (“just over broke”/job)

  77. Raksha

    On another note, I strongly suggest to anyone who wish to comment, to just add a bit of space between their paragraphs. A lot easier to read.

  78. Matt

    By this point in time, I would say direct intervention no later than 2023, and we Starseeds and other Whitehats can begin to directly work together either face to face, through Zoom, etc including working directly with E.T.’s.

    People have suffered long enough especially children. I, for one, have even finally come to the conclusion that if I want to give my wife and children the life I’ve always wanted to give them, it’s up to no one else but me through focused intent and work. I catch little blurbs here and there about “the current situation”, but I’ve got to put my energy into me, myself, and I bettering my family and for generations to come.

    I’ve even been talking to two other Starseeds that I work with, and telling them to focus on what they want so that they can enjoy life as much as possible since we don’t know when/if all this stupid, needless suffering will actually end once and for all.

    I personally have made the mistake of “sitting around and waiting” for actual liberation, NESARA, GESARA, etc. for far too long. No more.

    How much more/longer do children, women, and men have to suffer? What about all the other life on, under, above this planet?

    If this situation has never happened in Creation before, we’ll, let’s hurry up to end the suffering, and work to make sure not even something remotely close to this happens again.

    1. Raksha

      Good point. I had the same reasoning. I tried to improve my life to keep the enthusiasm to engage with life and keep shining, while being patient. But deep down, I’m just loosing interest about this boring hole, and therefore my creations are failures.

      1. WK

        Dear Raksha,

        I don’t know about your creations being failures… but I have to say from all the comments I have read, yours are the most direct and balanced. You have great clarity of perception, which when alied to your experience gives your sharpness when commenting. Please continue to “light” battle on…

        The marathon is toughest, when we see the finish line…

        Much Love to you,

  79. Samandra

    hello Dear,
    Welcome to the circus of suffering! The programming is deep and thick – it is also inherited, entrained and compelled. Several hundred thousand years or so of enslavement and brutal oppression…!? Give or take a commercial break.

    And yet, many experience a level of privilege wherein they remain steeped and frozen in their ambrosia of apathy and willful ignorance.

    A choice and opportunity should be available to those who are desperate for positive change. Otherwise we continue to experience greater harm without reprieve.

    Frankly, the hat colors no longer matter! Respectfully, planet Earth and her inhabitants need help and the time for commiserating is over. It is time…

  80. Marilyn Layne

    R’Kok, We appreciate your concern and thank you so much for your message. I agree with my Lightworker family, when it comes to our children yes we need for this suffering to stop immediately by any means necessary. Also for those who are the elderly communities, they have had enough and sacrifice for our freedom with wars and so on. We don’t understand why would anyone who suppose to be loving would continue to not want to help, this is what we are all about helping each other to have freedom to enjoy life!!! This is what we have been taught since we have a Loving Family of Light!!! Thank you all for Loving each other!!! God Bless Gaia!!!

  81. 胡芫嘉

    Hello, R’Kok, thank you for your message today. I think the suffering of most people should not be compared to the unnecessary suffering, disease, hunger and abuse suffered by some people and children, and it is definitely higher than the suffering of receiving the truth. The level of pain and shock may be because I don’t know enough. Forgive me for my remarks. Most people are in too deep and can only care about car loans, house loans, and daily necessities. I believe most people believe what they see, so Here I hope to request that the Galactic Federation can appear in the sky of the city. It can slowly appear from small spaceships. However, because the Cabal is still involved, it may be dangerous, but I don’t know the current situation behind the scenes. Whether the Cabal has the ability to take you In danger. I think the intervention can no longer be delayed until mid-2024 at the latest. Every day of delay will cause tens of thousands of people to suffer for a day. From now on, the cabal will be arrested. People have seen enough of their drama. Any further delay will only cause more awakened people to lose hope. I think if the gray hats are slow to act, they should directly intervene or take over the media. I also believe that people are fed up with the nonsense of the media. People have been locked up for too long. So that we are unable to resist. The galactic people have abilities that we do not have. Please save the residents of Gaia. I am writing this article for the benefit of the planet. I would like to offer my highest apologies if this is offensive.

  82. Raksha

    For those of us who have been into this for a while, it seems there have been a lot of opportunities over the years which were not taken, or pushed back, again and again. A lot of times, we though: « this is it ». So I’m pessimistic about the Gray hats now. I have lost a good part of the faith and enthusiasm that used to get me going for years despite the challenges. Lightworkers have done their part. If the Gray hats have cold feets, I give my consent for a Galactic intervention.

    We are not in the same situation as back then with Atlantis.
    I am optimistic that the resulting new society will be stable.

    On another note, I still don’t understand why the Galactics don’t show themselves to the Lightworkers. Some arguments have been given, but I’m still not convinced. Surely some higher beings with high spirituality and technology could come say « hi » without putting us and themselves in danger. I think we deserve this, and that could greatly assist us in becoming even more shining light workers.

    I’m tired.

    1. A.S.

      I empathize. Thanks for sharing.

      The following isn’t “the official galactic reason”, it’s more the impression that I’m getting. The impression that I’m getting is that the galactics consider Earth to be a warzone, and that sending people to Earth is dangerous (there are still some hostile negative galactics here who can credibly kill Pleiadians who are sent down, or take them hostage). You don’t risk lives just to physically say “hi”, when you can say “hi” perfectly well via for example these channeled messages.

      Galactics live much longer than we do and are casualty-averse. Not to mention that visited lightworkers could also be killed after they’re visited, and light workers are important and valued too.

      Although again, this touches on the situation that it’s easy for galactics to say that physically visiting us right now is too dangerous, while they’re not having to live on Earth.

      1. bodhimoss

        “… Earth to be a war zone, and that sending people to Earth is dangerous …”

        And yet, here you are A.S. and here I am, 70 years and counting. We supposedly volunteered to not just come for a visit but to live for years in a war zone, fight against AI, dodge their toxic needles, food and water poisons and weather warfare. We must be the either the bravest of the brave or the stupidest of the stupid. Why would we deign to ask for help from such cowards?

      2. Francis Bacon

        I was about to write to R’Kok that I had the impression that physical and moral cowardice might be a reason for the lack of intervention of various positive ET races, but here you state that openly. It doesn’t make sense, however. Pleiadians etc. cannot be unaware that death is not a problem and is nothing to fear. Quite apart from that, it wouldn’t cost any Pleiadian lives to destroy a large amount of the propaganda infrastructure on this planet (CNN headquarters, for instance). Also, openly showing their light ships, etc. to many people will influence the collective consciousness VERY strongly, as would direct broadcast of say, a Pleiadian perspective on the situation on Earth. They could also pinpoint the various negative schemes going on, and oppose them more directly. As an example, Ashtar was quoted elsewhere that they destroyed the Georgia Guardstones. Many similar and very direct things could be done – without any risk of death or harm to Pleiadians whatsoever. Should I write a list of what could be done? Fear of death on their part is thus pure cowardice. I am starting to think that AS’ channelings are an expression of his own thoughts and speculations rather than of actual seperate beings, for how could their understanding be so limited?

    2. A.S.

      Specifically, we’re being spied on to such an extent that I think it’s quite likely that the dark controllers will detect it when we’re visited by galactics. And then after the galactics leave, there’s no way that us visited lightworkers will be safe.

      Unless, I guess, the galactics take us with them, but if we’re up there in a galactics ship, our light is no longer here on Earth, and the situation becomes yet another bit darker for the remaining people. Our presence and energy here on Earth stops things from being even worse for the rest of humanity.

  83. WK

    Once read, my words are not important, but it is the resonance that they evoke within you. Let that be the judge of their value to you, and to the weight they may have in influencing your collective decision.

    First, whilst the first impulse of any suffering living thing is to take actions to remove the pain, here we have to be strategic as this matter is millennia old complex, and we need to think in terms of third, fourth and even fifth order effects. Some parameters weight more than others.

    The gray hats share one horrible trait with the dark hats, and that is their highest priority is their own well-being and position, which unequivocally undermines in both cases the outcome of a free Earth humanity. In this perspective, both gray and dark hats are of the same “controller-type species”. Values dictate actions, and actions reflect inherent values. Both gray and black hats hold values that will always oppose freedom of many (there are no more JFK unfortunately), and these values are not likely to change unless they themselves are under substantial pressure. The first wave of societal-level negative pressure (that demanded action from the gray hats) took place between 2019-2022, the second wave of a similar societal-level negative pressure (governed by the dark hats, now economically and politically driven) is developing gradually. As pressure builds-up, so will suffering of the people…and global agitation will rise once again towards what was seen in 2019-2022. This time it will be significantly worst because Earth humanity is not “fresh” to take a new hit, and the second blow always hits harder than the first because we are desorianted from the first, and thus our guard is down. Personally, I am with the Galactics in that the priority is to avoid at all cost the repeat from Atlantis, because what we (Humanity of Earth) do not want to happen here and now — the potential genocide — did happen at the times of Atlantis followed by enslavement during millenia. This is to be avoided at all cost, but where do we draw the line on when “enough is enough”? My view is, only when the high gray hats have something to loose will they take action, and if they do take action is to protect their own interest and their own lifestyle, so if they do take action against dark hats, it will be to protect themselves, not the people. Earth humanity may become “freer-ich” on the short-term from those actions, but never because the gray hats want people to be free. If they did wish Earth humanity to be free, then they would have called on locking up the black hats a looong time ago. And if they do call now on the arrest of black hats, it will not be because they wish humanity of Earth to be free, but for self-interest. My feeling is that, imagine the gray hats arrest the black hats, with time these gray hats will become black, and the same problem will rise all over again. And again some new gray hats will have to emerge to take down the new dark hats, etc. Meanwhile, the people continue on suffering…. It is similar to a pot of water that is put to boil. Only after sufficient pressure will the cover open to release steam, but when it does, it starts all over again (here the heating is the black hats, the water the people and the cover the gray hats). The focus is not to wait for pressure to occur to release steam, but to stop the heating all together. To those (the gray and black hats) who have no values other than themselves, greed works hard to further corrupt who are already greedy (and weak of heart), leading them into a mental divergent spiral of thirst for more control…and all the illusions that come with it, both at personal and global level. In my opinion, to build a stable society, we need an opportunity to have white hats in power.

    From a fractal perspective, for those who wish to grow the Supreme Source of All Light and Love embedded the solution to higher dimensional problems in similar lower dimensional problems and associated solutions. So, for example, if one wishes to understand the behaviour of the higher dimensional dynamics of space, then one can study the lower dimensional (more accessible) dynamics of water. From this perspective, I offer the following lower dimensional analogy to the situation of the organism that is the collective Earth humans.

    Imagine a person was naive and deceived into thinking that poison was food. Over and over the person eats poison and gradually becomes more and more sick, and being so overwelmingly convinced, this person listens to all warnings that it is poison and not food that is being ingested. Those who care for this person, stay by her/his side, until the person is so sick that almost all strength is lost. He/she lays in bed, sweating and feeling pain. Still eating the same poison, but now with a split mind, where half thinks there is something wrong with the food, and the other thinking that eating must continue otherwise he/she dies. The loving friend holds the person hands, and continues to ask her/him to stop eating poison. Whilst you are better at assessing this than I am, our position as Earth humanity is that we are being asked to stop eating poison and to work towards becoming better, where we (Earth’s humanity) are at a state where we can’t walk and even think straight any more. I don’t know the answer to this question, but when is it time for the loving friend to assume in his/her hand the health of the dying mislead person because he/she can no longer make a conscious decision and/or effort to free himself/herself from the poison? Will the person realize in the next hour that the friend is right, and learn the lesson? Or will the dying continue, where the person slips into a further state of confusion and chaos, where no lesson can ever be learnt because there is no more collective mind to acknowledge it. How can a delirious dying person ever learn a lesson? Or will the lesson be learnt after the person recovers with the help of the friend? Like I said, I have no answers, just my perspective, and each individual one of you readers needs to listen to the internal resonance for truth, as all that is out there is merely the eco of words.

    Whatever your decision, we will always remember your Love.
    Your Earthly brother,

  84. Janneke

    Dear R’Kok,
    Thank you for your message. And thank you for asking for our opinion, it’s much appreciated. This is my personal view on the matter: No, I don’t think we will be able to free ourselves in the next few years (anymore). And frankly I’m growing tired of the waiting. I find myself longing to just give up and go ‘home’ more and more. Ofcourse I won’t and I’m trying to deal with these emotions to the best of my abilities, as well as help others, but in the mean time people, Gaia and all of het kingdoms are suffering. So, yes, please intervene. Do arrest the black hats as well as the grey hats if necessary to end the suffering. Take over mainstream media as well and tell people the truth (as far as you consider this a wise thing to do). And thank you for all the help and love. Namasté

  85. Robin

    Thank you R’Koc for your question!

    Thus, this is my first ‘response’ here, despite having always read Hakann, Tunia and your own excellent messages.

    I will assume the following:
    *That the Divine Plan IS Perfect.
    *That Solar Flash ‘intervention’ remains essentially within the Domain of Source.
    *That Galactic Intervention could be enacted independent of any further instruction/guidance from/by Source.
    *That logically then, Solar Flash could actually occur at any time within the next 3 years, without pre-requirement of Galactic Intervention etc?

    OK, with those ‘provisos’ out of the way, I will try to answer your question!

    Earth Humanity are a strange collective, by design or otherwise.
    Innately wanting to Love and Serve, has in some senses led (us) to being TOO trusting in/of our ‘Overlords’, whatever the shade or colour of their hats!

    Thus we have continued to trust that the ‘White Hats’ will, in their turn, continue to Love & Serve US!
    I suspect that your despatches are the first that many of us have found, which indicate that ‘Grey Hats’ is more accurate and that they do not actually fully deserve the ‘White Hat’ description.

    This I suppose is the difficulty of Human Nature, combined with a Free Will Mandate here on Earth!

    So, this also presents a serious dilemma to accurately answering your question:
    Essentially, which will occur first within the 3 years?
    The Grey Hats turning to White Hats again and physically removing the dark elements, or Humanity fully awakening to the perilousness of their situation and acting of their own accord and en masse, in time to fully rectify the situation – or both?

    Personally, having observed our ‘progress’ over the last 50 years I am not too hopeful, but do feel that much still depends upon the outcome of 2024 Election Cycle in the USA.
    I also sense that Humanity has it’s own ‘built-in emergency ACTION switch’ – and though it may take a lot of pressure to initially activate this switch, once it is successfully turned to ‘ON’, then our combined/awakened power will be enough to literally fry the Dark Hats, whilst still reclining in their seats!

    So perhaps my best answer has to be a compromise – can the Galactics wait until 1.5 years has passed?
    By then it should be that much clearer to us all, whether we are going to successfully free ourselves or require direct (and probably by then) immediate external assistance!

    Hope this helps a bit anyway!


      1. Diana

        Amen! We can’t wait another 1-3 years. I’m thinking I’m just about done with all of this right now. I’m exhausted.

  86. Aztec

    As far as my opinion is concerned, the gray hats will not move their asses if they are not pulled out of their comfort zone. If their families and their own survival were threatened then they would immediately make the right decisions to act.

    Regarding your question, I have no idea it’s not up to me I’m not in their heads although in a way I understand that they are delaying arresting the dark controllers. I also don’t know if they want to remove dark controllers to take their place but be less oppressive to the population. For the present moment it may look that way.

    Unfortunately the decision to intervene directly is on your shoulders, you have a broader point of view than we do.

    Would I want you to intervene ? it depends.

    If I look at how many children are tortured and killed then yes , I would like you to intervene or at least save them no matter on whom the credit falls. It is important that they are safe.

    On the other hand, if your intervention would not give a guarantee of lasting and stable liberation and prosperity for all humanity then I would prefer that the same mistakes of the past are not made.

    The earth should be free as soon as possible but very prudent steps are needed to do so, because we do not want a repeat of the past.

    R’Kok your story is proof that it is possible to return from the dark path to the path of light, and that anything is possible even if almost everyone doubted you.

    Greetings to all beings! even those who walk the path of darkness. One day they will also find their way.

  87. Keith Webb

    R’kok, I feel for you. You appear very frustrated. Each day I read channelled messages that keep me optimistic. These last 3 years have been awful. The speed at which our freedoms are being taken away is terrifying. I don’t know if us lightworkers can take another 3 years of this. Our optimism can quickly turn to pessimism and that is detrimental for all we have been working so hard for. To see the grey hats slowly becoming our new controllers is terrible to watch. We are all suffering and we all have our limits. Please feed our messages back
    I respect you very much, but we want intervention sooner and not later. Will love and respect, Keith Webb

    1. Rich

      Thank you R’kok for your blunt and frank galactic perspectives. Its sooo refreshing and validating compared to most channeled messages.. Its what the light workers are really wanting to know and discuss. The wtf is actually getting done here by our gray hats? The upper grey hats have been comprimised imo, there is little hope that mid-lower gray hats have the capacity to resolve this.

      The thought of waiting t’il 2025 or 2026 for any major take downs of dark/grey hats is completely unacceptable to every single light warrior on earth. You have 2024 to get this dog and pony show exposed. If the dark control matrix is not collapsed next year, then I feel we have greatly failed the people of earth. Pathetic comes to mind and I believe earth will likely never be a stable society because of how much damage and suffering was allowed to drag on.. Knowingly. Which is so heartbreaking.

      I ask that the positive galactics assist directly. Take what we’ve learned from Atlantis and get directly involved anyway. Imo if you don’t directly intervene we will suffer greatly and have a un-stable society just the same. Stability is something that can be worked on later… We need removal of dark technologies and mind control networks first!

      Thank you A.S. for these awesome channelings and sparking these comments. This is the type of discussions we should be having as a light worker community. Calling out the grey hats, cause few are.

    2. Raksha

      I empathize. After all these years, my light is dimming. I think I was a better Lightworker a few years ago, when I was still enthusiastic.

    3. A.S.

      Indeed, well written.

      I promise you that the galactics are receiving and discussing these comments.

      1. Gwenyth Freeman

        Thank you R’Kok for another uplifting message. I hope that the Galactics will intervene in whatever way you think best. Here on earth things are going from bed to worse, in spite of many more people ‘waking up’. However we are powerless to get rid of these wicked ones , we just manage to remove a few here and there but they are like a hydra with more heads sprouting up for every one we get rid of. The Grey Hats are compromised, imo, too much to be effective any longer. So please help and as soon as you think that you can do so.

  88. Lilas

    Only the Inter Galactic Federation can arrested our “gods.
    They started with Enlil (and many other names)
    We ,people who live upon the earth started with arrests
    from satanists.

  89. solar flash

    Definitely not.

    Use the “plandemic” years as an example, it might have woken up more people however its only on certain specific topics like vaccine side effects (on covid vax only not even the regular child immunization were considered as dangerous too), big pharma corruption/collusion with the govt/politicians/media and censorship – that’s it!…….and mind you when i say more its not really significant and the level of knowledge varies from person to person.

    and before that, the presidency of trump hysteria also manage to create increase awareness about cabal activities and hopium that he might actually be the one to initiate the revolution with the Q intel fame yet still nothing and thats coming from a very well known personality already.

    It may had encourage more people to research and create contents on social medias about it but never reach the point of inspiring a revolt bec we are all demotivated and too busy running our personal lives making a living. the bad guys were overwhelmingly successful make sure that paying your bills is the number one priority than listening to some conspiracy stories.

    My point is, independent research and effort to spread awareness has slow limited success. And even the most aware does not guarantee they can inspire people to revolt. It took me 10 years to comprehend that the cabal manage to infiltrate all aspect of our lives and that took constant dedication not afforded to most people. iF we plan to arm the people with a reason to revolt thru independent spreading of awareness, it will take decades to built up enough quota of knowledgeable individuals to stand up and fight.

    And wouldn’t that mean artificially extending the rule of those evil men just to accommodate it assuming we are still alive after all their scheming’s.

    The cvd lockdowns were the only thing in human history (perhaps world wars are second) that manages to force the entire human race to stop whatever they are doing and give a damn about something outside their personal lives for 2 years (in china its 3) yet the level of awareness and inclination to fight back together is sporadic at best. Now that the issue is “behind” us many people who cared during those times are back to not giving a damn once again and i really understand because paying bills and providing a means to survive did not postponed itself.

    If the gray hats or whoever outside that group does not mass disclose with solid evidence on national television then counting on grassroot rebellion is either impossible, needs decades to built up or perhaps humanity needs to be slapped hard like a slave for centuries before something makes them take arms like in braveheart movie by mel gibson

    Also being a starseed, Im sure i didn’t volunteer to martyr myself to be slaughtered like a sheep so that the real sheep will finally stand up and act like a wolf on its own sweet time. I dislike that part of the plan from the divine that says we have to indefinitely postpone our ascension or trigger the solar flash bec they need to wake up in baby steps or their fragile minds will not take in the revelation in a sane way

  90. Seiya Ura

    Regarding the collapse of Atlantis, is it true that the people in the galaxy who transferred technology suffered?
    I have heard that some ET races still seek copper and other rare metals instead of Earth’s gold.
    At that time, was there no information about stars that had nuclear failures?
    Were the Galactic Federation stupid enough not to notice the technology transfer before it was transferred?
    Due to nuclear explosions, the earth’s rare metals have increased and copper can be extracted as much as you like??

    one more point,
    Whose free will do you respect?
    Isn’t it contradictory to say, “Source requires us to help Earth’s humanity,” and at the same time, “We want to do what Source likes?”

    Mr. R’Kok. If you’re still a military advisor, shouldn’t you be advising a commander who only pays lip service to intervene?!
    I’m tired of hearing the repeated expression “gray hat” uttered by commanders who lack the ability to take action.

    Many earthlings are caged birds whose senses and information are blocked, and I am addicted to the worthless dramas of this earth.

    If I write it like this, it may seem like I am going against Mr. R’Kok’s wishes.
    However, after reading the message R’Kok sent earlier↓, I thought that R’Kok is someone I would like to have a drink with (although I don’t drink alcohol…)
    I understand the pain in R’Kok’s heart in this message.
    Seiya Ura

  91. Jared

    Thank you AK and R’Kok.

    Yes how do you think we feel? TA!
    Frustrating living on this effed up world.

    Ding ding ding!
    Earth has had way too much suffering for way too long!
    Fix earth now amen!!!

    ” it’s starting to look like both gray hats and black hats are standing in the way of your freedom.”
    Sure is!!!!

    Watch out everyone! GESARA now amen!!!!!!!!

    Will humans free themselves?
    Only if people become sane and start doing their collective jobs.

    I think everyone needs a dose of unity cosmic consciousness so they stop being retarded selfish beings and realizing they are harming everyone by their actions and inactions.

  92. Ann

    Thank you for your words R’Kok and your concern. I agree with what you say, I think the grey hats could be doing a lot more to end the control of the dark hats. Could you not arrest 1 or 2 to send a signal to the others, or use ‘walk ins’ or clones to replace some of them. I don’t know the answers but I think even the Woke ones are getting disillusioned, and as much as people are protesting and angry, nothing seems to come of it in the end.

  93. Tricia D

    Hi R’Kok thank you for your message today and a big thank you to A.S for being a channel and bringing these messages to us. Some days I’m quite frustrated about the whole earth situation too I understand and see it more than the average person, the people that live around me and family. They don’t understand the universe we live in the mechanics of it, their is very little spiritual beliefs also. It is very tiring being around people like this. The children are the ones I really feel all the suffering I find it hard to cope some days with the extent of abuse children suffer on this planet. Will we free ourselves? My perception of this at this moment in time is only the ones that are awake will be free but the ones that are not awake are going to make it so hard for the awake. It will drag for so long so many will die. Most people around me just care about upgrading their car paying their mortgages and getting more loans so purchase items to fit into society norms more. It’d like their safety bubble. This is how I feel today. However I sincerely hope their safety bubbles will POP they all wake up and realise who they really are and how powerful they are and want to fiercely PROTECT the children.
    Thank you R’Kok love and blessings to you 🙏💖❤️😘

  94. Ray

    There has never been a realistic chance of those of the light freeing earth for many millennia. The trans-dimensional structures of the dark in place to negate this are too comprehensive and powerful. They have been fine tuned in various places and by various species for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. Higher beings of light have continually disseminated “plans of action” to their disciples on earth in 3D to partake in. One sees endless delusion regarding the practical realities of 3D Earth within these plans. Repeated failure and widespread spiritual damage result. Again and again through the ages. The assumptions of an entity of light in a higher domain regarding realities on 3D earth mixed with wishful thinking, a willful refusal to understand said unpleasant realities and how to effectively deal with them have caused immense damage.
    The story is often “If…..” “then ….” “If” is not going to happen, “then” is not going to happen (the dark has thought of everything and even in their weakening state they’ll block) – why pretend? Have a number of higher beings ever wondered why so few starseeds are willing to volunteer for new projects? Quite a few are barely surviving and focussed on mundane day to day necessities. Those who do have a chance to “look up at the stars” don’t see a realistic appraisal of 3D Earth realities in the perspective of many higher beings, or an effective plan to adjust these realities.
    To some of these higher beings a point – the vast majority of humans don’t care if you love them or not – it’s just meaningless drivel to them – it doesn’t help them in any way. Effective, relevant, meaningful, practical, harsh action is needed – if you love everyone deeply and are floating around in a higher dimensional sea of bliss telling all who will listen that you love them …oh so much and all they need is to love all others then you are helping nobody – stop kidding yourself – you are peddling worthless drivel … not of value on this planet, at this time, in this dimension.

  95. Carlos

    Well, we are doomed.

    Thank you R’Kok.

    I think the grey hats want to continue the same economic system and benefit themselves now.

    You don’t hear news related to a gold backed economic system anymore.

    I am tired of hearing the same propaganda year after year of communism vs freedom. People are unable to properly discern the causes of hunger, slavery, disease.

    Your message today, R’Kok, confirms for me what I have suspected for years: humanity’s opportunity to be free was lost years ago.

    Greetings and thanks again.

  96. Lexie

    To A.S.:
    Answering your YouTube comment: Our ongoing spiritual work didn’t prevent Lahaina. The dark players laugh at protests. Truthers do a lot of talking and doing pretty well for themselves selling their merch. We’re not seeing a whole lot of action. Do we even have a military at this point? Are they on leave or something? Lahaina is charbroiled in front of everyone and nothing? No response? Look at the dark’s capability. How are we supposed to shield ourselves from something like that? This has dragged on long enough. We want action! We want Justice! We want Freedom from Tyrants! We can’t do this alone and getting together holding signs, shouting from bullhorns has little results. People are being pushed into a corner and that’s not good.

    1. A.S.

      Yeah, that’s true. I think spiritual work helps the collective a bit and helps ourselves, but I agree that at this point it’s not sufficient, and we need galactics to intervene.

      I’ve been very disappointed at the lack of action from the US military. Lahaina looks like Pearl Harbor 2.0 to me (speaking purely as the channeler). Where is the US military?

      (For the benefit of others: my youtube comment was the same as the comment I posted a bit below this one, starting with “To answer R’Kok’s question as myself, the channeler”)

  97. Victory

    Thank you R’Kok. Some of us Lightworkers, who have been awake for a very long time, are feeling somewhat discouraged that the situation on Earth is getting worse and suffering increasing, rather than having arrests, disclosure, and getting on with rebuilding a free world where we can safely and joyously work on truly discovering our true nature and talents.
    The “gray hats” and “truthers” blame humanity for not waking up fast enough. For a long time now, I have said that “Only the Truth will set us free,” but it seems that the gray hats would prefer to drag this out. I read Hakann’s message about liberating humanity and laughed, because I am in accord with it and have thought the same for years. So, it was a validation for me.
    I understand and agree that it is best for humanity to work to solve our problems and establish a new, happier and healthier society, yet I, and many others, ask for galactic assistance – in the sense of asking friends to lend a hand and help out, without taking our authority away. Think of it as asking friends to help you clean up your home when you’re moving. They will help you clean, rent a truck and pack it up, and help you move everything into your new residence. But they will leave you to set up your new home and continue on with life.
    I feel that many Lightworkers are asking for and would appreciate this type of assistance. Unfortunately, my intuition tells me that many of the gray hats are addicted to their power and positions, and have no intention of empowering humanity.
    We have had such a long history of being controlled, that I feel humanity doesn’t know how to get out of the situation on its own, and so some assistance to get us on our feet would be welcome. When we are established, it would then be time to withdraw and let us continue to rebuild. You would also then be free to connect with us here.
    Love & Light,

  98. Diana

    Dear R’Kok,
    Thank you for your words of encouragement and your update. As most ground crew would probably tell you, we would support immediate galactic intervention. The thought of possibly waiting 3 more years seems like an eternity to those of us on Earth. Maybe to you that doesn’t seem long, but to us the 3 years that has already gone by since the stolen election by this point has made many of us feel helpless and hopeless. So many people barely have money to buy food or have a place to live. Most people’s basic needs are not met. Quite a few people are sick and desperately need galactic medical care because a lot of the medical care on Earth is money and greed driven and mostly the choices are poison pharmaceuticals or painful surgeries. Way too many people, including children, are homeless. If these arrests happened immediately and Nesara/Gesara was established we would have the financial means through funding for humanitarian projects to ensure that everyone had a home and that everyone was fed. Especially if we had access to med beds and replicator type devices, we would indeed be freed. I think it unfair to us Earth humans that are here now to have this delayed response from galactics because of what happened in Atlantis. We could look at you and say that yours is a fear based response, which is what I understand we are not supposed to live in fear. That did happen, but you cannot continue to make us wait and continue to suffer out of your fear based decision to keep waiting. It is my personal opinion that earth humans are too tired, sick and enslaved like caged animals to break free themselves and that it will indeed continue to get worse and that we need your immediate help, meaning in the next few weeks to a month. I personally cannot do this much longer. I feel the amount of light that I can contribute diminishing by the day. Please help. If you need to beam some of us up to visit about this, you have my permission. Thank you so much for your communication.

  99. Lexie

    Thank you R’Kok. Perhaps the upper Gray hats would benefit from a very stern reminder of their Oath in a way that only you can give it to them. I for one welcome the intervention. I’ve been asking and requesting as a Human being on this Earth for help, assistance and intervention from my Galactic Brothers and Sisters to eradicate the dark, evil, wicked of this World wherever they happen to originate from. You have abilities that we, in human form do not. I ask that you do not sit on the sidelines watching. It has been said that we are family. Then in times of need shouldn’t family be there to help? We need your assistance and I’m grateful for it. For the good of Humanity, for the good of this planet and ultimately leading to the good of the Galaxy and the Universe.

  100. Peter

    To be honest R’Kok, it’s already gone way over the line, This from someone who travels and works in the higher dimensions and in Service to Source and has been doing so for decades here on Earth and in other Galaxies, Times and Realities.
    With the grey hats, as far as I can perceive, just another Cabal in the making, not wanting to step away from their perceived personal power while so many people and children continue to suffer needlessly with no real end in sight.
    There are those of us here who quietly, also act as the eyes and ears of Source and information gathered goes directly back up the line to Source itself.

  101. A.S.

    To answer R’Kok’s question as myself, the channeler:

    Personally I’m pessimistic. Let’s say that somehow Trump gets back into office. Okay, great. I do think that will improve the situation, and maybe some people will be rightfully arrested.

    However, is Mr Operation Warpspeed going to hold himself accountable for Operation Warpspeed?

    I can see the situation maybe improving somewhat in the next few years and I can see some bad guys getting arrested. But I have a hard time seeing full mass arrests and full disclosure happening.

    I guess it’s time to stop looking for outside saviors and look within and focus on our own spiritual work.

  102. Melinda Siebold

    Dear R’kok: I don’t think the corrupt and compromised gray hats have any self interest in liberating us. I think they are too fond of power, privilege, and control.

    Furthermore, I resent all galactics, inter galactics and universal beings who sit back and watch while we are enslaved, our free will violated, and we are poisoned and genocided. It makes me think not too highly of any of you.

    Furthermore, since when are hostile aliens not native to Earth the sole problem of Earth humans? We certainly never consented to slavery, torture, mind control, poisoning, and having our babies and children raped, tortured, and sacrificed to demons or being eaten alive or burned alive.

    If like to know how humans are supposed to root out the fifty million draco clones in positions of power and control. Should I aim my t.v. remote controller at everyone to see if it will point them out?

    Finally, to hear that you can’t intervene immediately and it might take until 2026 or beyond for you to get off your asses and help us, makes me angrier at the “company of heaven” than I am at the dark hats or gray hats.

    Does this make it clear how I feel about the situation?

    Most sincerely,

    Melinda Siebold

    1. Jared

      Thank you Melinda siebold.
      I did not consent to any of this bs either.
      We the people of earth do not consent!

      We agree to have a good life and a good world now amen!
      And that’s all we agree to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. José Augusto

      Bravo, finally someone with the courage and race to say what comes from the bottom of her heart.

      Sorry, my galactic brothers, but you’re “too good” to take sides in all this, and the same goes for the gray hats. Nothing is done without getting your hands dirty, and neither are merits!

      We’re with R’kok wholeheartedly! We are all risking our lives and will face millions of consequences because of it, but we are here with conviction and will.

      The worst thing is to rely on others for something we aspire to. We don’t need the hats – whatever color they are – or any galactics.

      We are our own masters and we are free. If you want to take part, then come down here with the same disposition, joy, bravery and willingness.

      Don’t distract us or treat us to philosophical crumbs. Intervention is not welcome, but your brave presence and shoulder-to-shoulder support is, otherwise you’ll all stay right there in the ships, safe and pure.

      We need direct, clear and lucid, fraternal and diligent support, nothing more.

      These ship appearances are a joke and even disrespectful to our situation, which is more of a hindrance than a help.

      The messages are always full of pranks or incomplete and this generates a ton of doubts that confuse us even more.

      Those who want to know should seek it out, so if someone is looking, everything should be revealed and not convinced of anything.

      Each master tells a story, a version, a point of view… it’s crazy.


      Why so many reservations and limits? After all, are we or are we not beings with power and will? Is our Higher Self Higher or not? Are our guides with us or not? If Yes, then what’s wrong with so much care – I’d even say excessive care, which hinders rather than liberates.

      Even so, with all this said, I love you very much and I am very grateful for your fraternal energy and loving care given with such love and consideration to all of us and to the planet.

      Thanks so much, dear Melinda Siebold for the boost.

      With all the frankness and love in my heart,
      José Augusto | JA91

      Bravo! finalmente alguém de coragem e raça para dizer o que vem do fundo do coração dela. Desculpe, meus irmãos galácticos, mas vocês são “muito bons” para tomar partido nisso tudo, o mesmo vale para os chapéus cinzentos. Nada é feito sem sujar as próprias mãos, e méritos também não!. Estamos com R’kok de corpo e alma sim! Estamos todos arriscando nossas vidas e enfrentaremos milhões de consequências devido a isso, mas estamos aqui com convicção e vontade. A pior coisa é contar com os outros para algo que aspiramos. Não necessitamos dos chapéus – seja lá qual for a cor, nem de galácticos algum. Somos donos de nós mesmos e livres. Querem participarem? então desçam aqui com a mesma disposição, alegria, bravura e disposição. Não fiquem nos distraindo nem tratando-nos com migalhas filosóficas. A intervenção não é bem vinda mas sim vossa presença valente, bravia e suporte ombro a ombro, senão fiquem todos ai mesmo nas naves, seguros e puros. Precisamos de apoio direto, claro e lúcido, fraterno e diligente, nada mais. Estas aparições de naves são uma piada e até desrespeitoso diante da nossa situação, que mais atrapalha que ajuda. As mensagens são sempre cheias de pegadinhas ou incompletas e isso gera uma tonelada de dúvidas que confundem ainda mais. Quem quer saber busca, então se alguém busca tudo deve ser revelado e não convencido de nada. Cada mestre conta uma história, uma versão um ponto de vista.. uma loucura. TODOS QUE REALMENTE QUEREM SABER DA VERDADE, MESMO SENDO UM GRÃO DE SABER, QUE SEJA DADO SEM RESERVA E JÁ. Porque tanta reserva e limites? Afinal somos ou não seres com poder e vontade? Nosso Eu Superior é ou não Superior? Nossos guias estão ou não conosco? Se é Sim então qual o problema de tanto cuidado – diria até do cuidado excessivo, que mais impede que liberta. Mesmo assim, com tudo isso dito, os amo muito e Sou muito grato pela vossa energia fraterna e cuidado amoroso dados com tanto amor e consideração a todos nós e ao planeta.

      obrigado querida Melinda Siebold, pelo impulso.

      Com toda franqueza e amor do meu coração,
      José Augusto |JA91

  103. Patricia Jouve

    Dear R’Kok,thank you so much for your message. I so understand your dilemma and totally agree with you.I think the media is the main problem…I am going to pray and pray for the gray hats to intervene so that humanity can free itself and you Galactics who have already done so much for us are not inthis quandary any more. Infinite gratitude to you and Hakann and all the other friendly Galactics.

    1. Mark Baughman

      Please 🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏, let the Galactic’s intervene, too many children are suffering, the bottom line, please 🙏 help us 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. Janice

        Now I have read so often humanity and children are suffering…..the animals, plants and trees are also suffering! And humanity isn`t able to protect them…every sentient being is suffering here!…I have the impression the awareness as long as we treat animals bad, we also track negative situations in our lives isn`t so far spreaded in the minds… blessings from the open-air nuthouse or the 51. state of USA, Germany

    2. Saphire

      Short and sweet It is looking like the Greek Gods syndrom again All the so called friendly space friends are sitting on Mount Olympas eating drinking enjoying the show!!!

      Instructions From Humanity! strike now ! take out all high tech weapons that the cabal has! Help secure the US Elections ! Trump is our best hope to clean up, get behind him and help. With Trump the true military will have authority to act. So yes interfere now please if you are true friends of earth. Do it now today fall of 2023!! No more waiting. Unless your wine is our blood.!!

      All you have to do is help those that are doing the right thing! We don’t need all the media free, But enough to get truth out! We are not stupid most of us can process ! That’s why you see quite from the population cause our only choice left is war right here in America!!
      We don’t need handouts of technology! The population won’t have access to any of it as long as the Cabal is in control. Same for Gesara!! We Need A Hand Up!!!!

      Thanks for nothing,
      Tired but still Hopefully !!